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VideoRay Cockpit
Upgrading from PC Pilot to VideoRay Cockpit
VideoRay Cockpit provides new features and capabilities, and is available for download from http://download.videoray.com. The VideoRay Cockpit software update consists of three parts: 1. A topside control program that includes the user interface, video and sensor data processing functions and manages the communications and control systems. 2. ROV firmware (embedded software) that communicates with the topside and manages the ROV's systems and sensors 3. An updated documentation package. The first two parts are included within the software update package. The documentation is provided in a separate update package that must be downloaded and installed separately. The topside software upgrade process is similar to most other conventional software applications, however, there are special procedures to upgrade the ROV firmware. ROV firmware is the software that resides on the vehicle. The ROV firmware upgrade process is described below. In addition, several systems tuning parameters are stored on the ROV along with the firmware. When upgrading to VideoRay Cockpit, the ROV should be updated with the new default systems tuning parameters included with the upgrade. If you do not store the systems tuning parameters on the ROV, then the ROV will continue to use the old settings and its performance may not be optimal. The systems tuning parameters are different from the firmware and the procedures to store them on the ROV are also describe below.

Software Upgrade Process

The basic steps to upgrade from PC Pilot to VideoRay Cockpit are as follows: 1. Prepare for the upgrade and download the software update package 2. Install the topside software 3. Install the new ROV firmware 4. Load the factory default systems tuning parameters and store them on the ROV 5. Download and install the complete Pro 4 documentation update that includes the VideoRay Cockpit Guide The following detailed instructions assume you are familiar with using a PC and Microsoft Windows XP. If you are not familiar with using a PC, enlist the assistance of a friend or acquaintance or contact VideoRay Customer Care (VideoRay contact information is listed at the end of this document).

1. Prepare for the Upgrade and Download the Software Update Package
Turn on the computer. VideoRay recommends creating the following directory structure, C:\VideoRay\Installs\VideoRay\, to store all installation packages on the local machine in case a product needs to be reinstalled. Pro 4 Computers with PC Pilot installed will only have C:\VideoRay\. You will need to create Installs\VideoRay\. After you unzip the software and documentation updates, you should end up with the following directory structure. Note that the version number in the directory name may be different and not all directories are shown and you will likely have more directories in C:\ and C:\VideoRay\

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VideoRay also recommends that you copy all of the directories currently in c:\VideoRay (except Installs\) from C:\VideoRay\ to C:\VideoRay\Installs\ for future consistency. The software update package is relatively large at 235 Mb, but future upgrades will not require all of the prerequisites that are included in this package and will be on the order of a few Mb. Download the update package from http://download.videoray.com To download the file, click on the link for the full installation,and save it in C:\VideoRay\Installs\VideoRay\. Unzip the software update package in c:\VideoRay\Installs\VideoRay.

2. Install the Topside Software

Run the software installation program, setup.exe. This will update the software on the computer, but not update the firmware or systems tuning parameters. The following steps provide instructions for updating the firmware and systems tuning parameters.

3. Install the New ROV Firmware

To update the firmware, DO NOT connect the ROV to the control panel yet. Turn on the control panel. When the panel start up is complete, make sure the yellow LIM alarm light is not on. If the LIM alarm light is on, press and hold the reset button until the LIM alarm light goes out. If the LIM alarm light does not go out after a few seconds, contact VideoRay Customer Care. Start VideoRay Cockpit. VideoRay Cockpit can be started using the desktop icon, or by selecting it from the Start->All Programs->VideoRay menu. VideoRay Cockpit is the Pro 4's control software. It communicates your control inputs to the ROV, and provides feedback from the ROV's video and sensor systems. VideoRay Cockpit consists of a Video Window , the Control Instruments and the Control Bar .

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The VideoRay Cockpit control bar is displayed at the bottom of the primary monitor. It contains a series of buttons that can be used to launch help and integrated applications, control various settings and close VideoRay Cockpit.

