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7-6 Air Cav r -CAP

Group 13, Texas Wing, South Western Region, Civil Air Patrol

July 2003

Volume 1, Number 7

May News ELT MissionUrban DF O-Flights Business members recognized

July News ELT Mission-Urban DF

We were tasked with a particularly difficult ELT mission mid July. 1Lt Tessitore was contacted July 15th by the Incident Commander, Lt Col Jan Hays, and appointed as the Ground Team Leader, and Capt Domengeaux was co-opted as a ground team member. The AFRCC satellite had received several ELT signal hits in the vicinity of Brenham, Texas. The AFRCC authorized a ground team mission. Airborne sorties were not required as no aircraft were reported missing, and thunderstorms were also active in the area. The team traced the ELT signals to a residential area on the south side of Brenham, but the DF activity was hampered by the high number of overhead power lines in this particular neighborhood. Several homes were searched with the owners permission; however the ELT could not be located, so the mission was cancelled that evening. Unfortunately 97% of all 121.5 MHz ELT signals are false alarms, and only 1 in a 1000 of these represent an actual emergency situation. The problem is that the AFRCC satellites can only track 10 separate ELTs simultaneously, so it is easy to overload the system, and it blocks the emergency frequency 121.5 from being used by other legitimate users (i.e. aircraft and boats in distress). Additionally, President G. W. Bush was expected in the area the following weekend. A second mission was authorized, Wednesday 16th where 1Lt Tessitore was accompanied by personnel from the Sugarland Squadron. Later in the day they were joined by 1Lt Ayre who brought along cadets Joncyk and Illerhaus. This mission/sortie also finally centered on the same area searched the previous day, but without definite results due to the overhead power lines and metallic commercial building reflecting the signals. The next day, Friday, a second sortie was authorized, and 1Lt Tessitore participated with the help of cadets Kurtz and Joncyk. They were joined later in the day with an FCC official from Dallas. The group again settled on the same house as originally searched on Tuesday, but was unable to locate an ELT. The mission was terminated at that time. The FCC official did return the next day to the house with sophisticated equipment and found an old ELT in the garage whose batteries had expired, but had somehow turned itself on! Unfortunately, as the AFRCC had closed the CAP mission prior to the ELT being located and turned off, and we were not present at that time, so those who participated cannot be credited with a find award L Powered O-Flights: had to be cancelled this month as N235TX was down. Any comments, news or information to communicate? Please contact 1Lt D. Ayre, the editor, and Public Affairs Officer via email at ayrefam@sbcglobal.net or 281 352 1961

Glider O-Flights: We completed our sixth scheduled trip to the Gliderport on Sunday July 13th. Seven cadets had eight flights. This put the Texas Wing at 100 glider flights for the year to date, and our squadron has generated 58 of these flights, making us the most active glider squadron in Texas. AirCav recognizes Business Members: Capt. Dicker presented three Business Member plaques of appreciation this month, to Aeroval, Inc., Cyberevidence, Inc., and the Hughes Christian Company, which donated funds to the squadron for various activities. Profile: M/Sgt G. Schank


by 1Lt David Ayre

M/ Sergeant George Schank Retires from the USAF Reserves Earlier this month M/Sgt Schank, with 35 years in CAP, retired from the USAF Reserves after 33 years of service. A small ceremony, attended by many squadron senior members was held at the Group Commanders call, where George was presented with a plaque. George joined the USAF Reserves in 1970 with the 924th Tactical Airlift Group at Ellington AFB in Houston, working in Civil Engineering and Aircraft Maintenance. During this time he was also a squadron and group commander in CAPs TX Wing. George went on to be a flight engineer and obtained his FAA Pilots License, amassing 2,800 hrs in the air. When his unit moved from Ellington, George transferred to the CAP/USAF Reserve Assistance Program where he worked on many Wing, Region and National activities. His primary work has been in the area of Senior Training; but has worked on numerous Cadet Special Activities. He served as a USAF staff advisor on National Staff College (NSC) for 19 years, and also served as a USAF staff member on the National Congress on Aviation and Space Education (NCASE) for five years. He was also an instructor on the CAP Southwest Region Scanner / Observer Course for 16 years. George lives in Conroe and is a broadcast engineer for KSBJ. While we congratulate George on his retirement, and hope to see him more often at the squadron, as he rejoins CAP, it is rumored that Texas Wing wishes to continue to use him and his extensive experience in Unit Inspections, as part of the Stan/Eval group.

