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Memorial Mass

1 Thes 4/13-17; Jn 11/17-27 Penitential rite: -Lord, you who turn our tears into joy, Lord -Christ, you who turn our death into resurrection, Christ -Lord, you who turn our sadness into hope, Lord Opening Prayer: We seem to give them back to you, O God, who gave them to us. Yet, as you did not lose them in giving, so we do not lose them by their return. Not as the world gives, do you give. What you give, you do not take away, for what is yours is also ours, if we are yours. And life is eternal and love is immortal and death is only a horizon, and a horizon is but the limit of our sight. As we celebrate the memory of our dear sister and my mother, Mary, you help us see beyond the loss and pain the simplicity, compassion and prayerful life of a woman who nurtured her children with much sacrifice and inculcated in them faith in God and commitment to life and responsibilities. As we entrust her into your loving hands, console and comfort her dear ones back home and fill in the emptiness of those who will really miss her with the belief in your power that turns our sorrow into hope and new life in you. We make this Intercessions: -That Mary may experience the fullness of life and love, we pray -That all those in her natural family who will find an irreplaceable vacuum may be comforted, we pray

-That all those who had come in contact with Mary may be inspired by her simple example and silent witness of hard work and prayerful life, we pray -That all those who have been wounded by the death of the one they love may be helped to find the new life that comes through death and suffering, we pray -That all those who are dying and are afraid may have the courage and strength to go on their last journey, we pray -That all those who assisted her, stood by her, prayed for her in her last moments of illness and agony especially my sister-in-law, Anne be blessed and rewarded in some way, we pray Offertory: We praise you, God of Abraham, God of Isaac, God of Jacob and God of Job for the little miracle of resurrection, which reminds us of your love. Naked we came and naked shall we return; it was you who gave and its you who have taken away. Blessed be your name. May your love that enabled our sister Mary to seek and do your will transform our offerings to spiritual food and drink to enable us also to do your will. We ask We remember again, O Lord, our sister Mary in the serene calmness and profound tranquillity with which she conducted herself that was so part of her whole being. We remember her, on this 7th day of her passing from us, as that compassionate and sensitive woman who would look at the needs of others before her own. As the Holy Cross family here recall the mother of one of her sons and celebrate her gift to Holy Cross and her constant prayers for vocations, we pray that her children and family may share in some small measure

the simple joy and humble presence she so elegantly carried. May we continue to believe in the mystery of your love that we fail to understand in times like these. We make thisAmen.