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25.06.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 6 25.06.

09 Fixed: Lister started via /S=L switch: The exception dialog didn't sho w the stack trace 25.06.09 Fixed: External quick search with tcmatch.dll: Options from MatchGetSe tOptions were only applied to second call of MatchFileW 24.06.09 Fixed: Installer: When installing to c:\somedir, also TC copies starte d from c:\somedir2 were closed 24.06.09 Fixed: Cursor on file in left panel, while right panel shows a CAB fi le which does NOT contain that file, choose "Compare by content" -> entire CAB w as unpacked to TEMP 24.06.09 Fixed: Prevent strange characters from appearing in command line also when user presses just Alt+ one of these: Arrow keys, PageUp/Down, Home, End 24.06.09 Fixed: Keyboard hotkeys in dialog boxes not always working with intern al English texts (no language file) 23.06.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 6 (pre1) 23.06.09 Fixed: Button bar configuration dialog: Don't offer option "show as me nu" for OPENBAR command 23.06.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with option "empty subdirs": Button "Synchroni ze" disabled after clicking on directional buttons when only subdirs (no files) are marked for selection 23.06.09 Added: Main configuration dialog: "Download" button on "Language" page . This button remains intentionally untranslated 23.06.09 Added: Find files: Allow to view a file with F3 also in archives if th e search function doesn't currently search in an archive 23.06.09 Added: Find files: Enable "Feed in listbox" button also when no files in archives were found although that option was enabled 23.06.09 Fixed: Lister, cursor turned off: Search started 1 character after the first in the displayed area instead of starting with the first character 22.06.09 Fixed: FTP connect dialog, ftp log window, check CRC checksums: Moved text 2 pixels to the right 22.06.09 Fixed: Directory sizes lost when sorting dirs by size and switching aw ay from TC and back 22.06.09 Fixed: Couldn't minimize standalone sync started via /S=S parameter 21.06.09 Fixed: While minimized to tray, Alt+Tab window didn't support Unicode yet 21.06.09 Fixed: Installer only closed the first instance when multiple copies o f Total Commander were running 21.06.09 Fixed: Don't show breadcrumb dropdown list while editing the path 21.06.09 Fixed: Key accelerators (underlined characters) didn't work in dialog boxes with non-English characters 19.06.09 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] VistaDelete=1 enables special delete method to recycle bin on Vista and Windows 7: Directories are moved as a whole to the recycle bin. No warning for read only or hidden/system files! 19.06.09 Fixed: FTP via Proxy method "HTTP CONNECT" didn't send "Host:" header in its request 19.06.09 Fixed: Could not delete directory to which a drive was redirected with SUBST, and later deleted while TC was running 19.06.09 Added: Added separate ANSI and Unicode versions of cm_SaveSelectionToF ile and cm_SaveDetailsToFile to create ANSI file lists on NT-based systems and U nicode file lists on 9x-based systems (normally it's the other way round) 18.06.09 Added: Use new Vista delete method via IFileOperation also when deleti ng single files, replacing SHFileOperation 17.06.09 Added: New delete method for Windows Vista to delete to recycle bin us ing the new IFileOperation object, much faster than SHFileOperation 17.06.09 Fixed: Prevent strange characters from appearing in command line when user presses Alt+Shift+ or Alt+Ctrl+ one of these: Arrow keys, PageUp/Down, Home , End 16.06.09 Fixed: Drag&Drop from ZIP between two copies of TC: Subdirs couldn't b e unpacked this way. Now non-empty subdirs can be unpacked

16.06.09 Added: Set location and name of tcmatch.dll via wincmd.ini [Configurat ion] tcmatch= (must contain full path+file name, supports env. vars) 16.06.09 Fixed: Quick search/filter dialog: Don't try to interpret Altgr+Letter s as letters only in Alt+Letters mode 16.06.09 Added: Quick search/filter dialog: Handle left/right arrow buttons int ernally, except in brief view where they are needed to go through columns 16.06.09 Fixed: Browse dir dialog (>> button in Synchronize dirs) didn't set in itial dir on NT-based systems 16.06.09 Fixed: Copying single file to multiple target dirs, or one or more fil es to one selected dir/link didn't work 15.06.09 Added: Manifest: Add new Windows 7-specific section <supportedOS Id="{ 35138b9a-5d96-4fbd-8e2d-a2440225f93a}"/> 15.06.09 Fixed: Uninstall: DEFAULT.BR2 and NO.BR2 were not removed (if TC creat ed them) 14.06.09 Fixed: Ctrl+V was no longer updating the file panels after the file wa s copied 14.06.09 Added: wincmd.ini [ButtonBar] BarLimitLines=<nr> limits the number of button rows in the button bar to <nr> lines (0=unlimited). The hidden rows can s till be accessed via Alt+Shift+F11 and the cursor keys 14.06.09 Fixed: Long names with multiple dots not handled correctly by ToolTip function 14.06.09 Fixed: Don't show option "As Administrator" when trying to enter a dir ectory longer than 1018 characters (the maximum supported) 14.06.09 Fixed: UpdateEnv=0 option wasn't correctly ported from TC 7, so the op tion was ignored 12.06.09 Fixed: When using any translation, the dialogs to configure Lister plu gins and Content plugins showed "Installed File system plugins:" in the text abo ve the list 12.06.09 Fixed: Configuration - button bar no longer showed name of bar 11.06.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 5 10.06.09 Fixed: Delete with option "All as admin", then "Skip all" when a file is locked -> empty dirs which could be deleted as admin were skipped too 10.06.09 Fixed: Couldn't edit Unicode alias commands in Configuration - Options - Misc. 10.06.09 Fixed: Not all comboboxes supported Unicode yet 10.06.09 Fixed: Master password input dialog: Use ToUnicode() to support specia l Romanian characters (may cause different master password than in Beta 4 or old er!) 10.06.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Saving the option "Only selected (in main win dow)" didn't work on Windows 9x/ME 09.06.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 5 (pre1) 09.06.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Disable option "only selected" if one panel i s in branch view (it doesn't work correctly then) 09.06.09 Fixed: Vista: Could not enter certain Romanian characters (to the righ t of 'L' on Romanian keyboard). Reason: They only work with PeekMessageW/Dispatc hMessageW! 09.06.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Better contrast of blue and green text when i tem selected, especially on Vista (use the color with the highest contrast out o f 3 possible colors) 09.06.09 Added: Synchronize dirs: Play user-defined sound for "copy complete" o r "delete complete" when sync copy/delete operation ends 08.06.09 Fixed: Try not to show "out of resources" error if totalcmd.exe unreac hable when loading a dialog with embedded images 08.06.09 Fixed: Buttons with images: Try to support transparent images only on Windows 2000 or newer, NT4 may fail to load image lists 07.06.09 Added: Synchronize dirs: Allow to save option "Only selected (in main window)": If checked, TC offers to save the selected names in a list file 07.06.09 Fixed: Combine files, decode file: correctly handle relative paths lik

e ".." 07.06.09 Fixed: Auto-complete in F5 copy confirmation dialog: Do not expand env ironment variables like %temp% because they aren't expanded when copying either 07.06.09 Fixed: Drive dropdown list icons can cause crash on NT4 with some disp lay drivers -> turn off icons if this occurs 07.06.09 Fixed: Lister: Search backwards with Shift+F3 didn't work in plugins 07.06.09 Added: External quick filter support (tcmatch.dll): MatchGetSetOptions informs dll about quick search options and returns sum of: 1: override internal search, 2: no leading/trailing asterisk, 4: file name with path, not just name, 8: allow empty result: longer search strings can return more results 05.06.09 Fixed: When unloading a control, put released object instance at the e nd of the free list so it's re-used last (to increase stability) 05.06.09 Added: F6 move: Allow to turn off warning which is shown when the user enters by hand a dir name which already exists: wincmd.ini [Configuration] Move ToDirWarn=0 05.06.09 Fixed: Access violation when renaming very long directory (>1000 chara cters long). Reason: UTF16->UTF8 conversion function didn't 0-terminate string w hich was too long 03.06.09 Added: Windows 9x: Pass long names to batch files although command.com is a 16-bit program (but one which is known to support long names) 02.06.09 Fixed: ZIP: Problems with archive having both AES and UTF-8 extra fiel d (cannot pack, extra field lost when adding files) 02.06.09 Fixed: No error shown when user tries to copy file with alternate stre ams to dir with only these rights: create/write files, read, execute (Reason: Co pyFileEx returns false, but GetLastError returns 0) 02.06.09 Fixed: Tree view: Wrong sort order of accented characters when using s orting mode "Alphabetical, including accents" 02.06.09 Added: Installer, update mode: Only install languages where the lng or mnu file was already installed 02.06.09 Fixed: Lister: Could not reach last line after disabling word wrap if there was no scroll bar with wrap, but there is one without wrap 02.06.09 Fixed: Lister: Custom code page selection also had influence on Unicod e and UTF-8 views (font substitution) 02.06.09 Fixed: Lister started via /S=L parameter: Groupboxes didn't have any b order 02.06.09 Fixed: Lister: Do not update codepage menu (custom encodings) while co depage menu disabled (e.g. when using a plugin in full screen) 01.06.09 Fixed: Unload tcmatch.dll when auto-installing to TC directory, otherw ise an update of the quick search dll will fail 01.06.09 Fixed: Drive dropdown list: For width, use maximum width of characters 'm' and 'w', not just of 'w' because 'm' is wider in Arial 31.05.09 Fixed: Delete as admin could still stop after deleting a dir as admin 31.05.09 Fixed: Could not delete junctions to folders if it required admin righ ts 31.05.09 Fixed: Copy+Paste (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V): Execute 'paste' in background threa d because it hangs on Vista when pasting large files 31.05.09 Fixed: Compare by content, hex mode: Replace chars between #00 and #31 by a dot if the char has 0 width (variable width font) or has different width t han default (fixed width font) 31.05.09 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: incorrect handling of minimum size when maxi mizing and restoring the dialog 29.05.09 Fixed: Delete dir with zip in it on one side while that zip is opened on the other -> other side not refreshed 29.05.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, empty dir mode: Right click menu - "set copy direction" sometimes unselected too many files 29.05.09 Fixed: Leaving old style fully expanded tree view could cause access v iolation in tree update thread 29.05.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with encrypted archives not working (wrong err or about Unicode support shown)

28.05.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 4 28.05.09 Fixed: When a disconnected network drive was reconnected, the drive's icon wasn't refreshed in the drive dropdown list 27.05.09 Fixed: Shift+Cursor up/down in drive dropdown list selected file in fi le list 27.05.09 Fixed: Access violation in icon thread when closing TC with open separ ate tree (fix should also improve the general stability) 27.05.09 Fixed: Multi-rename tool, branch view: When sorting by name, keep sort order from main window (sort just by name, not by relative path+name) 27.05.09 Fixed: Function to save current selection could crash with file names longer than 511 characters (e.g. in branch view) 27.05.09 Fixed: Quick filter wasn't removed when user opened a new tab by Ctrl+ clicking on a button (or Shift+Enter in Ctrl+D menu) when command "cd xyz" was p ointing to a file 27.05.09 Fixed: Yes/No button in copy to dir warning dialog not translated 26.05.09 Fixed: Mouse wheel no longer worked in Lister 26.05.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 4 (pre1) 26.05.09 Fixed: Delete function: Don't turn off "all as admin" once the user ha s chosen it, even when deleting as admin fails -> "As admin" option doesn't need to be offered multiple times 26.05.09 Fixed: Delete function: The complete operation was aborted when user c hose "As admin" for a directory, and the deletion failed also with admin rights 26.05.09 Fixed: When AlwaysUnpackInBackground=1 was set, TC always beeped when unpacking finished - now it only beeps if no custom sound has been defined and t he minimum time (default: 10s) is reached 26.05.09 Fixed: Adjust listbox item height to dialog box font height to ensure that all name parts like underscores _ are visible, e.g. in Multi-rename tool 25.05.09 Fixed: Support Unicode characters in file size thousands separator 25.05.09 Fixed: TC no longer noticed environment variable changes (because the notification info was sent in Unicode) 25.05.09 Fixed: (Re-)creation of treeinfo.wc file via Alt+F10 tree could cause access violation (buffer exactly 1 character too short) 24.05.09 Fixed: Drive choose dialog (when drive change failed): Removed black b order around drive 24.05.09 Fixed: File lists: Size of folders lost when switching away from TC an d back even when nothing was changed 24.05.09 Fixed: Shift+F6 rename in tree -> place cursor on new name 24.05.09 Fixed: Shift+F6 no longer worked with normal directories in main panel tree view 24.05.09 Fixed: Tree view: After renaming a virtual folder (e.g. subdir on the desktop), the old name was again shown when trying to rename again 24.05.09 Fixed: F5 copy: Option "Rename existing target file" didn't work if ta rget dir required admin rights 24.05.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with an archive, some files in subdirs hidden via arrow buttons, right click on dir, delete -> all files (also hidden) in this dir would be deleted 24.05.09 Fixed: Beep sound was played when pressing Ctrl+character in command l ine (e.g. Ctrl+E) 22.05.09 Fixed: With TabHeaderThemed=0, the arrows and texts weren't shown at t he exact same position as in TC 7.04a 22.05.09 Fixed: If a packer plugin has the "hide" flag (256) set, then internal tools like the checksum checker or UUE/MIME-decoder take precedence over the pl ugin 22.05.09 Fixed: Windows 9x/ME: Changed sort order "Alphabetical including accen ts" back to how it was in TC 7.04a (underscores "_" first) 22.05.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Make sure that selected folders aren't shown in white when the file background is white too 22.05.09 Fixed: Current path bar: Could no longer switch to server share if in root of server (e.g. \\servername -> \\servername\C$) by modifying the path in t

he title 22.05.09 Fixed: Main config dialog: No more need to close+re-open dialog when s witching between Unicode and ANSI language (except when switching back to Englis h) 22.05.09 Fixed: Sometimes there was a crash in watchdir thread when program ter minated 20.05.09 Fixed: Drag&Drop to breadcrumb bar, hold down right mouse button befor e releasing the left -> breadcrumb context menu could be shown 20.05.09 Fixed: Compare dirs (Shift+F2): Listbox scrollbar sometimes shown at t he wrong position if text cursor (caret) was outside the visible area 20.05.09 Fixed: No help available in standalone tools started via /S= switch 20.05.09 Added: Support shortcuts Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Shift+Up also on completely empty drives (no '..' item) 19.05.09 Added: Compare by content: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CompareAlwaysSav eWithBom=1 forces compare tool to always add byte order marker when saving Unico de or UTF-8 files 19.05.09 Added: Compare by content: When saving a file in Unicode or UTF-8 mode , add a byte order marker (BOM) only when the original file had one too 19.05.09 Fixed: FTP download from list: Still some cases where "CWD" was sent i nstead of "CWD /" (when downloading file from root) 19.05.09 Fixed: Avoid access violation when FTP reconnect failed 19.05.09 Fixed: Uninstaller didn't uninstall some .inc files from the language directory 19.05.09 Fixed: Standalone synchronize dirs: Preview images, icons and their co ntext menu not working correctly in overwrite dialog 19.05.09 Fixed: Standalone synchronize dirs: Overwrite dialog+read only dialog not working when copying 19.05.09 Fixed: No error message was shown when user tries to move files from a n archive with F6 (which isn't supported) 19.05.09 Fixed: Thumbnails view: Scrolling with mouse produced incorrect backgr ound color when smooth scrolling was enabled 19.05.09 Fixed: Lister, different codepage, variable width view: Line breaks we re not always shown as dots when the font couldn't display them 19.05.09 Fixed: FTP connect: By mistake, a red lock icon was shown for sites wi th signed certificate (fix untested) 19.05.09 Added: F5 copy: When copying in the foreground and a target dir with s ame name as the current file exists, show a checkbox to set the option CopyToDir Warn=0 19.05.09 Added: F5 copy: Allow to turn off warning which is shown when the user enters by hand a dir name which already exists: wincmd.ini [Configuration] Copy ToDirWarn=0 17.05.09 Fixed: Lister, search for text: Ignore codepage settings when viewing RTF files, or using a Lister plugin 17.05.09 Fixed: Incorrect handling of thumbnails with Alpha value on Windows XP (error in AlphaBlend function) was causing extra borders 17.05.09 Fixed: Renamed class of Lister back to TLister (so it works again with more plugins) 17.05.09 Fixed: Always refresh overlay icons on F2 or Ctrl+R 17.05.09 Fixed: FTP connect dialog (Ctrl+F): Support multi-character quick sear ch 17.05.09 Fixed: Inplace rename: Scroll renamed item into view, e.g. in brief vi ew when renamed name is only partially visible 17.05.09 Fixed: Reduced length of file description in version info of totalcmd. exe, because it was used by Windows for "open with" 17.05.09 Fixed: Quick filter wasn't removed when command "cd xyz" on a button o r in a menu was pointing to a file instead of a directory 14.05.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 3 14.05.09 Fixed: Internal associations lost their icons when changing colors in the program

14.05.09 Fixed: Hotkeys in groupboxes not working when Unicode (e.g. in multi-r ename tool) 14.05.09 Fixed: Drag&Drop with SingleClickStart=1: Cursor could jump to other f ile when window is scrolled, so the wrong file would be dragged if nothing was s elected 14.05.09 Fixed: Vista only: Drive dropdown comboboxes reverted to drive C: aft er switching away from TC and back 13.05.09 Fixed: Drive combobox: Highlighted item not shown initially (Vista onl y) 13.05.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Deleting files from RAR archive failed 13.05.09 Added: Breadcrumb bar dropdown list: Shorten very long names with elli psis "..." (NT-based Windows versions only) 13.05.09 Fixed: Drive combobox: Width wasn't adjusted to uppercase drive letter s yet 13.05.09 Fixed: Drive combobox: Color border around drive on systems before Vis ta when background color differs from system-default window background 13.05.09 Fixed: Ctrl+V in command line pasted the text twice 12.05.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 3 (pre1) 12.05.09 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Enter key didn't work with the but tons +, - and Pause 12.05.09 Fixed: Search dialog: Increased default width by a few pixels 12.05.09 Fixed: Lister, Hex/Binary mode, Windows 98: Special characters like li ne breaks not replaced by dots if their width was invalid or 0 when using custom encoding 12.05.09 Fixed: Lister, Hex/Binary mode, Windows 98: Selection not working with different codepage when Uniscribe disabled 12.05.09 Added: wcx_ftp.ini [General] KeepMasterPassword= Allow to keep master password when: 1: program is minimized 2: screen saver starts 3: both 12.05.09 Added: Allow to limit width of breadcrumb dropdown list: wincmd.ini [C onfiguration] BreadCrumbMaxWidth=<number> sets max. width in pixels (minimum: 10 0) 12.05.09 Added: Internal associations: Allow to sort verbs via up/down scrollba r buttons or Shift+cursor keys 12.05.09 Added: FTP connect dialog: Allow to rename/move folders via "Edit" but ton 12.05.09 Fixed: FTP connect dialog: Still couldn't collapse certain Chinese fol ders 12.05.09 Fixed: View files with cm_SrcQuickInternalOnly to avoid loading plugin s, view RTF file -> after that, Quick View begins to load plugins! 11.05.09 Fixed: Quick search (letters with search dialog): Ctrl+Alt+S was inter preted like Ctrl+S, so language-specific letters couldn't be entered with RightA lt+s 11.05.09 Fixed: Quick search (letters with search dialog) and quick filter: Pro blems entering Polish characters with RightAlt+Letters, e.g. RightAlt+e 11.05.09 Fixed: FTP details dialog: When user tries to enter master password bu t cancels the dialog or fails, enable the checkbox "Encrypt with master password " so the user can enter a new password 10.05.09 Added: Always use Unicode controls on NT-based systems, don't use suff ix .UnicodeControl any more 10.05.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with archive(s), show "unpacking" behind norma l progress (otherwise the normal progress is mostly not visible for small files) 10.05.09 Fixed: FTP connect, press Cancel when asked for password -> do no ask user to reconnect 10.05.09 Fixed: FTP connect dialog: Drag&Drop not working correctly when items in subfolder start with a space (from previous TC versions) 10.05.09 Fixed: File system plugin interface, same plugin open on both sides (d ifferent subdirs), copy file which exists on both sides, overwrite -> access vio lation if plugin doesn't support Unicode 10.05.09 Fixed: Secure ftp (ftps) connection, no wincmd.pem file -> lock icon w

asn't shown correctly when cert cannot be verified 10.05.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar, BreadcrumbDelayButton<0: When user clicks on a path part, wait 1 second longer until opening the dropdown menu of that path to give user the chance to move the mouse cursor away 10.05.09 Added: Allow to abort opening of breadcrumb virtual folder (like in Ne twork Neighborhood) - unfortunately the Windows error message cannot be suppress ed 08.05.09 Added: Allow to abort opening of breadcrumb subdir if no response for 2 seconds (via button) 08.05.09 Fixed: Icons per file (e.g. .exe, .bmp) not always shown, e.g. when la st access time changed when image extracted 08.05.09 Fixed: Background icon thread: Move SHGetFileInfo out of critical sect ion to make reading from network drives faster with option to get icons from EXE /LNK files 08.05.09 Fixed: Read dir abort dialog could stall for 10 seconds or more when m oved over the file list so an icon has to be re-drawn 08.05.09 Fixed: Aborting from reading a hanging network connection could someti mes cause an access violation 08.05.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Adjust vertical scrollbar width to system width (SM_CXVSCROLL) 08.05.09 Fixed: Alt+F10 tree: Quick search didn't match exact name when search string started with '*', e.g. *test didn't find folder "test" 08.05.09 Fixed: Standalone synchronize dirs (started via /S=S switch): Options like the ignore list or the theming options were not loaded 08.05.09 Fixed: Vista: Show correct icon for files even if there is a UserChoic e registry key pointing to nowhere 06.05.09 Fixed: Increased width of speed limit field in background transfer man ager by 1 digit 06.05.09 Fixed: More places with uppercase drive letter support: Calculate occu pied space, most file operation dialogs like F5 copy, system info, set volume la bel 06.05.09 Fixed: Lister: Selection incorrect when scrolling horizontally while s electing text, especially when moving the cursor up/down some lines 06.05.09 Fixed: External viewer (default hotkey Alt+F3) didn't work on the Desk top 06.05.09 Fixed: Internal associations shifted by one if an association pointed to a non-existing search filter 06.05.09 Fixed: Ignore click on button which opened a popup menu (don't immedia tely re-open it) in button bar, bar change dialogs, change attributes, custom co lumns dialog, and main configuration dialog 05.05.09 Fixed: Error unpacking RAR file from Unix with Alt+F9 (unpack specific files) when archive contained folders 05.05.09 Fixed: TreeUpdateLimit option: Check tree file size before actually op ening the file (via FindFirst) 05.05.09 Fixed: (forgotten from TC 7.0) Drive panel: When a drive was chosen wh ich was hidden with DriveBarHide= option, the previous drive remained selected 05.05.09 Fixed: Couldn't type Russian big letter 'L' (Shift+K on English keyboa rd with Russian locale settings) in command line 05.05.09 Fixed: Quick search with search dialog didn't accept multiple double b yte characters on Chinese Windows (reason: EM_GETSEL must be called via SendMess ageW) 03.05.09 Added: Vista 64bit: Show pseudo-subdirectory "sysnative" in Windows fo lder to allow to reach 64-bit system32 directory 03.05.09 Fixed: Edit comment (Ctrl+Z): Changed length warn limit from 512 to 51 1 characters (limit of 4dos/4nt) 03.05.09 Fixed: Vista, drive dropdown list: Draw closed dropdown list in color "COLOR_WINDOW", not the color set for the file list 03.05.09 Fixed: Reduce flickering when resizing drive panel (only when themed) and folder tabs 03.05.09 Fixed: Folder tabs: Reduce flickering when changing dirs with multiple

tab lines 03.05.09 Fixed: cm_Copy*PathToClip functions didn't correctly convert drive let ter to lower-/uppercase 03.05.09 Fixed: FTP download from list: UTF-8 check was only made with first se rver in list 03.05.09 Fixed: FTP: Send CLNT command only when server either doesn't support FEAT command, or FEAT reports to support CLNT 03.05.09 Fixed: Edit current path while in virtual folder, press ENTER -> do no t try to access a remote server with that name 03.05.09 Fixed: Multi-rename tool, save settings: Leading and trailing spaces i n search+replace were not saved 03.05.09 Fixed: cm_editpath changed the path in the wrong panel when cursor was in a separate tree (only when invoked via hotkey!) 03.05.09 Fixed: cm_DirTabsShowMenu showed the menu at the current mouse cursor position instead of just below the tabs 01.05.09 Fixed: Windows classic theme: Incorrect pixel remain when moving separ ator of sorted header (e.g. date header when sorted by date) 01.05.09 Fixed: Access violation when plugin detect string ended with space(s) 30.04.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 2 29.04.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 2 (pre2) 29.04.09 Fixed: Click on current path while cursor in separate tree sometimes e dited the path on the wrong side 29.04.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Could not remove directories which had the re ad only attribute 29.04.09 Fixed: Alt+F10 tree: typed characters appear twice when there is a dir name with repeated characters 29.04.09 Fixed: Icons in file lists not scaled correctly on Windows NT 3.51 29.04.09 Fixed: Drives not shown in uppercase with option "Always show drive le tter in tab title" 29.04.09 Fixed: Wrong font in FTP connect dialog (in PB2 pre only) 29.04.09 Fixed: Access violation (in PB2 pre only) when the following options w ere set: "Show tab header also when there is only one tab" and "Tabs on multiple lines" 28.04.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 2 (pre) 28.04.09 Fixed: Lister: No auto-scroll to the left when Lister was maximized 28.04.09 Fixed: Quick search with search dialog: Support entering multiple char acters at once via IME 28.04.09 Fixed: Button bar, open dropdown menu with Enter, close with ESC -> fo cus was set on file list, not returned to bar 28.04.09 Fixed: Use GlobalMemoryStatusEx (if available) to get total and free m emory (RAM), to support memory sizes>2GB 28.04.09 Fixed: Speedup saving settings of plugin dialogs for Lister, file syst em, and content plugins 28.04.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, save options button: Replace reserved charact er '=' by underscore '_' 28.04.09 Fixed: Search function, save search: Replace reserved character '=' by underscore '_' 28.04.09 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] ClearListBackground=0 reduces flicke r when changing directories (background isn't erased first) - disabled by defaul t 27.04.09 Fixed: Background transfer manager: '&' character was shown as underli ne of next character 27.04.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs didn't log the deletion of folders 27.04.09 Fixed: Lister could crash when viewing a single file with a name (with out path) longer than 150 characters 27.04.09 Fixed: Alt+F10 tree didn't support double byte input like Chinese 27.04.09 Fixed: FTP connect dialog: Could not collapse certain Chinese folders 26.04.09 Added: Do not auto-save quick search filter when QuickSearchAutoFilter