Commanders Corner

Commanders Corner

by Capt. Stephen Dicker

As 2004 approaches, so does the deadline to renew our 101 certifications. All renewals must be completed by December 31st, 2003. This means that our Emergency Services Officers, Captain Paul Brown and 1Lt. Ted Tessitore, will be conducting weekend training in emergency services areas. We must all make every effort to attend in order to maintain and increase our emergency services trained compliment of personnel. This training will include First Aid, Blood Borne Pathogens and Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Additionally, Ground Team Members will have to master approximately 103 tasks in Ground Team Member hand book while Ground Team Leaders will have to master some 108 tasks in their hand book. My point is that all this takes and enormous amount of time to conduct the training and evaluation. Cadets and Seniors alike must dedicate ourselves to attending all available training to meet the deadline and promote and prepare for our emergency services role!

Famous Quotes

Quote of the Month: "The difference between a boss and a leader: a boss says, 'Go!' a leader says, 'Let's go!' - E. M. Kelly,

August Events O-Flights ES Training CLC Glider Ground School ES Training Lone Star Sqdn/EAA fly in Texas A&M JCAP Hot Air Ballunar Fest Recruiting Competition Congressional Award

Upcomming Events & Activities

Glider O-Flights: Our next scheduled Glider O-flights are on Sunday September 7th. Our Gliding activity is run by CAP members of the Soaring Club of Houston at their Gliderport between Magnolia and Hempstead. Cadets should sign up for this activity on the Squadrons notice board or contact 1Lt David Ayre by phone at 281 367 0519 or via e-mail at ayrefam@sbcglobal.net . Information about the club and its facilities can be found at www.scoh.org . Cadets are encouraged, and SMs are required to take the Soaring Society of Americas (SSA) Wing Runner course which is available on the national website www.capnhq.gov . Typically we assemble at the US Army Reserve Center Aviation Support Facility (USARC ASF) at 0730 for a 0800 hrs departure, returning around 1800 hrs. Glider Ground School: A series of 4 Glider ground schools will be held for senior members and selected cadets interested in attaining their FAA Glider Pilots License Saturday mornings from 0800-1200 at Delta Squadron, Hooks Airport, Spring starting Saturday Sept 9th. Powered O-Flights: The next flights are scheduled for Saturday August 9th, please contact C/Maj Max Fruchtnicht or C/1Lt Mabry to schedule flights. Corporate Leadership Course (CLC): The Group 13 CLC will be held at our squadron on August 16th and 17th. This training is for senior members. Lone Star Sqdn / EAA Rides: Lone Star Sqdn and the EAA is having a fly in at Robert Wells Airport (66R), near Columbus TX on Saturday August 16th, for more information contact a Senior Member. Oshkosh Air Show: CAP is unveiling its first GA8 Airvan at Oshkosh next week Texas A&M JCAP for CAP Cadets: The Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M is taking applications for their JCAProgram from HS Junior and Seniors, to be held October 30th to Nov 2nd. Application deadline for CAP cadets is October 15th, but will be filled on a first come basis. See www.jcap-tamu.org/fall03 Cadet Basic and Staff Training: Training is being held Saturday 2nd August

Recruiting Competition!
Capt. Dicker launched a six month recruiting competition, where cadets will earn points for recruiting various types of members. After six months, the three cadets with the highest number of points will receive the following prizes: 1st Place - A 5 CD/Dual Cassette/AM-FM Tuner Stereo System with Remote 2nd Place - Portable MP3 CD Player with Earphones 3rd Place - $ 25.00 Gift Card for Tinseltown Theaters Recruiting activities start next week with a display at the City of Shenandoah National Night, Tuesday, Aug. 5th from 1800-2200 hrs.

Congressional Award Program: Several cadets have started working on the Congressional Award Program, which has 4 areas, voluntary Public Service, Personal Development, Physical Fitness, and Expedition/Exploration. These areas dovetail very well with CAP activities such as Aerospace Education, Physical Training. The award is about challenging yourself and setting goals to meet those challenges. Participation in the award program demonstrates positive character traits looked for buy college, industry and service recruiters. Anyone interested in participating in the program can contact 1Lt Ayre for more information, or go to www.congressionalaward.org

