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LZT 108 9277 R4A

Dear TEMS CellPlanner customer Enclosed is your copy of TEMS CellPlanner 8.1. For successful installation of TEMS CellPlanner 8.1, we ask that you follow these steps: PRIOR TO INSTALLATION: The installation and migration process is described in detail in the TEMS CellPlanner Installation Guide. The installation guide is available both as a printed document as well as a PDF-file on the installation CD. It is highly recommended to follow the instructions in the installation guide. Check the System requirements in the Installation Guide before starting the installation. Make sure that you have System Administrator privilege on the PC before you start the installation. Make sure to preserve the Product Serial number. The product serial number is on the backside of the CD cover and it is needed to obtain a license file. If you already have TEMS CellPlanner installed create a backup of all your data before starting the installation. Database users must read the Database migration chapter in the Installation guide before starting the new installation to avoid loosing data. The database server export from the, User Administration tool does not work properly when exporting from TEMS CellPlanner 8.0.1 or 8.0.2. If you are going to migrate from any of those versions please contact TEMS support for further instructions. INSTALLATION: Install TEMS CellPlanner 8.1 according to instructions in the Installation Guide. If a dongle driver used for HW licenses is already installed on the pc, there is no need to install the driver again. The license server software shall only be installed when a network license is used and only on the license server itself. The database server must be installed if the database solution is used. The new version of TEMS CellPlanner will be installed in a separate folder and older versions will still be available. Anyway we do only recommend using older versions for transferring data and as back up. Questions and problems sent to support shall only be reported on latest version. AFTER INSTALLATION: Only xml files from TEMS CellPlanner 6.0.x/6.1.x/6.2.x/7.0.x/7.1.x/8.0.x can be imported. If you are migrating from an earlier version, please contact TEMS support for further instructions. For database users, follow the instructions in the Installation guide carefully. Preprocessed map data in internal MRR format can be used as it is. Please check map search routes in project settings and verify the coordinate reference system. LICENSING: Licenses valid for TEMS CellPlanner 8.0 can be used by 8.1, no need for change. Licenses valid for TEMS CellPlanner 7.x are NOT valid for 8.1. All customers with a valid license for TEMS CellPlanner 5.x/6.x/7.x must contact support and acquire a new license. To acquire a license file, please send the lock.txt file, product serial number (on the backside of the CD cover or on the TEMS CellPlanner box), company name, country and contact person to TEMS Support. See for e-mail and telephone number to TEMS Support Offices. Once you have received the license file, place it in the TEMS CellPlanner \Bin folder and start the LoadLicense.exe program, also located in the Bin folder, by double clicking. Read Installation guide and FAQ for more information about how to install, load, move and back up the license. To receive product updates and patch release information, sign up NOW for the Ericsson TEMS Subscription Service at Ericsson TEMS web page,