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- Grammar: comparatives, asas, lessthan : Page 44 1.a It is pessimistic because say that we arent living as good as our parents 1.b work longer hours have less free time talk faster are less relaxed will probably have shorter lives than our parents 1.c We sleep less than previous generations. If we dont slow down, we wont live as long as our parents. 1.d (read rules at p. 132 and do activities 4C at page 133) My sister is more thinner than me. Im more busier this week than last week. Cambridge is further from London than Oxford. I did the second exam worse than the first. Chelsea played better than Arsenal. The men in my office work harder than the women My new job is more boring than my old one Kelly isnt as tall as Cindy. My case isnt as heavy as your. London isnt as big as Mexico City. Tennis isnt as popular as Football. Adults dont learn languages as fast as children. I dont work as hard as you. England didnt play as well as France. -Reading & Vocabulary: Page 44 3.c dont have enough time, no tiene suficiente tiempo save time, ahorrar tiempo waste time, perder tiempo take a long time, durar mucho spend more time, empleamos mucho tiempo on time, a tiempo/puntual

4D THE WORLDS FRIENDLIEST CITY - Reading & Listening: P. 46 1.a

The three test are a tramp. I think that the friendliest city will be Rome, and the most unfriendly Paris. 1.b 1 NY 2R 3R 4 NY 5P 6R - Grammar: Superlatives P. 47 2.a. Which city was the friendliest of the four? Which city was the most unfriendly? Whats the friendliest place youve ever been to? 2.b Rome. Paris. Sttutgard in Germany. 2.c (read rules at p. 132 and do activities 4D at p.133) Yesterday was the hottest day of the year. This is the worst time to drive through the city centre. Shes the friendliest person in the class. This is the most important part of the exam. The best month to visit is September. Its the most polluted city in the world. The furthest Ive ever flown is to Australia. Its the best film Ive seen. Hes the most unfriendly person Ive met. Its the hardest exam hes done. They are the most expensive shoes shes bought. Its the longest book Ive read. Shes the most beautiful girl Ive seen. Its the worst metal Ive had. - Vocabulary: opposite adjectives: P. 47 3.a friendly unfriendly rude polite noisy quiet boring interesting 3.b (p. 145 Adjectives part 2) 7 Boring 2 Crowded 3 Dangerous 1 Far 8 Modern Exciting/interesting Empty Safe Near Old

6 4 5

Noisy Polite Polluted

Quiet Rude Clean

UN: happy, healthy, tidy IM: comfortable, patient, polite 3.c (completa las preguntas con un superlative) WTHAS THE most unfriendly WTHAS THE most beautiful WTHAS THE ugliest WTHAS THE most expensive WTHAS THE most polluted WTHAS THE most exciting WTHAS THE most dangerous WTHAS THE noisiest PLACE YOUVE EVER BEEN TO? PLACE YOUVE EVER BEEN TO? PLACE YOUVE EVER BEEN TO? PLACE YOUVE EVER BEEN TO? PLACE YOUVE EVER BEEN TO? PLACE YOUVE EVER BEEN TO? PLACE YOUVE EVER BEEN TO? PLACE YOUVE EVER BEEN TO?