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,Good morning honourable judges ,teachers and fellow friends ; The title of my story today is What Happened To Mums Plant? HelloThere are so many plants in Pn.Shilas garden but Im the fattest. Anyway, Pn.Shilas twins learnt about me in school three weeks ago. Hmmand I want to tell you what they learnt about me this fat and healthy plant. This is what they learnt. What makes plants grow well? Firstly,plants need air to grow and survive. Plants also need carbon dioxide to make food and this process is called photosynthesis. Imagine I make my own food. I use chlorophyll, the green pigment in my leaves to make food. Photosynthesis means taking the energy from the sunlight and using the energy to make food like carbohydrates. Secondly plants need water for the process of photosynthesis so glucose can be produced in the presence of sunlight. Thirdly, plants need light. In simple terms,light also helps plants to grow. Some plants need six to eight hours of sunlight while other plants need about four hours. Hmmyou knowplants need sixteen nutrients for best growth .thats why Im like this fat and healthy. Some of these nutrients are zinc,iron,copper and nitrogen. The fifth thing a plant needs to grow and develope properly is fertile soil with the correct moisture. The soil should not be too dry or wet. Finally,the sixth thing a plant needs is the right temperature. Right temperature of the atmosphere and soil is important as different plants require different temperature. Wellthose are my basic needs and the basic needs of other plants. (1)

On Wednesday,after learning about plants,the boys went to a nursery to buy flowers for their mothers birthday.At the nursery,Bakri exclaimed, Danial,look at these flowers. Oh,isnt that perfect for mother? Danial rushed over to see the potted plant Bakri had chosen. They have beautiful yellow flowers and the leaves are bright and green. Mum would surely love it. Theyre so fresh, said their father. Father,can we please buy this one? Bakri asked. Okay,okay, but remember,plants need soil,air,plenty of sunlight and water to grow well. Dont hide the plant in the dark at home. Remember that,their father said. At night they wrapped the potted plant with wrapping paper and hid it at the store cupboard which was as hot as fire. They quietly locked the cupboard door and felt as happy as a lark. On Friday night, they waited for her to go to bed first. As soon as the coast was clear,they put the plant on the dining table .The next morning ,the twins got up very early and shouted, Happy Birthday mother. She was gazing at the present. Please open it quickly mother,said the twins hopping in excitement. Puan Shila unwrapped the wrapping paper carefully and they were shocked by what they saw. What did they see? To their horror,the flowers had wilted . The bright and green leaves were withered and brown. What happened? Bakri burst into tears. Mother,we bought for you yellow flowers. The leaves were bright and green. We squashed it in the dark for three days and forgot to water it. There was no sunlight at all. Were so sorry mother.The twins were upset to see the drooping plant. Their mothers gift was spoilt. (2)

However Pn.Shila took the boys to her garden and picked me up.the fattest potted plant. Yeah!Yeah! I was so proud of myself because I was healthy.Finally,Pn.Shila told the boysRemember what you learnt in Science a few weeks ago.about what plants need ? She smiled at them and said, Never hide any plant in the dark,hot place again,okay boys? With this ,I end my story. See you later,thank you.