=-1 (always off) or QuickSearchAutoFilter=2 (always on) when starting 26.04.09 Added: Auto-save state of quick search filter (Ctrl+S) in wincmd.ini [ Configuration] QuickSearchAutoFilter 26.04.09 Fixed: Incorrect drawing of empty space below last line in some listbo xes (e.g. synchronize dirs) on vista 26.04.09 Added: Change attributes: Increased maximum number of editable fields per plugin from 100 to 250 26.04.09 Fixed: File removed from background transfer manager would still show up, although the list length is 0 26.04.09 Fixed: Copy file using compatibility mode: 8.3 name workaround wasn't supported yet (copy file Verylongname.txt then VERYLO~1.TXT gave overwrite confi rmation dialog) 26.04.09 Fixed: Synchronize dialog: Wrong tab order in copy confirmation dialog 26.04.09 Fixed: FTP over SSL: Could not connect to server vsftpd which reported "session reuse required" error 26.04.09 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] DrivesExportUpcase=1 exports paths w ith uppercase drive letters in functions like Mark - Copy to clipboard with full path, and when launching programs (current dir, program name) 26.04.09 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] DrivesShowUpcase=1 shows drives with uppercase drive letters in drive bar, drive dropdown list, current dir, tabs an d to the left of the command line 26.04.09 Fixed: TC was losing focus after file operations when "filebox extende r" was installed 26.04.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with ftp: Abort comparison via Cancel button d idn't always work 26.04.09 Fixed: FTP, date not recognized -> it was shown as '1.1.1601' instead of '?' as in older versions 26.04.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with ftp, abort comparison, start again -> sta rted in wrong subdir 24.04.09 Fixed: Button spacing and tab order in installer (language selection p age) 24.04.09 Fixed: Switching from language with current code page to language from other code page (or vice versa), then closing all tabs gave access violation 24.04.09 Fixed: Couldn't pass paths to previous instance with /O parameter when main program was Unicode 24.04.09 Fixed: Lister could crash if a file was locked somewhere in the middle 24.04.09 Fixed: CtrlArrow=1 not working when auto-complete and auto-append were turned off 24.04.09 Added: Edit comment (Ctrl+Z): Show number of characters to be stored, warn with a beep if the typed text becomes larger than 512 characters, the maxim um supported by some other comment tools 24.04.09 Fixed: Right click on very high tooltip (e.g. when using a very long c omment) could hang TC because the tip window wasn't correctly hidden 24.04.09 Fixed: File system plugins: the command line no longer supported the " cd" command, e.g. with the SFTP plugin 24.04.09 Fixed: Could no longer unpack certain LZH files (cause: additional hea ders) 22.04.09 Fixed: Tabstop headers (Name/Ext/Size...) not shown correctly when cho osing some languages, e.g. Chinese on a Japanese system 22.04.09 Fixed: Drag&Drop to file panel in brief view to the bottom row or belo w, hold down right button before releasing left -> focus could be set on target panel 22.04.09 Added: Make ThreadFindFirst=1 the default: read directory in backgroun d, so user can abort it, e.g. if network drive inaccessible 22.04.09 Fixed: Separate tree, inplace rename (Shift+F6): Select just the last path part (the directory) 22.04.09 Fixed: Speed up the saving of wildcards in synchronize dirs, F5 copy ( second line) and unpack specific files 22.04.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Excluded dirs via wildcards (e.g. *.* | somed ir\) were still synchronized when synchronizing empty dirs was enabled

21.04.09 Fixed: Could not enter double byte characters in comboboxes if the low byte in the Unicode character was 0 (problem with Delphi DoKeyPress function) 21.04.09 Fixed: Lister, using different codepage: Some rare strings (e.g. wcmd_ deu.lng, line 674=) wasn't completely selected (because ScriptItemize split it i nto more than 100 parts) 21.04.09 Fixed: Two separate trees, click on tree in target panel -> title bar wasn't updated accordingly 21.04.09 Fixed: Button bar: No icon shown when path to icon file contained a co mma followed by a number, and the first icon was chosen 21.04.09 Added: Lister: Remember last user-configured encoding, stored in wincm d.ini [Lister] Codepage= field 21.04.09 Fixed: Lister: Disable "Encoding" menu when font set to ASCII/OEM, bec ause that font setting already defines the encoding 21.04.09 Fixed: Lister: Press F7 with some text selected -> wrong search string suggested with OEM/DOS font 21.04.09 Fixed: Right click on folder in file list, choose "Search..." -> Searc h didn't start in that subdir 21.04.09 Fixed: Nag screen: 1-2-3 buttons not bold 21.04.09 Fixed: Nag screen: wrong info shown in case of blocked key 20.04.09 Fixed: FTP connect: Dialog box to confirm entered master password show ed wrong text 20.04.09 Fixed: Win9x/ME: Search function could not restore plugin search param eters 19.04.09 Fixed: Remote ftp list not refreshed when uploading a file to that ser ver via background transfer manager 19.04.09 Fixed: Command choose dialog: Cursor not placed on first match when di alog was invoked via "Define hotkeys" (because of "Default" line) 19.04.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar starts misbehaving when adding first tab/removin g last while cursor over breadcrumb (reason: timer lost due to window handle cha nge) 19.04.09 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: When a multi-byte codepage was set (e.g. Chi nese), clicking on one of the placeholder buttons could insert unwanted extra ch aracters 19.04.09 Fixed: Switch between full view and thumbnails view with some selected files could lead to an access violation 19.04.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Drag&Drop to underlined path part didn't suppor t move by holding down right mouse button before releasing left button 19.04.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Underlines not at the right position for some f onts (e.g. Microsoft Sans Serif, 9) when path scrolled to the left 19.04.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Click on underlined \\Desktop\ hangs for a few seconds, then switches to last local directory 19.04.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Dropdown menu for \\Desktop\ didn't work proper ly (but it worked for special desktop triangle) 19.04.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Avoid that main TC window loses focus when open ing the breadcrumb dropdown list (intercept WM_NCACTIVATE) 19.04.09 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Ignore list: No default ignore list f ile name suggested when adding selected files to list via one of the "Add select ed" buttons 19.04.09 Fixed: Find files dialog, text search: UTF-8 and RegEx could both be c hecked, although the combination didn't work 19.04.09 Fixed: Don't pass Unicode file names to 32-bit rar.exe when packing, i t doesn't work 19.04.09 Fixed: Reduce flickering in file lists, button bar, and some static co ntrols in the main window when resizing 19.04.09 Fixed: Reduce flickering in connection list when resizing FTP connect dialog 19.04.09 Fixed: FTP new connection (Ctrl+N): Auto-detect UTF-8 here too 19.04.09 Fixed: Connect to FTP server: The session name wasn't shown in the tit le bar of the user name or password dialog 19.04.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Access violation when clicking on parent item b

readcrumb bar while dropdown list shown 19.04.09 Fixed: Footer: When a quick filter is active, show the total number of filtered files, not the number of all files 19.04.09 Fixed: Re-packing to subdir of an archive (e.g. zip) after viewing/edi ting a file could cause an access violation 16.04.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 1 14.04.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Public Beta 1 (pre) 14.04.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar, dropdown list: The last few pixels (where the t riangles are shown) would never open the directory when clicking even when there was no arrow 14.04.09 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] SpeedLimitEnabled=1 enables speed li mit when background transfer manager is started 13.04.09 Fixed: Files list wasn't refreshed after cm_SwitchHidSys in archives 12.04.09 Fixed: Do not unload Winsock library when removing last http or ftp ob ject 12.04.09 Fixed: Changed ftp log method (PostMessage instead of SendMessage) to avoid possible problems with threads 12.04.09 Fixed: Command selection dialog: Increase buffer for user-defined comm ands (em_xyz) from 8k to 32k 12.04.09 Fixed: Files - Associate with, define a verb a second time -> last ver b was removed from list by mistake 12.04.09 Added: wincmd.ini [Layout] TabHeaderBoldArrow=0 turns off bold arrow i n tab header (default: same as TabHeaderThemed) 12.04.09 Added: wincmd.ini [Layout] TabHeaderThemed=0 turns off themed tabstop header (Name/Ext/Size/Time/Attr) 12.04.09 Fixed: Left "go to parent dir" button was less wide than root button a nd right parent button 12.04.09 Fixed: Background transfer manager was resized incorrectly (text parts remaining in list) when list scrollbar not at the left 12.04.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Show multiple levels of Arabic or Hebrew direct ories in their logical order (lowest level on the left) - but not when breadcrum b bar turned off 12.04.09 Fixed: Press Alt+F11 while focus already on breadcrumb bar -> Desktop dropdown was highlighted, but down arrow remained under previous path (same for Alt+F12) 12.04.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, delete files on both sides via right click, b ut one file couldn't be deleted -> the file on the other side wasn't removed fro m the list 12.04.09 Fixed: Adapt Ctrl+S button height to height of Quick Search dialog 07.04.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 17 07.04.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Show number of scanned directories also for f tp connections and file system plugins 07.04.09 Fixed: Search function, RegEx search in content plugin field "full tex t" didn't correctly handle line breaks 07.04.09 Fixed: "Edit button bar file" wasn't shown for sub bar files when the name contained an environment variable 06.04.09 Fixed: Renamed the wrongly named key OEM_DE# to OEM_FR! (the key is th e "!" on the French keyboard). It doesn't exist on German or U.S. keyboards at a ll 06.04.09 Fixed: Connect via Ctrl+N, disconnect, confirm to save the connection -> password wasn't stored with master password 06.04.09 Fixed: Hotkey "OEM_+" without any modifiers like Ctrl, Shift etc. didn 't work 06.04.09 Fixed: Press "Home" in breadcrumb bar: Cursor was placed on drive lett er OK, but dropdown button wasn't displayed 06.04.09 Fixed: FTP download in foreground: Preserve file dates no longer worke d 05.04.09 Added: FTP connection dialog: "duplicate entry" now suggests a new ses

sion name in the form "oldname(1)" etc. 05.04.09 Fixed: FTP connection dialog: "duplicate entry" didn't copy encrypted passwords when the master password wasn't entered 05.04.09 Added: "ftp" item in tree and breadcrumb bar also in 32x32 pixels 03.04.09 Added: Let the user turn off the secure password input via keyboard ho ok in case a virus scanner makes troubles: wcx_ftp.ini [General] allowhook=0 -> show open lock icon when it's turned off 03.04.09 Fixed: Also hide tree lines in FTP connect and Alt+F10 when TreeLineCo lor=-2 03.04.09 Fixed: NTFS file system: Do not follow symlinks which point to themsel ves or a parent dir of the current dir in "calculate occupied space", copy/move, search, and synchronize dirs (avoids infinite loops) 03.04.09 Fixed: Ctrl+C in synchronize dirs didn't copy the complete information to the clipboard 03.04.09 Fixed: FTP download from list: Limited number of retries when connecti on failed 03.04.09 Fixed: FTP download from list: Skip to next file if no connection afte r the user-defined number of retries 03.04.09 Fixed: FTP download from list: Ask user for password when multiple ser vers are in the list (without stored password) 03.04.09 Fixed: FTP download from list: Don't try to re-use the same password f or multiple servers 01.04.09 Fixed: Compare by content, hex view: Better handling of variable width fonts 31.03.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 16 31.03.09 Fixed: Press F5/F6 with alwayscopyinbackground=2 set, enter .. as targ et -> question about existing dir was shown 31.03.09 Added: New icons for Ctrl+S quick search filter, sync dialog title, ft p connection dialog, and "ftp" item in tree and breadcrumb bar 31.03.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Only open compare by content if both sides on that line contain a file 31.03.09 Fixed: Copy to UNC root like \\server\share didn't work because of the missing backslash at the end -> auto-append it 31.03.09 Fixed: Master password input dialog: Correctly handle copy, cut+paste (copy+cut only copies **** to clipboard) 31.03.09 Fixed: Changed width of master password strength bar: minimum width=te xt width, maximum width=256 pixels 31.03.09 Fixed: Do not refresh ftp panel when performing a local file operation in the other panel 31.03.09 Fixed: Icons for internal associations not working properly when check ing the encrypted or packed flag 29.03.09 Fixed: Content plugins, packer plugins, lister plugins: Do not pass an y Ansi names longer than MAX_PATH-1 characters to plugins even if the plugin sup ports Unicode functions. Only pass such long names to Unicode functions 29.03.09 Fixed: File system plugins: Do not pass any paths longer than MAX_PATH -1 to plugins, except when they implement FsFindFirstW - avoids possible buffer overflows within old plugins 27.03.09 Added: FTP download later (add to list): Also add encrypted password t o list when using a connection where the password is protected with a master pas sword 27.03.09 Added: FTP download from list now supports passwords encrypted with th e master password. Note that the slash "/" must be replaced by a minus sign "-" because the slash has a special meaning 27.03.09 Fixed: Custom columns view: Could not sort by multiple choice fields 27.03.09 Added: Use same tree lines in FTP connect and Alt+F10 as in main windo w trees 27.03.09 Added: Lister: View individual files with no read rights (read via tcm admin) - text only 27.03.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar, BreadcrumbDelayButton<0: Drag&Drop and auto-ope

ning subdir lists could interfere 27.03.09 Added: Breadcrumb bar, BreadcrumbDelayButton<0: Immediately switch to dir when user clicks on path part for which the subdir list is shown 27.03.09 Fixed: Internal associations, details dialog: Shorten verb name if it doesn't fit 27.03.09 Fixed: Internal associations: Different default icon was shown for fil es with no Windows association than when not using internal associations 27.03.09 Fixed: Internal unzip didn't ask multiple times for wrong password any more 27.03.09 Added: Lister: More characters included in list of non-text characters for word selection 26.03.09 Fixed: Some Lister plugins (e.g. SciLister) could cause a crash in TC due to a recent change with WM_NOTIFY 25.03.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 15 25.03.09 Fixed: Removed TCMDX32.EXE test tool from installation, X64 menu will only be shown on 64-bit windows now as intended 25.03.09 Fixed: Lister: cdbfview plugin didn't work because Windows sent WM_NOT IFY with code=LVN_GETDISPINFOW, but plugin expected LVN_GETDISPINFOA 25.03.09 Fixed: Don't auto-open breadcrumb bar directory list when right click menu, directory history list or hotlist open 25.03.09 Fixed: Drag&Drop to breadcrumb bar: Disallow drop to all other TC part s while subdir dropdown list is open 25.03.09 Fixed: Show error when importing custom server types fails (ftp detail s dialog, host define dialog) 25.03.09 Fixed: Button bar right click menu: Environment variables lost when us ing "Edit linked button bar" and saving with OK 25.03.09 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Misc: Configure custom sounds opened wrong page of control panel dialog on Vista 25.03.09 Fixed: Internal associations didn't work with some programs when verb was set to ** and file contained spaces 25.03.09 Fixed: Internal associations: Icons not always handled properly when d efining %1 as icon (which means that TC should use system icon) 25.03.09 Added: Exception stack trace code added, inspired by uLkStackTrace. Mo dified code available under http://www.ghisler.com/strace.zip in accordance with Mozilla General Public License 24.03.09 Added: When using negative values for BreadcrumbDelayButton, show the dropdown list immediately after the delay (e.g. BreadcrumbDelayButton=-500) 24.03.09 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] BreadcrumbDelayButton=250 sets delay until breadcrumb dropdown button is shown when hovering over path panel 24.03.09 Fixed: Use history to go back to hard link where the target was delete d -> drive not found error 24.03.09 Fixed: Internal associations, edit action, press TAB -> hidden DDE fie lds were accessible 22.03.09 Fixed: Case-insensitive search in content plugins: Search string had t o be entered in lowercase letters, otherwise nothing was found 22.03.09 Fixed: Search function: Couldn't find regular expressions on lines wit h 0 bytes (e.g. in binary files) 22.03.09 Fixed: Do not remove selection when launching file inside archive with ENTER or context menu (it was still removed when archive was on same drive as T EMP dir) 22.03.09 Added: Combine files: Show counter of file being combined 22.03.09 Fixed: Unpack function: Unpacking encrypted file, enter wrong password , then correct one, then press ESC -> wrong password dialog came again 22.03.09 Fixed: Unpack function: Partial file not deleted when aborting unpacki ng with ESC 22.03.09 Fixed: Create CRC checksums in SFV format: One line break too much was added 20.03.09 Added: ZIP packer: Pack files from directories with no read rights (re ad via tcmadmin) - no single locked files supported

20.03.09 Added: Lister: View files internally in directories with no read right s (read via tcmadmin) - text only 20.03.09 Fixed: Use again SetVolumeLabel to set drive label (because OLE method deletes drive on Linux/Wine!). Use tcmadmin to set label on Vista 18.03.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 14 18.03.09 Fixed: Allow to copy files as other user when read access is denied to just that file, and not its parent directory (only when using compatibility mod e) 18.03.09 Fixed: Drive panel not updated when changing from a directory to a dri ve created with SUBST pointing to that directory 18.03.09 Fixed: ZIP packer: Detect duplicate file names when packing, and chara cters are lost in the conversion from ANSI to OEM (e.g. '' -> '>' in Russian loca le) 18.03.09 Fixed: Compare by content, 2 panels above each other: The line count w asn't corrected when using "swap panels", only after resizing or moving the spli t bar 17.03.09 Fixed: Button bar: Button to other .bar file not recognized if path wa s put in double quotes "" 15.03.09 Fixed: Vista. command line: cd d: didn't work if user didn't have suff icient rights to access drive d: 15.03.09 Fixed: Internal associations: Wrong icon shown for empty files with in ternal association icon set to %1 (should show the default system icon) 15.03.09 Fixed: Do not remove selection when launching file inside archive with ENTER or context menu 15.03.09 Fixed: Internal associations, context menu in archive: Do not show "Op en (internal)" menu item if it points to command ** (default system verb) 15.03.09 Fixed: Internal associations, context menu in archive: Do not show bot h the internal and Windows association in bold (doesn't work on Vista) 13.03.09 Fixed: Lister with Uniscribe (e.g. Unicode text): Unwanted vertical li nes showed up in line with selection when scrolling horizontally 13.03.09 Added: Set volume label dialog: Show drive in title bar 13.03.09 Added: Set volume label now allows to set label in tree or separate tr ee for drive under cursor 13.03.09 Added: Windows 2000 and newer: Use OLE2 method to set drive label (sup ports UAC on Vista, notification on Windows 2000) 13.03.09 Fixed: tree: Could no longer expand Desktop when entire tree was colla psed 13.03.09 Fixed: Changed version info to 2009 11.03.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 13 11.03.09 Fixed: When passing an archive to TC as a parameter and a plugin fails to open it, the file list will remain empty -> switch to parent dir of that fil e 11.03.09 Fixed: Compare by content: Context menu not working with exchanged lef t+right mouse buttons 11.03.09 Fixed: Main program was no longer inactive after task switch to other program and back during any file operation 11.03.09 Added: Windows 2000, XP and newer: Try to better detect when the user wants to eject an USB stick, and release it to avoid an error message 11.03.09 Added: Windows 2000, XP and newer: Show drive labels in tree, and use RegisterDeviceNotification to be informed when drive label changes 11.03.09 Added: Use Combobox in F5 copy dialog (options section) for overwrite options, number them for quick access by keyboard 10.03.09 Fixed: Vista: Button bar dropdown menu buttons had black background wh en selected 10.03.09 Fixed: Vista: The default internal association wasn't added to the Win dows right click menu (reason: contrary to older Windows versions, Vista doesn't tolerate 2 default menu items...) 10.03.09 Fixed: Couldn't open "forbidden" drives by choosing e.g. an empty CD d

rive, and then choosing the "forbidden" drive in the "Drive not found" dialog 10.03.09 Fixed: Open "forbidden" drives also via command line, e.g. d: or cd d: or cd d:\subdir 09.03.09 Fixed: Right click menu in button bar: don't show 'cd path' command if there is no start path, and the command doesn't have a directory 09.03.09 Fixed: Right click menu in button bar dropdown menu not working when u sing menu fade in effects 08.03.09 Fixed: Also change font in registration dialog to user-defined font, b ut keep oversize fonts 08.03.09 Added: Support default external association also in packer context men u when using internal associations 06.03.09 Fixed: Overwrite dialog: Ctrl+C only copied very long file names (so a hint existed for the name) 06.03.09 Fixed: Change associations dialog didn't work correctly any more in al l cases, e.g. DDE options couldn't be changed for additional verbs 06.03.09 Fixed: Internal associations: Handle icon=%1 also in archives: Use ico n from "open" command, and if open doesn't point to a program, use icon from sys tem association 05.03.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 12 04.03.09 Fixed: Vista: User name not shown in title bar when run via "runas" un der different user name (reason: EqualSid function faulty on Vista) 04.03.09 Added: Lister: If there is a selection in the currently visible area, F7 now finds the selected text and continues the search from the selection if th e user doesn't alter the search text 04.03.09 Added: Show drive icons in drive not found dialog 04.03.09 Fixed: Font in drive not found dialog 04.03.09 Fixed: Association details dialog shows wrong icon for icon index -1 ( due to a bug/documentation error in ExtractIconEx function) 03.03.09 Fixed: Wine bug in brief view: Cursor wasn't set on current file when left clicking on it 03.03.09 Fixed: Internal associations not working properly (e.g. in context men u) when icon is set to %1, first icon appears empty 03.03.09 Fixed: Clear quick search filter (Ctrl+S) when connecting to an ftp se rver 03.03.09 Fixed: Change button bar dialog: Made icon list a bit higher for highe r XP/Vista scrollbars 03.03.09 Added: Internal associations: Parameter %2 instead of %1 passes all se lected file names at once to the editor (not separate editors) - the editor has to support multiple parameters 02.03.09 Fixed: Could not launch program via buttonbar popup menu -> right clic k context menu -> click on first menu item 02.03.09 Fixed: cd 'directory' in context menu for popup bar not working when i t started with a double quote 02.03.09 Fixed: .ico files containing png images not shown in change icon subdi alog of association dialog 02.03.09 Fixed: FTP connect dialog: Use smooth resampling for icons if size isn 't 16x16 or 32x32 02.03.09 Fixed: User could no longer change the master password via Encrypt - C hange master password 01.03.09 Fixed: Multi-line backwards search for aa\n didn't find consecutive li nes of the search string 01.03.09 Fixed: Change internal association order -> need to clear association cache in file lists 01.03.09 Added: Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert in new style overwrite dialog copies name s and details to clipboard (similar to standard Windows MessageBox) 01.03.09 Added: Support internal associations also in virtual folders if a file system name can be retrieved for the double clicked file 01.03.09 Fixed: Lister: Vertical scrollbar was shown by mistake for all short f iles which had a byte order marker (BOM)

