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AFL Players’ Association

Information for parents of

prospective AFL Players
Eleven things you should know about Player Agents

1. AFL rules require that any player 5. An Accredited Player Agent

(or prospective player) who wishes must not offer any money,
to use a player agent to represent goods, benefits or any other
them in contract negotiations with thing of value, to or for any pro-
an AFL club must use an AFLPA spective AFL Draftee: i. to sign a Key points:
Accredited Player Agent. Representation Agreement; ii. in
anticipation of a Player signing • The AFL Player’s Asso-
2. There are no rules preventing a a Representation Agreement. ciation manages a
2006 AFL draftees Ryan compulsory accredita-
player from representing himself, tion process for Agents
or a player’s parent or legal guard- 6. Accredited Agents may not Cook, Dale Thomas & to ensure competent &
ian representing him in all aspects enter into a Standard Player Shannon Cox ethical individuals
represent its members.
of his contract negotiations with Agent Agreement (or any other
an AFL club, however there may be form of arrangement whereby vide appropriate support & • There is no requirement
some advantage in using a person the Accredited Agent agrees to counseling for a Player they to appoint an Agent.
experienced in this field. provide representation services) represent who is not taken
in the National Draft Selec- • A player or player’s
with any Player (or a Player’s parent/ legal guardian
3. Accredited Player Agents receive parent or legal guardian) unless tion Meeting or is delisted can represent them-
regular training & information rele- & until that Player is 17 years of from his club. selves.
vant to their roles, must maintain age and eligible to be selected
10. Approximately 90% of • There are advantages
professional indemnity insurance, in the next scheduled AFL Na- in using an experienced
and must abide by a set of regula- AFL Players currently em- Accredited Agent.
tional Draft.
tions and a code of conduct. All ploy the services of an Ac-
these measures are designed to 7. Accredited Agents are not credited Player Agent.
ensure players receive honest, permitted to approach or con-
11. The key responsibility of
ethical & professional advice. tact a prospective AFL draftee: Inside:
a Player Agent is to ensure
i. whilst he is participating in the
4. An Accredited Agent’s initial the best interests of the
National U/16 & U/18 Champi-
approach to a prospective AFL individuals they represent Selecting a Player 2
onships, the AFL Draft Camp or
are cared for. AFL Clubs are Agent
draftee must be through a letter of State based screening session;
introduction. The player’s club tremendous environments
ii. whilst he is participating in a Who is the AFLPA? 2
must also be notified of the for the development of
State League finals series; or iii.
agent’s intention to approach the young men, however, the
prior to, or immediately after
player. best interests of the Club & Require more infor- 2
games or training sessions.
the individual Player are not mation?
8. Accredited Agents cannot always the same.
approach and/or contact an
For these reasons, the
eligible player or his parents
AFLPA endorses the ser-
during the period commencing
vices provided by Accredited
7 days before his secondary
Player Agents who can play
school or university exams &
a valuable role in guiding a
concluding after the player’s
Player throughout his AFL
exams are completed.
AFL draftees at the 2006
9. Accredited Agents must pro-
AFLPA Induction Camp
Page 2 Information for parents of prospective AFL Players

Selecting a Player Agent

The decision to appoint a likelihood of a Player being sources who continually
Player Agent should not be drafted by an AFL Club in any refer to a specific Agent
taken lightly. There are cur- way. as they may be receiv-
rently over 50 Accredited AFL ing a commission).
Play er Ag en ts loca ted Key Criteria for choosing a
throughout Australia. Player Agent • Tertiary qualifications &
AFLPA President appropriate experience
Peter Bell Whilst all Accredited Agents • The Agent is accred- (eg law, sports manage-
are required to adhere to ited with the AFLPA. ment, marketing, ac-
minimum standards of con- counting, business etc).
• The Agent’s values.
duct & service, the particular
style in which specific Accred- • Accessibility (location &
• The Agent’s experience
“Ask around, ited Player Agents manage adequate resources).
& understanding of the
their clients is likely to differ football industry, mar-
speak to people. significantly. • Network of relationships
ket dynamics & market (both corporate & foot-
Look for people value.
It is important that you select ball sectors).
you can trust an Accredited Agent who suits
• A strong willingness & • A holistic approach to
and learn from.” your specific needs & desires.
desire to teach the an athlete’s life & not
The following list is provided
Peter Bell player & parents so just commission bear-
as a guide to assist you
they gain independ- ing issues.
AFLPA President should you decide to engage
ence & accountability.
the services of an Accredited
& Fremantle • A proven track record of
Agent. • Referrals by existing
Captain successfully managing
Remember, there is no re- clients & industry AFL Players or an asso-
quirement for you to appoint a sources whom you ciation with an organi-
Player Agent. Having a Player respect & have experi- sation which has such a
Agent will not increase the ence in dealing with track record.
Agents (be wary of

Who is the AFLPA?

The AFLPA is the representa- playing group in the areas of education, training & welfare, under
tive body for all AFL players, employment terms & condi- the AFLPA ’Player Development Pro-
responsible for ensuring the tions, player safety & welfare gram’.
fair employment terms condi- and also negotiates with
tions & personal develop- other key industry stake- The AFLPA, the AFL, Clubs & current
ment opportunities for past, holders in the making & im- players strongly endorse & support
present & future AFL football- plementation of player rules Players undertaking further education
ers. & other issues affecting the & training. The AFLPA also stresses
modern AFL player. the importance of completing Year 12
Governed by an Executive of (or equivalent) in order to strengthen
current players, the Associa- The AFLPA annually invests future career opportunities.
tion speaks on behalf of the over $1.5 million, in Player

Require more information?

Check out www.aflpa.com.au Agent’s Regulations & com- Matt Finnis,
Finnis General Manager,
and click on the Accredited plete list of AFL Players’ Asso- Operations at the AFL Players’
Agents tab. ciation Accredited Player Association on 03
AFLPA CEO Brendon Gale
Agent’s. 9328 8001.
at the 2006 AFLPA This section contains further
Induction Camp information such as the If you require further informa-
Agents Code of Conduct, tion, please contact