Moving from right to left, the buttons are as follows: Close VideoRay Cockpit Open Help Open the VideoRay Data Folder Open the Engine Room Open the User Settings Launch KCF Smart Tether Software Launch BlueView ProViewer Software Set All Instruments Opaque Set All Instruments Transparent Set All Instruments Off Each of these controls are described in detail in the VideoRay Cockpit Guide of the complete Pro 4 documentation package. For now, you will only need to use the Engine Room button. After you install the documentation, you can also click on the Help button if you want more information about the Pro 4 and VideoRay Cockpit. When VideoRay Cockpit is running, click on the Engine Room button on the Control Bar to activate the Engine Room.

Engine Room Button

The engine room provides diagnostics information, firmware management and advanced systems tuning.

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From within the Engine Room, click on the VideoRay Update button in the lower right hand corner.

VideoRay Update Button

This will start the VideoRay Update software. The software should automatically locate the most up-to-date version of the firmware, and its version number will be displayed in the VideoRay Update Window. Open Reset Hot Plug

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To upgrade the ROV firmware, make sure that no accessories are connected to the ROV's accessory port. Click on the Hot Plug Override button to enable the ROV power to be cycled, and then connect the ROV to the tether. The firmware installation process should begin automatically once the ROV is connected to the tether. If the installation process does not start automatically, or an error is displayed, repeat the process: Click on the Hot Plug Override button to enable the ROV power to be cycled, and then connect the ROV to the tether. You may need to repeat the process up to three times. If after several attempts, the process does not work, or you continue to get error messages, contact VideoRay Customer Care

Hot Plug Override Button

When the firmware update process is finished, close VideoRay Update by clicking on the close button in the upper right hand corner.

4. Load the Factory Default Systems Tuning Parameters and Store them on the ROV
If the Engine Room is not open, reopen it by clicking on the Engine Room button in the control bar. To update the ROV with the new factory default values, you must first unlock the systems tuning panel. Unlock the systems tuning panes by clicking on the Lock toggle in the lower right hand corner of the Engine Room. This will turn the locked icon into the unlocked icon and activate the systems tuning panes.

Lock toggle showing the locked and unlocked states

Once the systems tuning panes are unlocked, click on the Restore to Factory Defaults button in the lower right hand corner of the Engine Room.

Restore to Factory Defaults Button

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The factory default settings will become active when you click on the Restore Factory Defaults button, but only for the current session. To store the systems tuning parameters on the ROV for future sessions, click on the Store Settings on the ROV button in the lower right hand corner of the Engine Room.

Store Settings on the ROV Button

You must click on the Store Settings button if you want the factory defaults to be stored on the ROV for future sessions. When you are finished updating the systems tuning parameters to the factory default values, click on the Lock toggle to lock the systems tuning panes of the engine room and avoid inadvertently changing a setting.

5. Download and Install the Complete Pro 4 Documentation Update

This document provides only the minimal amount of information required to complete the upgrade from PC Pilot to VideoRay Cockpit. The complete Pro 4 documentation package is not included with the software update package and needs to be downloaded separately. Download the update package from http://download.videoray.com. To download the documentation file, click on the link for Pro4_user_doc_vX.Y.Z.zip, (where X, Y and Z are the latest version number) and save it in C:\VideoRay\Installs\VideoRay\. As long as the first two numbers of the version (X and Y) match the software version, the documentation is consistent with the software. Unzip the file and copy the pro4 directory to: C:\Program Files\VideoRay\Documentation\. Once the documentation files have been copied to C:\Program Files\VideoRay\Documentation\, you will be able click on the Help button on the VideoRay Cockpit control bar for more information about the Pro 4 and using VideoRay Cockpit.

Help Button

VideoRay Contact Information

If you have any questions about installing or using VideoRay Cockpit after reading this installation guide and the updated documentation, contact VideoRay Customer Care. Address VideoRay LLC 580 Wall Street Phoenixville, PA 19460 USA Email info@videoray.com General Information and Sales support@videoray.com Technical Support Telephone +1 610-458-3000 +1 610-458-3010 Office Fax

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