01.03.09 Added: Allow to access NTFS drives with admin rights where the current user has no directory read rights 27.02.09 Fixed: Compare by content: Binary compare no longer worked 27.02.09 Added: Internal associations: Support virtual folders in right click m enu 27.02.09 Added: cm_ContextMenuInternal now supports archives and file system pl ugins, but only for the file under the cursor 27.02.09 Fixed: Internal associations in archive: Enter opens context menu, the n user chooses command redirecting to system association -> app handle not retur ned (TC shows program close dialog) 27.02.09 Fixed: Internal associations: Don't show text "(internal)" behind comm ands redirecting to system verbs 27.02.09 Fixed: Internal associations: Don't show redirections to system verbs (e.g. *open command) in Windows right click menu 27.02.09 Added: Breadcrumb bar: Ctrl+Click on side scrolling triangles scrolls to first/last path element 27.02.09 Fixed: Column header width when using custom columns 27.02.09 Fixed: Lister: Search backwards (Shift+F3) fails after searching a str ing forwards until no more matches 27.02.09 Fixed: Lister: Backwards search didn't start for long files 25.02.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 11 25.02.09 Fixed: Shift+Drop file on button bar to the left of dropdown menu butt on created new button with dropdown overlay icon 25.02.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Double click on [X] checkbox for file marked for deletion changed arrow correctly to 'copy', but didn't set checkbox for any parent dirs 25.02.09 Added: Background transfer manager: Select multiple files with Shift+C lick or Insert key, Shift+Cursor up/down, Shift+Home/End, Ctrl+A 25.02.09 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Focus rectangle not drawn correctl y 25.02.09 Fixed: Compare by content: compensate for line count difference when t he two panels are above each other with the divider not at 50% (will need intens ive testing) 24.02.09 Fixed: Change internal associations: In case of multiple identical lin es in ini (e.g. for the icon), read only first one 24.02.09 Fixed: Change association, change icon, click OK -> icon index was rev erted to 0 if the icon name contained double quotes or env. variables 24.02.09 Added: Change association icon file by typing name by hand: Clear list , show new icons after 1 second or when user changes to other dialog item 24.02.09 Fixed: Change association icon file by typing name by hand, press ENTE R -> icon index was not reset to zero 24.02.09 Fixed: Compare by contents: Copy -> and Copy <- buttons not working pr operly if one of the two files (but not both) was Unicode Big Endian 24.02.09 Added: Compare by contents: Support comparison within a line also for Unicode Big Endian (e.g. from MacOS) 24.02.09 Added: /S= command: Use special icon for synchronize dirs, Compare by content, and Lister 24.02.09 Added: Synchronize dirs: Use sync icon for this dialog instead of TC i con 24.02.09 Fixed: Disconnect ftp connection via right click menu in drive bar -> separate tree wasn't updated 24.02.09 Added: Drag file system plugin root to button bar -> add button with t he icon of this plugin 22.02.09 Fixed: Minimizing TC during longer transfer sometimes didn't allow to restore it 22.02.09 Added: New help topics for internal association list and details, and for the copy/move overwrite dialog 22.02.09 Added: Internal associations: New special internal commands: *open =us e system verb "open" for this file, ** =use default system verb for this associa

tion 22.02.09 Added: Internal associations: When editing an existing association, ju mp directly to the overview page and let the user change the file types there 20.02.09 Fixed: Compare by content: Repeated backwards search of multi-line tex t not working 20.02.09 Fixed: Lister: Only write to ini file when closing when the user has c hanged an option 20.02.09 Fixed: Lister with Uniscribe: Cursor down on line longer than the next could bring cursor two lines down 20.02.09 Fixed: Synchronized dirs: Error message shown (although there was no e rror) when copying empty directory from right to left panel 18.02.09 Fixed: Lister configuration: Option "Font at startup" not saved 18.02.09 Added: Password encryption: Use 3000 iterations instead of 1000 for en cryption key, use HMAC-SHA256 (takes about 2 seconds on Pentium 100, the slowest recommended platform) 18.02.09 Added: Password encryption: Replace AES CBC mode (crypto api) by AES C TR mode (as in ZIP) because of some known attacks to CBC mode 18.02.09 Fixed: .ico files containing png images not shown in button bar config uration dialog (but in the button bar) 18.02.09 Fixed: Right to left language: Button bar dropdown menus had the icons on the wrong side 17.02.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Sometimes a change made via compare by conten t isn't shown in the list (problem with finding the correct file) 17.02.09 Fixed: FTP, define custom server type: Remove leading and trailing spa ces from name entered by user 17.02.09 Added: Internal associations: Get icon from system when user defines % 1 or "%1" as the icon name 17.02.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: use state of Ctrl, Alt and Shift keys at the time when a hotkey is pressed, not released 17.02.09 Fixed: Right to left language: Do not mirror >> text on buttons becaus e this seems to be done by the language already 17.02.09 Fixed: Right to left language: date/time picker buttons were shown at a wrong position 17.02.09 Fixed: Show date/time picker dialog just below the edit box to which i t belongs (both in search dialog and change attributes dialog) 17.02.09 Fixed: Date/time picker in search dialog had no dialog title with inte rnal English language 17.02.09 Fixed: Lister: Adjust position of scrollbar thumb when resizing 17.02.09 Fixed: File comments in descript.ion file: Backslashes \ were always d oubled \\ even when there were no line breaks 15.02.09 Fixed: Watch directory changes: Newly created file (Shift+F4) doesn't appear (it's sorted in at the wrong position). Note that files arriving while a quick filter is active will always land at the end when the filter is removed 15.02.09 Added: Internal associations: Also cache the fact that there is no ico n for an internal association 15.02.09 Fixed: Internal associations didn't work in archives if there was a sy stem association too 15.02.09 Added: Association details - Change icon: Edit box to enter icon index manually 15.02.09 Added: Internal associations: 2 new internal commands cm_ContextMenuIn ternal and cm_ContextMenuInternalCursor to show internal context menu for all se lected/ file under cursor only 15.02.09 Added: Internal associations: When "open" verb is set to an asterisk ( *), ENTER will show a context menu of all other defined verbs 15.02.09 Fixed: Internal associations: When no "open" verb and icon is defined, show the system association icon for the file 15.02.09 Added: Internal associations: Allow to define empty "open" command, to define just an icon and/or verbs for the right click context menu 15.02.09 Fixed: Internal associations not working properly with more than 9 def ined -> needed to change internal storage format of associations

13.02.09 Fixed: Reload internal association icons when icon size or background color changes 13.02.09 Fixed: Use same scaling for breadcrumb icons as in file lists 13.02.09 Fixed: Turn off internal handling of Ctrl+Arrow key movement for Unico de edit boxes, use dummy auto-complete where no auto-complete is needed 13.02.09 Added: Internal associations: The right click context menu now allows to open multiple selected files with "Open" verb only when they belong to differ ent internal associations 13.02.09 Added: Internal associations: The right click context menu now allows to open multiple selected files if all belong to the same internal association 13.02.09 Added: Internal associations dialog: Suggest association of file under cursor when user clicks on "Add" button 13.02.09 Added: Internal associations added to main menu 13.02.09 Fixed: Internal associations: Show default program icon of 'open' verb if no icon defined 13.02.09 Fixed: Internal associations: Disallow to create associations starting or ending with a dot or space, or containing Unicode characters or '=' 13.02.09 Fixed: Internal associations: User could define a verb starting with s paces or a dot 13.02.09 Fixed: Internal associations: User could define 'open' as a custom ver b 13.02.09 Fixed: Internal associations: User could define a verb twice 12.02.09 Fixed: Sorting header: Sorting marker temporarily disappears when Ctrl +Clicking on multiple headers 12.02.09 Fixed: Lister: Byte order marker not shown when switching directly fro m Unicode view or UTF-8 view to Hex view 12.02.09 Fixed: Lister, continue search (F3): Always continue search at cursor position if cursor enabled 11.02.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 10 11.02.09 Added: Date/time picker to search dialog (date from/to) 11.02.09 Fixed: Show correct help page when user presses F1 in multi-rename too l after opening the menu context (F10) 11.02.09 Fixed: LZMA packer disabled by default (can be enabled via wincmd.ini [Packer] LzmaAllowed=1) 11.02.09 Fixed: Added: Internal command cm_InternalAssociate to edit internal f ile associations (location in menu or configuration to be determined) 10.02.09 Fixed: Regular expression part (?-i) sometimes failed in Unicode text/ file names 10.02.09 Fixed: Tab order in system information dialog 10.02.09 Added: New association system: Used for launching programs with Enter, showing icons, right click context menu 10.02.09 Fixed: Compare standalone (parameter /S=C): Do not beep when initial c omparison done 10.02.09 Fixed: Compare standalone (parameter /S=C): Do not show any compare fo rm when the two compared files are identical, and do not save settings 10.02.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Could not switch to a deep directory while insi de an archive 10.02.09 Added: Button bar: Show submenu arrows also in submenus 10.02.09 Fixed: Button bar: Show submenu of submenu at the same position as the original submenu 09.02.09 Fixed: '&' character not shown correctly in master password dialog (wh en showing hidden password) 09.02.09 Fixed: Couldn't repeat search in "compare by content" if the search st ring started with a line break \n 09.02.09 Fixed: Search whole words now considers current code page 09.02.09 Fixed: For double clicking and Ctrl+Arrow keys, use these hard-coded c haracters as separators only: \/.!?- Space, Tab and Line break 08.02.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Do not start editing path in any case when user clicks on any part of the path, only when he clicks behind it

08.02.09 Fixed: Button bar: %T%M was no longer surrounded automatically by doub le quotes when the name contained spaces 08.02.09 Fixed: Context menu in archives: Do not select [..] item when cursor w as on it 08.02.09 Added: FTP connect dialog: Spacebar expands closed folder, and collaps es open folder 08.02.09 Fixed: RAR archives: Very long Unicode names not read correctly becaus e not enough data read into buffer for file header 08.02.09 Fixed: Completely changed handling of byte order marker (BOM) in Liste r 06.02.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Do not show buttons for archives or folders wit hin archives 06.02.09 Added: + and - shortcuts to FTP connect dialog, changed function of le ft arrow: don't go up 1 line when closing a folder 06.02.09 Added: Current path panel: Double click on empty space behind right tr iangle will open context menu now 06.02.09 Added: Vista, list header: Draw highlighted sorted column with separat e style 06.02.09 Fixed: Lister: Still search loop problems caused by Unicode byte order marker (BOM) 06.02.09 Fixed: Could not create encrypted LZMA archive 06.02.09 Fixed: Current path panel: Wrong font when starting TC with breadcrumb bar off 06.02.09 Fixed: Corrected current path width when no history+hotlist buttons ar e shown 06.02.09 Added: Search function, plugins page: Translate regex operator (string 5615) 06.02.09 Added: Search function, plugins page: New operator !regex (NOT regular expression) finds files which do not match the given regular expression 06.02.09 Added: List header: Made arrow at least one pixel longer (depending on its size) 06.02.09 Added: Breadcrumb bar: Allow to browse subdirs with restricted rights if the admin password has already been entered (don't ask user here) 06.02.09 Added: Search function: Search also in "My Computer" and "Network Neig hborhood" when folders pointing to real directories or drives are selected 05.02.09 Fixed: New icon extract method: If icon size between 17 and 23, resamp le 32x32 icon instead of 24x24 icon (looks better) 05.02.09 Added: Breadcrumb bar: Show dropdown button with a small delay, so it doesn't open when the user just passes with the mouse over the panel 05.02.09 Fixed: New icon extract method didn't work well on Windows 9x/ME 04.02.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 9 04.02.09 Added: Breadcrumb bar: When reducing the width of the main window, mak e sure that the last part is shown 04.02.09 Added: Breadcrumb bar: When increasing the width of the main window, t ry to show as much of the path as possible 04.02.09 Fixed: User-defined font sometimes not set 04.02.09 Added: Custom icon for CRC checksum files (.sfv, .sha, .md5) 04.02.09 Fixed: For all dialog boxes which remember the current position: Move into view if the title bar isn't at least partially visible 04.02.09 Added: Turn off LZMA compression if user creates self-extracting archi ve (SFX cannot handle LZMA) 04.02.09 Added: Enabled LZMA ZIP compression via Configuration - Options - ZIP packer (strength 10). Show warning (not translated yet) if user chooses it 04.02.09 Added: Experimental: Internal LZMA ZIP compression (ZIP type 14). Curr ently only Winzip 12 can unpack it. Stored in wincmd.ini [Packer] InternalZipRat e=10 03.02.09 Fixed: Floating point error when creating SHA1 checksum for files >256 MB 03.02.09 Added: Support for 24x24 icons also for file lists and breadcrumb bar

(for folder icon), and when using an external icon library 03.02.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: When the path is too long, leave some space to the right of the path arrow to edit the path 03.02.09 Fixed: Brief view: Auto-scroll partially visible file into view only w hen user clicks on it near the edge of the screen 03.02.09 Added: Support 32-bit bitmaps with Alpha channel in drive button bar a nd drive dropdown list 03.02.09 Added: Support WinZIP 12 LZMA decompression (ZIP type 14) also in mult i-volume archives and encrypted archives 02.02.09 Fixed: List header: Reduce flickering by redrawing only the necessary parts 02.02.09 Fixed: Do not scroll file under cursor into view in brief view mode wh en right clicking on a file (left mouse button selection mode) 01.02.09 Added: Support WinZIP 12 LZMA decompression (ZIP type 14), uses LZMA S DK written by Igor Pavlov (public domain) 01.02.09 Fixed: Move directory with some big files to protected target director y (as admin) -> no overall progress bar was shown 01.02.09 Added: Changed sort order indicator back to an arrow, but a filled one (actually a triangle plus a square) 01.02.09 Added: Allow "Add subbar" and "Edit subbar" also in "Edit linked subba r". However, when the user edits the main bar this way, it's not updated automat ically 01.02.09 Fixed: By mistake, the icon for UUE- or MIME-encoded files was used al so for SHA checksums 01.02.09 Fixed: Compare by content: Copy text from UTF-8 file to clipboard woul d not copy all text when selection started not at first character 01.02.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Changing the path required two clicks when the file panel wasn't scrolled to the top position 01.02.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: The text was drawn on the right edge of the pan el when too long (only visible with some themes) 30.01.09 Added: Made sorting header 2 pixels higher to look better with themes 30.01.09 Fixed: Installer: Version number was no longer shown on the main windo w 30.01.09 Added: FTP: Also show user name of connection in the info line near th e drive dropdown box 30.01.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar scrolled to the left when clicking on down arrow (for the desktop) and there was a left arrow too 30.01.09 Fixed: No mouse wheel support when starting Lister or Compare by conte nt via command line parameter /S=L or /S=C 30.01.09 Added: Search files dialog: Support search for \n and \t also in Unico de and UTF-8 modes 30.01.09 Fixed: Compare by content: No search string shown in search backwards error if nothing is found 30.01.09 Fixed: Lister: Repeat backwards search no longer worked, found the sam e string again 30.01.09 Fixed: Right click on button - Change linked button bar -> dialog was non-modal 30.01.09 Fixed: List header: Moved mini-numbers for additional sort orders one pixel to the left to avoid overlap with some fonts 30.01.09 Fixed: Themed list header: Do not show highlight on sorted column beca use it looks as if the button isn't pressed any more 30.01.09 Fixed: Themed list header: Detect themes which do not support the pres sed or sorted style, and use the normal style with separators 30.01.09 Added: Themed list header: On XP, draw header of sorted column as pres sed if the theme supports it, so it can be found more easily 28.01.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 8 28.01.09 Fixed: Better placement of controls in main window when using themes 28.01.09 Fixed: Compare by content: Hex search for text containing line breaks could sometimes fail

28.01.09 Fixed: Focus problem when using <F5><F2> with multi-core systems (was already fixed in TC 7.04, but not in 7.5x) 28.01.09 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: After closing external compare tool, only upd ate the list (and checkmark) when the file has different size or time 28.01.09 Fixed: Load Crypto API only on demand to make startup a bit faster 28.01.09 Fixed: Wrong font used in FTP details, firewall settings, new URL, pac k files, encode, edit comment. Also fix wrong colors when button font color and text box font color are different 27.01.09 Fixed: Password manager: Some stored passwords could not be decoded an y more (error in MIME decode function) 27.01.09 Fixed: System information: Show CPU details on two lines 27.01.09 Added: Lister: Support search for \n and \t also in Unicode and UTF-8 modes 27.01.09 Fixed: Lister, Uniscribe (e.g. Unicode or UTF-8): Couldn't put cursor behind last character of last line if no line break present, also caused selecti on problems 27.01.09 Fixed: Show button bar submenu in right place also when the button is partially outside the screen 27.01.09 Fixed: Drive dropdown list: Show drive letter one pixel more to the ri ght, because otherwise some icons may be truncated (only with certain fonts) 26.01.09 Added: Draw themed list header - the sort order marker is changed to a triangle (same color as the font) 25.01.09 Fixed: Various file system plugin Unicode functions not working if the plugin had no exported Ansi functions (found while porting WebDAV plugin) 23.01.09 Fixed: Change attributes dialog: Repeated setting of attributes could fail with plugins supporting more than 20 attributes which can be changed -> inc reased to 100, check limit 23.01.09 Added: Installer: Let the user retry when overwriting a file fails -> user can close the running program/open file 23.01.09 Fixed: Installer: Read last install directory from %APPDATA%\GHISLER\w incmd.ini if no ini location set in registry, and no wincmd.ini found in Windows directory 23.01.09 Fixed: Compare by content: Case-insensitive Unicode MacOS backwards se arch for whole words didn't work 23.01.09 Fixed: Compare by content: Case-insensitive Unicode MacOS forwards sea rch didn't work 23.01.09 Fixed: Compare by content: Case-insensitive Unicode backwards search d idn't work 23.01.09 Fixed: Lister: Case-insensitive Unicode backwards search didn't work 23.01.09 Fixed: FTP Connect: Also delete all leading spaces when creating a new folder or connection (Windows doesn't allow to store them in ini headers) 23.01.09 Fixed: Menu bar dropdown: Slightly changed icon and border sizes 23.01.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar dropdown: Size of triangles on the right (to sig nal sub-menus) is now determined by the font size 23.01.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar dropdown: Icons were not centered vertically whe n using minlineheight for larger line height 22.01.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 7 22.01.09 Fixed: Lister, UTF-8 view, search for hex chars F0-FF -> access violat ion because of invalid hex char. -> always make case-sensitive search 22.01.09 Fixed: Redefine hotkeys: Pressing key in dropdown combobox scrolled to that key, but didn't show associated command 21.01.09 Added: Support for Unicode whole words backwards search 21.01.09 Added: Configuration - button bar: New command "Edit .bar file >>" in "Change" menu to open currently selected subbar for editing 21.01.09 Fixed: Compare by content: multi-line searching no longer worked 21.01.09 Fixed: Compare by content: spaces at end not ignored in Unicode files, only repeated spaces 21.01.09 Fixed: CRC check function: Explicitly select item under cursor when li st is activated. May fix selection problems on some systems (not reproducible he

re) 21.01.09 Fixed: Password input dialog: On some keyboards, pressing ~ once would directly insert two ~ chars 21.01.09 Fixed: Compare by content, binary mode: Backwards search could loop en dlessly with multiple matches in one line 21.01.09 Added: System information: Better detection of CPU 21.01.09 Added: System information: Show display adapter name 20.01.09 Fixed: Access violation when starting TC with switch /S=C and two file names (compare tool) 20.01.09 Fixed: Lister: Ctrl+Right shift not working on Windows 9x/ME (VK_RSHIF T not supported) -> use scan codes from WM_KEYDOWN 20.01.09 Fixed: Move file on same drive with F6, target exists, cancel copying -> cursor was placed on next file 20.01.09 Added: Lister configuration dialog: Full reload also when user uncheck s HTML view or RTF view 20.01.09 Added: Lister configuration dialog: When the plugins button isn't pres sed, immediately apply only the following changes: font, line width. A full relo ad is only done while in plugins view and the plugin settings are changed 18.01.09 Added: Windows NT-based systems, Installer: When no wincmd.ini locatio n is set in registry, set it to %APPDATA%\GHISLER\wincmd.ini and store in regist ry 18.01.09 Added: Windows NT-based systems: When no wincmd.ini location is set in registry, via command line or in wincmd.ini in program dir, and there is no win cmd.ini in Windows dir, use %APPDATA%\GHISLER\wincmd.ini 18.01.09: Fixed: FTP connection details: Do not allow to create or rename a conn ection if the target name is already used for a server template 18.01.09: Fixed: Configuration - Copy/Delete: 'Use standard method' wasn't saved when choosing the Explorer method and then the standard method 18.01.09: Fixed: Lister, right click on scrollbar: The following commands were n ot supported: Top, Bottom, Left Edge and Right Edge 18.01.09: Fixed: FTP Connect dialog: It was still possible to create folder name s consisting of just spaces, by entering a name like | | 18.01.09: Added: Re-use MinLineHeight option from main file list also for breadc rumb bar 18.01.09: Fixed: Use string 6201 throughout the "compare by contents" dialog for message boxes and other titles 18.01.09: Fixed: More alignment problems in search dialog with right to left ali gnment 18.01.09: Fixed: Drive bar: Tooltip of neighbor button still shown when a drive had no label 18.01.09: Fixed: Drive bar: Tooltip shown when moving cursor away from drive but ton and back 18.01.09: Fixed: Button bar: button state not always shown correctly for multi-l ine button bars (and more than 2 lines not supported at all) 16.01.09: Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: When current path was hidden and user accesses breadcrumb bar via Alt+F11 and Cursor down, pressing ESC was hiding the path too early 16.01.09: Fixed: Access violation when turning off visibility of current path an d using no themes 16.01.09: Fixed: Tab order wrong in "Encode" dialog 16.01.09: Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: BreadcrumbDelay* ini values didn't work 16.01.09: Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Return focus to file panel when resizing window or changing panel separator position while focus is on breadcrumb bar 16.01.09: Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Check whether a virtual folder is a Drag&Drop t arget or not (via SFGAO_DROPTARGET flag) 16.01.09: Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Don't allow to drop files on "ftp" menu item 16.01.09: Added: Button bar dropdown menu: Always show below button, not at clic k position 16.01.09: Fixed: Button bar dropdown menu: Do not show duplicate separators or s eparators at the start or before a column break

16.01.09: Fixed: Button bar dropdown menu: Do not show buttons which point to th e current main button bar 16.01.09: Fixed: Button bar: Arrow overlay for dropdown menus was shown only aft er clicking once on a dropdown menu button 16.01.09: Fixed: GroupBox labels were no longer translated (except for the radio button groupboxes) 16.01.09: Fixed: cd .. in command line went up two directories instead of one (c aused by bad fix in beta 6) 14.01.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 6 14.01.09: Fixed: Total Commander no longer worked on Windows 95/95b 14.01.09: Fixed: Delay before auto-scrolling file list during Drag&Drop no longe r worked (scrolling started immediately) 14.01.09: Fixed: ContentStopGetValueW function wasn't loaded, so it couldn't be called 14.01.09: Added: Breadcrumb bar, ftp: Don't show progress dialog when loading su bdir, show abort button instead (icon to be determined) 14.01.09: Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] BreadcrumbDelayVirtual=500 Breadcrum bDelayFtp=500 BreadcrumbdelayPlugin=500 BreadcrumbDelayDir=250 allow to set the delay in milliseconds when hovering over the breadcrumb until a subfolder is op ened - separately for virtual folders, ftp, file system plugins, and directories 14.01.09: Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] BreadcrumbSeparator=-3 allows to set the location of the breadcrumb separator behind which the subdirs expand when h overing with the mouse: 0..100: width in percent, <0 : measured from the end in units of line height 13.01.09: Fixed: Command line, "cd" command: Detect and remove invalid construct s like cd . \x or cd . . \x (The dots are counted as if there were no spaces) 13.01.09: Fixed: Lister: Removed F12 hotkey now that Ctrl+Right Shift/Ctrl+Left Shift works as planned 13.01.09: Fixed: Lister: Slightly different line break location of lines in plai n English files between text and UTF-8 mode 13.01.09: Fixed: FTP connection dialog: When trying to protect selected connecti ons with password, warn the user when some connections had no password stored 13.01.09: Fixed: FTP connection dialog: When trying to protect selected connecti ons with password, uncheck all folders (also empty) and show error if no connect ion selected 13.01.09: Fixed: Compare by contents: First character couldn't be found sometime s when searching backwards (binary: first two characters) 13.01.09: Fixed: Compare by contents, search backwards: If search string was fou nd on first line, repeating the search would not report an error that the string wasn't found (search loops) 13.01.09: Added: Lister: Show vertical scrollbar on the left side when right-ali gning right to left text 13.01.09: Fixed: Lister: Backwards search didn't place cursor in front of search text if selection already started at the beginning 13.01.09: Added: New start menu parameters %WL and %WF to pass UTF-16 Unicode li st file (with BOM) to program in button bar or start menu 13.01.09: Added: New start menu parameters %UL and %UF to pass UTF-8 list file ( with BOM) to program in button bar or start menu (like %L and %F) 13.01.09: Fixed: Couldn't immediately abort the copying of many small files with compatibility mode 13.01.09: Fixed: Win9x/ME: Groupboxes as in "Encode files" dialog not translated correctly 13.01.09: Added: Use themed button for breadcrumb dropdown panel. When using the flat interface, the panel is shown with a border (otherwise almost nothing is v isible) 13.01.09: Fixed: It wasn't always possible to abort the counting of files in F5/ F6 functions with ESC, sometimes the function stopped too 12.01.09: Fixed: Log file: User name and computer name were not stored as UTF-8 on NT-based systems

12.01.09: Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Archive with stored dir names: Error about du plicate names was shown if same dir with different case found 12.01.09: Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Multiple directory headers could be shown for the same dir when the dir had different case on left and right side, e.g. TEST and test 12.01.09: Fixed: RAR archive, Alt+Enter on file: Support 1 second precision of t imestamp 12.01.09: Fixed: Main configuration dialog, Copy/Delete page: When "Use standard method" is checked, "Copy directory date" isn't enabled when the Explorer copy method was checked before 12.01.09: Fixed: Main configuration dialog, Copy/Delete page: "Use standard meth od" didn't enable Apply button 12.01.09: Fixed: Wine only: When setting ini location to program dir, the ftp in i file was named "windows" instead of "wcx_ftp.ini" 12.01.09: Fixed: Lister, right to left text: swap left and right cursor key when showing the text right-aligned 12.01.09: Fixed: FTP connection details: User tries to protect password with mas ter password but fails to enter correct master password -> password not saved. S olution: Keep dialog open 12.01.09: Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Changed tab order, so the Load/Save button co mes before the left path 12.01.09: Fixed: Right to left display, copy progress dialog: Mirror Background and Pause button too 12.01.09: Fixed: Change volume name of drive in file panel tree -> wrong name wa s suggested 12.01.09: Fixed: Change volume name of drive in (separate or file panel) tree: H andle renaming internally if drive letter detected 12.01.09: Added: Synchronize dirs: Do not count directories in the footer 11.01.09: Fixed: Wine, Thumbnails view: Horizontal cursor movement didn't work 11.01.09: Fixed: Wine, Thumbnails view: Thumbnails database didn't work on newer versions of Wine (bug in Wine's IStream.SetSize) 11.01.09: Fixed: Button bar: Right click on button pointing to button bar, "Edit linked button bar": ">>"-Button now allows to choose different button bar 11.01.09: Fixed: Length of operators in search function (plugins page) increased from 31 to 48 as in TC 7.0x 11.01.09: Fixed: Quick filter: When in custom columns view with delay-loading fi elds, using a quick filter stopped the loading of delayed fields, but didn't res tart it afterwards 11.01.09: Fixed: Lister: Update title bar when switching through files with n/p also when file cannot be read 11.01.09: Fixed: When AllowSetCursorPos=0 set, the current item was changed whe n the left mouse button was released. 11.01.09: Fixed: Right mouse button Drag&Drop: Show error when target is invalid , e.g. "ftp" in tree, or "My Computer" for shortcuts 11.01.09: Fixed: Lister: Select text, rename file, F2 (-> file not found), renam e back, F2 (->file shown), select -> selection start was at old cursor position 11.01.09: Fixed: Cancel editing of current path -> only set cursor on current pa nel when user pressed Escape, not when he clicked somewhere (caused problems wit h Drag&Drop) 11.01.09: Fixed: Could not Drag&Drop files to virtual folders in the right bread crumb bar (it worked with the left one, though) 11.01.09: Fixed: Some fixes to help (Shortcuts, Lister) 11.01.09: Fixed: Lister: Search text, select text, switch view mode -> selection retained incorrectly 11.01.09: Fixed: Resizing of multi-rename tool in right to left mode 11.01.09: Fixed: Create folder in connect dialog allowed to create empty folders in other ways. Solution: Disallow folders with trailing spaces or empty folders 09.01.09 Fixed: Correct right to left text display also on buttons 09.01.09 Added: wincmd.ini [ButtonBar] PopupOverlay=0 allows to turn off the sm all arrow overlay of button bar buttons linking to popup bars

