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Your company has been awarded a contract of developing and constructing a new International Airport 30 km away from a city. You have been appointed as Planning Engineer (Materials and Equipment). Project is to be implemented in phases. In Phase I, one strip of landing of 100 m. width is to be constructed in 100 days. The scope of work for this assignment is only as follows:a) Cutting and Dozing of 100,000 cu.m. of earth. Average height 0.75 m. b) Transportation of 20,000 cu.m. of surplus earth from site to dumping place 3 k.m. away from site (including spreading). Filling of 80,000 cu.m. in landing strip. c) Bringing in 3000 cu.m. of Sand from 20 k.m. (including spreading and leveling at site).
d) Procurement of 1,50,000 litres of Bitumen. Duration of work 30 days

from 60th day of starting of work. Bitumen to be obtained from the Refinery at Bongaigaon in Assam. Lead time upto site is 45 days. Storage facility available at site 50,000 litres tank. Estimate total cost of work and your plan of: i. ii. Equipment Planning Procurement & Deployment. Ordering and replenishing of Bitumen.


Study the characteristics of earth moving machines and select 3 feasible equipment alternatives for main item of work i.e. (a). For other items (b & c) you may consider only 1 option. Visualize the area & prepare Mass Diagram. Make the output calculation of each equipment and decide no. of equipments. Take into consideration Lead, Maintenance & Break down period, induction/de-induction. Work out cost of operation of each item of work by assuming reasonable data. Select the most economical combination. Assume equipment is owned by you. Work out EOQ for Bitumen by assuming suitable data. Decide time of placing purchase orders, Order size etc.





Study the storage requirement of Bitumen and suggest plan of conveyance of material from supplier to site. Consider logistics of transportation to your assumed site.

i. ii. Scope of work and Description of equipments considered. Calculation for per day work. iii.

Equipment output. (3 eqpts/eqpt systems for main item of work) Planned no. of days and hours per day for each item of work. Allowance for Break down/Maintenance. Cost of equipment operation per hour/km and cost of each item of work. Total cost of work.

Selection of equipment and Nos. Give justification if 2nd best economical alternative is selected. Consider following factors also. Suitability Standardization Tech. Considerations.


Materials management concepts and their applicability in given example. Lead time Safety level EQL ROL

v. vi. vii. viii. ix.

Ordering schedule, logistics and plan of conveyance of bitumen. Recommendations / Conclusions Assumptions and References for price, output, other parameters. Bibliography/ Readings Copy of Assignment.

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