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“Defending the Jet, Rocket, and Wing-T Attack”

Terry Bodnar
Defensive Coordinator
Carnegie Mellon University
National Wing-T Clinic

I. 50 front
a. Fronts-four man rush packages
i. Base 34
ii. Shade
iii. Shade G –kicked to even weak
iv. Stack
b. Coverages
i. 3
ii. 2/4
iii. Combo (used if motion man is lead blocker on belly slide)
II. Understanding the Wing-T
a. 4 back offense
b. Creates conflict with multiple threats/formations
c. Formations/motions/shifts
III. Keys
a. Wing/Slot motion
b. FB Path- off-tackle or outside=follow him
c. HB Path
d. QB opens opposite of the play
e. G’s- take you to the play (few exceptions-false keys)
IV. What should I analyze?
a. Flank tendencies
i. Each formation they run
ii. Breakdown what plays they can run
b. Formation/motion/shift tendencies
c. Blocking schemes
i. Down/Kickout
ii. Reach
iii. High hat-paths
V. Considerations for defending the Wing-T
i. Where
1. To wing
2. To slot
3. To motion
ii. Who goes?
1. Nose
2. BST
3. Backer or CB
iii. Fronts?
1. all of them
2. LIKES TO SLANT FROM A SHADE- gives defense
b. Stem- move from 1 front to other
i. Messes with blocking rules
ii. Makes them be passive
iii. Neutralizes check w/me
c. At the line plan- not used that often
i. Call defense based on formation
d. Don’t wait
i. Start planning early
ii. If you face 5 wing-t teams/year, it becomes base package
e. Be sound
i. No gimmicks
ii. No defense of the week
iii. Adjust base defense/coverage
a. Don’t get reached!- it’s ok to get down blocked just don’t get washed!
b. Wrong shoulder kick-out blocks
i. Drill it all the time
1. DT vs. trap
2. OLB vs. Down/Power/Ctr
3. DB vs. bucksweep
ii. Technique
1. Get underneath & up the field
2. “2 for 1”- wrong shoulder the PS and take outs the BSG in

WHY YOU NEED TO WRONG SHOULDER- Don’t want runner to get north/south-
funnel him to force/sideline
“Blocking The Edges System”
Wes Elrod
Offensive Coordinator

National Wing-T Clinic


I. Formation System
a. Words= Double Wing
i. Exceptions
1. Rt/Lt- set backs
2. Reo/Leo- Strong backs
3. Tiger- T backfield
ii. East/West- Tackle over 1’ splits
iii. North/South- End over-Nasty split
iv. Bull/Bear
1. WB in B gap
2. “Big Bear/Bull”- WB sniffer behind tackle
v. Lake/River- WB comes over to outside- i.e. trips bunch
vi. “Wave”- Spread end trips
vii. Century- I formation
b. “ern”- splits the end out
c. “A” or “B”- puts wingback on line
II. Alignment
a. 2/3/3ft splits
b. Deep off the Ball (hand in line with center’s hip)
III. Blocking System- 5 different blocking rules
a. Outside Count
i. Start at EMLOS and work out in rollover fashion
ii. PSILB is always #5
b. Defensive Identification
i. Start ID with center
ii. If man touches edge, he counts
iii. ACE=Nose or Shade
iv. A=1/2/3
v. B=4i/4/5/6
vi. Zero=4i/4/5 to TE

c. Base – no playside lineman blocks LB except for center

i. To TE
1. Center- Block Ace to LB
2. G- A to Ace
3. T- B to A
4. TE- Block #1 (outside count)
ii. To SE
1. C- Ace to LB
2. G- A to Ace
3. T- Block #1
iii. Backside- Block man
d. Man Rules
i. Center- Ace to Lb
ii. G- A to Lb
iii. T- Zero to Lb
iv. TE- Block #1
e. Edge Blocking
i. Locate the edge
ii. Find 1st LOS defender past edge
1. He will get kicked/trapped
2. He cannot touch the edge
iii. Covered or uncovered edge
iv. # of LB in Box/Square
v. “2” Edge Rules Example

f. Sweep Blocking
g. Specials – bucksweep, ED- don’t fit what we do
a. Why Bunch?
i. Hard to defend
ii. Mismatches
iii. Missed coverages=easy completions
iv. Passes
1. Mesh
2. Bubble
3. Run

i. Great Play from bunch- big ol’ hole
ii. A Jet Lag 24 Base – if center and guard covered=NO GOOD
1. Frontside stretches
2. Amendment to Center’s rule- Ace to closest A

c. NOMO Rocket