09.01.09 Fixed: Button bar dropdown menu: text starts too far to the left if sm all icon size set via PopupIconSize, and the frame around "checked" items was to o large 09.01.09 Fixed: Access violation with active quick filter in thumbnails view wh en switching to different tab 09.01.09 Fixed: Another access violation after deleting a file in search result s with active quick filter 09.01.09 Fixed: cm_VisBreadCrumbs state not shown in menus and button bar 09.01.09 Fixed: Button bar: New right click menu command "Change linked button bar" didn't support environment variables 09.01.09 Fixed: Alt+F11 would show the dropdown window under the last opened su bpath 09.01.09 Added: Installer: Only close running Total Commander if in same dir wh ere the installation goes to (only works on NT-based systems) 09.01.09 Fixed: Installer: On update page, click "Install normally", choose oth er language, click "Back" -> language not changed 09.01.09 Fixed: Installer: On update page, click "Install normally", choose oth er language -> translation of "Back" button not changed 07.01.09 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 5 07.01.09 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] AllowSetCursorPos=0 turns off the ju mping of the mouse cursor when expanding a long subdir in the tree with the mous e 07.01.09 Added: Handle Escape key in Autocomplete similar to Enter key: First p ress closes just auto-complete, second closes the dialog (handled via AppMessage ) 07.01.09 Fixed: Auto-install plugins: Failed to create subdirectory in a direct ory with restricted rights (e.g. "program files" dir) 07.01.09 Fixed: Couldn't open multi-rename tool on system with a different code page than the language (e.g. Czech on English system) for the first time (when t he dialog position wasn't saved yet) 06.01.09 Fixed: Ctrl+F FTP new connection with empty wcx_ftp.ini, protect with master password -> TC asked for existing master password instead of new one 06.01.09 Fixed: With active quick filter in thumbnails view, Ctrl+A or NUM+ cou ld select also the hidden files, although this had no effect on file operations, just the footer 06.01.09 Fixed: Alt+F10 Tree, Print, close print preview -> main window would b ecome enabled by mistake 06.01.09 Fixed: Submenu not shown in breadcrumb when moving mouse cursor away f rom line with submenu and quickly back 06.01.09 Added: Allow to inplace-rename files ending with a space to a name wit hout a space at the end 06.01.09 Fixed: Could no longer delete a file ending with a space 06.01.09 Fixed: FTP: access violation when trying to connect when "MasterProtec tionKey_do_not_delete!" key was deleted 06.01.09 Fixed: FTP: infinite dialog loop in details dialog when "MasterProtect ionKey_do_not_delete!" key was deleted 06.01.09 Fixed: Lister, "Save file" dialog: "File types" selection box could co ntain invalid characters 06.01.09 Fixed: Loading editor with Shift+F4 with no file name no longer worked 06.01.09 Added: New internal command cm_ContentStopLoadFields stops background retrieval of on demand or delayed fields in custom columns view or thumbnails vi ew 06.01.09 Added: Installer: Auto-detect previous installation and allow to autoupdate without questions asked. No icons will be created. 06.01.09 Added: Write the following additional uninstall information to the reg istry during install: DisplayVersion, VersionMajor, VersionMinor, Version 06.01.09 Added: When using %APPDATA%\GHISLER and FTP ini isn't explicitly set e ither, use same directory for wcx_ftp.ini too 06.01.09 Added: When no wincmd.ini location is set in registry, via command lin

e or in wincmd.ini in program dir, and the Windows dir is write-protected, use % APPDATA%\GHISLER 05.01.09 Fixed: Linux with Wine: Deleting empty dir "test" with dir "Test" in s ame location will show error that directory "test" wasn't empty and couldn't be deleted 04.01.09 Fixed: Some problems with Drag&Drop to breadcrumb bar: Wrong cursors, dropdown closed when releasing right mouse button 04.01.09 Fixed: Switch from English to Hebrew or Arabic -> rightmost menu item was wrong on e.g. English Windows 04.01.09 Fixed: Move directories requiring admin rights to other dir while they contain a running program -> move operation aborted when directory with that pr ogram couldn't be deleted 04.01.09 Fixed: Copy to protected dir with compatibility mode no longer worked on Vista 04.01.09 Fixed: Do not allow to drag files to title of quick view panel 04.01.09 Added: Content plugin interface: ft_delayed and ft_ondemand fields and alternate text for ft_numeric_floating must be UTF-16 Unicode when using the wi de function ContentGetFieldValueW 04.01.09 Fixed: tcmdx64.exe not always starting on Vista x64 SP2 beta 04.01.09 Fixed: Progress dialog in right to left languages 04.01.09 Added: Right-align also text in editable comboboxes for right to left languages 04.01.09 Added: Mirror also background transfer manager for right to left langu ages 04.01.09 Added: Lister: Support alternate encodings also when Uniscribe is off, will not handle right to left text selection correctly 04.01.09 Added: Lister: Allow to turn off Uniscribe (as TC 7.04a or older) beca use it seems to function incorrectly on some systems: wincmd.ini [Lister] Uniscr ibe=0 04.01.09 Added: Lister: Use digit substitution on Arabic systems according to c ontrol panel settings (cannot be set if default language isn't Arabic) 04.01.09 Added: Lister: To switch to right to left aligned text, hold Ctrl and then press right shift, for left to right hold Ctrl and then press left shift 02.01.09 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Show down arrow button also for desktop 02.01.09 Fixed: Configuration and Search dialogs: Some dialog elements not mirr ored correctly (the plugin rules will not be mirrored because most plugins are i n English) 02.01.09 Fixed: Button bar: Couldn't choose buttons by keyboard if mouse was ov er the bar -> ignore the mouse as long as it isn't moved 02.01.09 Fixed: Button bar: React to ENTER key only when the user releases the key, avoids a beep caused by the bar submenu 02.01.09 Added: New menu item "Edit linked button bar..." in button bar right c lick menu 02.01.09 Added: Breadcrumb bar: Allow to scroll the panel under the cursor with the mouse wheel instead of the last opened panel (will auto-close any child pan els) 02.01.09 Fixed: Drag&Drop to breadcrumb bar: Show dropdown list below breadcrum b bar, not at mouse position 02.01.09 Fixed: Win9x/ME: Error when wcx_ftp.ini write protected was sometimes not shown -> clear ini cache 02.01.09 Fixed: Could not unpack file names containing double quotes " -> conve rt to single quotes ' 02.01.09 Fixed: Lister: Alt+Left/Right arrow switched through the open files in reverse order 02.01.09 Added: Unpacking of CAB files containing Unicode file names 30.12.08 Added: Lister: Replaced Next/Previous file arrows by << and >> 29.12.08 Fixed: Compare by contents, binary mode: Couldn't find text in UTF-8 f iles 29.12.08 Fixed: Compare by contents, binary mode: Couldn't find the first two c haracters

29.12.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Time stamp may be wrong after packing when fi le was edited in "compare by content" or lister plugin (-> re-load timestamp bef ore synchronizing) 29.12.08 Fixed: Button bar: Show smaller icon overlay for dropdown menus when u sing small buttons 29.12.08 Added: Main configuration dialog: Show page selection list right align ed in right-aligned view 29.12.08 Fixed: Control alignment in right to left view in: Change start menu, Synchronize dirs, Compare by contents, Choose encoding, FTP connect dialog, Plug in configuration 29.12.08 Added: Alt+F11/F12 temporarily shows the path panel when it is off (bu t breadcrumbs are enabled) 29.12.08 Added: New internal command cm_VisBreadCrumbs to turn breadcrumb bar o n and off 29.12.08 Added: Use ToolTipDelay also for tooltips in drive buttonbar 29.12.08 Added: Use old style drive dropdown list with separate descriptions pa nel when DriveTipDelay>0 (for slow drives, set this to 2000 ms or so) 29.12.08 Added: Right click on root in drive panel and choosing "open" will now open the root in Explorer as for subdirs too 29.12.08 Fixed: FTP-Logging: Write UTF-8 byte order marker to newly created FTP logfile 28.12.08 Added: Lister: Try to keep last view mode when file has been removed ( unfortunately not possible with RTF) 28.12.08 Fixed: Lister: Garbage shown when reloading html file with F2 when the file has been removed 28.12.08 Added: Show smaller centered breadcrumb dropdown indicator when using the keyboard (looks ugly with mouse when centered under mouse button) 28.12.08 Fixed: Do not clear command line and quick search filter when user pre sses ESC in breadcrumb bar or button bar 28.12.08 Fixed: Warning "Cannot copy file to itself" not shown when using compa tibility mode (CopyFileEx) 28.12.08 Fixed: Do not show licence name (but instance number!) in title bar of progress dialog 28.12.08 Fixed: FTP connection dialog: Show error when wcx_ftp.ini write protec ted also for "New URL" and Encryption options 28.12.08 Fixed: Ctrl+S in completely empty list (e.g. after deleting in search result) could cause an access violation 28.12.08 Fixed: TAR unpacker: Unpacking of links not correct due to Unicode con version error 28.12.08 Fixed: Internal associations not working in archives when there was no system association too 28.12.08 Fixed: Internal associations not working in archives when the name con tained spaces 28.12.08 Fixed: FTP host define dialog (Alt+Shift+Enter): Warn user if connecti on with chosen name exists, don't allow default names like "General" 28.12.08 Fixed: FTP connect dialog: When creating folder, '|' at start means to create folder in root 28.12.08 Fixed: FTP connect dialog: Remove duplicate '|' characters when creati ng new folder 28.12.08 Fixed: Lister, find next: When cursor disabled and nothing is found, s et search position to start/end of page for forwards/backwards search 28.12.08 Fixed: Lister, find next: When cursor disabled, start search at last s election, or if there is none visible, at page start/end 28.12.08 Fixed: Lister, find next: When cursor enabled, start search at cursor pos (not cursor pos+1), except when there is a selection, then start at selectio n start+1 28.12.08 Fixed: Ctrl+Q quick view of directory -> search result on first line d isplaced by 1 character (because of byte order marker) 28.12.08 Fixed: Do not update file panel (and panel title) when it's hidden by Ctrl+Q. Downside: The directory there will become outdated

28.12.08 Fixed: Ctrl+Q quick view, view zip inside zip, leave archives -> Bread crumb bar triangle showed up besides file name 26.12.08 Fixed: Thumbnail cache: Store folders with trailing question mark '?' to have a different name than then folder itself 26.12.08 Fixed: Thumbnail cache stopped working for a certain directory if a th umbnail for that folder itself was stored in the cache 26.12.08 Fixed: Tab order wrong on Configuration - Layout 24.12.08 Fixed: Find files dialog: Right click menu no longer showed "Lister", but instead showed "Rename" 24.12.08 Fixed: ToolTipDelay also affected the time until a button border was r emoved (flat buttons) 24.12.08 Fixed: Don't load menu bar icons when using dropdown menu with PopupIc onSize=0 -> Faster 24.12.08 Fixed: Wrong item in ftp connect and CRC check dialog selected when us ing quick search (bug in Listbox control) -> implement my own quick search 23.12.08 Fixed: Resource leak in breadcrumb bar (dropdown part) 23.12.08 Fixed: ToolTipDelay: By mistake, the lower limit was set to 5 seconds (instead of the upper limit) 23.12.08 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 4 23.12.08: Added: (Experimental) Support for separated Ansi and Unicode plugins. The Unicode plugins must be named <pluginname>.u<extension>, e.g. id3.wdx and id 3.uwdx 23.12.08: Fixed: Do not show directory context menu when right clicking on heade r of quick view panel 23.12.08: Fixed: Only when using double byte locale (e.g. Chinese): Unpacking fr om ZIP in Chinese subdir produced incorrect file names (name start cut) 23.12.08: Fixed: Win9x only: empty .inc files created in TC dir after changing l anguage and opening the main menu for the first time (caused by GetPrivateProfil eSection) 23.12.08: Fixed: Linux with Wine: Could not delete 2 folders with same name, jus t different case, e.g. 'Hello' and 'hello' 23.12.08: Fixed: FTP connect: Changed name of folders section to [|empty_folders |] to make name collisions improbable 23.12.08: Fixed: Changed file sorting methods 0-2 to use CompareStringW on NT-ba sed systems (not available on Win9x) to get similar sorting as older versions 23.12.08: Fixed: Fast flickering during Drag&Drop in FTP connect dialog, too fas t scrolling (changed to 2 different speeds) 23.12.08: Fixed: Make quick filter compatible with these functions: delete in 'f eed to listbox', 'Show only selected', 'Mark newer, hide same files', Delete of files outside of TC+watch dirs 22.12.08: Fixed: Line height in FTP connect progress dialog/CRC check dialog 22.12.08: Fixed: LB_GETTEXT no longer working with FTP log list 22.12.08: Fixed: ToolTipDelay and DriveTipDelay options were ignored 22.12.08: Fixed: Lister: Access violation when file gone and switching to binary mode and back to text mode 22.12.08: Fixed: Drag folder to tree, hold down right mouse button before releas ing left -> right click menu was shown when releasing right button 22.12.08: Fixed: Change start menu dialog: Cursor not set in "Command" field whe n adding first command to empty list 22.12.08: Added: tcmdx64: Allow to add also per extension Explorer extensions to the ignore list 22.12.08: Fixed: tcmdx64: Wrong first item index passed to plugins 21.12.08: Fixed: Ctrl+F connect dialog: show error when delete or Drag&Drop fail s because wcx_ftp.ini is write protected 21.12.08: Added: Breadcrumb bar dropdown: custom-drawn arrows for long lists 21.12.08: Added: Breadcrumb bar: During Drag&Drop, let the underline flash so th e user knows that the subdir will soon open 21.12.08: Added: New style of breadcrumb bar with small arrow panel below bar to open subdirs

19.12.08: Fixed: Synchronize dirs: "Empty dirs" ignored option "Only selected" 19.12.08: Fixed: Opening file from archive via internal associations sometimes l oaded the editor, but the file was deleted before the editor could open it 19.12.08: Fixed: Lister: When file not accessible, Lister switched to text mode, but the max. line width remained that of the previous view (e.g. hex view) 19.12.08: Added: Apply quick filter also to auto-refresh 19.12.08: Fixed: Crash with quick filter and auto-refresh when new files arrived while quick filter was set 19.12.08: Fixed: Files - Change attributes: content plugin parameters like [tc.c omment] can now be up to 2kBytes long 19.12.08: Added: Button bar: Show small overlay when a button opens a menu bar d ropdown menu 19.12.08: Fixed: Button bar dropdown menu: moved option PopupIconSize from bar t o wincmd.ini section [ButtonBar] 19.12.08: Fixed: Button bar dropdown menu: Icons slightly distorted when popup i con size differs from main bar icon size 19.12.08: Fixed: Button bar dropdown menu: Selected items were not shown if the main menu was configured to use checkmarks 19.12.08: Fixed: Define server type dialog: Show saved definitions popup menu at button position, not mouse position 19.12.08: Fixed: Define server type dialog: Some hotkeys not working 19.12.08: Fixed: Define server type dialog: Tab order wrong 19.12.08: Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Also warn about identical left+right path if drive letter has different case 18.12.08: Fixed: Couldn't open Explorer via "Explore" command in root any more 17.12.08: Fixed: FTP connect dialog: Drag&Drop of connection out of folder to ro ot could still show "encrypted" icon by mistake if the connection appeared at th e end of the list 17.12.08: Fixed: FTP connect dialog: Show warning when the user has selected onl y folders and wants to change the password for these 17.12.08: Fixed: CRC check: Using hotkeys to jump to a line not working when the checked file was larger than 1 MB 17.12.08: Fixed: Lister: Wrong selection after putting cursor somewhere in text, and then switching to different mode (e.g. text->binary) 17.12.08: Fixed: Lister: Access violation in binary or hex mode when selecting t ext and jumping to end (Ctrl+End) with different codepage (Uniscribe) 17.12.08: Fixed: Ctrl+E (previous in command line): Loop when a name was part of another, longer name -> not all history items shown 17.12.08: Fixed: Increased default width of plugin configuration dialog 17.12.08 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 3a 17.12.08: Fixed: Win9x/ME: Disable watch dirs options in configuration because t he corresponding functions don't exist anyway 17.12.08: Fixed: Win9x/ME: Font in custom message dialog (e.g. to confirm deleti ng of read-only files) was bold by mistake 17.12.08: Fixed: Couldn't load a lot of settings on Windows 9x/ME. Reason: GetPr ivateProfileSection simply fails with buffers >32767! 16.12.08 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 3 16.12.08: Fixed: Lister: Auto right-scroll right-aligned text in lister when swi tching through multiple right-aligned files with n/p 16.12.08: Added: Code to detect OEM Russian file names in zip files marked as cr eated by Windows 16.12.08: Fixed: Win32-style tooltips for files: Curr. names not shown when usin g user-defined tips (e.g. with content plugins) 16.12.08: Fixed: Chinese and Korean not shown correctly in list and page titles of main configuration dialog, but only when Chinese or Korean is the default lan guage 16.12.08: Added: Shadows to breadcrumb bar dropdowns 15.12.08: Added: Ctrl+Shift+S restores last-used quick filter

15.12.08: Added: Ctrl+S always goes directly into quick filter mode 15.12.08: Fixed: cm_SwitchX64Redirection not working properly (needed restart of TC to turn redirection back on) 15.12.08: Fixed: Linux with Wine: Don't use Uniscribe, Wine doesn't seem to impl ement it yet 15.12.08: Fixed: Linux with Wine: Synchronize dirs didn't erase the list backgro und when no items in list 15.12.08: Fixed: F7 mkdir: Select directory name manually (Wine doesn't seem to select the name) 15.12.08: Fixed: Beep in Lister when scrolling through some Unicode files 15.12.08: Added: tcmdx64: Support per extension context menu extensions (e.g. .a vi) and folder extensions. A mix of extensions (e.g. avi and mpg) isn't supporte d 15.12.08: Fixed: Choose command dialog, em_xyz user commands: Unicode in comment field (e.g. from a Unicode program) not shown correctly 15.12.08: Fixed: cm_rereadsource received from outside while file system plugin list shown -> quick filter not removed properly 15.12.08: Fixed: No .exe icons in Search - Feed to listbox 15.12.08: Fixed: Alt+Enter on file system plugins in Network Neighborhood no lon ger worked 14.12.08: Added: Breadcrumb bar: Support for Windows Vista directory hard links 14.12.08: Added: Button bar as menu: User-defined icon size for subbar. (Edit: N ow in wincmd.ini) Example: wincmd.ini [Buttonbar] PopupIconSize=24 14.12.08: Fixed: Button bar: Cache not working properly since the addition of me nu-style subbars 14.12.08: Added: Increased maximum content plugin value size which can be set vi a Files->Change attributes to 2 kBytes-1 (the max. which can be retrieved) 14.12.08: Fixed: Drag&Drop of OLE objects from non-unicode source (e.g. TC 7.0x from ZIP) failed 14.12.08: Fixed: Change of quick filter (Ctrl+S) in thumbnails view stopped load ing the thumbnails 14.12.08: Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Dropdown of Network Neighborhood had no file sy stem plugin icons 14.12.08: Fixed: Close Quick View panel when user chooses a directory from direc tory hotlist or history in that panel 14.12.08: Added: New internal cm_SrcHideQuickView (also with Left and Right) to turn quick view panel off 14.12.08: Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: No FTP directory progress dialog shown when cac hing turned off 14.12.08: Fixed: Dual monitors: Breadcrumb bar: Make sure that ftp directory pro gress dialog is always on the same screen as the current breadcrumb panel 14.12.08: Fixed: Dual monitors: Files - Change attributes - tc-Comments >> -> E dit dialog always on primary screen 14.12.08: Fixed: Change button bar button: Icon not taken from em_xyz commands 12.12.08: Fixed: Synchronize dirs, right click, delete on both sides, Cancel bot h -> selection lost 12.12.08: Fixed: Vista: Show split arrow/wait cursor while waiting for Network N eighborhood instead of full wait cursor 12.12.08: Added: Re-use thread when using ThreadFindFirst option and thread does n't hang 12.12.08: Fixed: Synchronize dirs, right click, copy file attributes: Buttons an d checkboxes overlapped 12.12.08: Fixed: No state information shown for cm_SwitchX64Redirection (e.g. in button bar) 12.12.08: Fixed: Button bar config: Disable minimized/maximized checkboxes for n umeric values 12.12.08: Fixed: Lister: switch from text mode to multimedia and back -> selecti on start no longer at text cursor position 12.12.08: Fixed: Alt+Shift+F4 opened same dialog as Shift+F4, but closed TC when the dialog was closed

12.12.08: Added: Support Shift+F10 hotkey in button bar 12.12.08: Added: When using Alt for quick search, do not react to Alt+Space (sys tem menu) 12.12.08: Fixed: FTP Connection details: Do not allow user to enter pipe symbol | at start or end of name (has special meanings) 12.12.08: Added: FTP Connect dialog: Drag&Drop multiple connection in one operat ion 12.12.08: Fixed: Show help page in Shift+F5/F6 when user presses F1 12.12.08: Fixed: Internal associations via [Associations] not working inside arc hives 12.12.08: Fixed: Internal associations via [Associations] section in wincmd.ini didn't work with double quotes around program 12.12.08: Fixed: Overwrite dialog: Wrong version information shown 12.12.08: Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Give more space for checkbox "Empty subdirs" for translations 12.12.08: Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Reset subdir open timer when user moves cursor to other line 12.12.08: Fixed: Drag&Drop didn't work to breadcrumb when dir of that panel show ed virtual folder like the Network Neighborhood 11.12.08 Added: Speedup of loading Folder tabs, histories etc. at startup and C trl+D menu by using GetPrivateProfileSection 10.12.08 Fixed: Vista: Could no longer enter "forbidden" directories requiring admin rights. Reason: Faulty check for reparse points 10.12.08 Added: FTP, HTTP CONNECT or SOCKS firewall, passive mode: When server reports a local address like 192.168.*.*, use original server name for data conn ection 10.12.08 Added: FTP, no firewall, passive mode: When server reports a local add ress like 192.168.*.*, use IP address of command connection for data connection 10.12.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs ignored option ResolutionSpecific=0 in wincmd. ini when started via /S=S switch 10.12.08 Fixed: Unicode characters in Totalcmd program name not allowed, shows virus warning 10.12.08 Added: Save states of breadcrumb and history/hotlist buttons also when current path is disabled 10.12.08 Added: Spacebar on folder in ftp connect dialog opens/closes this fold er. Also fixes problem with multiple selected items 10.12.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Inform the user why a directory containing fi les/subdirs will not be deleted if the files/dirs aren't selected too 10.12.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Changing selection with Shift+Spacebar (defau lt direction) didn't update the selection of depending files 10.12.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Changing selection with Spacebar updated the selection of depending files, but didn't refresh the list 10.12.08 Fixed: Button bar: Hotkeys for internal commands were shown when there was no .inc file for the selected language 10.12.08 Fixed: Current path to the left of the command line didn't update its window title in Unicode version 10.12.08 Fixed: FTP connect: Connection disappears from list when dragging out of a folder to the root of the list 10.12.08 Fixed: FTP connect: Wrong icons (e.g. FTPS instead of FTP) after dragg ing connections to other folder 10.12.08 Fixed: Ugly folder icons in FTP connect when using 32x32 icons. Connec tion icons will be changed later 10.12.08 Fixed: Copy/Move: Shift+F5/Shift+F6 not supporting local copying/movin g when other panel showed ftp connection 10.12.08 Fixed: Separate tree: Show inplace rename edit, rename dir (or cancel) , turn off separate tree -> access violation (because inplace edit was deleted) 10.12.08 Fixed: Ctrl+Z edit comment: Comment line could exceed 4096 characters when there were too many backslashes (which would be stored as \\) 10.12.08 Fixed: Ctrl+Z edit comment: Line breaks not saved correctly when there were too many backslashes in the text

