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Implementation of SAP through Solution Manager: SAP Solution Manager is introduced to provide various services to customers at free of cost.

Each Product Life Cycle is 5-1-2 (Maintenance Strategy The Customer has to pay 22% for first Five Years, 24% on 6th Year, 7th and 8th Year 26%. Offline: Most of the customers are not happy and are not bothered to pay the above AMC Charges for small services provided by SAP. Example a Motor bike company purchased License for 4 Crores for which they need to pay an AMC of 22% of 4 Crores i.e. 88 Lakhs + Service Tax (lakhs) =97 Lakhs. Sap restricted the market place access to the customers, but customers are able to apply support packages, notes, add-ons using other ids. SAP Implemented Maintenance Optimizer, so that users can download patches, support packages, ad-ons, kernel upgrade only through (MOPZ),but MOPZ is only used for Approval of packages and the download is performed using SAP Download Manager. SAP Implemented Maintenance Certificate from January 2009. it is valid for 3 months only. SAP Solution Manager generates maintenance certificates to all the satellite systems which will be valid for three months only. Customers without Maintenance Certificate are not allowed to use SPAM/SAINT and JSPM. (Precisely they are locked) SAP Solution Manager offers the following Solutions.

1. Project Implementation 2. ASAP Methodology 3. RUNSAP Support Services 4. System monitoring 5. System Administration 6. Service Level Reporting 7. Service Desk 8. Maintenance Optimizer(MOPZ 9. EWA (early watch Alerts) 10.CHARMS(Change Request Management System Following T Codes is being used in solman during SAP project implementation. Menu Path SAP menu > Tools > SAP Solution Manager SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN Project Administration SOLMAN_PROJECT Project Overview AI_SPS Project Setup: Quick Start RMMAIN Roadmap SOLAR01 Business Blueprint SOLAR02 Configuration SOLAR_LEARNING_MAP SOLAR_LEARNING_MAP STWB_2 Test Plan Management SOLAR_EVAL Project Analysis SOLUTION_MANAGER Solution Operation SMSY System Landscape Some Other Important T Codes DNOTIFWL Basic Notifications Worklist

CRM_DNO_MONITOR Transaction Monitor CRMD_ORDER Transaction Processing SBWP SAP Business Workplace SOLAR01C SAP Solution Manager: Configuration STWB_INFO Test Workbench Information System STWB_WORK Testing SCDT_SETUP Customizing Distribution SCOUT Customizing Scout 1 Generating License Keys: SMSY----other objectcreate System SMSY-other Object-specify Systemgenerate License Key 2. Creating Satellite Systems: SMSYSystemRight Click create System with Assistant Specify the system Details Create Role with S_RFC and Assign to the User that Role. It will ask for user id and password of satellite system for 3 times and Solution Manager for 1 Time. i.e RFCs are created from SOLMAN to SATELLITE 3. Assign RFC Destination for Monitoring RZ21Technical Infrastructuredisplay topology click on create SID 4. Create Solution in DSWP/Solution_Manager Specify the Name of the Solution and Save Click on Solution Solution LandscapeSolution Landscape MaintenanceSpecify Logical System Name i.e System(SID) with Client Number Click on Solution Settings Specify interval of 5 minutes for CCMS Click on CCMS Monitoring of EWA

Select the System Activate Now the System is scheduled for CCMS monitoring for every 5 minutes. 5. Operations Setup: It is used to set up the Operations for satellite System in CEN Click on System Monitoring setup system Monitoring It is used to set the threshold values for various monitoring elements which get the information from CCMS and Displays in the Form of alerts. A Manager can look into system for alerts in one single screen instead of navigating to various screens. 6. System Administration: Central System Administration is used by L1 and L2 Consultants to perform system health check on date and time basis. 7. Service Level Reporting: it is used to generate the report based on Defined Service Levels 8. Service Desk: It is used to generate the support messages from the satellite systems to solution manager 1. Ensure that an rfc is defined from Satellite to Solman 2. Activate Service Desk BC (Business Configuration) SET(by default it is activated) in TCODE SCPR20 alternatively use TCODE SPRO 3. Use transaction Sm30 specify table BCOS_CUSTMaitainchange modeprovide the created RFC Destination

Specify application as OSS_MSG and w for Work Place along RFC Destination (from satellite to Solution manager)