7/6 Air Cav ES Training from Capt. Paul Brown

7-6 Air Cav Composite Squadron has been approved as a Basic Training Center by the American Safety and Health Institute. During the months of June and July paperwork was submitted and documentation was provided authorizing the 7-6 to begin in-house training in three main areas: Basic First Aid, CPR and Bloodborne Pathogens. Funding was provided by CyberEvidence, Inc. to purchase the initial instructor materials as well as a set of manikins which will be used for CPR training. Preparations are in the works to establish a number of Saturdays and Tuesday meetings to get all of the squadron trained in these life saving skills. As the designated ASHI Training Coordinator & Instructor I will be also working with other seniors to have additional instructors in the short term. See you in the field! Training will be conducted Saturday Aug 30th and Sept 6th Individual 101 and 101T data is now being maintained online on the NHQ website. You are encouraged to input your data on the MIMS (FMS) Qual/Cert system.

Hot Air Ballooning-Ballunar Fest!

Group 13 has the unique opportunity to participate in the Ballunar Festival at NASA/Johnson Space Center - on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday August 22, 23 & 24. The Festival is a one-of-a-kind tribute to human flight - from the beauty of mass hot air balloon ascensions to the high-tech world of modern space flight. There will be exciting hot air balloon competitions and evening balloon glows, along with skydiving exhibitions, various aviation equipment displays and entertainment. The cadets will be involved with Balloon crewing. Because balloons cannot fly back into the wind, every balloon that flies needs a Chase Crew. The Chase Crew prepares the balloon for launch and then follows the balloon on it's journey over the beautiful landscape below. The crew's mission on the ground is to follow the balloon it is crewing for by road and to try to be at the landing site before the balloon gets there in case assistance is needed in landing. If this sounds like fun and you and your cadets are willing/able to get up early in the morning they can be a crew person, if they are in reasonable shape. Cadets should be in middle school at a minimum. Cadets may be offered free rides in a balloon. The rides are not CAP sponsored! The rides are offered by individual pilots and cadets can not pester the pilots for them. There should be 1 senior member for every 4 /5 cadets. Cadets must be mature and able to follow directions. If you and your cadets have an interest in crewing please let Capt Dicker or 1Lt Ayre know, to get you a permission slip, and pass your names onto Bob


Chaplains Lectern

Chaplains Lectern by Capt. Paul Brown

As the Moral Leadership Officer for the 7-6 Air Cav I am always impressed with the professionalism displayed by the members of our squadron. It is important that each of us remember that we not only represent ourselves, but we represent the squadron, group, wing, region, nation, and more importantly we represent the Lord. Working with Chaplains of many faiths I am continually encouraged with diversity and depth of experience brought to CAP by these most valuable members of our organization. If you haven't had an opportunity to sit and talk with Chaplain Riddle or Chaplain Klett I would suggest that you avail yourself of this opportunity. Remember the Chaplains and Moral Leadership Officers are here to support you and assist you. Blessings, Capt Brown

Flight Ops N235TX to get a make over?

Senior Member Spin

Flight Operations
Our aircraft N235TX, has been out the whole month, having its interior and headliner replaced. L It is expected back by the end of the month (31st July) with the new 28lb ($280) survival pack, and tow bar. It is also rumored to have some avionics equipment fixed (including an updated GPS Card??) and a new EGT J


Aerospace Education
C/1Lt Will Walls will be giving the next AE lecture as part of his personal AE development, please give him your support.


SAFETY BRIEFING Capt. Clyde Domengeaux

As the new Safety Officer with the 7/6 AIRCAV I am attempting to get up to speed through the correspondence courses with the USAF. I must admit, there is a lot to learn and an awful lot of responsibility. I see it as a great and rewarding challenge and will do my utmost to see that we at the 7/6 continue to excel in SAFETY. I haven't heard of any incidents within our group, so, I can presume that those of you that read the Safety Report for May did some soul searching before you participated in an activity that could cause some area of accident. Good job to you all. As you know, or maybe not, any accident should be addressed with the Safety Officer at any of our CAP functions, no matter how minor they may seem. "MOTH EFFECT".....what is it??? Well,....what it is, is...."highway hypnosis"....Yep, and it causes thousands of crashes annually. It is the tendency of drivers to focus on an object outside of their intended path of travel and steer involuntarily into it. Researchers have concluded that our eyes are especially attracted to lights that move, blink or change color--just as those on police cars or flashers on stopped cars. (Motorists strike marked police cars with flashing lights twice as much as unmarked cars). By focusing

on any object outside of your intended path of travel, you tend to unconsciously steer toward it. Sooo, what to do?, Some recommendations might be to stay well rested; take frequent breaks; don't rely on coffee to keep you alert; avoid focusing on lights or objects stopped on the shoulder; keep focused down the road and take only brief glances at stopped vehicles; recognize fatigue and complacency. The previous was taken from our Chief, Safety at CAP National Headquarters. I thought it was an interesting article and passed it on to our Group. Continue to have a SAFE summer vacation to all our Cadets and Seniors. See you at the meetings. Admin Membership at 123 (75 Cadets)