10.12.08 Fixed: When switching to text mode when a RTF file cannot be found any more, the menu still had Image/Multimedia checked 09.12.08 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 2 09.12.08 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Show own default folder icons instead of Window s default icons 09.12.08 Fixed: Search function: Saving of multiple choice options (e.g. TC - f ile type) failed 09.12.08 Fixed: Tcmdx64: Send message to execute command in separate thread, so TC will not hang 09.12.08 Fixed: Tcmdx64: Vista: Properties dialog not working at all. Reason: N eeds message loop! 09.12.08 Fixed: Tcmdx64: Vista: true color icons with alpha channel had black b ackground 08.12.08 Fixed: Support unpacking of special zip files with stored data and CRC at end 07.12.08 Fixed: Moved SetVolumeLabel to its own thread, this seems to fix the h uge delays of the function 07.12.08 Fixed: Lister: Selection and search results sometimes wrong in first l ine of file if Unicode or Utf-8 text starts with byte order marker 07.12.08 Fixed: Various changelog typos corrected 07.12.08 Fixed: Right click context menu for directories: Could not start some antivirus programs like Kaspersky. Reason: They report "Open" as their function "verb"! 07.12.08 Fixed: Avoid heavy flickering of entire window when dropping a file wh ile a separate tree is open 07.12.08 Fixed: Separate tree: Sometimes more than one directory in tree could have "open" status after aborting Drag&Drop 07.12.08 Fixed: Separate tree: Copy directory within tree would sometimes take wrong rename mask, and show wrong "from" name from file list 07.12.08 Fixed: Alt+'+' and Alt+'-' no longer worked when using Alt+letters for quick search -> these two and all user-defined hotkeys with alt take precedence 07.12.08 Fixed: FTP connect: Couldn't set ftp master password if initial passwo rd creation process was aborted 07.12.08 Fixed: History: Could not open ftp session in new tab if the session h as been closed 07.12.08 Fixed: Button bar: Convert separator via right click menu to line brea k (-2) -> icons were displaced 07.12.08 Fixed: Folder tabs: Switch from other tab to ftp tab didn't restore ta b options like brief/full mode 07.12.08 Fixed: Lister plugins for folders like visualdirsize stopped working ( reason: no trailing backslash \ after dir name!) 07.12.08 Fixed: Event log plugin stopped working. Reason: local file name chang ed during download! 07.12.08 Added: Button bar change dialog, new submenu instead of "Insert bar" b utton 07.12.08 Added: Lister: <- and -> buttons in menu bar when there are multiple f iles loaded 07.12.08 Added: Quick filter: Do not remove after file operations, only when ch anging dirs or manual refresh 07.12.08 Added: Breadcrumb bar: Increased time the cursor must stay on the gray part until the submenu is opened from 250 to 500 ms for ftp connections and fil e system plugins 07.12.08 Fixed: Multi-rename tool, string 6605 (translations only): Remove unde rline from second counter [C] button to avoid duplicate hotkey 07.12.08 Fixed: Separate tree: Close inplace edit when panel is scrolled vertic ally 07.12.08 Fixed: Various controls used wrong right to left text output in right to left mode 07.12.08 Fixed: Lister: Click in right to left-aligned text (F12) jumped to wro

ng character if scrollbar not at right end 07.12.08 Fixed: Renaming directories was logged twice 05.12.08 Fixed: Ctrl+Q on archives didn't show descript.ion/readme.txt etc, jus t a '?' 05.12.08 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Ugly default for icons for 24x24 and 32x32 icon sizes 05.12.08 Fixed: Quick search not working any more in CRC check dialog 05.12.08 Fixed: F5 or F6, user gives ".." as target -> TC asks needlessly wheth er the user wants to copy to the existing parent directory 05.12.08 Fixed: Ctrl+F - Edit - Encoding type wasn't loaded completely 05.12.08 Fixed: FTP: SetUID,SetGID,Sticky bits not detected when execute flag n ot set (letters are shown in uppercase then) 05.12.08 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Click on virtual folder for which there was alr eady shown the submenu just closed the menu without switching to that folder 05.12.08 Fixed: Lister, right to left text: hyphens and numbers were sorted inc orrectly. Need to set option fLegacyBidiClass to treat + and - as neutral charac ters 05.12.08 Fixed: Problems with font smoothing in breadcrumb bar 05.12.08 Fixed: Tcmdx64: No submenu shown for WinRAR. Reason: This extension do esn't implement ICONTEXTMENU2! 05.12.08 Fixed: Drive bar: Line with volume label, free and total space was no longer themed on XP/Vista 05.12.08 Added: Speedup of shutdown by writing only changed numeric values to w incmd.ini 05.12.08 Added: Speedup of F7 mkdir on systems with slow virus scanner or slow drive with wincmd.ini (store history with WritePrivateProfileSection) 04.12.08 Fixed: Packer encryption not working on Windows versions older than XP 04.12.08 Fixed: Drag&Drop from archive to Explorer no longer worked (error in U nicode support) 04.12.08 Added: Multi-rename tool: When opened via a button MULTIRENAME <saveds ettings>, show the name of the settings in the settings combobox on the right 04.12.08 Fixed: F7 create dir failed to create directories with certain charact ers in "no write" directories 04.12.08 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Couldn't change ftp directories if the file pan el didn't already show the content of that server 04.12.08 Added: Breadcrumb bar: Open FTP connection dialog when user chooses \f tp from list 03.12.08 Fixed: Current path panel didn't have the window caption value set, so couldn't be read by external programs 03.12.08 Fixed: Button bar, change single button dialog: Checkbox "as menu" for .bar files not translated 03.12.08 Added: Inplace rename (Shift+F6): Use same function to select name par ts as in F5 dialog when name contains a backslash (e.g. in tree) 03.12.08 Fixed: F2 in Lister RTF mode when file no longer exists -> blank scree n, even when file exists again later -> show as text 03.12.08 Fixed: Left Drag&Drop file on status bar with right mouse button press ed copied instead of moving the file 03.12.08 Fixed: Confirmation dialog when deleting multiple non-empty dirs: Down arrow jumped to last button instead of next 03.12.08 Fixed: Ctrl+F connect dialog: Inform user that he needs to delete conn ections in a folder before he can delete the folder itself 03.12.08 Fixed: Ctrl+F connect dialog: Don't try to save default connection if there are no connections at all 03.12.08 Fixed: Ctrl+F connect dialog: Allow to delete multiple selected connec tions 03.12.08 Fixed: F5 in separate tree copied without confirmation if the option M isc-Confirm-Before Drag&Drop was unchecked 03.12.08 Fixed: Lister: Text search didn't find all strings any more (problems with code page handling) 03.12.08 Fixed: Lister: Access violation when selecting text in the middle of a

long text file and then scrolling to the beginning (only when Uniscribe was use d) 03.12.08 Fixed: Drive bar: Two hints were shown on top of each other, Delphi hi nts (Ansi) and TC hints (Unicode) 03.12.08 Fixed: Drive dropdown list: Incorrect width when a user hint for the n etwork neighborhood (\) was defined 03.12.08 Fixed: Drive dropdown list (Alt+F1/Alt+F2): Harddisk icon was shown fo r all drives with a custom drive hint 03.12.08 Added: Breadcrumb bar: Shift+Click opens dir in new tab 03.12.08 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Show hidden/system files option was ignored 03.12.08 Added: Breadcrumb bar: Can be turned off via Configuration - Layout 03.12.08 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Clicks were ignored also in file panel when qui ck view open in other panel 03.12.08 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Turn off when showing quick view contents (Ctrl +Q) 03.12.08 Added: Breadcrumb bar: Show down arrow instead of backslash, not in th e middle of the path name 03.12.08 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Right click on darker part acted like a left cl ick 02.12.08 Fixed: FTP connect dialog: List index out of bounds error when clickin g in empty ftp server list 02.12.08 Fixed: Lister: Search in RTF files stopped completely 02.12.08 Fixed: FTP connect dialog: change cursor only when it has been moved t o a different line 02.12.08 Fixed: FTP connect dialog: use move cursor instead of copy cursor for Drag&Drop 02.12.08 Fixed: Ctrl+F FTP connect: start Drag&Drop anywhere in the connection list, not only over the icons 02.12.08 Fixed: cd %$ProgramFiles% no longer worked (the correct command would be cd %ProgramFiles%) 02.12.08 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Sort order different than in main file list (es pecially underscores) 02.12.08 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar crashed for paths longer than 511 characters 02.12.08 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar didn't allow to change dirs when they were longe r than 259 characters 02.12.08 Fixed: Name part selection with F5 in F5-copy dialog didn't work corre ctly with names longer than 259 characters 02.12.08 Fixed: Lister: When showing right to left text right aligned with F12, move scrollbar to far right when switching line wrap on/off (W) 02.12.08 Fixed: Lister: Search would sometimes remain forever at 99% if file si ze changed during search 02.12.08 Fixed: Slow double click on [..] in file list would open it for renami ng by mistake 02.12.08 Fixed: Failed to create directory if the path length was between 248 a nd 259 characters. Seems to require \\?\ prefix as for longer paths 02.12.08 Fixed: ShowParentDirInRoot was ignored 02.12.08 Fixed: OPENTABS command no longer worked 02.12.08 Fixed: Second separate tree was sometimes created empty 02.12.08 Fixed: Changed quick search filter to Ctrl+S, which can be used also f rom main window now even when using a different quick search method without sear ch dialog 02.12.08 Fixed: Access violation in Drag&Drop when switching to other program ( e.g. alt+tab) but then moving the cursor over a Total Commander file panel 02.12.08 Fixed: Button bar: Keep cursor on last button when closing button cont ext menu with ESC 02.12.08 Fixed: Button bar: Place button submenu on button also when invoked vi a keyboard 02.12.08 Fixed: When resizing TC to very narrow width, limit button bar height to space above bottom panel (command line and function buttons) 02.12.08 Fixed: Changed minimum height of ftp connect dialog so the help button

is always visible 02.12.08 Fixed: Access violation when trying to protect all/selected ftp passwo rds with master password 02.12.08 Added: Show encoding icon for *.sha files if they aren't associated wi th any other program 02.12.08 Fixed: Store user associations in section [Associations] instead of se ction [Extensions], which was already used for lister 01.12.08 Release Total Commander 7.50 Beta 1 01.12.08 Added: Unicode support in Lister for RTF and BMP files 01.12.08 Fixed: Could not delete directories from ZIP where the subdirs were st ored with backslashes instead of forward slashes 01.12.08 Fixed: Could not rename files in ZIP where the subdirs were stored wit h backslashes instead of forward slashes (the zip standard) 30.11.08 Added: Lister: Unicode support in names of codepages 30.11.08 Added: Make a backup of the password manager master protection key in wincmd.ini [ProtectionKeyBackup]. If the key has changed, append new key to back up and keep old 28.11.08 Fixed: ZIP packer no longer worked on Windows 95 original because wcmz ip32.dll depended on non-existing msvcrt.dll 28.11.08 Added: Lister: Uniscribe support also on Windows 9x/ME if Internet Exp lorer 5 or newer is installed 26.11.08 Added: Lister: Uniscribe support also for Text, Hex and Binary mode wh en using font encoding override, to support encodings like KOI8-R 26.11.08 Added: Lister: Let the user override the codepage of the current font via a new "Encoding" menu 25.11.08 Added: Lister: Use double-buffering via a bitmap for drawing text via Uniscribe to reduce flickering 25.11.08 Added: Lister: Uniscribe support also for Text mode when using an Arab ic or Hebrew font script 23.11.08 Added: Lister: Uniscribe support for Unicode and Utf-8 to show Arabic and Hebrew texts correctly. F12 switches between left- and right-aligned text 23.11.08 Added: Warn user when he tries to pack Unicode names to a packer plugi n which doesn't support them. Allow to skip, skip all, or abort operation 21.11.08 Added: Also copy NTFS streams of directories in normal copy function a nd synchronize dirs 21.11.08 Added: Synchronize dirs: Copy timestamp of newly created directories w hen synchronizing two file system directories 19.11.08 Added: Show drive icons also in drive dropdown list. Can be turned off via wincmd.ini [Configuration] IconsInDriveList=0 19.11.08 Added: Made directory combobox (Alt+F1/F2) owner-drawn, hints are now part of the combobox 18.11.08 Fixed: TC closed with locked tab, then started with parameter /L= or / R= -> locked tab converted by mistake to "Locked, but directory changes allowed" 18.11.08 Fixed: F5 copy: Auto-rename target didn't support "as admin" option, a nd didn't show error if renaming failed 18.11.08 Added: Synchronize dirs: Show selected dirs in a slightly different co lor 18.11.08 Added: Synchronize dirs: Also remove empty dirs when deleting selected via right click menu, and the option "empty dirs" is checked 16.11.08 Fixed: Win32-style tips: Name not shown even if it was truncated when the cursor is moved from behind over the time field only 16.11.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Directory of a file could be shown below the file if the file was on the first line 16.11.08 Fixed: Delete file with F8/Del while nothing is selected, but abort de leting -> file remained selected 16.11.08 Fixed: Lister: Better positioning of cursor when clicking in UTF-8 or Unicode text 16.11.08 Added: Support tabstops in Lister also for UTF-8 files 16.11.08 Added: Unpack TAR, ARJ and LZH archives with Unicode archive name and/

or to Unicode directory (although these archives cannot contain files with Unico de names) 16.11.08 Added: Synchronize dirs: When using "Copy file properties" and the res ulting files are the same, remove copy direction error and show equal or unequal sign 16.11.08 Fixed: Show - Vertical arrangement: Cursor sometimes outside of the vi sual area when active panel height reduced, and then using Search - Feed to list box 16.11.08 Fixed: Unregistered version: Start TC, switch to other program while n ag screen is up, then click on TC icon in task bar -> TC is activated instead of the NAG screen 16.11.08 Fixed: TC in Systray, right click on icon, right click again, press Al t+Enter -> Access violation 14.11.08 Added: Configuration - Options - Misc: Press hotkey on key dropdown li st to select the right key 14.11.08 Added: More keys for hotkeys in Configuration - Options - Misc 14.11.08 Added: Compare by contents: Swap panels option (right click menu) allo ws to swap the two panels even while editing 14.11.08 Fixed: Compare by contents: Do not allow to change encoding when in ed it mode and text has been changed 14.11.08 Fixed: Re-pack file to archive after editing: Do not convert archive n ame to 8.3 form because it doesn't work with certain Samba drives 14.11.08 Fixed: Icon extract function: Couldn't load icon if no "defaulticon" r egistry entry, and path from "command" entry contained spaces, but wasn't surrou nded by double quotes, e.g. c:\some path\program.exe %1 14.11.08 Fixed: Files - Associate - Edit type - >> didn't add double quotes "" around program if the path contained spaces 13.11.08 Fixed: Global atom bug from http://buglist.jrsoftware.org/generated/en try0686.htm 12.11.08 Added: Pressing ESC while quick search filter is active removes the fi lter 12.11.08 Added: Use CopyFileEx copy method (compatibility mode) by default for all copy operations on NT-based systems now. Can be controlled in ConfigurationOptions-Copy/Delete 12.11.08 Added: Offer "Append" option also when using compatibility mode, by us ing internal copy method when "Append" is chosen 12.11.08 Fixed: Search dialog shown incorrectly with right to left languages wh en resized 11.11.08 Added: FTP connections can now also have Unicode names 10.11.08 Fixed: Comments with line breaks: Remove line break marker if user rem oves line breaks or clears the comment field 09.11.08 Added: Pause/Start button also in foreground transfers. Clicking on "B ackground" will also continue the transfer 09.11.08 Added: Comment editor (Ctrl+Z): Support Unicode in paths, warn when a file name contains Unicode (which isn't supported by descript.ion) 09.11.08 Added: Colors by file type now also supports Unicode in file names 07.11.08 Added: CRC check: Show lines with errors in red, so they can be found more easily 05.11.08 Added: Unicode support in background transfer manager, requires that t he BTM no longer has its own window class 31.10.08 Added: Unicode support in many controls including buttons, static text , groupboxes 31.10.08 Added: Unicode support in main menu 31.10.08 Added: Start to add Unicode support everywhere, e.g. to use Russian la nguage version on German Windows 31.10.08 Added: Lister: "Find next" will now always start at the caret (text cu rsor) position when the caret is displayed. Find first still starts at the page start 31.10.08 Added: Lister: Combined manual selection and found text selection into a single selection block

28.10.08 Fixed: Ctrl+Cursor left/right while cursor on LNK file didn't always p lace the cursor on the link target in the other panel 26.10.08 Added: x64 submenu in context menu: Allow to configure which shell ext ensions should NOT be loaded (loading just those which the user needs is faster) 26.10.08 Added: FTP Connect dialog: Preserve also empty folders when closing th e dialog 26.10.08 Added: A plugin can now retrieve stored passwords only from its own se ction. The section name is determined by the plugin file name (without extension ) 24.10.08 Added: Allow file system plugins to use the master password. Passwords will be stored in wcx_ftp.ini, so the user can change the master password (see our sftp plugin for example code) 22.10.08 Added: wcx_ftp.ini [General] ForceHTTP11=1 forces TC to use HTTP 1.1. Should only be used for debugging, HTTP 1.0 is usually faster and offers a prog ress bar 22.10.08 Added: Support for HTTP 1.1 chunked encoding. May only be necessary wh en resuming a transfer, because TC uses HTTP 1.0 for normal HTTP downloads 22.10.08 Added: Copy/Move support (F5/F6) also in separate tree for normal dire ctories 19.10.08 Added: Show warning if target name contains characters not supported b y the target when copying on Windows NT based systems to a network share of a Wi n9x/ME system 19.10.08 Added: Show warning if target name contains characters not supported b y the target when unpacking file with unicode characters from an archive 19.10.08 Added: Show warning if target name contains characters not supported b y the target, when uploading to ftp server or file system plugin not supporting Unicode 17.10.08 Added: Copy NTFS permissions also for file names longer than 259 chara cters 17.10.08 Added: Show warning if target name longer than 1022 characters (the ma ximum supported by TC), or the last name part is longer than 256 characters (the maximum supported by NTFS) 15.10.08 Fixed: Default to "Microsoft Sans Serif" font on NT-based systems also for dialog boxes (if the font exists) 15.10.08 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Wrong background color for icons if menu color different from file list color 15.10.08 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar: Wrong icons when using other size than 16x16 in file list 15.10.08 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Update transfer mode (binary/text/ automatic) when user adds ftp or ftps download URL via "+" button 15.10.08 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Reset copyflags after operation to current default option (e.g. overwrite all hidden/system/read only) instead of setting it to 0 15.10.08 Added: Background transfer manager can now also copy NTFS permissions, and use option "copy files of this type only" 14.10.08 Added: dpiAware section added to MANIFEST file and resource, so Vista doesn't self-scale Total Commander if dpi are > 120 14.10.08 Added: Work on new help files 12.10.08 Added: When uploading Unicode names to ftp servers or file system plug ins not supporting Unicode, convert the Unicode characters to underscores "_" 10.10.08 Added: FTP port mode: Let the user specify the external IP address whe n using a NAT router 08.10.08 Added: Synchronize dirs: Auto-scroll result list when selecting files with left mouse button and moving the cursor above or below the list 08.10.08 Added: Alt+F5 pack: If the user gives just zip:filename.zip (no path ), F5 will select just the name without the "zip:" prefix 08.10.08 Added: Warn user that he will lose all encrypted passwords if he forge ts the master password 07.10.08 Added: Sync tool, copy properties: Also copy the time stamp of selecte d directories if the option to copy dir timestamps is enabled

07.10.08 Added: FTP connect dialog: Show different icons for the following conn ections: ftp, ftps, and the same with encrypted password 05.10.08 Added: X64 context menu: wincmd.ini [IgnoreMenuExtensions] 0=Extension Name1, 1=Extension Name2 allows to ignore (not load) certain shell extensions 05.10.08 Added: X64 context menu now supports context menus for multiple files, e.g. for "send to" 05.10.08 Fixed: X64 context menu didn't show all context menu items -> use shel l folder object to send file list to shell extensions 03.10.08 Added: Quick filter: Do not re-read directory when switching away from TC and back while quick filter is active, only when user refreshes manually, or changes directory 03.10.08 Added: Quick filter: Show icon in status bar while quick filter is act ive. A click on the status line then re-opens the quick filter dialog box 03.10.08 Added: Quick filter: Remember selected files when changing the filter, remove selection when file not shown 01.10.08 Added: Quick filter function in quick search dialog to show dynamicall y only the filtered files 30.09.08 Added: Search function: Search for test text.txt (without double quo tes) now finds also the file "test text.txt", and not only "test" and "text.txt" 30.09.08 Added: Update treeinfo.wc file(s) in background thread to speed up cre ation, renaming and deletion of directories 26.09.08 Added: When using "Watch directory changes": Detect when user wants to eject USB stick via system tray, and stop watching a dir on the stick so it can be removed 26.09.08 Added: Switch to Total Commander directory when switching to other pro gram to allow ejecting USB sticks via system tray 26.09.08 Added: Custom icons for internal association system. Example (updated) : wincmd.ini [Associations] txt.icon=notepad.exe,-1 Negative numbers mean icon index, positive the icon resource number 26.09.08 Added: Internal association system supports environment variables like %commander_path% 26.09.08 Added: Support for internal association system, mainly for using TC fr om USB stick. Example: wincmd.ini [Extensions] txt=""%commander_path%\notepad.ex e" "%1"" 26.09.08 Added: Drag&Drop: Auto-expand directory under cursor after 1 second wh en dragging to tree. Cursor starts blinking so user can stop the expansion 26.09.08 Added: Auto-scroll listboxes also when dragging files with the right m ouse button, or from outside of TC 26.09.08 Added: Improve auto-scrolling of listboxes during Drag&Drop when the c ursor is near the border: Support two different scrolling speeds depending on th e cursor location 24.09.08 Fixed: Unicode support in parallel port connection not working properl y in all functions 23.09.08 Added: Synchronize dirs: Allow user to copy just the time stamp, attri butes, and NTFS permissions of files 21.09.08 Added: Support for UTF-16 Unicode ini files when reading/writing Unico de names. TC re-checks whether an ini file is Unicode when copying files, when s witching to TC from another program, and when closing down 19.09.08 Fixed: dead keys like did not work with quick search (letters with sea rch dialog), e.g. a -> 19.09.08 Fixed: Drag&Drop within separate tree: Do not allow to collapse direct ory if the dragged item is part of it 17.09.08 Added: Drag&Drop from separate tree to archive 17.09.08 Added: Drag&Drop from separate tree to file list, drive button bar and tabs 16.09.08 Added: Drag&Drop to tree panel or separate tree: Space bar now also al lows to collapse an directory branch 16.09.08 Added: FTP details dialog: show a button "Change password..." if the m aster password hasn't been entered yet 07.09.08 Added: F5 copy: Allow to copy all files/dirs in the source panel to al

l selected subdirs and shortcuts (*.lnk) in the target panel 07.09.08 Added: F5 copy: "Options" button now enlarges dialog instead of showin g dropdown menu 07.09.08 Added: Compare by content: Save file in blocks of 64k instead of line by line to speed up saving on drives with no write cache (e.g. slow VPNs) 03.09.08 Added: New internal command cm_SwitchX64Redirection to turn redirectio n of system32 dir under 64-bit Windows on/off 02.09.08 Added: OPENTABS and APPENDTABS internal commands now also work without parameters - showing the file open dialog 02.09.08 Added: Unicode support in internal GZip packer. Do not store the name of the packed file if it contains Unicode characters 30.08.08 Added: Internal unpacking of encrypted RAR archive with encrypted file names (Alt+F9 unpack specific only) 30.08.08 Added: Internal unpacking of multi-part RAR archives: Alt+F9 on first file unpacks all files from it, even if they are on different disks 30.08.08 Added: Internal unpacking of multi-part RAR archives: ENTER on first p art shows content of all parts in same dir and allows to unpack them 24.08.08 Added: Delete function: Let user choose "Skip all" and "Retry" also wh en deleting directories 24.08.08 Added: F5 Copy, Options button: User can choose to skip files which ca nnot be opened automatically 24.08.08 Fixed: Problems with names longer than 259 characters in file system p lugins (the plugin must support them too) 24.08.08 Added: Warn also when renaming, downloading (ftp, http, file system pl ugins) 22.08.08 Added: Warn user if target name is longer than 259 characters in F5 co py, Shift+F4 new file, internal unpacking 22.08.08 Added: Allow to create and delete directories with names longer than 2 59 characters 22.08.08 Fixed: Alt+Enter stopped working in file system plugins (TC7.5 only) 03.08.08 Fixed: Old DOS names no longer worked in the button bar 03.08.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Sort order of new directories wrong when usin g option "empty dirs" 22.06.08 Added: Work on 64-bit context menu 21.05.08 Fixed: Compare by contents in Binary mode crash with two large files o f different size 21.05.08 Fixed: Compare by contents not working with one file in a CAB archive 21.05.08 Fixed: Background transfer manager showed wrong files in file list onc e the first was removed from the list (owner-draw problem) 14.05.08 Added: "Encrypt" button in FTP connect dialog which allows to change t he master password or to encrypt all or additional connections 07.05.08 Fixed: Compare by content of UTF-8 files: Ctrl+C copied too much text if the cursor wasn't standing at the leftmost position 07.05.08 Fixed: Compare by content of UTF-8 files: DEL at end of line didn't re move line break and join with next line 09.04.08 Fixed: Packer plugin dialog: Selecting an existing extension from the dropdown list selected the wrong plugin 09.04.08 Fixed: ftp connect dialog: Cursor was no longer placed on last used co nnection 09.04.08 Fixed: Relative paths in ftp remote dir no longer worked when going vi a a http proxy 06.04.08 Added: The following functions now support file names longer than 259 characters: CreateFile (Lister, copying), CopyFileEx, MoveFile(Ex), DeleteFile, Get/SetFileAttributes, FindFirstFile (List directory contents) 30.03.08 Added: Parameters /O /B open passed directories in a background tab (n ot activated) in an already running TC. Without /O, /B has the same effect as /T 26.03.08 Fixed: Some access violations with invalid ARJ headers 26.03.08 Fixed: Memory leak in unlzh function (stored files only) 18.03.08 Added: Dropdown menu listing all redefined hotkeys 18.03.08 Added: Allow to use the Windows key for custom hotkeys similar to Shif

