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P. K. MAGIC by Chuck Leach Copy Right © 1988 CHAZPRO 4TH Printing Feb. 1991 For those who take what they are given and take it further. "Psychokinesis: The movement of physical objects by the mind without the use of physical Mage boos ypicaly sus the importance of exterainment in magic. Wheter we are ffonmine cad cin ropes rst abut any Kind of magi. our main oa shoud be to Exons or audience ‘There are, however, two areas of magic that, when performed well, produce such a strong acceso ety en: Te mg Se i Oa a at ica cel Sian ce how nese en ies pel nes neues lees in geese Bett nt poe seh ct tha these metal abies ave nt en amply Speen (Share Sy ont ct imei Se oe wl bis atSr nce po ge en le tnt {Al of this is noo say that audiences do not recognize mental or psychokinetic effects as char, oUt yu hold ops of as nyng mene Wha mea people, because oftheir beliefs, find these types of effects fascinating in a very diferent way {han they do other tks ‘This booklet is concemed with psychokiness, or PK magic, a term that has existed since the 1980 Though her re mary tay ser move bets ead nde Mowing tilting of surfaces, to name afew), some ofthe strongest and cleanest eects are accomlis ‘wih what we cer the PK prop, « very powerfl magnet Chazpro offers « wide range of s2ae Zt rng of magnets op dei wes bs for your station he fos yon Swish to perform, sou should read Chazpro's PK Acessory List. Or you can ask your favorite calor dell Chuck a Charro. with four questions. {often tll people that (1 ad to throw all my magie away but one item, that one item would Dery PR rp or age. Te reson ing a 30 tay wg wd vn ie ers an be accomplied with hs one te: Mowing objet eins, mineadng (by secre fine oferatn,comaty rans and alt more, You mann is your ol Het ‘rrenly Chazpro has nearly 100 PX roulines or wicks availabe. In addition to the varity of effects, almost all of the effects Jook lke rel magi! You usualy are using ordinary looking ‘jects: A'match, stamp. coin, ele. Very seldom do you use a "magical-lookina” prop. This is important par of PR magic nthe pages ht follow, well dscuss concealment, ‘reseationa pins and over 30 one seas. {Inthe back of this booklet is partial ist ofthe PK items offered by Chazpro, NOTE: Change to 4th printing: MAKING MATCHES - We find one of the best shimming materials for matches is a very fine wire. (This wire is offered in our Menta K Kit and Shim Sample Pack), but you can also find it a some craft stores. or. if you are really desperate, a suitable wire ccan be found in the “twisty” that is wrapped around bread loaf bag.