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Muthoot Finance Limited

Corporate Office (North) Muthoot Towers Alaknanda, New Delhi 110019 Phone : (011) 46697777 Fax: (011) 29841832 Web-site: www.muthootgroup.com, E-mail: delhi@muthootgroup.com

From, Corporate Office(N) New Delhi

Ref: CO/C&O/03/12

IOM To, All RMs/BMs/ABMs/BICs/AMs/CCEs/ CROs/All Staff Members Delhi Zone

Date: 25.02.2012

Serve the Customer with Smile & Thank You Sub: Non-Convertible Debentures (NCD) III Series After the successful public issue of NCDs during the months of August 2011 and Dec 2011, we are again coming out with another Public issue of Non Convertible Debentures (NCDs) of our Company which will be open for subscription from 02.03.2012 and close on 17.03.2012. As you are aware, the prime attraction of the NCDs for investors would be the opportunity to lock into the assured high return offered on NCDs by the Company for a long period along with the facility for trading the NCDs in the Stock Exchanges. Complete details of the NCD are available in the application form cum offer documents. A few salient features of the present issue are given below. 1. Name of Issue : Muthoot NCD III. 2. Size : Rs.250 Crores with Option to retain oversubscription upto Rs.250 Crores. 3. Period : 2 years, 3 years, 5 years and 66 months. 4. Interest Rates : 2 years 13%, 3 years 13.25%, 5 years 13.25% and 66 month13.43% (Doubling Scheme) (Annual Option/Cumulative Option) 5. Date of Opening : 02.03.2012. 6. Date of closure of Issue : 17.03.2012 (Issue may close earlier to this date depending on subscription). 7. Minimum Application : 5 NCDs, Rs.5,000/- and multiples of Rs.1,000/- thereafter. 8. Allotment on first come first served basis. As on earlier occasions, we expect an overwhelming response to the issue from Corporates / HNIs / Mutual Funds etc due to the attractive fixed return offered by Muthoot Finance Ltd, a well reputed corporate giant with a proven track record and investor trust. Moreover, the volatility of the Stock market and the softening trend in interest rates, is likely to generate wide spread interest from retail investors as well. As the Collection centres/ Collecting Banks are located mostly in city/ urban centres, more response from customers of these centres is anticipated. H.O. has arranged for direct supply of the required number of Application Forms to all Regional Offices. ROs should in turn arrange for distribution of the required number of applications well in advance giving priority to the city/metro/ urban Branches where prospects of investment are good. Sufficient number of applications may be retained as a buffer stock with ROs, in case of direct enquiries at ROs/other branches at distant centres.

A State wise list of collection centres with the names and addresses of Banks authorized to accept the applications is forwarded as attachment. (ANNEXURE-1) The Regional Manager will be the designated Nodal Officer/Single Point Contact for Operations Dept/ Finance Dept/ Muthoot Securities Limited (MSTL) for the NCD issue. He has to identify a Junior Executive to assist him in the NCD issue related matters. Manager-RO will be the single point contact for the MSTL resource persons deployed for assisting the NCD issue.
As the NCDs are issued in electronic forms only, Demat accounts are mandatory for

submitting applications. Customers who do not have Demat accounts can open the same with MSTL. Cheques / Drafts payable at par at the collecting centres as per ANNEXURE-1 only should be accepted. Branches receiving applications should record the details (viz. name of applicant, Application No, Cheque No, Date, Bank Name, Branch Name, Amount, Demat A/c No etc) in a Note Book to be maintained for this purpose. After the recording, applications should be handed over to the Specified Collecting Bank at the centre on the same day itself. Acknowledgement to be obtained from the Bank. This acknowledgement should be handed over to the customer in due course. As the allotment is on the first come first served basis, Branches should not retain the applications with them even for a day, ie the applications received on any day should be handed over to the Collecting Bank at the specified centre on the same day itself. Branches should not send the application by post/ courier to the Collecting Bank, instead they should invariably deliver the same in person against acknowledgement. In other words, application forms supported by cheques payable at other collecting centres should not be accepted by Branches unless they are in a position to hand deliver the same at a Collecting Bank where the cheque is payable.

Balbir Chand Sagar General Manager-C&O Copy to: Director Sir - For Kind Information Please.