t, Ctrl and Alt. Note that some keys like Win+E are system-wide hotkeys and cann ot be used. 18.03.08 Added: The following redefined hotkeys are now ignored when the cursor is outside of one of the file or tree panels (with or without shift pressed): c ursor keys, page up/down, home, end, delete, backspace, all keys and key combina tions producing a visible character 16.03.08 Added: When showing *.bar files as dropdown menus, show separate conte xt menu when right clicking on menu item 14.03.08 Added: Show button bar files (*.bar) as dropdown menus when the user h olds down Shift while clicking on the menu button 13.03.08 Added: Massive speedup of adding many files to a huge zip file (e.g. a dd 20'000 files to a zip with another 20'000) by using a checksum of the name 12.03.08 Added: Create+Verify SHA-1 checksums (like MD5, but longer checksum) 11.03.08 Added: Remember FTP session name in Tabs and History, to use stored pa ssword (also with master password) when restoring that connection 09.03.08 Added: Speed up loading of Alt+F10 tree by using a virtual listbox (LB S_NODATA) except when an accessibility software is used - LB_GETTEXT doesn't wor k with LBS_NODATA 09.03.08 Added: Compare by contents: Support "Copy to clipboard" also in binary mode. 00 bytes are converted to spaces. 09.03.08 Fixed: Lister: Search for text - trailing spaces were lost in the sear ch history 09.03.08 Fixed: Lister's text search dialog didn't have a close button 07.03.08 Fixed: Switch to tab with ftp connection was no longer working 07.03.08 Fixed: Various Unicode issues like incorrect buffer length parameters 07.03.08 Added: Synchronize dirs: Holding Shift now turns off recycle bin also in delete confirmation dialog, not only in sync confirmation dialog 05.03.08 Fixed: Print dialog and printer settings dialog always appeared on the primary screen -> center on parent window (e.g. lister) instead of centering on screen 04.03.08 Added: Support the packing of files >2GB into TAR archives 04.03.08 Added: Support unpacking TAR archives where the file size is represent ed in binary form, for files > 8 GB 29.02.08 Added: Synchronize dirs with empty subdirs: Correctly delete files and directories via right click menu. Automatically unselect directories which cont ain files which aren't deleted, either because the user didn't select them, or b ecause they are currently hidden 29.02.08 Added: Synchronize dirs with empty subdirs: After changing copy direct ion via right click menu, fix copy direction also for not selected files/dirs, e .g. to not delete a directory in which there are still some files 29.02.08 Added: Synchronize dirs: Unicode support in WM_GETTEXT (for visually i mpaired), continued work on sync of empty dirs 24.02.08 Fixed: Alt+F1 select drive: Short delay when network drive returned ER ROR_NOT_CONNECTED -> do not try to get volume label 24.02.08 Added: Synchronize dirs: Also synchronize empty subdirectories (for no w, only between two directories, other modes will follow) 24.02.08 Added: Support for multiple master passwords: When loading passwords, multiple master passwords are allowed. When storing, only the main master passwo rd is allowed. Delete AESVerify to start with a new master password. NEVER delet e AESProtectionKey! 22.02.08 Added: FTP master password: forget master password when the user minim izes TC, or when a screen saver starts 08.02.08 Added: Work in progress: Protection of FTP passwords with a master pas sword 06.02.08 Added: Two new internal commands cm_LoadAllOnDemandFields and cm_LoadS elOnDemandFields: Load on demand fields for all/just the selected files 06.02.08 Fixed: Better detection of self-extracting archives (Ctrl+PageDown): R AR SFX containing stored CAB -> CAB was opened instead of RAR. Same problem with ZIP inside of RAR. 06.02.08 Fixed: Custom columns view: When displaying a line, do not re-load fie

lds which were already pre-loaded for sorting (when using the "random" plugin, t his caused sort order and displayed numbers to differ) 05.02.08 Added: Keyboard interface for button bar, can be reached with internal command cm_FocusButtonBar or Alt+Shift+F11 03.02.08 Fixed: Switch to full or brief view when changing directory via breadc rumb bar in tree view 03.02.08 Added: Rename in place (Shift+F6) in separate tree. With the mouse, th e right click menu must be used 01.02.08 Added: Copy, Cut and Paste in separate tree (Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V) 01.02.08 Added: Delete directories in separate tree both in the file system and in file system plugins 01.02.08 Fixed: Alt+F10 tree and tree in main window not updated when renaming directories with Multi-Rename tool 30.01.08 Added: New internal command with parameters: MULTIRENAME <saved rename parameters> opens the multi-rename dialog box with the specified rename paramet ers. Giving an invalid name will set all options to the default values 30.01.08 Added: Copy/Move function (F5/F6): warn if the user tries to copy/move a single file/directory to an already existing directory name. The same is show n for downloads from ftp, and from file system plugins 30.01.08 Added: Press Shift+F4 (edit specific file) repeatedly to select only t he name part (not the extension) of the name, like in F5 copy dialog 29.01.08 Fixed: Lister: Couldn't select entire line in binary or hex view by go ing with the cursor beyond the end of the line 27.01.08 Fixed: ZIP packer, overwrite dialog auto-rename copied chosen -> two o r more files with the same name could be added under very special circumstances 27.01.08 Added: FTP user name/password dialog: Show requested string (e.g. Pass word:) in the title in addition to the session name 23.01.08 Added: Disable Delphi floating point exceptions when calling OLE funct ions which may involve shell extensions: Drag&Drop, Context menu, Property sheet , Copy+Paste, Overlay Icons, Thumbnails, Info-Tips 23.01.08 Added: Disable Delphi floating point exceptions before loading any DLL s (Visual C++ DLLs may cause floating point exceptions because exception handlin g is off in C++) 23.01.08 Added: Show current folder with dir open icon in breadcrumb bar 23.01.08 Added: Quick search capability to breadcrumb bar 20.01.08 Fixed: Breadcrumb bar could not show more than a few 1000 directories -> use separate virtual scrollbar 18.01.08 Added: New internal commands cm_SrcPathFocus, cm_LeftPathFocus and cm_ RightPathFocus to put focus on path breadcrumb bar to change the path by keyboar d 18.01.08 Added: Alt+F11/Alt+F12: Put focus on left/right breadcrumb bar to choo se path with keyboard: Uses the keys left/right/down/home/end/enter/escape to na vigate 18.01.08 Fixed: Files in archive subdirs starting with a dot (like .htaccess) w ere shown incorrectly 16.01.08 Added: Store line breaks in descript.ion files in the form \n (\ is st ored as \\), mark such comments with custom ID 0xC2 received from inventors of d escript.ion 16.01.08 Added: increased max. comment length in descript.ion to 4096 character s (minus the length of the file name, a space, and final line break) 15.01.08 Fixed: Problem with multi-rename tool: When selecting Unicode string f rom dropdown combobox, the rename result was incorrect 15.01.08 Fixed: Duplicate file finder: Hide files which couldn't be opened for reading when comparing by content 15.01.08 Fixed: Error message when using Search function for duplicate files, a nd one of the files is removed while TC is still comparing files by content 15.01.08 Added: FTP client: For stored ftp connections, show connection name in the title of the user name and password request dialogs, so they can be used by external password managers 15.01.08 Added: Copy from FS plugin or virtual folder to FTP (via TEMP)

11.01.08 Added: Drag&Drop to breadcrumb bar: Support ftp as target with files a nd archives as source 11.01.08 Added: Show ftp connections in breadcrumb bar 09.01.08 Added: Show file system plugins in breadcrumb bar 08.01.08 Added: Show virtual folders in breadcrumb bar 06.01.08 Added: Command line switch /S=S starts "Synchronize dirs" directly, ac cepts two paths as parameters, or alternatively a settings name in the form /S=S :SettingsName 06.01.08 Added: Command line switch /S=L starts Lister directly 06.01.08 Added: Command line switch /S=C starts directly "Compare by content" w ithout TC main window, e.g. totalcmd.exe /S=C c:\file1 d:\file2 06.01.08 Added: Show correct drag cursor when dropping files to navigation bar submenus 02.01.08 Added: Drag&Drop on current path bar will open dropdown list to drop f iles to subdir 02.01.08 Added: Subdir navigation by clicking on parts of path (similar to brea dcrumb bar in Vista Explorer) 31.12.07 Fixed: Change of path via edit box didn't support Unicode yet 31.12.07 Added: Limited Unicode support also on Win9x/ME: Show Unicode names on FTP servers and inside of archives (if the font supports them, e.g. Arial). Con vert to underscores "_" when transferring to local file system, detect and warn about name collisions 30.12.07 Fixed: Change plugin attributes failed when using plugin values, e.g. [=tc.something] 28.12.07 Added: When user presses F2 or Ctrl+R in custom columns or thumbnails view, clear all custom fields and re-load them even when nothing else has change d 28.12.07 Fixed: Not all plugin operators shown in Search function (plugins page ) 24.12.07 Added: Make TC 7.5 run on Windows 95 original by dynamically loading t he functions SHGetFileInfoW, Shell_NotifyIconW, SHFileOperationW, SHGetPathFrom IDListW 24.12.07 Added: Unicode in sfxhead.sfx. On Win9x/ME, the Unicode characters wil l be replaced by underscores "_" 19.12.07 Added: Support Unicode in custom searches, also in plugin section 19.12.07 Added: Support Unicode in custom column headers 18.12.07 Fixed: Change colors by file type definition (via search dialog), try to save it -> ">" character put in front of the name 16.12.07 Added: Button bar can have manual line breaks: Command: must be set to -2 16.12.07 Added: Button bar can have an unlimited number of rows, max 500 button s 14.12.07 Added: Folders in Ctrl+F FTP connections 09.12.07 Added: Unicode support in WM_COPYDATA: prepend UTF8 byte order marker before each path containing Unicode characters (pure ANSI paths are passed as AN SI) -> /O switch now supports Unicode too 09.12.07 Added: Unicode support in directory parameters passed to TC on the com mand line 09.12.07 Fixed: Corrected some compatibility problems of the new Unicode/Ansi c ontrols on Windows 9x/ME 09.12.07 Fixed: Running programs from inside an archive stopped working 07.12.07 Fixed: Viewing videos and playing music in Lister stopped working 07.12.07 Fixed: Custom columns view: delayed fields had stopped working 07.12.07 Added: Unicode support in FTP custom host type define dialog: The list ing will be shown as sent by the server, but the file name will be shown with th e selected encoding 07.12.07 Added: FTP custom type: New template option X or X=letter verifies tha t the character at this position is NOT a space/ not the indicated letter 07.12.07 Added: FTP custom type: New template option x=letter verifies that the character at this position is the indicated letter

07.12.07 Fixed: ZIP packer: Unicode extra field wasn't stored in local header 05.12.07 Added: ZIP packer: Let the user choose in the main config dialog how t o pack files with Unicode names (default: ask user) 04.12.07 Added: ZIP packer: Unicode support in rename files+dirs, delete files+ dirs 30.11.07 Added: ZIP packer: Let the user choose how to store Unicode names in Z IP files. 28.11.07 Added: Unicode support for internal ZIP packer. So far, Unicode charac ters are stored as "?" as in Winzip 25.11.07 Added: Compare by content: compare any combination of Ansi, Utf-8, Utf -16, and Utf-16 little endian (Mac) 23.11.07 Fixed: Backspace in compare by contents editor placed cursor on wrong character in UTF-8 mode 21.11.07 Added: Unicode support in Files - Associate 20.11.07 Added: Unicode support in WM_GETTEXT: Main file lists, separate trees, Search results, Tree dialog, Synchronize dirs 16.11.07 Added: Unicode support in ignore list. The ignore file will automatica lly be stored as UTF-8 if necessary 16.11.07 Added: Unicode support in FTP download from list (if download file has UTF-8 byte marker) 16.11.07 Added: Unicode support in FTP "Download later (add to download list)". The list will be converted to UTF-8 automatically if only one of the added name s contains characters from a different code page 16.11.07 Added: Packer plugins: The callback functions ChangeVolProc and Proces sDataProc now both also exist in a Unicode version. The plugin may call either t he Ansi or the Unicode version 16.11.07 Added: Unicode support in Quick Search with search dialog, using the c urrently chosen keyboard layout 13.11.07 Added: Unicode support in file associations (icons, launching, but not creation+modification) 11.11.07 Added: Unzip: Unpack Unicode file names which are either in pkzip form at (UTF-8, bit 11 set), or info-zip format (extra field 0x7075) 07.11.07 Added: FTP: Detect codepage reported by some servers in return to the SYST command, e.g. UNIX Type: L8 , CP:1252 07.11.07 Added: FTP: Support encoding in Shift+F5 (server to server copying) 07.11.07 Added: FTP: Let the user choose the encoding (code page) of file names (Ansi, Ascii, UTF-8 etc.) 06.11.07 Added: Variable width font in binary compare by content, Unicode displ ay 04.11.07 Added: UTF-8 support in compare by content: edit, copy+paste, select w ith shift+cursors or mouse, overtype selection, save file, hide BOM, search func tion 02.11.07 Added: UTF-8 support in compare by content (read only, the editor will be updated later) 31.10.07 Added: Unicode support in fully expanded tree 31.10.07 Added: Unicode support in Resume FTP download 31.10.07 Added: cm_LoadSelectionFromFile can now load from Ansi, UTF-8 and UTF16-encoded files 31.10.07 Added: Save selection to file now always stores in UTF16 Unicode forma t on NT-based systems 31.10.07 Added: Unicode support in cm_CopyFileDetailsToClip and related functio ns 30.10.07 Added: Unicode support in cm_CopyFullNamesToClip 30.10.07 Added: Unicode support in cm_CopySrcPathToClip, cm_CopyTrgPathToClip 30.10.07 Added: Unicode support in Files - Print - File content 30.10.07 Added: Unicode support in Expand/Shrink selection 30.10.07 Added: Unicode support in FTP panel (log listbox), also when double cl icking on the list 30.10.07 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Remove password from owner-drawn l istbox

30.10.07 Fixed: FTP downloads: progress message was repeated all the time inste ad of being replaced by the next message 30.10.07 Fixed: Ctrl+N New Connection: History stopped working 28.10.07 Added: Unicode support in F3 view file in search function 28.10.07 Added: Unicode support in duplicate file finder (search function) 28.10.07 Added: Unicode support in Open as user 28.10.07 Added: Unicode support in Ctrl+C in CRC check dialog 28.10.07 Added: Encode files: Encode characters>127 as quoted printable when us ing Unicode names 26.10.07 Added: Unicode support in ftp logging 26.10.07 Added: Unicode support in file logging 26.10.07 Added: Unicode support in CRC progress dialog, connect progress dialog 24.10.07 Added: Unicode support in Create/Check CRC checksums. If there is a Un icode name, the CRC file will be in UTF-8 format with UTF-8 byte order marker 24.10.07 Added: Unicode support in Encode/Decode: If a file has a Unicode name, it will be encoded as =?UTF-8?Q?encoded characters?= 24.10.07 Added: Unicode support in Split/Combine: If the split file has a Unico de name, the CRC file will contain an additional line filenameutf8=<name in UTF8 format> 23.10.07 Added: Unicode support in Background transfer manager 21.10.07 Added: Unicode support in FTP server to server transfers 21.10.07 Added: Unicode support in Parallel port connection 19.10.07 Added: Unicode support in volume label (changing and displaying) 19.10.07 Added: Unicode support in main window trees 19.10.07 Added: Unicode support in "Compare directories" and "Mark newer, hide same files" 19.10.07 Added: Unicode support in file system plugin properties (Alt+Enter) 17.10.07 Added: Unicode support in Alt+F10 tree 17.10.07 Added: Unicode support in hints in overwrite dialog 17.10.07 Added: Unicode support in search function, also in text search in List er 16.10.07 Added: Unicode support in print file list 16.10.07 Added: Unicode support in Synchronize dirs 14.10.07 Added: Unicode support in file system plugins, including content plugi n functions 10.10.07 Added: Unicode support in RAR archives (packing via external Winrar) 09.10.07 Added: Unicode support in packer plugins 08.10.07 Added: Unicode support in RAR archives (unpacking) 07.10.07 Added: Unicode support in archive names and unpack target paths (not y et in file names inside of archives): ZIP, GZIP 03.10.07 Added: Unicode support in folder tabs (ctrl+t) 02.10.07 Added: Unicode support in multi-rename tool and content plugin values (ft_stringw) 01.10.07 Added: Unicode support in compare by content 28.09.07 Added: Unicode support when starting button bar and start menu command s 28.09.07 Added: Unicode support in button bar (hints, icon files), start menu, transfer directory (Ctrl+Arrow), directory history 26.09.07 Added: Unicode support in button bar configuration dialog, start menu configuration dialog 23.09.07 Added: Unicode support in Lister, also for Lister plugins if they supp ort it 21.09.07 Added: Unicode support in FTP: Downloads, upload entire subdirs, renam e files, FTP via HTTP 18.09.07 Added: Unicode support in FTP (via command OPTS UTF8 ON): directory br owsing, file names, directory names, upload, mkdir 18.09.07 Added: Resume conversion to Unicode 26.08.07 Added: Command line now also supports Unicode 22.08.07 Added: F7 MKDir now also supports Unicode in the local file system, an d in local folders like the Desktop

17.08.07 Added: Start conversion of copy/move/delete functions to Unicode 14.08.07 Added: Start conversion of directory browsing functions to Unicode 10.08.07 Added: All time-related functions now use the NTFS time instead of the old FAT file system time -> also dates before 1980 supported 27.07.07 Added: Working on new Unicode controls (static, panel, combobox, tab h eader etc.) Fixes after Total Commander 7.04a: 23.11.08 Fixed: Command line: Access violation when "cd" command was longer tha n 259 characters 21.11.08 Fixed: Search function: Regex search ignored empty search string (bug in Regexpr library) -> assume .* 21.11.08 Fixed: Access violation when trying to unpack multiple files from lock ed RAR. Reason: RAROpenArchive returned 0, but TC expected INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE 21.11.08 Fixed: Access violation when adding too many files to command line wit h Shift+Drag&Drop 29.10.08 Fixed: Auto-resume upload could restart at position 0 of the file if t he server or connection was very slow, and didn't support the SIZE command 21.10.08 Fixed: Could not unpack files from zip if they were both stored and in stream format (size+crc at the end) 09.09.08 Fixed: Alt+Cursor left/right (history back/forward) could add '?' char acter to command line with U.S. keyboard 05.09.08 Fixed: Lister: Search function didn't report an error when searching b ackwards when the last match was at the beginning of the file 05.09.08 Fixed: Lister: regex search backwards could not find first 'a' in stri ng like 'aaaaaa' 05.09.08 Added: Allow to copy NTFS permissions also from NTFS drives with 8k cl usters (or larger). These are detected by mistake as Samba drives because they d o not support NTFS compression 05.09.08 Fixed: Copy files from zip to zip: temporary files were not deleted wh en user aborts the first (unpacking) step 20.08.08 Fixed: Vista x64 only: Windows Open/Save file dialog not working with x64DisableRedirection=1 -> turn it off (downside: cannot open 64-bit dll files i n lister this way) 20.08.08 Fixed: Access violation (not critical) when trying to modify ZIP archi ves created with SharpZipLib (due to invalid ZIP64 headers) 20.08.08 Fixed: Added linebreak after "Create shortcuts of .. files in" confirm ation dialog when dropping files from Explorer with Ctrl+Shift 20.08.08 Fixed: Lister: Hide URL tooltip shown in html files when switching bac k to Total Commander (Alt+Tab) 20.08.08 Fixed: Access violation when trying to unpack RAR archive containing f ile with very long name 20.08.08 Fixed: When opening a Word file via right click menu and word was alre ady running, TC would jump to the foreground after a few seconds 20.08.08 Added: Quick search in internal command selection dialog: Place cursor on first match 10.08.08 Fixed: Ctrl+Q quick view panel: Show/Hide text cursor when Focusing qu ick view panel/moving focus away 10.08.08 Added: Support reload (F2) in Lister also when viewing RTF files 10.08.08 Fixed: Backwards search in RTF not working -> need to load rich edit c ontrol 2.0! 10.08.08 Fixed: Focus went from separate tree to active panel when "Tree: Press ENTER to open dir in other window" was off 08.08.08 Release Total Commander 7.04a 07.08.08 Fixed: Delete function could delete file under cursor instead of selec ted files if directory content was changed in the background while delete confir mation dialog was up 06.08.08 Release Total Commander 7.04a RC1

06.08.08 Fixed: bleRedirection=1 06.08.08 Fixed: ce of the search 06.08.08 Fixed: 06.08.08 Fixed: 06.08.08 Fixed: ed more than one

AES encryption not starting on 64bit Windows when using x64Disa Lister: RTF find next function (F3) always skipped one occurren result Lister: RTF viewer text disappeared on resize on Win9x only Lister: Binary mode no longer supported horizontal scrolling Multi-volume RAR files not recognized if the first part contain file (so the first file wasn't split)

05.08.08 Release Total Commander 7.04a beta 1 05.08.08 Fixed: When opening self-extracting archive, limit search for CAB head er to 2 MBytes to speed up opening of large archives 04.08.08 Fixed: Ctrl+Q quick view title was only updated in archives 03.08.08 Fixed: CMD???.tmp files directly in %TEMP% (created e.g. by a button w ith %L parameter) were no longer deleted 01.08.08 Fixed: AES encryption not starting on NT4 due to an error in digital s ignature checking 01.08.08 Fixed: Save position with TC maximized, minimize to tray checked, star t TC minimized via lnk file -> access violation 01.08.08 Fixed: Alt+F9 on multi-volume RAR no longer called external rar unpack er, but unpacked only the file under the cursor internally 29.07.08 Release Total Commander 7.04 final 29.07.08 Fixed: Properties of zipped file: Show pack methods 12=bzip2, 98=ppmd and 99=AES 29.07.08 Fixed: WinXP focus problem: Switch to network share where user has to enter a password -> no file panel seems to have the focus 27.07.08 Added: Unpack from AES-encrypted ZIP, overwrite file, wrong password > keep target file 27.07.08 Fixed: On Windows 9x, revert to the old Drag&Drop code to bring TC to the foreground for password input 27.07.08 Fixed: Could not unpack archives with space at the end of the name lik e "test .zip" when unpacking each archive to separate directory -> remove the sp aces 27.07.08 Fixed: Change attributes: Do not jump to date edit box when editing pl ugin options and plugin checkbox wasn't checked yet 23.07.08 Release Total Commander 7.04 RC1 23.07.08 Added: Wipe TEMP directory (e.g. after re-packing an archive to anothe r) now also supports overwrite with 0 bytes (for encrypted archives) 23.07.08 Fixed: Compare by content of read-only files from an archive didn't de lete the temp files after compare finished 22.07.08 Fixed: Files-Split function failed when splitting to a removable mediu m > 2GB, and user specified "automatic" or a size larger than the free space on the medium 22.07.08 Fixed: View or edit file from an archive -> pressing Skip is now treat ed the same way as Cancel (file not opened for viewing) 22.07.08 Added: Edit or view a file from an archive (with Enter, F4, or F3) and confirm to overwrite an already existing target -> the last viewer/Editor takes possession of the temp file. It will be deleted only when that last viewer/edit or is closed 20.07.08 Fixed: Call AttachThreadInput before calling SetForeGroundWindow when showing password dialog during OLE Drag&Drop from archive to Explorer 20.07.08 Added: When viewing multiple selected files from an archive in lister, unpack them to their own empty subdir, which will be wiped completely in case o f an unpack error 18.07.08 Fixed: Unzip file, click on "Background" -> background dialog box was no longer closed when done 16.07.08 Fixed: Test RAR files: TC didn't re-ask for password if user entered e mpty password (reason: unrar.dll reports error=0!)

