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1 What are input devices? Give their two examples.

Ans: The devices that are used to enter data and instructions into the computer are called input devices. Example: keyboard and mouse

2 What is mouse?
Ans: A mouse is an input device. It rolls around on a flat surface and controls the pointer on a display screen. A typical mouse has two buttons, which perform different functions depending on what application is running.

3 What is trackball?
Ans: A trackball is an input device. It works like a mouse but it is a stationary device with a moveable ball on its top. The ball is rotated with fingers, thumb, or palm of the hand.

4 Define scanners.
Ans: A scanner is an input device. It is used to read images and text printed on the paper, converts into electronic form and stores them into the computer.

5 What is voice recognition?

Ans: A system that converts the voice into text or commands is known as voice recognition. In voice recognition system, a microphone as an input device is used. Voice recognition allows a user to use voice as input. The user speaks through microphone to give command to computer such as opening programs, printed documents, shutting down the computer, saving the document etc.

6 What is joystick? Also write its uses?

Ans: Joystick is a live input device. It can move in all directions and is used to control the movement of the pointer on the screen. Usually, joystick is used for games.

7 What is keyboard?
Ans: Keyboard is the most commonly used input device. It is used to enter data into the computer. The keyboard looks like a typewriter keypad, but it contains some extra commands and function keys.

8 What is microphone?
Ans: A microphone id an input device used to record audio data as the human voice. It can be plugged into a computer or any recorder to record voice of human beings.

9 What is difference between hard copy and soft copy?

Ans: The output received on the paper is called hard copy. While the output received on the display screen is called softcopy. Also the output received from computer in the form of sound is known as softcopy.

10 What is mouse event?

Ans: Mouse event refers to the activity that can be performing by using the muse. A typical can perform the following events. a) Left Click b) Right Click c) Drag

11 Write names of two devices which are used both as input and output devices?
Ans: The devices which are used both as input and output devices are given below: a) Hard Disk Drive b) Floppy Disk Drive

12 What are monochrome monitor?

Ans: Monochrome monitors can display information in only one colour such as green, amber or white and black as background. These three colours are the basic colours and their combinations can display a full range of colours.

13 What are printers?

Ans: Printers are the most commonly used out put devices. T hey are used to print the output on the paper.

14 How many types of impact printers? Write their names?

Ans: There are three types of non-impact printers. a) Dot matrix Printers b) Daisy wheel printers c) Line printers

15 What are output devices? Give its two examples.

Ans: The devices are used to received information (results or output) from the computer are called output devices. Examples: monitors and printers.

16 What are Line printers?

Ans: Line printers are similar to the Daisy wheel printers. They print a complete line of characters at once rather than a single character at a time. The printing speed of a line printer is from 300 (lines per minute) to 2400 (lines per minute).

17 What is a Compact Disk Recorder (CD-R)?

Ans: A compact Disk Recorder (CD-R) is a drive allows to record information to a CDR disc. The recorded information can be of digital, audio and video, A CD-R disc will hold a maximum of 700 megabyte of data.

18 What is plotter?
A plotter is a large scale printer that receives commands from a computer make drawing on the paper with one or more automatic pens. Unlike a regular printer can draw continuous point-to-point lines.