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Why Dynamics AX beats SAP

I am sure the title of this post could cause all kinds of backlashings. People could say that I am very basis, because I work and implement Dynamics AX. The reality though, of the title, is still there. Dynamics AX beats SAP. What I want to address is this post, is the reason's I think why! Reason number one: Flexibility This first reason is most likely the top reason why Dynamics AX beats SAP hands down. SAP is a very cumbersome monster, and not very flexible, when it comes to taking SAP and changing it, modifying it, etc. On the other hand you can change anything you need to in Dynamics AX. This may scare some people, but to the majority, businesses see this as what is it. This is the key for the software you purchase, to grow as your business grows. Going with a ERP package like SAP, you have to adhere to SAP's thoughts about your business, how they think is best your business runs. Dynamics AX, you are in control, and granted best business practices should be sought after, but those best can be applied to your custom needs. So the flexibility of Dynamics AX beats out the in-flexibility of SAP hands down. Reason number two: Product Stack The second reason, that I think, Dynamics AX beats out SAP is the product stack. Dynamics AX is owned and developed by Microsoft. Your servers, your workstations, your office products, your web sites, your custom applications, mostly all of them are Microsoft Products. The database, SQL Server, is a Microsoft product. That should be enough said, but to continue, the product stack is very important when talking about what ERP system you are going to choose for a long term investment. Currently Dynamics AX 4.01 is highly integrated with the different product lines of Microsoft, and with the release of Vista, DotNet 3.0, Commerce Server 2007, SharePoint Server 2007, Exchange 2007, Office 2007, all these product lines will become even more tightly integrated, seamless for some, into the Dynamics AX product. This means that you will be able to work from SharePoint, Excel Services, and create a Spreadsheet, that can work directly with Dynamics AX ERP data, like Human Resources, etc. And it will all be centrally managed in a decentralized controlled fashion by the information worker. Now let me back up, and not go to far into the roadmap, but, to say the least Dynamics AX is part of the product stack from Microsoft, which runs your network, and your workstations, SAP is not. Reason number three: Microsoft This reason, by far, is the most hated and loved at the same time. Microsoft is top, and being at the top, means that everyone loves and hates you at the same time. Still the fact remains, Microsoft is a giant, with a great vision for the future for information workers. They actually spent the time and money, and they get it. To refer back to the road map, the future of Dynamics AX and the Microsoft Product line is wonderful, and truly exciting. They understand what SOA really means, and the benefits from it. There is no true cost saving in the buzz word called SOA, the true benefit is a long term investment in flexibility. (now what was the first reason Dynamics AX beats SAP? was it flexibility?) I have seen SAP roadmap for

their SOA completion, and they are barely releasing JBOWS, or "Just a bunch of web services" that offer us the same inflexible business logic. True SOA has not been reached yet, as we are just in the third wave of it. True SOA will come of age around 2010-2013 and that is the exact road map timeline for future releases, when Dynamics AX, Dynamics in general, and the entire Microsoft product suite will offer true SOA benefits, because it will truly be SOA, and truly be a change in the way information workers think about their Excel spreadsheet, Access databases, and Dynamics AX data. A seamless UI, through SharePoint, that allows controlled access, in a decentralized way. So the third reason, Dynamics AX true future of flexibility (and current flexibility) beats SAP's JBOWS, hands down. Well I could continue on, but for now I will stop at what I have already said. I suggest that if you don't believe me, look at it for yourself, and ask if Dynamics AX does not beat SAP in what I have said. Then ask yourself where SAP beats Dynamics AX? (Empty thoughts I know!) I am sure that this post could make a lot of SAP people mad, but this is business, and that what Dynamics AX is... your business. Is it not worth truely understanding?
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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Posted in October 11, 2011 9:45 pmh.Slim3 Comments

Achieve Fast Time to Value

With prebuilt industry capabilities for manufacturing, distribution, services, retail, and Public Sector, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 helps you meet your business requirements by deploying your solution quickly and delivering results right away. Streamline your organization end-toend with rich ERP capabilities, including human capital management, financials, and compliance management. Support specific business requirements easily with packaged solutions from the worldwide Microsoft Partner Network.

Grow Your Global Solution

Removing barriers to international growth is essential for business development. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 enables you to expand your operations to new geographies with

builtin, country-specific localizations in a single solution to meet regulatory requirements for 36 countries.1 Enable entities across your multisite, global organization to share the same data, business rules, and processes in order to harmonize and streamline business practices. Also support your business growth by easily adding users and transactions, as well as configuring more complex business scenarios.

Work Smart and Fast

Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 can help you improve productivity by providing RoleTailored access to information, tasks, and business processes along with powerful business intelligence. Gain deeper insight into critical business data across your organization with relevant performance indicators, self-service business intelligence, and reporting in key business areas.

