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Vision of the company IEE is committed to satisfy the customers by Manufacture and supply of capacitors meeting their expectations

through quality , competitive price, timely delivery , prompt response and to continually improve performance of the QMS COMPANY PROFILE
IEE ENGG. ENTERPRISERS PVT LTD was established in the year 1975 with Mr. G. S. Sarda as the Managing Director, Mr. P. D. Sarda, Mr. G. D. Sarda, Mr. R. K. Sarda & Mr. D. K. Sarda as Directors. We introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of MPP Film AC Capacitors in India ranging from 1 MFD to 144 MFD, suitable for 250V, 440V, 550 V & 660VAC application and also ISI marked L.T. Shunt (Power) Capacitors from 1 to 50 KVAR in Single unit. Above Capacitors are mainly used in Motors, Fans, Ballast (Lighting), UPS/CVT and Control Panel Applications and L.T. Shunt (Power) Capacitors for improving the Power Factor. We are approved suppliers to various Central / State Government and Private sector Companies and have DGS&D and RDSO approvals. Our Company is ISO-9001 certified and in addition, the products are approved for UL & CE marks. We can design & manufacture Capacitors to suit any specific requirements too.
Why a Power Capacitor is needed Conservation of Energy due to LT Shunt Capacitors is an established fact. Needless to say that these Capacitors have contributed significantly in Electrical Installations by way of reduction in KVA demand for specific KW Loads, thereby saving on electricity Bills. Higher Capacity utilisation of Transformers, connecting cables and switchgears are direct saving for given specific load. These capacitors are also useful in system voltage stabilisation and distribution.




STANDARD TYPE These Capacitors are light weight and compact in size have been designed keeping in view, the normal duty cycle present in various utilities. These Capacitors are used for almost constant loads having negligible variations.

HEAVY DUTY TYPE These Capacitors have been designed to suit fluctuating load conditions and withstand overvoltage and over-currents within permissible limits. These Capacitors are stronger than standard type to withstand required dielectric stress which varies non-linearly.

DOUBLE DIELECTRIC TYPE Aiming at replacing the conventional mixed dielectric and film-foil oil type capacitors, our double dielectric type is designed to suit continuous operation for heavy duty application particularly where presence of harmonics plays a prominent role. These Capacitors are mechanically robust and electrically stable to withstand combined effects of thermal and electrical stresses prevalent in major industries.