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1. Which statement about Community experts is true? Choose 2 answers A. Community experts can be designated for Salesforce Ideas.

*** B. Community experts are designated by an icon.*** C. Community experts can delete inappropriate community content. D. Community experts can manage Salesforce Ideas categories. 2. Which setting can a system administrator control in the Salesforce user interface? Choose 3 answers A. Enable hover details**** B. Enable enhanced list views**** C. Enable customizable recent items D. Enable spell checker**** E. Enable Chatter for specific users 3. Universal Finance has segmented its customer base into two categories: High Wealth and Retirement. High Wealth accounts should be visible to the High Wealth sales team members only. Retirement accounts should be visible to all sales users. How can a system administrator meet this requirement? A. Set the organization-wide default sharing to public read-only and create a sharing rule to limit access to High Wealth accounts. B. Set the organization-wide default sharing to private and create a sharing rule to share Retirement accounts with all sales users. C. Create a new record type for the High Wealth accounts and share the record type with High Wealth sales team members. D. Create a new profile for Retirement sales team members and remove read access to High Wealth account records. 4. Which statement about Chatter posts and comments is true? Choose 2 answers A. Posts to a user's profile are hidden from anyone below that user in the role hierarchy. B. Posts made to a user's profile are visible to all users in the organization.*** C. Updates to the Chatter feed on a record are only visible to users with access to the record. D. Post to a user's profile can be made private by clicking the lock icon. 5. Which customization option is available for standard Fields? Choose 3 answers A. non-required standard fields from a page layout.*** B. Delete standard fields.*** C. Edit pick list values for standard fields. D. Rename standard field labels in the user interface.*** E. Change the field type of standard Fields. 6. What should a system administrator consider when setting up Mobile Lite? Choose 2 answers A. Mobile Lite configurations can be created for each user profile.** B. Mobile Lite provides access to standard objects and dashboards.*** C. Mobile Lite must be enabled before users can install it. D. Mobile Lite users must have a mobile license assigned to them. 7. Which statement about sharing rules is true? Choose 2 answers A. J Sharing rules grant record access to roles and public groups. B. Sharing rules open up access to records.*** C. Sharing rules are required in public read/write organizations.*** D. Sharing rules grant read/write or delete access to records. 8. What is a capability of Salesforce Knowledge? Choose 2 answers A. Knowledge allows an organization to share articles with partner portal users.*** B. Knowledge only allows a single article type across all data categories. C. Knowledge uses data categories and roles to make articles visible to specific users.*** D. Knowledge automatically creates a solution for each new article.

9. What does a custom report type determine? Choose 2 answers A. The custom summary formulas displayed in a resulting report B. The report format of the resulting report C. The fields that can be used as columns when building a report*** D. The objects that are available when building a report*** 10. Criteria-based sharing rules can be created for which objects? Choose 3 answers A. Contacts*** B. Campaigns C. Leads D. Accounts*** E. Opportunities*** 11. Sales managers need to view and report on sales revenue across an entire company without having access to a custom object that tracks personal time-off requests. Which permission should a system administrator enable in a custom profile to meet this requirement in a private sharing model? A. "View All Data"*** B. "View All for Opportunities" C. "Read for Accounts" D. "Read for Opportunities" (Buscar View All data en todos los doc, ver en pdf de analitycs) 12. Which permission is required to convert a lead? Choose 2 answers A. "Convert Leads" profile permission*** B. "Create" and "Edit" access for leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities*** C. "Transfer" access for leads, accounts, contacts, and opportunities D. "Import Leads" profile permission (Buscar convert a lead, ver pdf 16, pag 854) 13. Which action is possible with a workflow task? Choose 2 answers A. A task can be tracked in the activity history. B. A task can be assigned to a Chatter Free user.*** C. A single task can be assigned to multiple users.*** D. A task can be reused in multiple workflow rules. Buscar assigned to multiple, ver pdf 68, pag 92, para la C por descarte la b.. la A aparece pero para update fields, y no nose pueden re-user tareas.) 14. What is affected by changing the default locale setting for an organization? A. Time zone*** B. Date fields C. Language*** D. Currency*** En Setup , Compan Profile, edit aparece A, C, D.. cual sera la Buena? O es regalada. 15. Which component can be included in a custom home page layout? Choose 3 answers A. Trending Chatter topics B. Pending approvals list*** C. Analytic snapshots*** D. Messages and alerts*** E. Dashboard components (Ver en Setup>App Set Up>Home> Home Page Components)

16. Match the automation rules with the order in which they are processed. Assignment rules second *** Workflow rules Escalation rules Third*** Validation rules - first *** (NO SE creo que 1ro Valida, 2do Asigna, 3ro escala segun orden de apreicion en Buscar find Rules en Setup) 17. Regional sales users at Universal Containers sell to both business and consumer accounts. However, sales users are unable to see the set of stages that apply to consumer opportunities. How can a system administrator correct this problem? A. Assign the relevant record types to the regional sales team profile. B. Remove all but one record type from the regional sales team profile. C. Check for a validation rule that restricts the visibility of the opportunity stages. D. Ensure that regional sales users are routing consumer opportunities to the appropriate approver. NI PUTA IDEA 18. Sales representatives at Universal Containers should be notified any time support cases related to accounts they own change status. How can a system administrator accomplish this? A. Create an escalation rule to notify the account owner. B. Create a workflow rule to send an email alert to the account owner.*** C. Create an auto-response rule to send an email alert to the account owner. D. Enable Held history tracking to send an email alert to the account owner. Mirar definicion de Workflow Rulos en Set Up>App Set Up>Create>Workflow & Approvals>Workflow Rule 19. Which schedule type can be defined for a product? Choose 2 answers A. Revenue*** B. Forecast C. Production D. Quantity*** Mirar en Set Up>App Set Up>Costmize>Schedule Setup.. Siiiiiiii 20. Where can the multi language solution search feature be enabled? Choose 2 answers A. Solution tab search B. Salesforce Content C. Self-service portal*** D. Public solutions*** Ver Setup>App Setup>Costumize>Solution>Solution Setting: olutions 21. What is used to create a relationship between an Opportunity object and a Campaign object? Choose 2 answers A. Primary campaign source field*** B. Campaign influence related list*** C. Opportunity sales process D. Campaign hierarchy field Para A ver Schema Builder objetos Opp y Camp.. Para B.. ver Campaign Influence. 22. Which option is available to a system administrator when managing passwords for Salesforce users? Choose 3 answers A. Administrators can reset passwords for all users at once.*** B. Administrators can enforce an all numeric password policy. NO C. Administrators can assign a password to a set of users. NO D. Administrators can grant users the "password never expires" permission.*** E. Administrators can customize the message sent to locked out users.***

Ver Setup, Administration Setup, para D y E, ecurityPolicies Para A ver Setup>Administraion Setup>Manage Users>Users. 23. Universal Containers needs to use cases to manage both customer support issues and internal change requests. Which functionality should a system administrator use to meet this requirement? Choose 3 answers A. Validation rules B. Page layouts*** C. Record types*** D. Support processes*** E. Delegated administration Por conocimeinto Page layouts para disenio, Recortypes, para cada tipo de caso, Suppor proceses.. si tienen diferente manejo los casos 24. What does the controlling field determine when field dependencies are being created? A. The field-level security for the dependent field B. The values that appear in the dependent field*** C. The dependent fields that appear on a layout D. The default value populated in the dependent Held Ver Setup>Costumize>Accounts>Field>New Dependencies> en la decripcion aparece literal el texto de la B. 25. Which feature restricts a user's ability to log in to Salesforce? Choose 2 answers A. Trusted IP ranges B. Login IP ranges*** C. Password policies D. Login hours*** Ver Docuemnto 11 pagina 82 o ver perfiles en Setup>Administration Setup>Profile>Standar User> ahi esta B y D.. al final 26. A system administrator at Universal Containers needs to prevent sales representatives from editing fields on an opportunity once the opportunity has been moved to a closed stage. Which data validation tool can be used to accomplish this? Choose 2 answers A. Record types and read-onIy page layouts*** B. Workflow field updates C. Data validation rules*** D. Formula Fields Para C buscar (search) en Setup Validation Rules, de Oportunidades texto.. para A Descartes creoooo . =Opportunity&setupid=OpportunityValidations 27. A system administrator created a custom object for a recruiting application to track open positions. The administrator needs to give recruiting users the ability to read, create, edit, and delete position records. How should the administrator proceed? A. Use an existing custom profile that will automatically have the custom object permissions enabled. B. Create a custom profile and enable the custom object permissions.*** C. Modify a standard profile and enable the custom object permissions. D. Use an existing standard profile that will automatically have the custom object permissions enabled. B. Seria la mas recommendable despues de revisar .

