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MoistAirTab Version 1.0.

0 DEMO Thermodynamic Properties of Moist Air (Psychrometrics) Add-in Package for Microsoft Excel for Windows by ChemicaLogic Corporation 8 Cedar Street, Suite 56 Woburn, MA 01801 Tel: 781.938.1151 Fax: 781.938.7722 http://www.chemicalogic.com ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ Note: This document contains important information. You should read this documen t carefully before installing MoistAirTab on you machine. ________________________________________________________________________________ ________ Table of Contents Demo Limitations Installation Automatic Installation Manual Installation Legal Information Demo Limitations ---------------This demo version of MoistAirTab is limited in pressure. The demo package will o nly work at a pressure of 5 bar (72.519 psi) and you do not have the option of chang ing this pressure limitation. Using any other pressure will result in the #DEMO! error. Installation -----------The sections below give you detailed instructions on how to install MoistAirTab on your machine. MoistAirTab includes an automatic installation program written in Excel that you can use to automatically install all of the files. However, if you wish to manua lly install the files, please read the section on manual installation. Automatic Installation ---------------------The distribution disk contains an Excel file called: INSTALL.XLS that you can us e to autmatically install all of the files. Use the following procedure: 1. Start your copy of Excel 2. From within Excel, open the file INSTALL.XLS located on the MoistAirTab distribution disk. 3. Follow the instrucitions on the screen. After installation in complete, you will be able to access the capabilities of

MoistAirTab from the Tools menu. Note that after installation is complete, the Excel installation file automatica lly closes itself. Manual Installation ------------------For MoistAirTab to function properly, it is very important that all of the files be copied to the correct directory. Follow the procedure given below to manually install the files: 1. Copy the file MAIR32.DLL into the Windows system directory (e.g. C:\WIND OWS\SYSTEM) 2. Copy the file MoistAirTab.XLA into the Excel library directory (e.g. C:\EXCEL\LIBRARY) 3. Start Excel 4. From the Tools menu, select Add-ins... 5. Click on the Brouse button and locate the MoistAirTab.XLA file that you copied to your machine (e.g. C:\EXCEL\LIBRARY). 6. Select OK and make sure that the check-box next to MoistAirTab is on. After installation in complete, you will be able to access the capabilities of M oistAirTab from the Tools menu. Legal Information ----------------Please read the Licence Agreement included with this package before installing t his software product on your machine. By installing this product on your machine, you agree t o all of the terms and conditions in the Licenence Agreement. MoistAirTab is a trademark of ChemicaLogic Corporation. MoistAirTab Copyright 1999 by ChemicaLogic Corporation. All rights reserved. Excel Copyright 1993-1998 by Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, Excel, and Windows are resistered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation .