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SeTTIng a neW STandard In PerformanCe

In keeping with our legacy of quality and reliability, Caterpillar has expanded its wheel loader line with the new 993K Wheel Loader. The 993K offers greater productivity through increased horsepower and stronger breakout force, improved safety and enhanced operator comfort for your toughest digging applications. With this, the 993K is setting a new standard in performance. Now is the time for you to experience the next generation of wheel loadersoptimize production, minimize downtime and enhance operator comfort with the new 993K.


Spade Edge Rock Bucket With Teeth 783 kW (1,050 hp) 708 kW (950 hp) 12.2-14.5 m3 (16-19 yd3) 133 637 kg (294,800 lb) 159, 562 lb (709.2 kN) 71 667 kg (158,026 lb)

Gross Power Net Power Bucket Capacity* Operating Weight Breakout Force Full Turn Static Tipping Load @ 43

* Capacity range for standard rock buckets

reliability, durability, uptime of your machine, its what you expect from your wheel loader; anything else is unacceptable. When you work 24 hours a day, seven days a week you can not afford unplanned machine downtime. With that in mind, extra attention was given to component durability, machine life and ease of serviceability, all to ensure you the best wheel loader in the toughest of digging applications. machine Life Building on the tradtion of long-term durability, Caterpillar focused on designing a machine that provides customers rebuild capabilities at high hours and a 45,000 hour structure life. This was accomplished through improved structure design and enhanced manufacturing techniquesdelivering a machine with outstanding durability and reliability. a Systems approach Its not just ensuring you have the right truck pass match for your jobsite, but developing a machine that digs in the harshest environment. With a Z-bar linkage, improved powertrain control and balanced weight distribution, the new 993K gives maximum power to ensure minimal downtime with continuous high bucket fills. The 993K features the field proven Z-bar linkage design with new maintenance-free sleeve bearing (SB) pins. A key benefit of the SB pins is when maintenance is required, customers can schedule change out of pins on a planned maintenance day. Design of the SB pins allows this planned downtime due to the fact it has low risk of consequential damage. Proven engine Technology The 993K utilizes the Cat C32 which fully meets EPA Tier 2 / EU Stage II emissions. This Mechanically Actuated Electronically Controlled Unit Injection (MEUI) diesel engine shares a common platform with other Cat machines including the 777F, 992K and D11. Along with renowned Cat reliability, the C32 provides 19% greater power and 5% fuel efficiency improvement over the 3508B while delivering unmatched productivity.

ease of Serviceability All machines need daily and routine service. The 993K minimizes downtime by grouping key service areas for easy access and a centralized working area. This minimizes daily checks and allows for quick turnaround on routine maintenance items.

delivery of performance is critical to your bottom line. When it comes to high productivity, the new 993K is designed with just the right features you need to meet the daily demands of the jobsite.

move more Tons Lower your cost per ton by delivering maximum payload. The 993K can help your bottom line through a substantial productivity increase. This is accomplished through additional power, improved cycle time and continuous bucket fill factors on every dig. maximum Power What makes a wheel loader a performance leader? An increase in breakout force, greater rimpull coupled with continuously high fill factor and increased power give the 993K optimum productivity. A new Positive Flow Control (PFC) hydraulic system ensures faster hydraulic response and improved control of the linkage. With the new PFC hydraulic system, customers see an improved 10-15% decrease in cycle time. Mixing new with a current validated systems, customers can maintain hydraulic balance while digging and loading by utilizing the Impeller Clutch Torque Converter (ICTC) / Rimpull Control System. The ICTC enables the operator to finely modulate rimpull for smooth machine operation.

Truck Pass match Its not always about working harder, work smarter by optimizing the wheel loader to the trucks. The new 25 ton 993K wheel loader was developed to optimize pass match with the Cat 777 and 785 off-highway trucks.

777 785

Pass Match 4 Pass 6 Pass

oPeraTor ComforT
The 993K has been ergonomically designed to enhance operator comfortallowing for a more productive jobsite. as you settle into the redesigned K Series cab, you will see

features that offer greater control and ease of operation. See how your operator can optimize their day in the 993K.

Best Working environment A comfortable operator is a productive operator, which is why Caterpillar has designed the 993K with a best in-class working environment. Comfort and functionality are key words to describe the new 993K cabfrom the automotive style Cat Comfort seat to the visibility of in-cab monitoring systems and the jobsite. A 14 percent increase in cab space not only allows more room for the operator and personal items, but it also allows for a trainer seat. The 993K trainer seat, with three inch seat belt, allows you to properly train your operators.

ease of operation Ease of operation is about letting your operator leave a 10 hour shift without feeling like theyve worked a 10 hour shift. Special attention was paid to implement control effort and mounting of the implement controls. Fully adjustable seat mounted controls let your operator adjust the implement controls settings for personal comfort. Minimize fatigue of repetitive motion for your operator through the 993K low-effort implement controls.

ergonomics The health and safety of your operator starts with a wheel loader that is designed with this is mind. Steps taken to minimize vibration and outside noise are seen throughout the 993K design. With low interior cab noise levels of 72 dB, the noise fatigue factor is significantly limited in the 993K. Design improvements that lower vibrations include: Machine stability for smooth operation Air suspended Comfort seat with integrated controls Optional Ride Control reduces jolting and bouncing during load and carry operations Electronically controlled, automatic kickouts provide a smooth modulated cylinder stop throughout the digging cycle


People are the backbone of your business, and keeping them safe and productive is the number one priority. at Caterpillar, we have designed the 993K with your most important asset in mind. drawing from a history of technological advancements and practical wisdom, you can be assured that your people are protected while working in, on or around this wheel loader.

Improved Visibility Good visibility, whether its an operator needing front visibility for positioning to a truck or side visibility for vehicles or people in the work area, is key to a safe work environment. With a 14 percent increase in cab space and a 2 foot increase in cab height location, the operator has one of the best viewing capabilities in the industry for this wheel loader size class. For even more visibility, optional features available include a Rear Vision Camera with display monitor located in the cab and optional rear-view heated mirrors for work in all types of weather.




Improved egress and aggress Getting on and off the machine is one of the leading causes of injury on a jobsite. The 993K has several standard and optional features that help to ensure your operators get safely on and off the machine. Design enhancements include improved width of side platforms (600 mm) that clear emergency litters, two side access points with a left side primary access and right side secondary access, and a ground level switch that activates lighting to the operator stairway access. Full perimeter railings on the upper platform allow for continuous three points of contact. Another key option available on the 993K to assist in access from the ground-to-stairway platform is a powered Rear Access Egress System (RAES).


Safety in maintenance Daily and routine maintenance should not pose a safety hazard to your operator or service technician. The 993K was designed to group service points with convenient access. One key safety feature is a ground level left side bumper service center that includes a lockable battery disconnect, auxiliary jump start Visibility Safety Standard features
Long-life LED tail lights Cab raised two feet for better visibility to truck box or hoppers Articulated wiper/washer system with intermittent feature on front and rear windows

receptacle, stairway light switch and engine shut down switch. This center also contains starter and transmission lockout switches. This allows your service technician to perform routine maintenance while the machine stays static.

maintenance Safety optional features

Rear Vision Camera with in-cab monitor High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting package Rear-view heated mirrors Warning beacon light

Standard features
Complete electrical system lockout Starter lockout Hydraulic system lockout Transmission lockout (both in the cab and at ground level) Ground level service center Ground level sight gauges on all major systems

optional features
Ground level deluxe service center


operator environment Cab comfort and operator safety go hand in hand. Many features that enhance operator comfort also aid in keeping your operator safe, from lowering noise and vibration to designing for decreased repetitive motion. The 993K takes further steps to protect the operator in the cab with a cab pressurization system that removes dust and debris from the cab air and a seatbelt equipped trainer seat for trainer safety.

