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On 31st Jan 2011

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Kriti Industries (India) Ltd.

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Prof. Shuchi Mathur

Hemant Choudhary PGDM IMIRC/PGDM/2010/020 Date of Submission: 09/02/2011

Kriti Industries (India) Ltd is one of the three main businesses of Kriti Group Kriti is that supreme desire which flames out of the divine convergence of the creation, creator and the universe. Kriti is not for self indulgence of the creator but is his total surrender towards the cause" Kriti Group is a reputed manufacturer of plastic polymer Piping Systems, Blow moulded plastic products and premium quality refined Soyabean products with a loyal customer base both in India and internationally. The greater part of the products manufacturing is based in Central India with a branch in the Western region. The group sells branded products for domestic consumption as well as exports. Kriti has cherished the trust of its customers by walking that extra mile to integrate modern technology in its production facilities and processes to deliver a high quality product each time. The company conducts its business ethically, honors commitments and is continually adopting new environment friendly initiatives. The other businesses of Kriti Group are: Kriti Nutrients Ltd. Kriti Auto Engineering and Plastics Pvt Ltd.

Kritis Mission
Kriti undertakes to dedicate itself and all its resources to achieving global excellence in the present sectors of operations and seeking growth via diversification. We adopt the following as our mission objectives:

Cherishing mutually satisfying relationships. Encouraging innovation through creativity. Constant technological up gradations to maintain superiority.

Inculcating team spirit amongst the workforce and ensuring their development through professional improvement in their capabilities and welfare for them and their families. Contributing to the social and economic upliftment of the underprivileged in the society and in making the nation stronger. Honesty in approach, transparency in work and dealings. Adoption of green technology to conserve environment and reduction of our carbon footprint.

Kritis Vision
Kriti shall stand out in whatever it undertakes by achieving excellence in transforming a basic need into a new experience.


Encouraging creativity and valuing new thoughts. Using appropriate technology. Lending a helping hand to society's developmental needs. Being honest and forthright in our approach. Being in harmony with the natural order. Customers focus with world class quality and cost-effective products.


Knowledge and creative thinking of our people. Continuous development of new products. Largest range of plastic pipes and fittings in India. Reliable quality and product performance. Long term business relationship. Presence and awareness of developments in all types of extrusion, Injection molding, blow molding techniques for thermoplastics Reputed presence in soya meal and refined oil.

Fig: KRITIS Milestones

Diverse Needs Diverse Solutions

Kritis extensive manufacturing facilities at Pithampur consist of cutting edge technologies and infrastructure spread over 1, 32,000 sq. meters. Following superior technology in Extrusion & Injection Molding, form a solid base for Kritis high tech products. They are equipped with fully automated extrusion lines for giving best quality to their customer. The business activities are focused on the development, manufacturing and distribution of plastic pipe systems. Kriti provides solutions for the complete water cycle, energy and power distribution for telecommunication networks and industrial applications. Quality Assurance in Kriti is not only a passion its a priority. Kriti is certified by BVQI, with accreditation from UKAS, Quality Management, BVQI (hokiing) S.A with ISO 9001:2000 & ISO 14001:2004. Kriti continually innovates to improve and integrate newer technologies to upgrade its products and also to add a wider range to its milieu.

There are 3 Plants in Kriti RDPVC Plant HDPE Plant Suction Plant

Kriti manufactures ' Kasta' brand with a wide range of products for agriculture. Kasta pipes have carved a niche and earned the trust of farmers across the nation for their durability, dependability and excellent flow characteristics. There are two types of Pipes & Fittings (As per IS 4985)

Rigid PVC Pipes and Fittings Elastomeric Rigid PVC Pipes and Fittings.



Lightweight, easy to transport and install. Strong, Flexible and Durable. High Electrical Resistance, Low Thermal Conductivity, Hygienic. Energy saving due to smooth inner surface for better discharge. Chemical Resistant. Fire Resistant as it is self extinguishing. Termite proof and UV resistant. Leak proof. Negligible algae formation due to low opacity. Resistant to Moisture abrasion and wearing.