Admin / Personnel Matters by 1Lt Sylvia Brumlow

Squadron strength stood at 123 in July, with 75 cadet members and 48 Seniors. We welcome the following 3 new cadets whose membership cards have been issued in July: Cadet Richard Barella, Cadets Benjamin and Dana Magby. New Sr. Members / Promotions: Welcome Cadet Sponsor Inocencia Williams, Senior Member Astrid Phillips and transferee 2Lt Ed Toohey Jr. (who several of you will recognize as one of the Glider Pilots at SCOH). Congratulations on Maj (US Army) Douglas Walkers, promotion to Major in CAP (it was effective June 27, sorry we missed it last month!) and SM Illerhaus who was promoted to 2Lt this month. We had a recent Short Notice Inspection, SNI, which basically checks squadron safety, aircraft and pilot records, in which we did well. The more rigorous Subordinate Unit Inspection, SUI, will occur on August 12, which delves into the squadrons activities in much more detail. All SMs are requested to update their records and files. Pilots should also input their data on the MIMS (FMS) Qual/Cert system on the National website.

Professional Development

Professional Development by Lt Col Bill Williams

I have good news. The Yeager Certificates have arrived from Wing!!! For those members who wish to take the exam, please see me to add your name to the list for the next adventure. Most members have at least one Specialty Track they are working on. I have a master list of this information correct through JULY 29, 2003 from the Natl Headquarters. Please check with me if you have forgotten whats required now or if you want to add another Specialty. Changes have been made in the Air Force Institute Advanced Distance Learning (AFIADL) course numbers. Anyone interested in signing up for one of the courses should contact me. The AFIADL 00013 course is required of all members to complete Level II or higher levels. The Squadron Officers School course (SOS) is available for CAP Grade Captain and above. The Air Command and Staff College (ACSC) is available for CAP Grade Major and above. Both are interesting courses and are usable in case you dont want to go to Region Staff College or National Staff College. All senior members are reminded that Texas Wing Conference is fast

approaching. Attendance at this conference and/or National Conferences are required to complete advancement. An alternate is to attend the NCASE conference (National Congress on Aviation & Space Education). The next NCASE is in the Atlanta, GA Marriot March 24-27,2004. For more information on Senior Professional Development, contact Lt. Col. Bill Williams Tuesday evenings or e-mail at billbill9@hotmail.com Questions & Comments Stay informed Cadet Sponsor Members

Seniors & Parent Power

newsletter, the r

Comments & Questions As a parent how will I receive information about CAP activities? This


is a primary means of communicating with

parents, however to make this effective we need parents e-mail addresses. These can be forwarded to our new e-mail address cap76aircav@hotmail.com or contact 1Lt Ayre directly at ayrefam@sbcglobal.net We are taking steps to improve our website and make its content more relevant and current. Parents with any thoughts as to how the website could be improved, or with time to help maintain the website should contact Capt. Dicker I wish to participate in CAP activities with my child but cannot train or take on any positions of responsibility. Can I still participate with her? Yes, by all means! There is a special position for such parents, called a CADET SPONSOR member. The annual fees are lower, and the only training required is the Level 1 Cadet Protection Program Training (CPPT). Such senior Cadet Sponsor members may (provided they wear the minimal uniform-Grey slacks and blue golf shirt) have a CAP driving license and drive the van, travel in CAP or USAF aircraft, and participate in activities. Many of our activities occur on the weekend and we need seniors to be available to allow cadet participation in these events. The next CPPT training is on the 23rd August at Hooks, would be an excellent opportunity to get started!

Any parent having questions, concerns or suggestions should feel free to email the Squadron Commander, Capt. Stephen R. Dicker at stephen.dicker@cityofhouston.net . Capt. Dicker can also be reached on his cell phone at 713-504-7154 for immediate needs. Calendar


We have placed the Calendar on the squadron website,

with the expectation of keeping it more current and saving space in the newsletter. Go to http://www.7-6aircav.com