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CommoDity Derivatives

List of brokers

Below is a selection of brokers active in nyse liffe Commodity Derivatives as of July 2010.

Broker ContaCt Details
Warren Robertson +44 (0)20 3192 9272 warren.robertson@uk.abnamro.com www.abnamro.com Matt Lelliott +44 (0)20 7716 8000 matt.lelliott@admisi.com www.admisi.com Nicholas Stephens +44 (0)20 7548 4401 nicholas.stephens@bache.com www.bache.com Simon Moore +44 (0)20 7595 1888 softs@bnpparibas.com www.bnpparibas.com Didier Bensadoun +44 (0)20 7894 8880 dbensadoun@cantor.com www.cantor.com Philippe Gay +33 (0)1 40 16 26 14 gayph@cmcics.com www.cmcics.com/fr Luciano Magliocco +353 1 6349140 luciano.magliocco@fcstone.com www.fcstone.com Darren Falzon +44 (0)20 7422 1129 darren.falzon@gfigroup.co.uk www.gfigroup.com Robert Forkan +44 (0)20 7774 1213 robert.forkan@gs.com www.goldmansachs.com

Postal aDDress
5 Aldermanbury Square London EC2V 7HR 4th Floor Millennium Bridge House 2 Lambeth Hill London EC4U 3TT 9 Devonshire Square London EC2M 4HP

ABN AMRO Markets (UK) Ltd ADM Investor Services International Ltd Bache Commodities Ltd BNP Paribas Commodity Futures Ltd Cantor Fitzgerald Europe

10 Harewood Avenue London NW1 6AA

One America Square 17 Crosswall London EC3N 2LB 6 Avenue de Provence 75009 Paris France 5th Floor, Portview House Thorncastle Street Dublin 4 Ireland 1 Snowden Street London EC2A 2DQ

CM CIC Securities

FCStone Europe Ltd

GFI Group Inc

Goldman Sachs International

133 Fleet Street London EC4A 2BB

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ContaCt Details
Pascal Aholou +44 (0) 20 7532 4063 pascal.aholou@icap.com ww.icap.com James Proudlock +44 (0)20 7777 3855 james.h.proudlock@jpmorgan.com www.jpmorgan.com/futures Rafael Dos Anjos +44 (0)20 3037 4648 rafael.dosanjos@macquarie.com www.macquarie.com.au Simon Prangnell +33 (0)1 801 5145 sprangnell@mfglobal.com James Hearn +44 (0)20 7491 6700 jhearn@marexcarlton.com www.marexfinancial.com James Warringer +44 (0)20 7645 7749 (London) +1 212 589 6369 (New York) jwarringer@mfglobal.com www.mfglobal.com Christian Perault +33 (0)1 55 30 51 41 cperault@mfglobal.com www.mfglobal.com Terence Chong +65 (0)65 6347 8315 tchong@mfglobal.com.sg www.mfglobal.com Rob Alexander +44 (0)20 7776 5800 robert.alexander@us.mizuho-sc.com www.mizuhosecurities.com Andy Gooch +44 (0)20 7149 3800 agriculture@uk.natixis.com www.natixiscm.com Michael Dann +44 (0)20 7780 6677 michael.dann@newedgegroup.com www.newedgegroup.com Jean Philippe Folco +33 (0)1 55 07 2020 jeanphilippe.folco@newedgegroup.com www.newedgegroup.com

Postal aDDress
2 Broadgate London EC2M 7UR

ICAP Securities Ltd

J.P. Morgan Securities Ltd

125 London Wall London EC2Y 5AJ

Macquarie Bank Ltd Man Financial SA Marex Financial Ltd

Level 30 Citypoint 1 Ropemaker Street London EC2Y 9HD 1 Rue de La Pepiniere 75008 Paris France 7 Savile Row London W1S 3PE

MF Global UK Ltd MF Global UK Ltd (Paris branch) MF Global Singapore Pte. Limited Mizuho Securities USA Inc

Sugar Quay Lower Thames Street London EC3R 6DU

20 rue Quentin Bauchart 75008 Paris France One George Street #17-03. Singapore 049145 Bracken House 1 Friday Street London EC4M 9JA Cannon Bridge House 25 Dowgate Hill London EC4R 2YA

Natixis Commodity Markets Ltd

Newedge Group SA (UK branch) Newedge Group SA (Paris branch)

