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University of Arkansas Community College at Morrilton

Department of Business Business Law Spring 2012 Course Number and Title: BUS 2393 Business Law Meeting Times and Location: MWF 9:00 am BTC 106 Course Description: Business Law is designed to familiarize the student with legal problems that arise in business. Topics presented include contracts, the purchase and sale of goods, and business organizations and regulations. Basic principles that affect American consumers, workers, and citizens in their daily relations with one another will be examined. Business Law fosters an appreciation of the American Free Enterprise System and provides an understanding of legal rights, privileges, and responsibilities. Students are provided with the basic understanding of law and its impact on business operations that is needed for their success as future business leaders. Course Prerequisite(s): None Instructor: Ron Beckman Office Location and Office Hours: Office Telephone: (501) 977-2005 E-mail: beckman@uaccm.edu Text and Required Supplies: Morgan, Shedd, Corley. Business Law, 3rd Edition, BVT Publishing. Course Objectives/Course Competencies: Upon completion of this course, the student will be able to: A. Demonstrate knowledge of the need for a legal system. B. Trace the development of our own law from Roman law and the English common law. C. Demonstrate knowledge of the primary sources of law in the United States. D. Evaluate alternative ways to settle disputes between two or more parties other than by litigation. E. Discuss ethical behavior in the business community F. Recognize the requirements of a valid contract. G. Demonstrate knowledge of the six types of contracts that are frequently required to be in writing to be enforceable and point out the effects of failure to comply with the writing requirements. Course Requirements/Grading and Evaluation: The students grade will be based on tests and homework given throughout the semester. A test will be given after chapters: 2,3, - 4,5 6,7,8 9,10, 13,14, - 15,16, - 17,19. After the completion of chapter 19, the class will have the option of which of the remaining chapters we will cover. Attendance: You are expected to attend class. See section Attendance Requirements for additional information. Final Grade: Your final grade will be calculated by combining your class work (at least 7 tests) and homework/quizzes (200 points possible) then averaging that grade with your test grades.

UC Room 212 MWF 11.00-12:00, 12:30-2:30, 4:00 6:00. TTH 9:25-10:40.

Your lowest test grade will be dropped. You are not allowed to make up a missed test so the missed test will be the one dropped at the end of the semester.

GRADING SCALE: A = 90 100% B = 80 89% C = 70 79% D = 60 69% F = below 60% Attendance Requirements: Prompt and regular attendance in class sessions is expected of all students enrolled at UACCM and is considered a course requirement and necessary in maintaining acceptable grades. A student, with a grade of F in a class, will be dropped from the course when the absences for that class exceed twice the number of lectures, labs, and/or other regularly scheduled class meetings during a week. (For example, a student will be dropped from a course upon the seventh absence in a three-hour class meeting three times a week, upon the fifth absence for a three-hour class meeting twice a week, or upon the third absence for a three-hour class meeting once a week.) The administrative drop policy is included as part of the course syllabus and explained at the beginning of each semester. Instructors establish the makeup policy for coursework for individual classes. In the event of an unavoidable absence because of illness or emergency, the student is responsible for contacting his/her instructor(s) regarding work missed and initiating arrangements for completing missed assignments. The instructor will initiate the administrative drop process for students with excessive absences by completing an Administrative Drop Form and submitting the completed form to the Registrars Office. Students who are dropped administratively will receive an AW on their transcript for that class. Administrative drops will not be processed after the last day to withdraw as published by the Registrars Office. An official drop notice will be mailed to the student by the Registrars Office. Students may appeal the administrative drop by submitting a written statement detailing the nature of the absences to the Vice Chancellor for Instruction. The Vice Chancellor for Instruction will consider the request, and after discussion with the instructor, may excuse absences they deem to be extenuating and beyond the control of the student.

Other Information: Assignments and activities are subject to change at the discretion of the instructor. Advance notice will be given. Cheating/academic dishonesty will not be permitted by students and will result in disciplinary action, including the possibility of failure in the course and dismissal from the college as outlined in the student handbook section of the UACCM catalog. Inclement Weather: The College adheres to the Severe Weather Policy as described in the UACCM Catalog. Class cancellations will be reported to KATV, channel 7, KTHV, channel 11, KARK, Channel 4, and radio station KVOM, Morrilton (800 AM, 101.7 FM). Students should exercise judgment for personal safety regardless of

College announcements as there is no way the administration can review road conditions throughout the Colleges service area. Course Content/Course Outline: You will be responsible for and tested on the material as outlined below. The instructor reserves the right to alter the schedule as needed based upon class discussion and other factors. Chapter One, Law Quiz

Chapter Two, Court systems Chapter Three, Litigation Chapter Four, Alternatives for Resolving Controversies Chapter Five, Constitutional Foundations for Business Regulation Chapter Six, Criminal Law and Business Chapter Seven. Torts: Introduction and Intentional Torts Chapter Eight, Torts: Negligence and Strict Liability Chapter Nine, Property: Personal Chapter Ten, Propery: Real Chapter Eleven, Forms of Business Organizations Chapter Thirteen, Introduction to Contracts and Remedies Chapter Fourteen, The Agreement: Offer and Acceptance Chapter Fifteen, Bargained for Consideration Chapter Sixteen, Contractual Capacity and Genuine Assent Chapter Seventeen, Illegality and Puplic Policy Chapter Nineteen, Contract Performance, Nonperformance and Discharge.

Test one

Test Two

Test Three

Test Four Quiz

Test Five

Test Six

Test Seven

Disability Services: Any student with a disability who needs accommodation should inform the instructor and contact Ms. Lynn R. Baker, UACCM Counselor/Disability Specialist (BTC 204, 501-977-2012, baker@uaccm.edu). It is preferred that this take place within the first two weeks of class. No accommodation will be made until proper documentation is provided and approved, and required notifications are completed.

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