16.07.08 Fixed: Password dialog when unpacking a single archive with Alt+F9 had become modeless by mistake 15.07.08 Release Total Commander 7.04 beta 9 15.07.08 Fixed: View RTF file with F3, switch to plugin with '4' key, resize wi ndow - it could be seen that the RTF control was NOT closed 15.07.08 Fixed: ZIP packer: correctly add files to archives containing backslas hes in names instead of slashes 13.07.08 Fixed: When the user tries to delete a file on both sides in a zip whe n both sides show the contents of the SAME archive, combine the two delete opera tions into one 09.07.08 Fixed: Read only, hidden and system attributes lost when moving a file between two different remote computers (UNC paths) 09.07.08 Fixed: Drag&Drop from encrypted archive to Explorer - entering a bad p assword sometimes left the archive open (locked) 09.07.08 Fixed: Update panel header of quick view window only when quick view c ontents changed 09.07.08 Fixed: Call SetForeGroundWindow before showing password dialog during OLE Drag&Drop from archive to Explorer 09.07.08 Fixed: Alias command with parameters %A1, %A2 returned 1, 2 when user didn't pass any parameter after the alias on the command line 08.07.08 Fixed: Also show invalid password dialog when user enters no password when unpacking, and the file is encrypted 08.07.08 Fixed: With option zipansinames=1, a file could be added twice to an e xisting archive (add without paths, file exists in 2 different subdirs AND the o riginal archive) 08.07.08 Added: When overwriting a file in an archive and the original file can not be read, the user can choose "Skip". In this case, the original file is now kept in the archive. 08.07.08 Fixed: Re-pack files (Alt+F5) within archive with no file selected, pr ess ESC -> file under cursor selected 08.07.08 Fixed: Pack - Multi-volume ZIP -> split dialog was not modal 06.07.08 Added: Pack files: User must confirm also empty password 06.07.08 Fixed: Better errors than "medium full" when Drag&Drop with Explorer f ails 06.07.08 Fixed: View in search dialog or compare by content didn't work with fi les in multi-volume zip files 06.07.08 Fixed: Show unpack error also when unpacking fails in search dialog F3 06.07.08 Fixed: Password dialog when unpacking multiple archives was modal to t he main window instead of the progress dialog 04.07.08 Fixed: Pack dialog: When using the tree button, the archive type was l ost when the archive didn't have an extension length of 3 letters 02.07.08 Fixed: View, Edit or double click file in encrypted archive, enter wro ng password, then correct one, modify file -> it was re-packed with wrong passwo rd 02.07.08 Fixed: Pack dialog: Switch back to ZIP when user chooses multi-volume for LHA or plugin 02.07.08 Fixed: Pack dialog: Uncheck multi-volume for plugins and LHA 02.07.08 Fixed: Pack dialog: Checking ACE, then self-extracting, and finally en crypted unchecked self-extracting by mistake 01.07.08 Release Total Commander 7.04 beta 8 01.07.08 Added: Re-ask for password also when testing archives 01.07.08 Added: Re-ask for password in normal unpack function in case of an unp ack error of an encrypted file 01.07.08 Fixed: Unpack from partially encrypted RAR: Don't ask for password for unencrypted files if archive not solid 01.07.08 Fixed: Main menu didn't support grayed (disabled) text when showing ic ons (owner-drawn mode)

29.06.08 Fixed: Cancelling password dialog could lock the archive (archive not closed) 29.06.08 Fixed: Entering wrong password twice when viewing files in search dial og or in sync dialog could hang the dialog for a while instead of showing the pa ssword dialog again 27.06.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with unencrypted zip file could result in acce ss violation if not all files of the archive were shown 25.06.08 Added: Use only old ZIP2.0 encryption and do not support AES if old ZI P crypto dll present 25.06.08 Added: Drag&Drop from outside of TC to an archive now also supports en cryption 25.06.08 Added: Drag&Drop from TC to Explorer: Also allow unpacking of encrypte d archives 24.06.08 Added: Synchronize dirs with a ZIP archive, by content: Show name of c urrently unpacked file during comparison 24.06.08 Added: Show name of archive also in password dialog of the functions " Unpack specific files" and "Test archives" 24.06.08 Fixed: Pack dialog: Multi-volume options were shown after archive name in password request dialog 24.06.08 Fixed: Pack dialog: User could check self extract, encrypted and ZIP t ogether (by checking these for RAR first), although this combination isn't suppo rted 24.06.08 Fixed: Pack dialog: To create an encrypted self-extracting RAR, the us er had to check encrypted first, then sfx 24.06.08 Fixed: Pack dialog: User could check TAR,GZ or TGZ together with multi -volume or self-extracting, all unsupported combinations 24.06.08 Added: Password dialog: If user enters empty password, do not show "Re -enter password" dialog, just pack without a password 24.06.08 Added: Re-enter password dialog: OK button initially disabled, enable it only when user enters the correct password 23.06.08 Fixed: Removed Tabstop property from ZIP2.0 option in password dialog and ZIP option in pack dialog for better Shift+Tab handling 22.06.08 Fixed: cm_SyncChangeDir: Turn off this function when change directory in the other panel fails (e.g. insufficient rights). Unfortunately the dir chang e in the active panel cannot be prevented 22.06.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Show "Files found: 0" when comparing two empt y dirs 22.06.08 Fixed: Archives in archives: Temporary file was no longer deleted afte r closing inner archive 22.06.08 Fixed: Change single button via right click, try to add subbar in dire ctory with dot in name -> name was cut incorrectly 19.06.08 Release Total Commander 7.04 beta 7 19.06.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with encrypted archive: Only confirm password when packing, not when unpacking 18.06.08 Fixed: Multi-rename tool, branch view: Could not rename files if the t arget name already existed, e.g. dir\file01, dir\file02 renamed to dir\file02, d ir\file03 18.06.08 Fixed: Multi-rename tool, branch view: Keep sort order from main windo w (by name, not by folder). A click on the "Name" column header restores the old sort order by directory, then name 18.06.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Just show CRC error when user enters wrong pa ssword when viewing (F3) or comparing (via double click) files 17.06.08 Fixed: cm_SyncChangeDir: Turn off this function when change directory in the current panel fails (e.g. insufficient rights). Unfortunately the dir cha nge in the other panel cannot be prevented 16.06.08 Fixed: Packing encrypted ACE archives stopped working 15.06.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, "by content": checked: Abort comparison when user clicks on "Cancel" when asked for archive password 15.06.08 Added: Built AES-CBC encryption+decryption into wcmzip32.dll in prepar

ation for TC 7.5 13.06.08 Added: Also show progress for deleting directories (count them just li ke files) 13.06.08 Fixed: Delete files, count directory size: Pressing ESC still aborted the entire delete operation in some cases 13.06.08 Fixed: Lister: F2 sometimes didn't update vertical scrollbar (last lin e re-read) 13.06.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Re-request of password didn't work with RAR f iles (e.g. when viewing or comparing) 13.06.08 Fixed: Line break missing in some password dialogs, e.g. F3 in search 11.06.08 Release Total Commander 7.04 beta 6 11.06.08 Added: Only ask once for the password when adding encrypted files to a n encrypted ZIP archive when the password is the same as used for the first encr ypted file in the archive 11.06.08 Fixed: On multi-core systems only: F5-F2 leaves focus on background tr ansfer manager and doesn't return it to the main window 11.06.08 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] XPMoveMethodAdmin=0 sets old behavio ur when moving files as administrator 11.06.08 Fixed: XP/Vista: When moving a file "As administrator" with tcmadmin.e xe on the same drive, the file kept its rights. Now give it the rights of the pa rent directory. 10.06.08 Added: Windows 2000 and later: Tray icon tooltips support up to 127 ch aracters and line breaks 10.06.08 Fixed: Update of tray icon progress bar flickering when unpacking -> u pdate percent only when needed, and tip text only when mouse over tray icon 10.06.08 Added: Check AES password verification bytes before unpacking a file t o detect a bad password more quickly 10.06.08 Fixed: Could not decrypt AES-encrypted multi-volume ZIP files if the A ES verification value (SHA1) was stored across two parts of the archive 08.06.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Could not re-pack files after viewing in Sync when the base directory was a subdir within an archive 08.06.08 Fixed: Delete files, count directory size: When user aborts counting w ith ESC, wait until the ESC key has been released to avoid that the delete funct ion itself is aborted too 06.06.08 Added: Synchronize dirs: Support archives with multiple passwords 06.06.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: When viewing file with F3 from encrypted arch ive and user pressed Cancel in password dialog, the progress dialog wasn't close d 06.06.08 Fixed: Catch access violation within SFTP plugin if user changes trans fer mode after disconnect (e.g. in normal ftp) 06.06.08 Fixed: Re-pack file after sync compare with external tool not possible if archive NOT encrypted 04.06.08 Release Total Commander 7.04 beta 5 04.06.08 Added: Put password parameter in double quotes "" when calling externa l packer, e.g. "-ppass word" 04.06.08 Fixed: Clear password after re-packing to ZIP, and before using GZIP p acker 04.06.08 Fixed: Windows Vista: Network drives in "My Computer" were sorted at t he end instead of putting them between the other drives 04.06.08 Added: Tray icon: Show 100% when the normal progress bar would show it too, e.g. for very long downloads or when the source file is larger than report ed by the server 04.06.08 Fixed: Right and bottom border of tray icon incorrect when showing pro gress bar (percent done) 04.06.08 Fixed: Files - Print - File list (dialog not maximized), minimize (not to system tray) and restore the dialog -> the parent window became active 03.06.08 Fixed: Couldn't abort copying or deleting of just folders (without fil es)

03.06.08 Added: wincmd.ini [Packer] WipeEncrypted=1/0 turn overwriting of (prev iously encrypted) temporary files with zeroes on/off 03.06.08 Added: Overwrite temporary file with zeroes before deleting if the fil e was encrypted 01.06.08 Fixed: Always delete temporary files, even if "Keep damaged files" is checked when unpacking fails and the user clicks on "Cancel" 01.06.08 Added: Verify that wcmzip32.dll is signed by "C. Ghisler & Co." before using AES encryption functions, because of Swiss crypto export restrictions tha t the user may not easily modify crypto functions. 30.05.08 Added: Moved selection of the ZIP encryption method from the pack dial og to the password input dialog 30.05.08 Fixed: Cursor wasn't placed in source window when testing of multiple archives failed in external unpacker 30.05.08 Fixed: Compare by content: After re-packing the saved file to the arch ive, delete also the .bak file from the TEMP directory 30.05.08 Added: Support re-packing when viewing single file from archive in syn chronize dirs with F3 or Shift+F3 30.05.08 Added: wincmd.ini [Packer] WarnTooBig=0 -> do not warn that a ZIP file >2GB could be unreadable in some packers 30.05.08 Fixed: Couldn't add directories when creating AES-encrypted ZIP file 29.05.08 Release Total Commander 7.04 beta 4 29.05.08 Added: Verify that wcmzip32.dll is signed before using AES encryption functions 29.05.08 Added: Copy files from archive to archive: If the source is encrypted, check the "encrypt" option in the pack dialog. If it is unchecked, do NOT encry pt the files 28.05.08 Added: Internal AES encryption in ZIP files (compatible with WinZIP 9. 0 and newer) 28.05.08 Added: Compare by content: Clear any selection when using the search f unction, to make copying of found lines to other panel easier 28.05.08 Fixed: Compare by content: If a compared file needs to be re-packed to an archive, set the TC main window or sync window as parent, not the already hi dden compare dialog 27.05.08 Added: Internal decryption of AES-encrypted ZIP archives (e.g. from Wi nZip) 27.05.08 Added: Packer plugin interface: Signal to TC that a file is encrypted by setting the "Flags" member of the tHeaderData(Ex) structure. Set it to 8 when encrypted, and add 0x12345600 to signal that the Flags field is valid 27.05.08 Fixed: Compare by content: Keep cursor in sync when searching even if the text isn't found in the other panel, so TAB doesn't jump to a completely dif ferent location 27.05.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs (compare only) with two encrypted archives, co mpare two files in them, enter wrong password for file on right side -> temp fil e on the left wasn't deleted 25.05.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with an encrypted archive didn't work by conte nt, and calling the viewer or compare editor didn't work either 25.05.08 Fixed: Compare by content with file(s) from encrypted archive(s) didn' t work at all 23.05.08 Fixed: Re-pack of encrypted file to archive after editing didn't use i nternal ZIP packer 23.05.08 Fixed: F3 view file in encrypted archive, edit file with plugin, repac k -> file was re-packed without password 23.05.08 Fixed: F3 on file in archive in search dialog: Delete temp file alread y when closing Lister, not only when closing the search dialog 23.05.08 Fixed: F3 on file in archive in search dialog: Delete temp file if unp acking fails 23.05.08 Fixed: F3 on file in archive in search dialog: Ask user if target file (in TEMP) already exists 23.05.08 Fixed: Search could hang or crash when trying to search for incomplete

UTF-8 character with hex chars, e.g. for F0 23.05.08 Fixed: Move function: When moving files within the same drive, and the operation is aborted (Cancel) for the file under the cursor, keep the cursor on that file and don't jump to the next 21.05.08 Release Total Commander 7.04 beta 3 21.05.08 Fixed: When closing TC while the active tab was in the root of an ftp server, the tab was restored with tab text "0:" although the panel was reverted to c:\ 20.05.08 Fixed: Search for hex text in UTF-8 files didn't work (lister+search f unction) 20.05.08 Fixed: Access violation in synchronize dirs with large RAR archive whe n user clicks "Compare" while list update active 18.05.08 Fixed: External rar.exe called when unpacking just selected directorie s from encrypted RAR archive 18.05.08 Fixed: Search function: F3 view didn't work with encrypted files (zip or rar) 16.05.08 Fixed: Move function: When moving files within the same drive, and the file under the cursor is skipped, keep the cursor on that file and don't jump t o the next 15.05.08 Fixed: Copy function: Truncate file if its size was set at the beginni ng of the copy operation (NTFS targets), and the size was reduced while it was c opied, to avoid 0 bytes at the end 14.05.08 Release Total Commander 7.04 beta 2 14.05.08 Fixed: Unpack encrypted RAR files also via "Files" menu, except when t he file names are encrypted too (will need to use external winrar.exe) 13.05.08 Fixed: Wrong overlay icons shown for shared drives in "My Computer" du e to a Windows bug (GetOverlayIconIndex always returns 1) 13.05.08 Fixed: Do not uncheck "Archive on multiple disks" when checking "Encry pted" 13.05.08 Fixed: Install.exe still made unnecessary copy of ftp ini file in some cases 13.05.08 Fixed: ZIP packer, overwrite dialog auto-rename copied chosen -> two o r more files with the same name could be added under very special circumstances (fix from TC 7.5 was not yet backported) 12.05.08 Added: Use CryptGenRandom Windows function to generate better random d ata for ZIP encryption 11.05.08 Fixed: Custom columns view: also allow to sort by tc.attr field in arc hives and on ftp servers 11.05.08 Fixed: XP/Vista: Going up one level from an UNC server shown in the fo rm "Comment (Servername)" didn't place cursor on server name, except when double clicking on [..] in file list 11.05.08 Fixed: Pack files, dual screen: Dialog asking for password was always shown on the primary screen 11.05.08 Added: Again thanks to changed Swiss crypto export laws, unpacking of encrypted RAR archives is now supported by the internal unpacker (via unrar.dll) 11.05.08 Fixed: Internal unpackers: Do not allow to overwrite an archive with a n unpacked file from inside of it 09.05.08 Fixed: F4 edit of files in archives -> TC always passed the short DOS name to the editor. Now the long name will be passed if the editor is recognized as 32-bit, or "%1" with double quotes is given as parameter 07.05.08 Release Total Commander 7.04 beta 1 07.05.08 Fixed: FTP download from list: Local paths like in put:, copy: or move : commands didn't work if surrounded by double quotes "" 04.05.08 Fixed: Also scale the following dialogs when they are used for the fir st time: Choose internal commands, sync, custom columns, multi-rename, connect, print file list, tree 04.05.08 Fixed: Correctly scale configuration dialogs for file system, lister a

nd content plugins when OverrideDPI option is used 02.05.08 Fixed: install.exe changed ftp ini name to default wcx_ftp.ini in some cases, and/or copied existing ftp ini file to that name 01.05.08 Fixed: Search function: Uncheck "UTF-8" when Regular Expression is che cked (the combination isn't supported yet) 01.05.08 Added: Thanks to changed Swiss crypto export laws, the ZIP packer dll supporting ZIP encryption is now included. U.S. review is not required, see Sec. 740.17: (ii) Exemptions from the review requirement. Foreign products (with) U .S.-origin encryption .. provided that the U.S.-origin encryption has not been c hanged. TC uses standard ZIP encryption. 01.05.08 Fixed: Uninstaller wasn't signed, didn't start with highestAvailable o n Vista, and created wrong shortcut "Total Commander 32" in the start menu 30.04.08 Fixed: When moving a directory to another drive, and this dir contains junction, do not delete the files inside the junction. Instead copy the files, then delete just the junction. 30.04.08 Fixed: Lister: Search of accents in ASCII (OEM/DOS) text no longer wor ked 30.04.08 Fixed: Lister: Text on second line in UTF-8 or UTF-16 Unicode text cop ied incompletely if selection starts at line start 30.04.08 Fixed: Folder tabs on one line (scrolling horizontally): When starting , scroll tab into view if it would be outside of the visible area 30.04.08 Fixed: Lister with Russian font only: Window caption showed debug mess ages while selecting text 29.04.08 Fixed: Drive panel: When a drive was chosen which was hidden with Driv eBarHide= option, the previous drive remained selected 29.04.08 Fixed: Drive panel: Wrong height when all drives were hidden with Driv eBarHide= option 29.04.08 Fixed: Lister: Missing lines or characters in large Unicode files. Rea son: Buffer sometimes started at non-even offsets 29.04.08 Fixed: Archive view: Detect different archives not only by checksum of name+date+size, but also by full name 29.04.08 Fixed: Typo "Downlaod" in hardcoded error message 29.04.08 Fixed: If no crypto-zip dll present, re-packing files from encrypted R AR to ZIP "encrypted" files with fake key. Please contact us for a special unpac ker if you have this problem and no longer have the original files. 23.04.08 Release Total Commander 7.03 final 23.04.08 Fixed: Access violation reading from bad ARJ archive (fix from TC 7.5 was not yet backported) 22.04.08 Release Total Commander 7.03 RC1 22.04.08 Fixed: Uncheck "Search in plugins" when loading a saved search 22.04.08 Fixed: Catch more locations where an invalid floating point operation can occur due to invalid sizes returned by plugins or FindFirstFile 18.04.08 Fixed: During Drag&Drop, the target folder selection was sometimes not removed when moving cursor away from target panel 18.04.08 Fixed: Drag&Drop on header or footer in active window offered to copy file to other panel 16.04.08 Fixed: (again, was only fixed in 7.50 beta) Large value of MinLineHeig ht in thumbnails view moved icons down 16.04.08 Release Total Commander 7.03 beta 2 16.04.08 Fixed: Lister, single line UTF-8 or UTF-16 file with byte order marker , click BELOW the text -> cursor was placed a few characters behind the end of t he text 16.04.08 Added: Quick search dialog: When the user selects files with Insert or Shift+Cursor up/down, move the quick search dialog down so the number of select ed files can be seen (only if there is enough space on screen) 16.04.08 Fixed: Could not drop file name on command line if it was hidden by de fault, and then shown by typing some text

16.04.08 Fixed: Disable Delphi floating point exceptions when calling OLE funct ions which may involve shell extensions: Drag&Drop, Context menu, Property sheet , Copy+Paste, Overlay Icons, Thumbnails, Info-Tips 15.04.08 Fixed: Volume label in drive buttonbar didn't show "&" characters (the y were converted to underscores) 15.04.08 Fixed: Search function, plugins page: It was possible to create up to 20 lines of plugin rules, but the save/restore function could not restore all th ese lines (only about 8) 15.04.08 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Tabstops: When user changes tabstops and clicks on "Apply", do not revert back when user then clicks on Cancel 15.04.08 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Tabstops: When user clicks on "Defaul t", also revert Comments width to default if one of the two panels shows a comme nt view 11.04.08 Fixed: Problem with Russian locale only: Select text in binary or hex mode showed displaced text when line breaks were shown with 0 width (but GetText ExtentPoint32 reported normal width) 09.04.08 Added: Let user choose between internal Ctrl+Arrow key movement and Wi ndows edit box movement: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CtrlArrow=1/0 09.04.08 Fixed: Large value of MinLineHeight in thumbnails view moved icons dow n 09.04.08 Fixed: Delete files: Do not abort the delete function itself when the user stops counting of files with ESC (requested by beta testers) 09.04.08 Fixed: Drag&Drop, press Space or enter on any item in file lists calle d tree code instead of file panel code by mistake 09.04.08 Release Total Commander 7.03 beta 1 09.04.08 Added: Support ftps over http proxies (via GET request). Normally HTTP CONNECT should be used for secure ftp 08.04.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Double click on file pair passed wrong short DOS name to right panel if the two files had different DOS names 08.04.08 Fixed: Custom columns view and thumbs view: Custom fields were not ref reshed on F2/Ctrl+R if nothing else changed in that directory 07.04.08 Fixed: The creation of .tar.bz2 files only worked when the user had cr eated a .bz2 file before (to load the plugin) 06.04.08 Added: Compare by content: When selecting multiple lines with Shift+Cu rsor down and then copying the lines to the other panel via button or Alt+Cursor key, and the last line isn't empty, then do not copy the unselected last line 04.04.08 Fixed: Limit command line length to 4095 characters on Windows >=XP, l onger command lines were not shown correctly or caused access violations 04.04.08 Fixed: Drag&Drop to tree: When user presses space or enter, open subdi r branch, but do not switch to that directory in the file panel(s) 02.04.08 Added: MinLineHeight= sets minimum line height in file lists if the gi ven value is >0. If it is negative, the absolute value is added to the normal li ne height, e.g. MinLineHeight=-2, height=16 -> 18 02.04.08 Fixed: FTP log list in ftp toolbar had wrong font size when using Over rideDPI option 02.04.08 Added: DriveBarHide= in wincmd.ini Allows to hide certain parts of the drive button bar: A-Z=drives, 0-9=ftp, \=Nethood, .=parent+root dir, -=descript ion 02.04.08 Fixed: Sync with FTP, edit remote file with external compare tool, sav e it -> TC hangs 02.04.08 Fixed: Right mouse button Drag&Drop didn't show extended menu items in drive roots. Get Drag&Drop handlers from "Drive", "Directory" and "Folder" keys for drives, and the last two for directories 02.04.08 Fixed: cm_SrcQuickInternalOnly in button bar now shows same state as c m_SrcQuickView (independent from whether quick view uses a plugin or not) becaus e a click on such a pressed button closes quick view 02.04.08 Added: Insert key or Shift+Up/Down arrow in quick search now selects/u nselects file under cursor and jumps to next match (except if insert has been re defined)

01.04.08 Fixed: Improved progress bar performance for plugins by updating the b ar only when the percentage changes (this has been done for internal functions f or a long time) 01.04.08 Fixed: cm_SyncChangeDir: Click on "\" button no longer switched both p anels to the root 01.04.08 Fixed: Open dir in new Tab from history with Shift+Enter didn't work i f the history item was in a subdirectory of an archive 01.04.08 Fixed: Wrong width of edit boxes in "change start menu" dialog when us ing OverrideDpi option 30.03.08 Fixed: External unpacker (like RAR): Put target directory in double qu otes "" if short DOS names are unavailable and there is still a space in the pat h 30.03.08 Fixed: XP/Vista only: Checking/Unchecking option to show brackets arou nd directories didn't take immediate effect when clicking on "Apply" 30.03.08 Fixed: Left mouse button selection mode: Drag unselected file with rig ht button, then click on Cancel -> File still selected 30.03.08 Fixed: Delete files: If user stops counting of files with ESC, then al so abort the delete function itself 30.03.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Cannot delete files in ARJ/LHA/TAR/RAR archiv e if synchronize base dir is a subdir of the archive (note: deleting from ACE ar chives always seems to fail) 30.03.08 Fixed: Drag&Drop moves instead of copying when left+right mouse button swapped, old style hints are shown (overlaying the name), and a hint is visible when starting the drag 30.03.08 Fixed: FTP download from list: Remove all lines starting with "header: " when a line starting with "OK-" is encountered, so header fields meant for tha t line aren't passed to later transfers 30.03.08 Fixed: FTP download from list: match complete name when marking downlo aded items with "OK-", to avoid that partial name like http://ghisler.com matche s file in that location, or that Referer line is marked 30.03.08 Fixed: When using parameters /O /T /S to open just the target director y via command line in already running TC, keep the focus on the previously activ e panel 30.03.08 Fixed: When using parameters /O /T to open directories via command lin e in already running TC, keep the focus on the previously active panel if two pa ths are passed in 30.03.08 Fixed: Internal pseudo environment variables like %$PERSONAL% not work ing on 64-bit Windows when x64disableredirection=1 28.03.08 Fixed: If a content plugin used the size passthrough option, sorting b y that column sorted by the standard size field (Alt+Shift+Enter) instead of the plugin size field. 28.03.08 Fixed: Content plugins: total length of all field names was limited to 2 kBytes. Increased limit to 64k max. 28.03.08 Fixed: Special handling of Ctrl+Arrow keys removed from command line a nd other edit boxes, revert to normal edit box movement 28.03.08 Fixed: cm_CopyFileDetailsToClip in custom columns view crashes if a pl ugin returns a field longer than 259 characters. 28.03.08 Fixed: Switch from a Tab any other view mode to a Tab with custom colu mns view -> any additional sort orders of this tab are lost 28.03.08 Fixed: Thumbnails view: Shift+Home/End didn't place cursor on first/la st column, just on first/last row 28.03.08 Fixed: cm_ShowFileUser: Garbage shown in message box title in server l ist (path \\server) with cursor on a share 27.03.08 Fixed: Alt+F10 tree couldn't show any dirs containing brackets [] anyw here in the name 27.03.08 Fixed: Logging function stopped working after midnight if log file rot ation at midnight was set, and a log file with the target name logfile.<date>.lo g already existed 27.03.08 Fixed: Status bar showed wrong file item ([..]) after switching from b rief view to thumbs view and back

27.03.08 Fixed: F5, F6, Shift+F6: Accept also forward slashes '/' instead of ba ckslashes '\' in paths 27.03.08 Fixed: TC hangs or crashes when reducing the width of a custom column to 0 27.03.08 Fixed: Drag&Drop, press Space or enter on [..] item in drive root -> v irtual folder opens in wrong panel 26.03.08 Fixed: Shortcuts in ftp edit connection dialog 25.03.08 Fixed: Verify calls to unrar dll when archive bad 25.03.08 Fixed: Unzip/gzip: Add verification to inflate code whether the pointe rs in the huffman tree are valid or null 25.03.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Sort files with Unicode characters by Unicode name, not by alternate DOS name 19.03.08 Fixed: Unzip of ppmd-packed zip files could hang in an infinite loop w hen the end of the in file was reached (the ppmd code didn't check for end of fi le) 11.03.08 Fixed: Error in background transfer manager when moving file and targe t exists, and user chooses the rename option 09.03.08 Fixed: Do not request version info for files > 4GB, so large programs/ dlls cannot run anyway, and the function will hang 05.03.08 Fixed: TC on primary screen, Synchronize dirs on secondary screen -> p rogress dialog on wrong (primary) screen 05.03.08 Fixed: TC and Synchronize dirs on secondary screen -> progress dialog was on correct screen, but overwrite dialog on the wrong (primary) screen 05.03.08 Fixed: Command in button bar with %S parameter didn't work in search r esults when no start path was given 05.03.08 Fixed: Lister crash when searching in UTF-8 file while font is set to ASCII -> ignore ASCII flag 06.02.08 Fixed: Custom columns view: When displaying multiple columns containin g size fields, columns to the right may receive a wrong value for the predefined size (for showing e.g. file sizes inside archives) when showing different size units, e.g. first column MBytes, second column Bytes 01.02.08 Fixed: Tree in main window not updated correctly when moving directori es within the tree to another directory with Shift+F6 30.01.08 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Compare two subdirs of the SAME archive with each other, use compare by content to change one file -> the files in the archiv e after that position were no longer accessible on the other side because only t he changed side was updated 30.01.08 Fixed: Dual screen mode: The following dialog box was shown on the wro ng screen: Drive selection dialog in search function 29.01.08 Fixed: Invalid text selection in Lister hex view when using a fixed wi dth font, and the line break characters had a different width than the standard character width 29.01.08 Fixed: Ctrl+Q on text file, start selecting text, then move cursor to left panel and release mouse button -> although the file panel now had the focus , it was still shown above the quick view panel 29.01.08 Fixed: cm_GotoFirstFile: footer (e.g. in brief view) and quick view pa nel were not updated 27.01.08 Fixed: Close inplace rename edit box when resizing Total Commander 23.01.08 Fixed: Opening Quick View with a button bar button with command cm_Src Quickview didn't show files in archives (Ctrl+Q worked) 22.01.08 Fixed: Custom columns view: Do not show size field if value=-1 or -2 ( which means unknown) 22.01.08 Fixed: Calculate space of folder with space bar not working if content size was an _exact_ multiple of 4 GB 16.01.08 Fixed: Error updating comment in files.bbs when existing comment start ed with a line break 15.01.08 Fixed: Error "Cannot focus..." when trying to close minimized compare by contents window 28.12.07 Added: Background transfer manager: Consider the state of the option " FTP show hidden files" when downloading entire subdirectories