Drive New Business

Take advantage of new business opportunities by improving the insight into your business, and having the ability to implement change more easily. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 offers unlimited views on your business, giving you the visibility you need. Enhanced modeling capabilities, such as the Organizational Model or workflow, then helps you manage changes in the structure and business processes of your organization, and fosters innovation with a central business process repository, including capabilities for five major industries.

Support Business Today and Tomorrow

Choose a flexible deployment model that best supports your organization and can easily be adjusted to meet your changing business demands: on-premises or in the cloud. Easily complement your installation with cloud-based services and take advantage of the flexible Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 solution architecture that enables incremental implementations, changes, or upgrades. Choose the governance model that best fits your organization: centrally managed, decentrally managed, or a combination of both.

Gain a Competitive Edge

Differentiate your business from competition. The ability to rapidly adapt your system to support your unique needs can give you a significant edge over your competitors. The model-driven, layered architecture allows you to develop and maintain unique business processes easily and enables a relatively easy upgrade to new releases.

Get Everyone on Board

Employees want to use a solution with a familiar and intuitive user experience that makes their jobs easier, and is simple to use and learn. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 enables people to find, sort, visualize, and use information through an easy-to-use user interface that looks and works like Microsoft Office. Work easily with everyday tools by sharing data between Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Microsoft Office 2010.

Connect and Collaborate

Easily connect employees, customers, suppliers, and partners through integrated self-service collaboration capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 enables you to streamline basic supply chain collaboration with self-service, Microsoft SharePoint based vendor, customer, and employee portals, and end-to-end business process integration through Sites Services.2 Simplify advanced supply chain collaboration with adaptable web services and share information easily by using collaboration tools such as Microsoft LyncTM and by creating SharePoint collaboration sites directly from within Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.

Lower Your TCO

In addition to improved productivity gains, lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) through simplified life cycle management and quick installations. Use Microsoft Dynamics ERP RapidStart Services to help ensure a quick and reliable setup and configuration of your ERP solution. In alignment with the RoleTailored design of Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012, the simplified Business Value Licensing model ensures that you buy the exact number of licenses you needno more, no less with options to easily add more licenses as your business grows.

Leverage the Power of the Microsoft Platform

Its our fundamental value proposition: The interaction of ERP, business and productivity applications, communications solutions, and the underlying technology platformthat works onpremises or in the cloud. We call it pervasive interoperability. With Microsoft Dynamics AX 2102, you get a business solution from Microsoft that is backed by an ongoing commitment to research, development, and innovation. Combined with a global ecosystem of specialized partners, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 uses the power of the Microsoft platform to deliver a powerfully simple solution.
Advantages of MicroSoft Dynamics AX:

Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software looks and works like other Microsoft products you and your employees are familiar with, greatly reducing the time required to implement and learn how to use it. Designed and created with a focus on the roles people play throughout your organization, Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP software delivers an individualized, taskbased user experience and permits your employees to automate and customize based on their own ideas and work style. That means less training and development time and a faster return on your investment (ROI).

Free people to focus on business rather than on learning new applications with a solution that looks and feels like a familiar Microsoft user experience.

Work effectively with an intuitive, Role Tailored user interface and Role Centers that help employees organize, prioritize, and access tasks and information from within a single window. Expand the reach of decision making with ad-hoc, self-service business reporting tools that help people analyze data through dashboard KPIs, Microsoft Office Excel, Business Analytics in Microsoft Dynamics AX, and Performance Point Server. Help people to work more efficient with Microsoft Dynamics data without leaving their Microsoft Office applications. Create strong connections with employees, customers, and partners using built in, unified communication and collaboration tools. intelligence and

Microsoft Dynamics AX is not only a sophisticated ERP product but also a platform for business development. Users can arbitrarily express and create unique products which are suitable for the enterprises specific business requirements.

Publicize all the data structure Publicize all the codes and the interfaces, reports and implementation processes can be improved arbitrarily Sophisticated development platform that make it easy to improve and add new business functions Fully object-oriented architecture and easy to maintain Provide basic business processes and accelerate development processes Multi-language, users can modify the title of the interface according to own needs The easy-to-learn development system allows the enterprise acquire independent develop ability quickly Users can save a personal interface configuration to increase operation convenience Integration with product series such as office, outlook and others Sophisticated product integration with Microsoft enterprise-level products such as SharePoint, BizTalk and AD Integration with external ActiveX controls, DLL, DOCM and other existing software functions

Structure of Microsoft Dynamics AX

Advantages of openness

The extension of the business function provides a powerful support for the enterprises continuous development Timely revised functions and gradually optimize the enterprises process flow The enterprises personalized requirements can be realized by Dynamics AX and improve the enterprises operation efficiency