egress and aggress Safety Standard features

Primary and secondary exits Star stamped tread plates 600 mm wide right hand and left hand stairway access with railings Ground level nighttime lighting switch Full perimeter railings on upper platform

operator Safety Standard features

Front windshield cleaning platform access with handrails Easily adjusted implement controls affixed to Cat Comfort seat Low effort implement controls Cab pressurization system In-cab programmable kickouts

optional features
Roading fenders Rear Access Eggress System (RAES)

optional features
Powered cab air pre-cleaner removes airborne dust before it reaches the cab air filter, increasing filter service interval Ride control


downtime occurs for routine maintenance but simply put, Caterpillar understands a machine that is down is not making you money. With the 993K, focus was put on ease of service for daily checks, extended service intervals and items that reduce owning and operating cost. The 993K is designed to ensure minimal downtime through ground level access, grouped service points and attention to key serviceable areas on the machine. all this has been done so the 993K spends its time working, not being worked on.



Service access Ground level access service points, as well as grouped service points lead to easier service, minimizing service time and maximizing production. The 993K offers five centralized service centers located throughout the machine. This allows a service technician to perform a variety of service procedures, often at ground level, from access to the VIMS advisor to grease fittings for engine end frame components.




With SOS Services, keep minor repairs from becoming major ones. By regularly taking samples from the ports provided, your Cat dealer tracks wear of components and parts, oil performance and oil condition and uses that data to predict wear-related problems before they happen. Often, a simple adjustment or replacement of a part, based on SOS reports, can keep a small problem from turning into a major repairallowing your machine to be running when you need it, not waiting in the shop for service.

Monitoring the machine and forewarning of machine trouble allows you to schedule downtime and ensure jobsite productivity continues without interruption. The 993K offers customers the ability to troubleshoot, monitor machine information, customize operator settings for continuity of operation and set machine configuration. A number of these tasks are accomplished through the new VIMS Advisor monitoring system, allowing you to monitor over 100 machine parameters. Add in front and rear frame centralized pressure ports and you can easily test and service machine hydraulic lines.


Hydraulic Service Center Filters (except transmission) Diagnostic Pressure Taps Shunt Tank Fill SOS Ports for Common Rail Circuits main Service Center Ground Level Access Quick Fill / Evac / Ecology Drains Fluid Add / Full Lights Grease Fittings for EEF Components Laptop Power and Laptop Drop-down Table Laptop Diagnostic Connections Key On Switch Electrical Monitoring Messenger (Hour Meter, etc.) Flood Lamp and Switch
*available optional deluxe service center

Bumper Service Center (Located on left side bumper, not shown) Transmission and Starter Lockouts Lockout Indicator Lights Jump Start Battery Disconnect Engine Shutdown Stair Lamp Switch Cab electrical Service Center Breakers Fuses ECMs


neef Service Center Grease Fittings for NEEF Components Diagnostic Pressure Taps

Service Support Caterpillar offers a number of service programs to ensure minimal downtime to your machine. The following highlights some key programs: Product Link Product Link is a state-of the-art satellite technology based product that provides two-way information flow between machine onboard systems and the Caterpillar network operations center.

Multiple types of information can be collected and tracked from machine location and service meter hours, to health and productivity information. equipment manager With a subscription to Equipment Manager through the Cat Dealer Storefront the information collected through Product Link can be transmitted to a computer. With fast, easy-to-access machine information, you can optimize asset utilization, reduce security risks, improve maintenance management and implement before-failure repair strategies. The result is more uptime, lower operating costs and a higher overall return on equipment investment.


deaLer SUPPorT The Caterpillar global network of independently-owned dealers provide world-renowned support to keep your loader up and running. Known for parts availability and technical expertise, Cat dealers are invaluable partners in your business. For the nearest dealer in your area go to www.cat.com and click on Find a Dealer.

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