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Chapter 5
Question 3) Consider a large industry specific product such as a hospital management system for a group of hospitals. Discuss the pros and cons of using agile methodologies versus traditional processes where more rigid planning and documentation are required. Focus on issues such as project size, team size, continuing multiple releases over the years, expanding the product for an international market, and worldwide customer support. Answer: In a case of Hospital development management system, I think we have to take into consideration that is big environment, and compare to the characteristics for both agile and Traditional approach we will find out that Agile Method is designed and better work for small co-located companies, it copes with changes in requirements and environments, because the teams are smaller in size. Agile is not suitable for life-critical systems without adaptions. It is attached to user feedback and it may create significant risks of schedule and cost over runs. While Traditional method in this case is better suited to large projects and more sufficient because it would be impractical to expect the users and customers to be in stable communication with the developers for large and complex software.it defines many roles, and there are not that many restrictions on the team specially if every member know and follow the rules and the procedures. Finally, since I look at the business (hospitals) as big business, I believe Traditional method will be the best choice for our case.

Chapter 6
(1-2-4-6) Question 1) Discuss why it is important to document the requirements specified; list three reasons Answer: IT is important to document the requirements specified because there will be no way to control scopecreep plus the requirements represent their needs., it is also difficult to manage a project schedule and cost without clear and documented requirements, Finally, there would no way to base your testing. Most the time there is miss communication barriers between the developer and the customer especially when the developers deal with big and complex business environment. So it is vital to document the requirements in advance because the plan may take several hours to several days to develop.

Name: Ayman Assaad Student ID: 0179788 Course ID: SWEN4432.01.SP12.15

Question 2) Based on your answer to Exercise 1, discuss how novice agile software developer involved in collecting and documenting requirements may misapply the Agile methodology. Answer: A novice agile software developer may not pose the knowledge of the industrys terminology. It may lack the communications between the software developer and the customer. There is a high chance of a miss communication with the customer. For example, sometimes the programmer may understand the scope of work, but the customer doesnt or vice versa (as I mentioned in my previous question). This will lack the considerations of the developer and the requirements will be incomplete. All of that depending on the size and complexity of the project

Question 4) in collecting requirements for an employee information system, the employee is a major entity. What are some of the attributes of this entity that you would consider asking as part of the requirements? Express the entity and attribute in an entity attribute table. Add an additional column to the table and express the data characteristics for each of the attributes. Answer: Employee Data Type Integer Character Character Character Integer Date/time Integer Character Character

Entity empID emp_FirstName emp_LastName emp_Address emp_SSN emp_DateHired emp_phone emp_Email emp_Dept

Data Characteristics XX(counter) xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx-xx-xxxx Xx/xx/xxxx xxxxx xxxx@xxxxxxxx

Question 6) what does the final signing off of the requirements specifications document serve? What are the potential problems that may arise if there is no such process? Answer: At the last step of the requirements, the specification document should be signed off. This may be in a form of formal document such as a contract or an informal communications such as email. This activity

Name: Ayman Assaad Student ID: 0179788 Course ID: SWEN4432.01.SP12.15

does the requirements phase and provides a formal baseline for the requirements specifications. Any future changes should be controlled or at least closely monitored to prevent uncontrolled growth of requirements in the future that represent a major problem and a critical cause for many software project failures.

Chapter 7
Exercises (3-5-7-8):

Question 3) when we employ the technique of generalization in design, what are we doing, and which part of OO design is closely related to this concept? Answer: Create class hierarchies by recognizing that two or more classes have common properties, and we are identifying a common superclass for them. Part of OO design closely related to this concept is Logical view. Question 5) for each one of the architectural styles mentioned in this chapter, find one example of a software system that uses it (not mentioned in this chapter). Answer: Pipes-and-Filters: Youtube, Printing web services (bizhub). Event-Driven: Object Oriented, stack queues (Java). Client Server: FireFox, exchange server, FTP. Model View Controller: Java Swing Application. Layered: OSI Network Model, Enterprise web application. Database centric: SharePoint, Oracle, SQL. Three-tier: People soft, Financial web security application (online Bill pay)

Name: Ayman Assaad Student ID: 0179788 Course ID: SWEN4432.01.SP12.15

Question 7) Consider the case of a software system to keep track of team rosters and scheduled games for a sports league. Create an ER diagram for this situation and convert the diagram into a relational schema.
gameID TeamName Date TeamLocation PlayerID



Has A


Has A


Position Location teamID Winner Coach Address

Team Game gameID Date Time Location Winner teamID TeamName TeamLocation Coach Player

PlayerID PlayerName Position Address

Name: Ayman Assaad Student ID: 0179788 Course ID: SWEN4432.01.SP12.15

Question 8) Consider the case of a software system to keep track of team rosters and scheduled games for a sport league. Define the main functionality of the system and create a module decomposition diagram for it. Answer:

0.Main Baseball team




1.1 Add

2.1 Add

3.1 Add

1.2 Modify

2.2 Modify

3.2 Modify

1.3 Delete

3.3 Delete