Product Range: Plain Pipes:

20 mm to 50 mm in 15 kg/cm2 pressure rating

Selfit Pipes:

40 mm and 50 mm in 6,8,10,&12.5 Kg/cm2 pressure rating 75 mm in 4,6,8,10, and12.5 kg/cm2 pressure rating 90 to 400 mm in 2.5, 4,6,8,10 and12.5 kg/cm2 pressure rating

Applications: Domestics:

Portable water supply schemes in urban areas


Disposal of chemical effluent and waste Acid & Slurries transportation Salt water handing


Irrigation schemes for agriculture purpose


Telecommunication cable ducting



Seal remains intact even in extreme temperature variations Easy and convenient installation with detachable joints Leak proof Resistant to moisture, abrasion and wearing Negligible algae formation due to low opacity Deflection of pipes possible up to 2 0 per joint

Product Range:

63 mm to 400 mm in 4,6,8,10,& 12.5 kg/cm2 pressure rating


Supply of portable water in house and residential buildings Supply of water for irrigation crops Supply of water for irrigation and construction in hilly areas where temperature is very low ( i.e. 0 deg.C) even in desert areas where temperature is at its maximum ( i.e. 50 deg .C )

The construction industry has registered a tremendous growth in the past decade and is still growing at a beakneck speed. Due to world class quality, inva very short span of time,'KASTA' has become a favored brand of engineers and architects in Construction sector. RIGID PVC SWR AND DRAINAGE PIPES AND FITTINGS (As Per IS 13592 with Latest Amendment)


Strong and durable, easy to handle and join, better flow characteristics, leak proof and safe Resistant to rust, UV radiations and most of the chemicals Maintenance free, self colored i.e. not required painting Better strength to weight ratio Detachable joints with Ring-O-Socket.

Product Range: Selfit SWR Pipes

Available From 40 mm to 315 mm.

Ring-O-Socketed SWR Pipes

Available in 75 mm, 110 mm And 160 mm.


All types as per ISI in selfit and Ring-o-Socketed.


Kriti manufactures 'KRITI' brand of MDPE pipes that are ideally suited for supply of natural and cooking gas. These find extensive usage in the domestic sector for supply of LPG purposes along with a range of uses in industrial sector.

MDPE PIPES AND FITTINGS (as per IS 14885, ISO 4437)

Product Range:

20 mm to 315 mm in SDR 9, SDR 11, SDR 13.6, SDR 17.6, in PE-80 and PE-100.


Suited for supply of natural gas Supply of LPG for cooking purposes along with a range of uses in industrial sector.

Kasta pipes are manufactured for specific industrial requirements to withstand extreme environments of diverse industries. The pipes are extensively used in supply of industrial chemicals, distribution of fluids due to their smooth surface and high resistance to corrosion.


(as per IS 14333, ISO 4427)


It reduces the internal co-efficient of friction with optical fiber cable Same physical and chemical properties as HDPE Polymeric material Strongly locked into HDPE No toxic or dramatic hazards Stable chemical properties

Product Range:

20 mm to 710 mm outer diameter in pressure class 2.5,4 ,6, 8,10,12.5, & 16 kg/cm2 in PE-63, PE-80 &PE-100.


Supply of industrial chemicals Distribution of fluids

As the telecom sector grows, so does the need for high quality casing to safely house and protect the miles of optical fiber and telecom power cables connecting the globe. Kriti manufactures telecom ducts under the brand name of "Koresil" . HDPE duct: Product Range:

(OD/ID in mm).50/42, 40/34.2, 40/33, 33/27, 32/26,and as per specific requirements.

PLB HDPE Duct PLB Ribbed (speed) HDPE Duct PLB with pre-installed cable HDPE duct PLB with tracer HDPE duct PLB with pre-installed pulling rope HDPE Duct Fittings and accessories Applications:

For casing of optical fiber and telecom power cables

Following are the Learnings: How the production process takes place in a manufacturing company. Production becomes easier with the use of IT. Maintenance of the various departments in a particular time period. Precautions should be taken while handling the machines working in High temperatures.

I have a very good Experience in visiting such a reputed manufacturing industry, and I am keen to visit such type of industry in near future which helps me to increase the knowledge.