28. What can a marketing user do using the Manage Members button on a campaign record? Choose 2 answers A. Associate existing contacts with the campaign. B. Associate existing opportunities with the campaign. C. Create a custom report including all campaign members.*** D. Import new leads and associate them with the campaign.*** Para D.. para C me parece la mas logica.. 29. Which task can a delegated administrator perform? Choose 3 answers A. Manage specified custom objects.*** B. Create new user profiles. C. Reset passwords for all users.*** D. Manage users within specified roles. E. Log in as a user who has granted login access.*** para D ver sf.pdf pag 490 tip, para E ver sf.pdf pag 685 30. What must a system administrator consider when setting up the running user for a dashboard? Choose 2 answers A. The running user becomes the default owner of the dashboard. B. Data access permissions determine what the data users can view in the source reports.*** C. Only users in the same role as the running user can view the dashboard. D. The running user determines the data displayed in the components on the dashboard.*** Ver pdf 65 pag 1 31. When a lead is converted and an opportunity record is created, which other object is related to the new opportunity by default? Choose 2 answers A. Account*** B. Case C. Lead D. Contact*** Ver pdf 14 pag 90 buscando lead cover 32. Universal Containers has multiple support teams. One team handles technical support issues and another team handles billing issues. Currently, both teams are using cases to track incoming issues. When would a system administrator consider introducing a new record type for cases? Choose 2 answers A. When different field-level security is required. B. When multiple page layouts are required.*** C. When different record access is required. D. when different pick list values are required.*** Ver 33. What can be transferred from one user to another user during a mass transfer of account records? Choose 3 answers A. Open activities** B. Open cases*** C. Related custom object records D. Closed cases*** E. Closed activities Ver o Setup > Admin.Setup>Data Management>Mass transfer Recor.. Accounts.

34. Which action can a user with the standard system administrator profile take? Choose 3 answers A. Delete user records. B. Access a log of the records a user has viewed. C. Define and assign custom profiles to users.*** D. Reset all user passwords.*** E. Assign feature licenses to users.*** Por experiencia.. 35. Universal Containers set the organization-wide default setting for opportunities to private. Which records will an opportunity pipeline report return? A. Opportunities for the entire sales organization regardless of the user running the report B. Opportunities for which the user running the report is also the account owner C. Opportunities owned by the user running the report and users below them in the role hierarchy*** D. Opportunities owned by the user running the report and users in the same role in the role hierarchy Ver.. : Private Only the record owner, and users above that role in the hierarchy, can view, edit, and report on those records. For example, if Tom is the owner of an account, and he is assigned to the role of Western Sales, reporting to Carol (who is in the role of VP of Western Region Sales), then Carol can also view, edit, and report on Tom s accounts. 36. Which tab can be included in a customer portal? Choose 2 answers A. Opportunities B. Knowledge C. Ideas*** D. Dashboards*** Para C.. Ver sf.pdf pagina 1549 buscando customer portal can o Para D.. la escojo por que en 12 aparece Reports & Dashboards 37. The cloud scheduler has which capability? Choose 2 answers A. Salesforce can automatically propose multiple meeting times based on Salesforce user calendars.*** B. The cloud scheduler can be enabled at the user profile level. C. The cloud scheduler allows users to view available meeting times on lead and contact calendars.*** D. A custom logo can be added to the meeting request email sent to a contact or lead. Viendo en el video y en el pdf sf pag. 148.

38. A sales user at Universal Containers has updated the opportunity stage for an opportunity in the pipeline. What may be updated as a result of the stage change? Choose 2 answers A. Forecast category*** B. Account rating c. Probability*** D. Sales quota Para A ver pdf sf pagina 2248 para C.. pagina 3305 39. When should a system administrator consider using the Salesforce AppExchange? Choose 2 answers A. when standard Salesforce functionality needs to be extended*** B. To submit ideas for Salesforce application enhancements C. When looking for pre-built custom applications and tools*** D. To Find answers to Salesforce application questions Por Descarte..

40. when working on opportunities, sales representatives at Universal Containers need to understand how their peers have successfully managed other opportunities with comparable products, competing against the same competitors. Which feature should a system administrator use to facilitate this? Choose 2 answers A. Big deal alerts B. Similar opportunities*** C. Opportunity update reminders D. Chatter groups Para B ver sf pdf pagina 1251 chatter groups por feeling alertas y notificaciones viene de triggers o acciones.. 41. A user responsible for managing and creating campaigns is unable to create a new campaign, even though the user's profile has the "Create" profile permission for Campaigns. How should a system administrator grant the correct access to the user? A. Select the Marketing User checkbox on the user record.*** B. Grant the user delegated administration rights to campaigns. C. Assign the user to the standard Marketing User profile. D. Create a campaign sharing rule to grant access to the user. Setup>User>Edit user>checkbox

