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M 110 SASS Semi-Automatic Sniper System

Caliber: 7.62 51mm NATO

XM110 SASS (Semi Automatic Sniper System), is a plan to replace the U.S. Army or the sniper team striker SAM equipment semi-automatic rifles of the M24 SWS is an effective anti-personnel and anti-light equipment goals, will allow sniper support in the implementation of combat operations to provide more firepower. By the U.S. Army ARDEC and Arsenal NJ 07806 in the tender documents to the 7.62mm semi-automatic sniper system needs, the basic requirement is that it can provide a range of 1000 meters precision target of anti-personnel firepower, the system must be a single person may portable, shoulder-fired, the army compatible with all existing types of 7.62x51mm rounds, but when M118LR on the long-range best, but also task specific needs in the use of M993 projectile. After zeroing the rifle, its accuracy and M24 SWS demand equal to or better, the accuracy of the first hit should be less than or equal to 1.0 MOA. Other requirements include:

Rapid fire, rapid reloading and suppression of sniper rifles More than the M24 SWS and the lethal effect of firing rate Lighter than the weight of M24 SWS The range of anti-personnel M24 SWS with the same or better At the same time improving the observation system, the sniper Two removable tripod folding For shells with 5 fat, 10 fat and 20 rounds detachable magazine

Barrel higher than the 5,000 made life Zoom sight with white light (to deal with from 50 to 1000 meters between the goals) Muffler has removable With hard transport / storage box Integrated MIL-STD-1913 rail Supporting the maintenance of tools

U.S. Army found a total of five contractors to participate in, the final screen of the two options in the final phase of the contrast of competition test, It is interesting that the final screen of this surplus is based on two programs for the AR-10 institutions based on improvement projects, respectively KAC's SR-XM110 and Remington MPD / DPMS The AR-10T, which is medium-sized game with 20-inch barrel level of Armalite AR-10 semiautomatic rifles improved, and the KAC's SR - XM110 is to improve the company since the original KAC for the U.S. Navy SEALs production system Mk11 Mod0 sniper rifle. In September 28, 2005, KAC's SR-XM110 won this competition, was officially stereotypes for the M110 SASS.

M110 SASS main components of the system include: a rifle, four magazines of 20 fat, 10 fat, 4 magazines, magazine pouch, aiming 600 meters with mechanical back-up, two tripods and installation of Harris to the rail on the adapter, Leupold 3.5-10x40mm white sight and matching mirror box, lens pouch, lens cap and anti-reflective device accessories, such as sight, AN/PVS-14 night vision sight, leather strap, QD muffler package systems and portable storage box, as well as weapons and optical sight of the maintenance tool. Interface to guide the installation of fire control system (optical, mechanical back-up and aim a laser pointer).

The rifle is very similar with the Mk11 Mod0, the main difference is the rail system, butt and muzzle devices: Mk11 Mod0 use in the KAC-type free floating RAS, and in the use of the M110 SASS is URX modular rail system. Butt is the A2 and A1 style fixed adjustable length; another barrel on the M110 SASS also with flame extinction, and the same can be installed to improve the QD silencer. In addition M16 muffler system installed, the bolt and the phenomenon of carbon deposition machine box will get worse, when the gunpowder gas shooting from the drawing machine will handle the overflow of the gaps Department shooter's eyes fell, and the shooter's line of sight interference, so M110 also used in the KAC has developed the role of gas drift machine pull handle, so that from the pull slot machine handles Office of the gas spill will not reach the surface of the striker.

Remington and DPMS are respectively introduced in the market, civilian type, such as the DPMS company named on the launch of the LRT-SASS civilian semi-automatic highprecision rifles, is also competing with the SASS to explore the commercial value of reputation, and the bid spend money in the civilian market from a bonus. Although the performance is below the accuracy of Remington / DPMS's like guns, but since access to the last final, then the KAC's XM110 is also a good performance However, after the successful M110, the U.S. Army prepared to do a semi-automatic sniper rifles to be completely replaced by the M24 SWS it manually On this issue, a lot of people are skeptical or wait-and-see attitude. Many people prefer to believe that Army sniper M110 SASS is just another gun kept in the register in an optional tool, rather than completely replace the already well-tested M24 M110 can not be replaced by long-range shooting on the M24, and a rifle in hand under the harsh environment will be more reliable, to have much lower maintenance requirements. In addition to the semi-automatic sniper rifle sniper special suitability has been questioned,

according to some U.S. military snipers in Iraq, the use of the use of Mk11 MOD show that the weapons seem to be more suitable for use in urban warfare. 40.5" 1028 mm 40.5 "(1028 mm) 46.5" 1,181 mm Muffler with a total length of 46.5 "(1,181 mm) High gun-wide (including 20 rounds 10.25" 260 mm magazine Sight and white) 10.25 "(260 mm) Barrel length (excluding extinction 20 508mm flame device) 20 inches (508mm) 5 1/11 Rifled barrel D-5, bound from 1 / 11 2,571 fps 784 m/s Muzzle velocity 2,571 fps (784 m / s) The maximum effective range of 1,000 m 1,000 m Non-targeting devices and other 10.81 lbs 4.90 kg attachments 10.81 lbs (4.90 kg) Mechanical aim of containing 11.06 lbs 5.01 kg the two tripod adapter 11.06 lbs (5.01 kg) Reair Mechanical aim of containing 12.82 lbs 5.81 kg gun the two tripod adapter, Liu Pei 12.82 lbs (5.81 kg) Child Sight Mechanical aim of containing 13.7 lbs 6.21 kg the two tripod adapter, two 13.7 lbs (6.21 kg) tripods, Liu Pei Child Sight 17.3 lbs 7.85 kg Fighting the whole weight 17.3 lbs (7.85 kg) 1.96 lbs 0.89 kg Muffler importance 1.96 lbs (0.89 kg) 0.46 lbs 0.21 kg Empty magazine 20 rounds 0.46 lbs (0.21 kg) Magazine loaded with 20 rounds the 1.62 lbs 0.73 kg whole re 1.62 lbs (0.73 kg) 0.87 lbs 0.39 kg Two heavy tripod 0.87 lbs (0.39 kg) 0.12 lbs 0.05 kg Two heavy tripod adapter 0.12 lbs (0.05 kg) The whole long gun (rifle butts shrinking from)

QD Muffler installation

M110 semi-automatic fire only

Rail Mount

Straps and matching ring to connect harness

Adjust the length of rifle butts and rubber boots

Mechanical aim of the reserve

The installation of two tripod

PAL supporting the company magazine package, can be connected to the MOLLE system is carrying on operations


SHOT SHOW 2009 on the M110 display is installed in the wooden retaining a shell packed with anti-collision iPod Touch, which installed the PDA software ballistic calculator