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Internal Strengths 1. Accessibility 2. Endorsements/Marketing 3. Unique Native Approach 4. Large target market 5.

Market Leader in Barbeque Fast Food Chains 6. Organized System 7. Being part of JFC (a wellestablished company)

Internal Weaknesses 1. Lack of equipment/supply 2. Weak employee management 3. Inconsistency in food 4. No breakfast products 5. Customer feedback/relations

TOWS Matrix

External Opportunities 1. Thriving Filipino community abroad 2. Health conscious society 3. Net savvy and fast-paced lifestyle of people 4. Filipino traditions 5. Untapped early-bird market O1S3 The unique native theme of fast-food chain is the companys edge to expand the business in foreign countries where there are growing Filipino communities. O2S4 The company can maximize the large target market by providing products that addresses the demand to a healthier lifestyle. O3S2 Advertisements in networking sites and providing an online service can increase sales of the company considering the net generation. O4S4S5 Eating out together is a Filipino tradition. The company can maximize their large target market that would cater the interests of these groups. At the same time, by tapping on the tradition Mang W5O3 Given an external opportunity of increasing net savvy and fast-paced individuals, the company can maximize this opportunity to improve their customer relations by posting their feedbacks or suggestions in the companys website.

Inasal can instill in their customers minds that they are promoting Filipino identity through their unique native themed approach.

External Threats 1. Health risks and epidemics 2. High inflation rate due to financial crisis 3. Heavy competition with foreign and local SMEs 4. Political instability in the country 5. Natural Calamities

T3S3Focus on their traditional Filipino concept. By maintaining this concept, the company can withstand heavy competition in the market. T1S6 Increasing awareness of customers about epidemics and other health risks, the company should apply Corporate Social Responsibility Programs that would address these concerns of the customers. T2S7 Unpredictability of inflation rates is beyond the companys control. However, being part of JFC the company can look up to this mother company and other companies handled by JFC so as to help them make long-term plans or strategies. Financial crisis is inevitable but with the right strategy planning Mang Inasal can withstand the crisis.

W2T3 Company employees should undergo comprehensive/longer training programs to develop their skills and keep up with the heavy competition in the market. W5T3 Being conscious and attentive to the customers feedbacks and suggestion can help the company resist political instability which could result to closure of business opearation.

SO Strategies SO1 Broader menu by adding breakfast and healthier food choices With Mang Inasals recent launch of its 11/11/11 menu, it can be implied that the focus of the company is to push the merienda segment as it receives the least customers. However, based from the groups observation, Mang Inasal has considerably fewer customers in the morning because people do not have a lot of menu options to begin with. By adding breakfast options at the board, it will not only secure sales for Mang Inasal, but it will also help them get increasing numbers of customer visits in the morning. Moreover, with the rising consciousness to a healthier lifestyle, Mang Inasal can offer healthier options like more vegetable choices or fruit selections. In that way, the company will be able to extend its target market to the elderly audience as well as to the vegetarians

S02 Revitalize kiddie meals The power of children in affecting the dining choices of their parents proves to be very substantial (Schlosser, 2006). It is crucial for fast-food restaurants like Mang Inasal to capture the interest of the kiddie bracket because it will most likely yield greater sales as children are often accompanied by adults and these adults are quick to satisfy the wants of their children. However, Mang Inasal decided to remove their Bulilit meals off the menu as part of the introduction of other items during the 11/11/11 promo. As a result, the company might potentially loose significant bracket in the target segment because families might prefer other restaurants with a stronger appeal towards children.

. S03 Online ordering service In order to keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle of consumers, implementing an online ordering service would be a rational thing to do in order to cater to a bracket of Mang Inasals market. Since theres already a ready software and hardware for Mang Inasal, the implementation of the online ordering system will not be as far-fetched and complicated as it seems. Also, this is an opportunity for the company to gather more sales while incurring minimal costs.

ST Strategies ST1 Corporate Social Responsibility Programs ST2 Focus on their traditional Filipino concept Filipinos possess this rich culture, which can be directly reflected towards their love for festivities. Almost every occasion deserves a celebration and every celebration involves pigging out on food. The omnipresence of food in Filipino celebrations is the reason being why Mang Inasal has a lot of potential in tapping this niche in the market. The Filipino culture leans toward indulgence, even if they cannot afford to throw a party, they will see to it to loan some money just so they can enjoy this extravagance. Mang Inasal already has an edge most especially since it already categorizes itself as the first local fast food chain to offer Filipino cuisine and the company is gaining more and more recognition as days go by.

ST3 Adopt a low-cost strategy model The cost-leadership strategy involves the production of the lowest cost for a given level of quality. By doing so, the company will be able to secure its long-term profitability and still remain to be competitive even on the verge of declining economic conditions. Just like any other player in the industry, the idea of aiming for a low cost production is very appealing. It can generally be executed with the acquisition of low-cost sources or making certain efficiencydriven improvements concerning the process.

WO Strategies WO1 Comprehensive/longer training programs Specific training programs for specific types of jobs in the company in order to fully develop their skills.

WO2 More team building activities Team building activities amongst the employees is a great way in order to build a friendlier and a livelier environment in the organization, which in return would benefit the company as it would help employees be more outgoing especially when dealing with customers, so that they may be able to sustain good relationships with customers.

WO3 Increase storage capacity To increase their capacity in terms of storage facilities; to accommodate more stocks.