42. A user receives an error message when attempting to log in to Salesforce. What is the first step the Salesforce administrator should take to troubleshoot the problem? A. Change the login IP ranges. B. Reset the password. C. View the login history.*** D. Unlock the user. Por feeling . 43. Where can conditional highlighting be used? Choose 2 answers A. Tabular reports B. Matrix reports*** C. Summary reports*** D. Enhanced list views Del Q_AND_A o en SF pag 2630 44. When are validation rules applied when using Salesforce for Outlook? A. Every time a record is updated*** B. Every time data is synchronized with the sewer C. Every time a user views a record D. Every time a record is saved Ver SF pag 1060

45. A system administrator at Universal Containers needs to mass update the lead source on a number of opportunity records. How can this be accomplished? Choose 2 answers A. Export opportunities and update using the data loader.*** B. Use similar opportunities to update the opportunities. C. Export opportunities and update using the import wizard.*** D. Create a list view for opportunities and update using inline editing. Para A ver pdf 34 pag 14 C por que basicamente es lo mismo 46. Universal Containers needs to allow a group of users to view account records they do NOT own. which feature can the system administrator use to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers A. Sharing rules*** B. Account record types C. Field-level security D. Public groups*** Por Conocimiento.. y descarte record type es para diefentes vitas de registros y procesos de ventas y field security level el acceso a ver u ocultar campos por roles . Eso ubica a Sahring rules para compartir cuentas entre grupos y public groups para manejar territories y jerarquias como plantea el escenario. 47. A system administrator at Universal Containers created a custom object to capture customer feedback. How can the administrator ensure that users have access to this new object? A. Add Fields from the feedback object to the account page layout. B. Assign the feedback page layout to the appropriate user profiles.*** C. Create a lookup relationship from the account page to the feedback object. D. Create a role in the hierarchy to provide user access to the new object. Por conociminto El Admin necesita dar acceso apropiado al objeto en los perfiles que necesite. 48. Which field type can be used as an external ID? Choose 3 answers A. Text field*** B. Email field*** C. Formula field D. Number field*** E. URL field Ver .. sf pag 983 o For each object that can have custom fields, you can set up to three custom text, number, or email fields as external IDs. An external ID field contains record identifiers from a system outside of Salesforce. 49. What is a capability of the presentation assembly feature of Salesforce Content? Choose 2 answers A. Search for and preview slides and presentations.*** B. Preview slide and presentation animations.*** C. Edit the content of individual slides. D. Drag and drop slides to create a custom presentation. Para A y B. The recipient of a content delivery can click a single URL to open a preview player with which he or she can preview and download the content. You can then view tracking information to see how often the content pack was viewed and which documents were downloaded. For information about delivering content packs, see Setting up Content Deliveries. En PDF 11 pagina 46 funcion descontinuada en winter 12 50. Universal Containers requires that its Salesforce account data, including attachments, be backed up weekly. Which tool should a system administrator use to accomplish this? A. Account report export B. Account analytic snapshot C. Data export service*** D. Data loader Ver PDF SF pag 697 o

51. What does Salesforce authenticate before allowing a user to log in through the user interface? Choose 3 answers A. Whether the organization has trusted IP addresses.*** B. Whether the user's profile is API enabled. C. Whether the user's profile has login hour restrictions.*** D. Whether the user's profile has specified business hours. E. Whether the user's profile has IP address restrictions.*** --------------------------------Ver PDF 16 pag 86. When users log in to Salesforce, either via the user interface, the API, or a desktop client such as Connect for Outlook, Salesforce for Outlook, Connect Offline, Connect for Office, Connect for Lotus Notes, or the Data Loader, Salesforce confirms that the login is authorized as follows: 1. Salesforce checks whether the user's profile has login hour restrictions. If login hour restrictions are specified for the user's profile, any login outside the specified hours is denied. 2. Salesforce then checks whether the user's profile has IP address restrictions. If IP address restrictions are defined for the user's profile, any login from an undesignated IP address is denied, and any login from a specified IP address is allowed. 3. If profile-based IP address restrictions are not set, Salesforce checks whether the user is logging in from an IP address they have not used to access Salesforce before: If the user's login is from a browser that includes a Salesforce cookie, the login is allowed. The browser will have the Salesforce cookie if the user has previously used that browser to log in to Salesforce, and has not cleared the browser cookies. If the user's login is from an IP address in your organization's trusted IP address list, the login is allowed. If the user's login is from neither a trusted IP address nor a browser with a Salesforce cookie, the login is blocked. --------------------------------52. Universal Containers has certain customers that must be placed on the Do Not Contact (DNC) list. A system administrator needs to ensure that sales representatives do not contact these customers. Which step should the administrator take to enforce this requirement? Choose 3 answers A. Filter the DNC contacts from mass email list views shared with sales users. B. Remove the phone number and email address Fields from the contact page layout for DNC contacts. C. Add the Do Not Contact Held to the contact layout and make it visible for all sales user profiles.*** D. Make the DNC contact records private to all sales users.*** E. Select the Mass Email checkbox on the DNC contact record.*** Por feeling y descarte..

