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Welcome to the Manta Group.

Aligning Business and IT
We have the vision, tools and methodologies to assist you in building a high performance business. Our focus on integrating governance, risk, compliance, portfolio management and service management has resulted in a comprehensive service offering enabling enterprise views into operational effectiveness.

The Manta Group has been a trusted management consulting partner to many leading organizations since 2003. Today our focus is on optimizing business operations, managing transformation and measuring performance over time. We root our services in best practices, which remain consistent with competency in the following tools and frameworks:
IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) Control Objectives for Information & related Technologies (COBIT) Lean Six Sigma Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) International Organization for Standardization (ISO) Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMi) E-Sourcing Capability Model Zachman Framework The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)

This broad set of tools combined with vast industry expertise enables the Manta Group to deliver highly effective and efficient solutions. Our services are deployed by clients in the following areas:
IT Strategy: Business Performance
Business-IT Alignment IT Business Management Business Impact of IT IT Operations IT Organizational Design IT Sourcing Strategy

Enterprise Architecture

IT Transformation Roadmap IT Architecture Infrastructure Optimization IT Governance IT Risk & Security IT Assurance & Compliance

IT Strategy: IT Management

IT Governance, Risk & Compliance

Manta provides assessments, reviews, analysis and design with a focus on optimizing the performance of its clients operations. Developing a perspective through the four lenses: service, structure, process and tools, provides a comprehensive analysis of the current state and specific design objectives to deliver increased efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction.

Manta has deep knowledge and expertise in helping clients transform into high performance organizations. The Manta Group comes equipped with the Program, Project and Organizational Change Management expertise required to implement new services, structures, processes and tools, helping its clients realize the significant benefits from operating a high performance organization.

Manta recognizes that every investment needs to be managed. This is especially important when our clients are investing in new capabilities that deliver performance gains over time. We build capabilities for its clients to enable effective monitoring and reporting of existing operational activities. Performance Management is a method to protect current investments in organizational capabilities in addition to identifying future opportunities for investment.

Our Services
Strategy & Planning
Our strategy engagements focus on four essential ingredients: Services, Organization, Process, and Technology

Business Service Management

Minimizing operating costs, meeting business expectations, maximizing user productivity are all hallmarks of the Manta solution for Service Management

Portfolio Management
Manta ensures that capital investments are in line with your corporate goals and objectives, while assuring measurable and sustainable success

Governance, Risk & Compliance

We use best practice frameworks to govern investments in IT with a set of reliable and transparent processes and metrics that directly align IT goals with business demands and priorities.

is to deliver performance capabilities that are pragmatic, effective and value based.

The Performance You Keep is a statement our consultants live. Our goal

Our Products
Advisory On-Demand
Understanding that our clients require more flexibility, the Manta Group has adopted an Advisory On-Demand program, FlexHours. FlexHours is a nondeliverable based service offering for clients who are doing a significant amount of process work internally, but may need access to subject matter expertise or oversight. FlexHours features include:
Hours are purchased in 50 hour blocks Hours are used on an as needed basis in half hour increments over 3 months Hours are used for off-site support

Contact us today!
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Manta brings companies in the same industry together to evaluate themselves against their peers, using Best practice frameworks. This allows them to identify, adapt and implement the practices that produce the best performance results. The top five benefits of formal benchmarking with the Manta Group:
1. Improved process performance 2. Learning what other organizations are doing 3. Addressing major strategic issues 4. Compare your organization against best practices 5. Provides an unbiased viewpoint & objective analysis

It is important to be aware of the current state of your company relative to best practices, your employees, efficiency and potential risks. We can assess how you are currently operating and create a roadmap for improvement. These engagements typically target:
Throughput of workload activities & increased productivity and efficiency (25%-35%) Improved resource management, behavior, culture and overall relationships within IT FTE Headcount redeployment opportunities (20% - 30%) Reduced project overhead & waste through the application of lean techniques Dramatic increase in customer satisfaction