10 Bishops Square London E1 6EG

52 Avenue des Champs Elysees 75008 Paris France


ContaCt Details
Joern Stapelfeld +49 (0)69 9459 4790 joern.stapelfeld@newedgegroup.com www.newedgegroup.com Xavier Durand-Viel +33 (0)1 4394 9090 xavier@plantureux.com www.plantureux.com Vickie Lambert +1 312 559 8828 vlambert@randfinancial.com www.randfinancial.com Jean Loic Begue-Turon +33 (0)1 4066 2583 jbegue-turon@invivo-group.com www.invivo-group.com Mark Cooper/Thomas Kujawa +44 (0)20 3207 5630 softs@sucfin.com www.sucdenfinancial.com Jerome Jourquin +33 (0)1 53 30 12 04 france@sucfin.com www.sucdenfinancial.com Shaun Oates +44 (0)20 7880 6000 oatess@trxfutures.com www.trxfutures.com Nicholas Jacob +44 (0)20 7200 7404 njacob@tullettprebon.com www.tullettprebon.com David Cunningham +44 (0)20 7568 7068 david.cunningham@ubs.com www.ubs.com

Postal aDDress
Neue Mainzer Strae 52 60311 Frankfurt Germany BP 86 16 Avenue Louison Bobet 94123 Fontenay sous bois cedex France 141 W Jackson Boulevard Suite 1950 Chicago Illinois IL 60604, USA 83 Avenue de la Grande Armee 75782 Paris Cedex 16 France Plantation Place South 60 Great Tower Street London EC3 5AZ Sucden Financial Limited 20/22 Rue de la Ville lEveque 75008 Paris France Ground Floor 3 Finsbury Square London EC2A 1AE

Newedge Group SA (Frankfurt branch) Plantureux SAS Rand Financial Services Inc Sigma Terme SNC Sucden Financial Ltd Sucden Financial Ltd (Paris branch) TRX Futures Ltd Tullet Prebon (Securities) Ltd UBS Ltd

155 Bishopsgate London EC2M 3TQ

1 Finsbury Avenue London EC2M 2PP

Broker ContaCt Details
Bruno Chatenet +33 (0)1 30 83 85 85 team@arfinco.com www.arfinco.com Eddie Ng +65 (0)6 398 6068 eddieng@dbsvickers.com www.dbsvickers.com

Postal aDDress
2 Rue du Bailliage 78000 Versailles France 8 Cross Street PWC Building #02-01 Singapore 048424

Arfinco SAS DBS Vickers Securities (Singapore) Private Ltd

CommoDity Derivatives

List of brokers


ContaCt Details
Kees Maas +31 (0)32 026 9520 k.maas@dca-markt.nl www.dca-markt.nl Ben Probert +44 (0)87 0197 0395 enquiries@gnitouch.com www.gnitouch.com Rodolphe Hurtebize +33 (0)2 32 10 58 58 hurtebize@hurtebize.fr Remi Paccou +33 (0)3 28 29 19 19 r.paccou@intercourtage.com www.intercourtage.com Mr. H. Jrgen Kiefer +49 (0)6 7086 4170 net@hjkiefer.de www.hjkiefer.de Justin Dirico +1 312 624 8895 justin@starcb.com www.starsupply.ch James McKay +41 (0)22 365 5500 reports@starsupply.ch www.starsupply.ch

Postal aDDress
Postbus 2298 8203 AG Lelystad The Netherlands Sugar Quay Lower Thames Street London EC3R 6DU 8 Bd Ferdinand de Lesseps 76000 Rouen France BP 114 59942 Dunkerque Cedex 02 France Rheingrafenstrae 9 55583 Bad Munster Germany 141 W Jackson Blvd Suite 2502 Chicago, IL 60604 USA Les Hauts de St. Jean Avenue de Perdtemps 17 CH1260 Nyon Switzerland

Dienstencentrum Agrarische Markt B.V. GNI touch Hurtebize & Cie Inter-Courtage SA H. Jrgen Kiefer GmbH SCB & Associates LLC Starsupply Renewables SA

If you would like to be added to this list, please email: commodities@nyx.com For further information please email: commodities@nyx.com or telephone: +44 (0)20 7379 2125

Further information
Information on commodity derivatives can be found at: www.nyx.com/commodities Free 15-minute delayed futures prices: www.euronext.com/commodityprices

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