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Andrew N. Farrens
March 17 2012 17,

Happy St. Patricks Day!!

So I am listening to Coast to Coast AM, a show heard by millions of people around the World, and a caller calls in on the open lines, only to claim that he knows the real Zodiac killer's identity. Allegedly, it is a man who worked at The Stockton Record from from 1964 to 1968. George Noory would not allow him to speak the guy's name over the air but he was born in 1942. He supposedly sent the Anthrax letters in 2001, according to some strange code that the caller was saying too fast for me to write down. George asked the guy if he knew the killer personally and after the caller answered in the affirmative, George asked if the caller himself was the true Zodiac Killer. The guy said, no, he was not the killer but the the Zodiac had murdered somebody close to him. Mister Noory offthen asked the caller to tell him the name off-air and that is where it stands, as the show begins to come back from commercial now. It was a very strange call on a show where weird phone-calls phoneare are the norm and I have to say the guy was creepy sounding. I doubt he was the killer; more than likely he was just some crazy dude and it was only the fact he mentioned The Stockton Record that first information grabbed my attention but I have to admit that his information was quite detailed. Maybe he is right and the Zodiac was a reporter in Stockton or maybe he manned the presses at The Record. Either eway, I think I might try calling or e-mailing Coast to Coast AM, not further to get on air but to see if they will give me further information, either the telephone number to the caller or the name of the supposed Zodiac Killer.......

George Noory is now reporting that he doubts the guy named by the caller is the killer since he was an investigator in the original investigation. That means it will be kind of easier to track him down myself since I know the year he was born and that he is still alive. The name would be very helpful, though. Coast to Coast AM promises to investigate the allegations and I trust their stuff completely completely but since I was born and raised in Stockton, California, where the now accused Zodiac Killer allegedly worked at the underStockton Record in the sixties, I feel that a local under-ground writer (who also represents a newly formed Political Organization comprised comprised of true American Revolutionary Patriots who believe absolutely and fully in both The Bill of Rights and The Constitution of the United States of America. This organization is known as the our Westies 209, whose goal is to enter local politics, to control our environment........) should be represented. This is definitely an intriguing story but it does not surprise me. Just earlier today I was telling my Aunt Susan and her friend Bill that Stockton was a strange and dark place. Many evil things not that are not natural happened in this city of 287,578 residents (as of July of 2009) and some of these folks will never know the bad history. Did you know that after the Tate/LaBianca murders in Los Angeles, the remnants of The Manson Family moved to a house in Angeles, Stockton?? Central Stockton?? I think on Poplar Str. but I could be wrong. They murdered two or three people and buried them in the dirt house. floor basement of the house. The corpses were later discovered by disturbed. an observant police officer who noticed the dirt floor disturbed. I have also read two other versions of the story but what is not in

dispute is the fact that the Manson Family did indeed live in Stockton during the seventies. A few years ago, a woman bought the the house and when a neighbor told her what had occurred in the basement of her house, she promptly sued the original seller of the house for not disclosing that information to her during the sale, which is the Law in the State of California. She was given her This money back but I am not sure who owns the house now. This is a morbid yet interesting factoid that even native Stocktonians do not twoknow nor would they likely care, as most folks who live in the twoohoh-nine are intoxicated a good part of the day. cursed. The northern part of San Joaquin County is cursed. Along the with the utter delight the local politicians feel as they practice in the filthy corruption so familiar to leading Stocktonians every time they rape the public coffers, the evil that lurks within my city is the cause of many of the problems we have.......... Keep your eyes open for you never know what you might see.

westies 209