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81858 Federal Register / Vol. 65, No.

249 / Wednesday, December 27, 2000 / Notices

A copy of any motion to intervene must DATES: Comments on the proposed document creates any right or benefit by
also be served upon each representative floodplain/wetlands action are due to a party against the United States.
of the Applicant specified in the the address below no later than January FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: W.
particular application. 11, 2001. Robert Ward, Dispute Resolution
Agency Comments—Federal, state, ADDRESSES: Comments should be Specialist, U.S. EPA, Ariel Rios
and local agencies are invited to file addressed to Mr. Jim Hartman, Building, 1200 Pennsylvania Avenue,
comments on the described application. Environment Manager, Rocky Mountain NW., (MC 2310A), Washington, DC,
A copy of the application may be Customer Service Region, Western Area 20460; (202) 564–2922; adr@epa.gov.
obtained by agencies directly from the Power Administration, P.O. Box 3700, SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: This final
Applicant. If an agency does not file Loveland, CO 80539–3003, fax (970) policy is consistent with the
comments within the time specified for 461–7213, email hartman@wapa.gov. Administrative Dispute Resolution Act
filing comments, it will be presumed to of 1996 (Public Law 104–320, Oct. 19,
have no comments. One copy of an 1996, 5 U.S.C. 571–583), which
agency’s comments must also be sent to Rodney Jones, Environmental Specialist,
Rocky Mountain Customer Service requires, in part, that each federal
the Applicant’s representatives. agency adopt a policy that addresses the
Region, Western Area Power
David P. Boergers, Administration, P.O. Box 3700, use of ADR. It is also consistent with
Secretary. Loveland, CO 80539–3003, phone (970) provisions of the Civil Justice Reform
[FR Doc. 00–32899 Filed 12–26–00; 8:45 am] 461–7371, email rjones@wapa.gov. Act (Public Law 101–650, Dec. 1, 1990,
BILLING CODE 6717–01–M SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The 28 U.S.C. 471–482), the Alternative
proposal to rebuild and upgrade the Dispute Resolution Act of 1998 (Public
Boyd-Valley transmission line would Law 105–315, Oct. 30, 1998, 28 U.S.C.
DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY involve construction activities within 651–658), the Regulatory Negotiation
the floodplain, including removal of 1 Act of 1996 (Pub. Law 104–320, Oct. 19,
Western Area Power Administration mile of the existing 115-kV wood pole 1996, 5 U.S.C. 561–570); the Federal
H-frame transmission line and the Acquisition Streamlining Act (Pub. Law
Notice of Floodplain/Wetlands 103–355, Oct. 13, 1994, 41 U.S.C. 405);
Involvement for the Boyd-Valley 115- construction of 1 mile of new double-
circuit single-pole steel transmission the Contracts Disputes Act (41 U.S.C.
kV Transmission Line Rebuild and 601–613); Executive Order 12988, ‘‘Civil
Upgrade Project line. The floodplain/wetlands
assessment will examine the proposed Justice Reform,’’ February 5, 1996;
AGENCY: Western Area Power rebuild and upgrade of the transmission Executive Order 12979, ‘‘Agency
Administration, DOE. line. The Boyd-Valley transmission line Procurement Protests,’’ October 25,
ACTION: Notice of floodplain/wetlands crosses the floodplain of the Big 1995; the Federal Acquisition
involvement. Thompson River in Larimer County, Regulation (48 CFR 33.204); Equal
Colorado in T. 5N., R. 69W., Sections 23 Employment Opportunity Commission
SUMMARY: Western Area Power regulations (29 CFR part 1614);
and 24. Maps and further information
Administration (Western), a power are available from Western from the Presidential Memorandum,
marketing agency of the U.S. contact above. ‘‘Designation of Interagency Committees
Department of Energy (DOE), is the lead to Facilitate and Encourage Use of
Federal agency for a rebuild and Dated: December 14, 2000. Alternative Means of Dispute Resolution
upgrade of 2 miles of Western’s existing Michael S. Hacskaylo, and Negotiated Rulemaking,’’ May 1,
Boyd-Valley 115-kilovolt (kV) Administrator. 1998; and the Report of the National
transmission line, which is connected to [FR Doc. 00–32928 Filed 12–26–00; 8:45 am] Performance Review, ‘‘Creating a
Platte River Power Authority’s (PRPA) BILLING CODE 6450–01–P Government that Works Better and Costs
Boyd and Valley 115-kV substations. Less,’’ September 7, 1993.
This project is located in Loveland,
EPA Policy on Alternative Dispute
Colorado. PRPA plans to replace ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Resolution
Western’s existing H-frame wood pole, AGENCY
115-kV single-circuit transmission line Purpose
with two new circuits constructed on [FRL–6923–1]
The U.S. Environmental Protection
double-circuit single-pole steel Agency (EPA or the Agency) strongly
Policy on Alternative Dispute
structures. The rebuild and upgrade will supports the use of alternative dispute
use the same right-of-way as the existing resolution (ADR) to deal with disputes
transmission line. Based on the Federal AGENCY: Environmental Protection and potential conflicts. ADR refers to
Emergency Management Administration Agency. voluntary techniques for preventing and
(FEMA) flood insurance maps, the ACTION: Notice. resolving conflict with the help of
project area is within the 100-year neutral third parties. Experience within
floodplain (base flood) for the Big SUMMARY: This document publishes the this Agency and elsewhere shows that
Thompson River. Approximately 1 mile final policy of the United States ADR techniques for preventing and
of the project right-of-way is located Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) resolving conflicts can have many
within the designated 100-year regarding the use of alternative dispute benefits including:
floodplain. In accordance with the resolution (‘‘ADR’’). A draft of this • Faster resolution of issues;
DOE’s floodplain/wetland review policy was published in the Federal • More creative, satisfying and
requirements (10 CFR 1022), Western Register (65 FR 59837) on October 6, enduring solutions;
will prepare a floodplain/wetlands 2000, for public comment. The public • Reduced transaction costs;
assessment and will perform the comment period closed on December 5, • Fostering a culture of respect and
proposed actions in a manner so as to 2000, and no comments were received. trust among EPA, its stakeholders, and
avoid or minimize potential harm to or Therefore, EPA is republishing this its employees;
within the affected floodplain/wetlands. policy as a final policy. Nothing in this • Improved working relationships;

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