53. How can a system administrator grant users access to dashboards? Choose 2 answers A. Share folders with roles. B. Designate running users.*** C. Create and share data categories. D. Share folders with public groups.*** Ver PDF 60 pag 3.. buscando access to dashboards 54. A system administrator has created a formula field on a lead object to calculate a number. How can the numerical value be mapped to the account record upon lead conversion? A. The lead formula field value can be mapped to a standard field on the account record. B. The lead formula field value can be mapped to a roll-up summary Held on the account record. C. The lead formula field can be mapped to a formula field on the account record. D. The lead formula field value can be mapped to a number field on the account record.*** Ver pdf sf pag 3016.. You can map formula fields to fields of the same data type; for example, a formula field that has a number data type can be mapped to a field with a number data type. If a formula field is a text data type, it can be mapped to a text field with a length of 80 or more characters. Conversely, fields cannot be mapped to formula fields; for example, a formula field with a currency data type can be mapped to a currency field, but a currency field cannot be mapped to a formula field. System audit fields are not supported.

55. Which user is listed in the case history related list for case changes made from assignment and escalation rules? A. The automated case user specified in the support settings*** B. The default case owner specified in the assignment or escalation rule C. The owner of the case when the rule was triggered D. The user who created the assignment or escalation rule Ver pdf sf pag 1271 o pid%3DCase

56. What will occur when a system administrator creates a dynamic dashboard? A. The dashboard automatically sends an email when the underlying data changes. B. The data displayed varies based on the user viewing the dashboard.*** C. The dashboard refreshes automatically whenever the underlying data changes. D. The dashboard components resize based on the device used to view the dashboard. Deducir de pdf 60 pag 4 buscando dynamic dashboard o pdf 68 pag 86 en el glosario. Dynamic Dashboard A dynamic dashboard runs using the security settings of the user viewing the dashboard. Each user sees the dashboard according to his or her own access level. This approach helps administrators share one common set of dashboard components to users with different levels of access. 57. What should a system administrator consider when deleting a custom field? Choose 3 answers A. Field values should be archived before a field is deleted. B. Fields must be removed from page layouts after being deleted.*** C. Deleted fields and values can be restored from the recycle bin within 45 days. D. Fields used in workflow and assignment rules cannot be deleted.*** E. Existing Held values must be transferred to a new custom field.*** Descartando C ver pdf 11 pag 12 . E es logico que no . 58. Which data can be highlighted in a report using conditional highlighting? Choose 3 answers A. Grand totals B. Date fields C. Summary formulas*** D. Grouped by field names*** E. Summarized totals ***

10 59. The marketing team at Universal Containers uses a web to Lead form to capture leads from its website and a lead assignment rule to assign the leads to the appropriate sales representatives. How can a system administrator ensure that all leads are handled even when they do not meet the assignment criteria? A. Specify a default lead owner. B. Specify a default lead creator.*** C. Create an escalation rule to route unassigned leads. D. Create a validation rule to route unassigned leads.

Ver PDF 36, pag 156 If your organization exceeds its daily Web-to-Case or Web-to-Lead limit, the default case owner or default lead creator receives a notification email containing information about the case or lead. When your organization reaches the 24 hour limit, stores additional requests in a pending request queue that contains both Web-to-Case and Web-to-Lead requests. The requests are submitted when the limit refreshes. The pending request queue has a limit of 50,000 combined requests. If your organization reaches the pending request limit, additional requests are rejected and not queued. Your administrator receives email notifications for the first five rejected submissions. Contact Customer Support to change your organization's pending request limit. 60. What is required to make a user an approver in the approval process? A. The user must be in the same role as the approval submitter in the role hierarchy. B. The user must have read permission for the object in the approval process. C. The user must be set up as a delegated approver.*** D. The user must opt in to receive email alerts when an approval is requested. Ver pdf sf pag 1675, Assigned Approver The assigned approver is the user responsible for approving an approval request. Delegated Approver A delegated approver is a user appointed by an assigned approver as an alternate for approval requests. Delegated approvers can't reassign approval requests; they can only approve or reject approval requests.


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