28.12.07 Fixed: Plugin auto-install function (unpacker): Could not overwrite hi dden/system files if the files were on the ignore list 07.12.07 Fixed: FTP custom type: The entries "." and ".." were not detected cor rectly (one dot was cut) 07.11.07 Fixed: ENTER on LNK file switched to linked directory, but didn't upda te tree in other panel or separate tree panel 16.09.07 Fixed: Commands - System info reported Server 2008 instead of Windows Vista 14.09.07 Release Total Commander 7.02a final 14.09.07 Fixed: Incompatibility with Acer GridVista: Access violation after mos t copy/delete operations (problem with progress dialog) 13.09.07 Fixed: FTP upload hangs when uploading (binary) files containing 0 cha racters in text mode 11.09.07 Release Total Commander 7.02a rc1 11.09.07 Fixed: Catch error in update of environment variables 11.09.07 Fixed: Speed up deletion of files as admin when "All as admin" was sel ected 09.09.07 Added: SpecialCursorMovement= option in wincmd.ini: Add 8 to translate cursor left/right to PageUp/PageDown instead of Home/End 09.09.07 Fixed: Resume upload to FTP server was no longer working 05.09.07 Release Total Commander 7.02 final 04.09.07 Fixed: Lister: After pressing Ctrl+A (select all), leave the cursor wh ere it is, but when the user then uses Shift+Cursor keys, select text from the b eginning to the current position 04.09.07 Added: Double click on archive or lnk in locked tab -> remember positi on too 04.09.07 Fixed: Double click on dir in locked tab -> position not always rememb ered 04.09.07 Fixed: When editing files from archives or ftp, remember TEMP path too , since environment variables can now be changed by the user -> TEMP can be diff erent after editing 03.09.07 Release Total Commander 7.02 rc1 03.09.07 Fixed: Do not send mouse down events to task bar during Drag&Drop any more, seems to cause problems with quick launch area 03.09.07 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] UpdateEnv=0 allows to turn off updat ing of TC environment when system environment changes 02.09.07 Added: Windows Vista: Do not show login name with ^ sign (information about full admin rights) if user account control has been disabled 02.09.07 Fixed: Windows Vista only: Right click menu -> New -> Shortcut (.lnk) wasn't working 02.09.07 Added: .tab files now also support environment variables like %temp% i n path fields 02.09.07 Fixed: Change attributes, save plugin settings: Special case: Add "" a round saved line when it starts and ends with a ", Windows will remove them when loading from ini 02.09.07 Fixed: Double click on dir in locked tab (no dir changes allowed) -> n ew tab opened, but cursor position in old tab not remembered 02.09.07 Added: Command choose dialog: Also search by command numbers (numbers starting with the typed digits) when using the filter 31.08.07 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, ftp: Also do not show any directories contain ing slashes or backslashes 31.08.07 Fixed: FTP logging with SpecialFlags=16: Filter out multiple download/ upload progress messages (background transfers) 29.08.07 Fixed: XP with themes: Wrong background color of label with free and t otal disk space in drive buttonbar 29.08.07 Fixed: Compare by contents: When user presses Ctrl+C and nothing is se

lected, don't show error, just copy nothing. Reason: Windows would copy the cont ent of the error message to the clipboard! 28.08.07 Release Total Commander 7.02 beta 1 28.08.07 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, ftp: Do not show names containing backslashes or slashes, they couldn't be synchronized anyway 27.08.07 Fixed: Drag&Drop from right window to single separate tree not working correctly 26.08.07 Fixed: Directory traversal vulnerability when an FTP server reports a file name containing backslashes -> File would be placed in the root instead of the correct target directory 07.08.07 Fixed: FTP upload check of text files: Some ftp servers seem to remove single <CR> characters (0D hex), which results in a smaller file size 07.08.07 Added: When adding files to an open background transfer manager, also add the current transfer mode in the form MODE:I, MODE:A or MODE:X (binary, ansi or automatic) 07.08.07 Added: F5 - F2 during an FTP connection now adds the files to an alrea dy open background transfer manager 07.08.07 Fixed: While TC is minimized during a transfer, show also instance num ber like [2] in front of the percent value -> needed to set instance number when opening another copy of TC 25.07.07 Added: FTP download: If downloaded file is smaller than expected, re-r equest file size of remote file with SIZE. If still different, report error 25.07.07 Added: FTP download from list: Use SIZE command (if supported) to get file size if unavailable 25.07.07 Fixed: Drop file(s) from outside of TC (via OLE2) -> do not refresh a panel if it shows a file system plugin or ftp connection 25.07.07 Fixed: Plain text comments with \n line breaks were shown on one line in hints (tooltips) 25.07.07 Fixed: Plain text comments without custom fields were not supported in thumbs view 25.07.07 Fixed: F2/Ctrl+R (refresh) not working in directories accessible only with admin rights, TC returned to the first parent accessible with normal rights 25.07.07 Fixed: Ignore list: Specifying a wildcard *\ excluded not only all directories, but also all files 25.07.07 Fixed: Lister: Only try to center/resize WMF files which are in enhanc ed metafile format (EMF), because only these have a bounding rectangle 25.07.07 Fixed: Compare by content: Error "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window." under special conditions when editing and saving one of the files in a n external editor 24.07.07 Fixed: Change attributes: access violation when trying to load invalid plugin attribute settings (value missing) 24.07.07 Added: FTP client: Check size of uploaded files after upload to make s ure the file was uploaded OK. Can be turned off via SpecialFlags=32 22.07.07 Fixed: Background copy: Available space on target drive was randomly c hecked in some cases. Now it is checked only if a file is >10MB, and "Calculate space - before copying/deleting" is checked 22.07.07 Fixed: Dual screen mode: The following dialog boxes were shown on the wrong screen: FTP overwrite confirmation, Search - choose drives 22.07.07 Fixed: Copy progress dialog: Very long paths were cut incorrectly in s ome special cases (when only 2 characters were cut) 22.07.07 Fixed: Lister: Un-selecting text with cursor keys could leave rests of the selection when using Cleartype for fonts 22.07.07 Fixed: XP/Vista only: Pressing Alt key for the first time after starti ng TC made button bar redraw itself 20.07.07 Added: wcx_ftp.ini [General] SpecialFlags=0 allows to set special ftp flags: 1: force implicit ssl (no clear text connection), 2: force explicit ssl, 4: force TLS authentication, 8: force SSL23 authentication, 16: detailed log for ftp connections in background, 32: see above 18.07.07 Fixed: Compare by contents: When user presses Ctrl+C and nothing is se

lected, show error instead of emptying the clipboard (just like in Lister) 18.07.07 Fixed: Main configuration dialog: Only try to save a page when the use r changed something on that page: The Apply button is being enabled in this case 18.07.07 Fixed: Main configuration dialog: When wincmd.ini was write protected, it was impossible to store any settings, even if some sections like [Layout] we re redirected to other files 18.07.07 Fixed: Increased hard limit of maximum packer plugin count from 150 to 256 18.07.07 Added: Update Total Commander's environment variables when the system variables are changed (e.g. via Control Panel - System). Works on WinNT-based sy stems only 18.07.07 Fixed: cm_copy??namestoclip: set CF_LOCALE info for the case that the user has chosen a different keyboard layout, e.g. Russian Windows with English l ayout 18.07.07 Fixed: Compare by content: If only one file is selected for comparison in an archive, on an ftp server or fs plugin, and the other side does not conta in that file, do not pass the file name to the compare tool 10.07.07 Added: FTP over SSL/TLS: If the server responds to AUTH TLS, connect w ith TLSv1 instead of SSLv23 messages 04.07.07 Added: Combine files: When the .crc file is missing, do not append .ou t if the files are named filename.ext.001 etc. -> name the file filename.ext if the file doesn't exist yet 04.07.07 Fixed: XP: Double click on lnk file pointing to Internet Explorer open ed an empty folder instead of launching the program. -> Use SHGetFileInfo to det ermine link type 04.07.07 Fixed: Versioninfo resource still showed the year 2006 04.07.07 Fixed: Ctrl+Shift+Enter pasted uppercase drive letter, although almost all other functions use lowercase letters 04.07.07 Fixed: F7 create directory: Access violation on Windows 98 when trying to create directory like this: c:\temp\....\newdir 04.07.07 Fixed: Wrong error message "Directory already exists" shown when tryin g to create invalid directory name like .....\dir 04.07.07 Fixed: Search window resizing during load (full size -> reduced size) 04.07.07 Fixed: Search function: "Start search" button hotkey wasn't working wh en in search results (it invoked "go to file") 04.07.07 Fixed: Bring message box to the foreground when an error occurs in the background copy process 04.07.07 Fixed: Couldn't use string \t in custom columns view, it was converted to a Tabstop in the editor. \n is still forbidden, it's used to separate fields and will be converted to /n 03.07.07 Fixed: ARJ files created on Unix (os type=2): convert file date from U nix to DOS format 03.07.07 Fixed: Compare by content: Alt+Cursor right using the numeric keypad ( numlock off) scrolled to left when releasing Alt key. Note: Do not use in edit m ode, Alt+Numeric keypad is used to enter custom characters! 03.07.07 Fixed: Pressing ENTER or SPACE during Drag&Drop while mouse in separat e tree opened dir in file panel instead of expanding separate tree 03.07.07 Fixed: Lister: No scrollbars were shown for images larger than the win dow when "center" option but none of the "fit to window" options were active 03.07.07 Fixed: Save state of cursor in lister (shown/not shown) and wrap text on/off when closing Lister, not only when closing Total Commander <- save didn't work when shutting down windows 03.07.07 Fixed: Command line parameters /P=L and /P=R didn't work when combined with switch /O 03.07.07 Fixed: Double click in separate tree panel didn't expand branch if the active file panel also showed a tree 03.07.07 Fixed: Better switching to thumbnails view (requesting the database mu tex caused initial drawing of thumbnails in wrong size) 03.07.07 Added: Alias commands: %A0 does the same as %A, can be used when the p arameter must be followed by a digit

03.07.07 Added: Alias commands now support new parameters %A1..%A9 to insert th e parameter 1..9 at this location. Example: Alias tc=totalcmd /L=%A1 /R=%A2, use r enters tc "c:\a b" d:\ -> totalcmd /L="c:\a b" /R=d:\ 03.07.07 Added: Detection of Windows Vista and Server 2003/2008 in System Infor mation 21.06.07 Release Total Commander 7.01 final 21.06.07 Fixed: Shift+F4: When user leaves name field empty, start editor witho ut name 21.06.07 Fixed: RAR multi-volume: Pass multi-volume size in bytes by appending 'b' to the number 20.06.07 Release Total Commander 7.01 final pre 2 20.06.07 Fixed: When using the option ThreadFindFirst=1, switching to a network share via Ctrl+D could show the progress dialog twice 20.06.07 Release Total Commander 7.01 final pre 1 20.06.07 Fixed: Access violation after switching to tree view, then opening dri ve combobox in SAME panel and pressing ENTER without choosing any drive 20.06.07 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] CDlabel=0 turns off the display of C D labels (and other removable drives) in Alt+F1/F2 and the drive buttonbar. Reas on: Some CD drives take several seconds to return the labels 19.06.07 Fixed: Lister plugins no longer worked when iviewadditionaltypes was m issing from wincmd.ini 19.06.07 Fixed: Lister: Select last word of a line with double click, then clic k somewhere else -> text cursor remained (non-blinking) at old position 19.06.07 Fixed: Search function, feed to listbox: If the previous view was a cu stom columns view sorted by a user-defined column, re-sort the result list to ma tch that sort order 19.06.07 Fixed: Access violation in compare by contents editor when deleting te xt from Unicode files. The delete section must end at the beginning of a line to get the error 19.06.07 Fixed: Copy progress dialog: When copying a file with very long name t o the root of a network share, the name was incorrectly shortened (the \ was for gotten after the share name) 19.06.07 Added: Allow user to replace also mouse cursors (e.g. for Drag&Drop) v ia iconlib entry in wincmd.ini (the same file which contains different file list icons) 19.06.07 Fixed: FTP download from list crashes on very long URLs 18.06.07 Release Total Commander 7.01 beta 3 18.06.07 Fixed: Multi-rename tool didn't keep custom sort order of main panel w here the files were selected 18.06.07 Fixed: External packers not working if the TEMP/TMP variable points to a path with spaces in the name -> put path in double quotes (will only work wit h packer supporting long names like WinRAR) 18.06.07 Fixed: Compare by content: using the scroll wheel at the end of the fi les could show lines out of sync if only one panel had a horizontal scrollbar 18.06.07 Fixed: Switching from 1 to 2 separate trees while in right file panel -> the left tree still showed the directory of the right panel 18.06.07 Fixed: 1 separate tree: When both command line and function key bar ar e turned off, make separate tree 2 pixels less high to make scrolling during Dra g&Drop easier 17.06.07 Fixed: Switch from custom view with horizontal scrollbar to thumbs vie w and back with the thumbs view button didn't restore the scrollbar 17.06.07 Fixed: Encrypted ZIP file created with replacement wcmzip32.dll direct ly on floppy disk could only be unpacked with Total Commander due to bad header 17.06.07 Fixed: Additional checks to ftp client to avoid that resume starts aga in from the beginning of a file 15.06.07 Fixed: ARJ unpacker couldn't unpack ARJ files with extended header, e.

g. from Linux packed with -2o* parameter 15.06.07 Fixed: Search on FTP: Progress dialog would stay on screen if connecti on was lost during normal search (not for text) 15.06.07 Fixed: Shift+Enter on EXE files inside of archives no longer worked (i t should open the program via NOCLOSE.PIF) 15.06.07 Fixed: Show menu below button, not at the mouse position also in dialo g "Custom columns" and "Custom fields by file type" 15.06.07 Fixed: cm_CopySrc/TrgPathToClip now copies the true network name inste ad of the display name on WinXP 14.06.07 Fixed: Copy function, overwrite dialog: Option to (auto-)rename target was missing when using the compatibility mode for copying 14.06.07 Fixed: Change to network drives via directory hotlist (ctrl+d) fails f or some pseudo network drives (e.g. third party sftp mounted as drive) 13.06.07 Release Total Commander 7.01 beta 2 13.06.07 Fixed: Going up one level from an UNC server on XP placed the cursor o n [..] instead of the previously active server name (because the name in the tit le was different from the name in the list) 13.06.07 Fixed: Footer below file panel could shortly appear in a wrong color w hen the quick search dialog is turned off 13.06.07 Fixed: RedirectSection=0 in section [Extensions] would show up in view er association dialog 13.06.07 Fixed: Separate tree panel didn't auto-scroll when dragging file over it (Drag&Drop) 13.06.07 Fixed: Windows XP: cm_EditPath with network computers edited the wrong name (the display name). Same problem with Ctrl+P, Ctrl+Shift+Enter or cm_copyf ullnamestoclip 13.06.07 Fixed: FTP: Temporary file downloaded for editing was deleted even if it was changed and couldn't be re-uploaded 13.06.07 Fixed: Ctrl+PageDown not working on Archive with Unicode name (Enter w orks) 13.06.07 Fixed: Search text in lister: search whole words worked differently fo rwards and backwards ('_' is now considered as part of name, not word separator) 13.06.07 Fixed: Drag&Drop to unopened TAR archive was not working 13.06.07 Fixed: Search on FTP: Detect whether connection was lost when trying t o view a file with F3 13.06.07 Fixed: Duplicating a folder tab via right click menu gave the wrong ta b title when the original tab was locked with dir changes allowed 13.06.07 Fixed: Search function, search contents: Remember trailing spaces in s earch string 13.06.07 Fixed: Quick search in separate tree: scroll item into view so at leas t 3 lines remain before the end of the list 13.06.07 Fixed: Autocomplete in start menu editor only listed folders, no files 13.06.07 Fixed: Configuration-Options-Thumbnails, click on "Add" button: Show m enu below button, not at the mouse position 13.06.07 Fixed: Change attributes, click on "+": Show menu below button, not at the mouse position 13.06.07 Fixed: Lister: IviewAdditionalTypes takes precedence over internal ima ge checks, e.g. when *.jpg is part of it, TC will not check whether the file has the correct jpg header 13.06.07 Fixed: Archives in archives: Allow to open multiple inner archives wit h the same name at the same time (unpack temporarily to _tc, _tc0, _tc1 etc.) 13.06.07 Fixed: FTP toolbar had no frame around it on XP with turned off themes 13.06.07 Fixed: ESC after cm_EditPath didn't place cursor back in file list -> post cm_focusleft/right to main window 13.06.07 Fixed: Wrong error message "Directory already exists" when trying to c reate a directory containing * or ? in the name 13.06.07 Fixed: Invisible tray icon if iconlib= points to 16-bit DLL on Vista, or to a file other than dll/exe on all Windows versions -> use icon from totalcm d.exe

13.06.07 Fixed: Auto-complete: Entering an UNC path like \\server\ suggested pa ths with two backslashes after the server name 11.06.07 Release Total Commander 7.0a 11.06.07 Fixed: FTP client hangs when trying to auto-reconnect before a downloa d, and the server has been turned off 10.06.07 Release Total Commander 7.01 beta 1 10.06.07 Fixed: External compare tool: No parameters allowed. Solution: Put pro gram in double quotes "" even if there are no spaces in the name, to avoid that TC adds double quotes by itself 10.06.07 Fixed: Do not show any tooltip window for the updir [..] file list ite m 10.06.07 Fixed: FTP client hangs after reconnect when trying to download a file when the server has terminated the connection 10.06.07 Fixed: Creation/Renaming of directories not logged correctly and not s tored correctly in treeinfo.wc file in some cases 06.06.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 final 06.06.07 Fixed: TC was hanging for a few seconds, and showing Connect \\Desktop when right clicking on a file and choosing some menu item while the other panel showed a tree 05.06.07 Fixed: Still double click selection problems in lister with UTF-8 enco ded text 04.06.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 not public release candidate 5.5 (RC5.7) 04.06.07 Fixed: Create directory with F7 in parent directory (by entering ..\su bdir) added wrong dir to Alt+F10 tree (treeinfo.wc) 04.06.07 Fixed: Lister: Double click on first line of UTF-8 encoded file with b yte order mark (3 byte) would select the wrong text 04.06.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Switching back to Compare tool after editing fi le in other program while cursor was on -> recompare, but Copy buttons were disa bled 04.06.07 Fixed: Updated button bar and drive bar in help file to show new icons 04.06.07 Fixed: Changed 16 color icons for folders back to TC 6.56 version 03.06.07 Fixed: RAR multi-volume: Wrong volume size passed to RAR, it expects t he size in kBytes, not Bytes 01.06.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Backspace not working correctly with double byt e charset when deleted char was from Western alphabet with Chinese character in front of it 31.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Problems with font choose dialog on Chinese Win dows returning Western charset, although the created font is Chinese afterwards 30.05.07 Fixed: Win9x/ME: 16x16 icons on buttonbar looked resized instead of re sampled when the icon source (EXE/DLL) only contains a 32x32 pixel icon, no 16x1 6 28.05.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 not public release candidate 5.5 (RC5.5) 28.05.07 Fixed: Configuration - Options - FTP: Changing the default transfer mo de now takes effect immediately 28.05.07 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Support other start values than 'a' for alph abetic sequences, e.g. start with aay -> aay, aaz, aba, abb, abc... 28.05.07 Fixed: Improved displaying of dialog "Click on Close when the temporar y file can be deleted!" also in synchronize dirs (when comparing two files by co ntent) 28.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Pressing Cursor right or Ctrl+Cursor right when at the end of the file jumped to the beginning of that line 28.05.07 Fixed: Access violation when trying to open a second FTP connection wh ile a connection with a very long saved name was open 28.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Explicitly set the cursor to the last active co ntrol when minimizing a program in front of the editor, otherwise the focus is l

ost 28.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Bad cursor positioning when typing dual byte ch aracters, e.g. Chinese 28.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Use code page chosen by the user for the curren t font to type text, e.g. to allow to edit a Russian text on an English system 27.05.07 Fixed: Quick search: In brief view, the column with the search result was scrolled to the left border when the search result was near the bottom 27.05.07 Fixed: Lister: Move text cursor position on double/triple click also w hile cursor disabled (so it's in the right place when the user re-enables it) 27.05.07 Fixed: Overwrite dialog was showing target path all uppercase when dro pping file from outside of TC to a directory in the list or tree 24.05.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 release candidate 5 (RC5) 24.05.07 Fixed: Minor fixes to help, translations and history 22.05.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 release candidate 5 (RC5) pre1 22.05.07 Fixed: Installer: 2 dialogs didn't have a close button in the title ba r 22.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor called from synchronize dirs with file in archiv e subdirectory, modify file -> Re-packing packed to root instead of the correct subdir (for packer plugins only, was fixed previously for internal packers) 22.05.07 Fixed: Change attributes: Move focus to Plugin attributes checkbox if user chooses something from the dropdown combobox and no plugin options are show n 22.05.07 Fixed: Changed default title of background transfer manager from "Tran sfer" to "Total Commander". This title is only shown as long as no title is set 22.05.07 Fixed: Delete function: User chooses "Skip all" when a file cannot be deleted -> do not warn any more also for directories which cannot be deleted 22.05.07 Fixed: Copy function: If the user has chosen "Skip all", running progr ams and open files were not skipped automatically 22.05.07 Fixed: cm_SyncChangeDir mode: If the active side shows the contents of an archive, the directory on the other side was only changed when it was writte n exactly the same (upper-/lowercase) 22.05.07 Fixed: Unicode warning dialog: The dialog was turned off also when the user checked to no longer show it, but then clicked on "Cancel" 21.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: When comparing a file from an archive, do not o ffer to re-pack if the user saved the file to a different name than the original (save as), only when the original was modified 21.05.07 Fixed: Custom field [tc.size] could be shown as <DIR> in thumbnail vie w for 0 byte files 18.05.07 Fixed: Search function: ESC in any other program would abort unpacking of files for searching text in archives 18.05.07 Fixed: Configuration - Packer: Let the user save double quotes around name (they must be stored TWICE in wincmd.ini because Windows removes one pair o f "") 18.05.07 Fixed: Compare by content: Remove direction arrow (shown when invoked from overwrite dialog) when choosing different file 18.05.07 Fixed: FTP upload in background: <PAUSED> was not translated 16.05.07 Fixed: Compare by content: Right listbox too wide after switching from vertical to horizontal arrangement 15.05.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 not public release candidate 4.5 (RC4.5) 15.05.07 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Focus loss when using external packer (WinXP only) 15.05.07 Fixed: Lister: Place cursor behind selection on double click or triple click 15.05.07 Added: When opening a file from inside an archive, only show the dialo g "Click on Close when the temporary file can be deleted!" when either the focus is not on TC, or it is on TC but never went away from it. Should avoid the dial og if a user closes a viewer very quickly.

15.05.07 Fixed: When opening a .tab file containing no tabs with Shift+Enter (= replace), the tab headers would become completely empty, but would not be remove d 15.05.07 Fixed: Internal ZIP packer: Sometimes no second percent bar during ver ify on Windows 9x (timing problem) 15.05.07 Fixed: Drag&Drop of OLE data to Total Commander (e.g. address line fro m IE/Firefox): Allow to overwrite read only/hidden/system files (with warning), show error if copying fails 13.05.07 Fixed: Directory with & character at the end was shown incorrectly in the folder Tab bar. The & was converted to an underline _ by Windows. 13.05.07 Fixed: Could not list UC2 archive containing ^ sign in the file name o r path name 13.05.07 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Also keep comments in complex rename situati ons, e.g. 1->2 2->3 3->4 etc. 13.05.07 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Selection in main program was cleared after u sing external pack tool -> no results shown if "only selected" was checked 11.05.07 Added: Compare by contents: If invoked from overwrite dialog, show fil e to be copied on left side, and show arrow with copy direction 11.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Changes not saved when closing Total Commander 11.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Could no longer delete lines near end of file a fter last fixes 10.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: In some special cases, a line could appear twic e in a file 10.05.07 Added: Increased possible number of packer plugin extensions to approx . 250. 10.05.07 Added: Compare editor: Ctrl+Home also moves to beginning of the first line, Ctrl+End to the end of the last 10.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Fix cursor position after click on "Compare" 10.05.07 Fixed: ZIP unpacker: Couldn't handle files >4 GB in ZIP archives creat ed by DynaZip (where only the original size was stored in 64 bit, not the packed size) 09.05.07 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, quick search: Sometimes 2 lines were selected after leaving quick search 09.05.07 Fixed: Search for UTF8 no longer working in search function (but worke d in lister) 09.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Ignore Delete on not present lines if the next line is also not present 09.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Save as: Incorrect name given when no extension was specified, and the original file had no extension either 09.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Update both sides of Total Commander after savi ng file 08.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Don't react to Alt+Backspace or Ctrl+Z if Undo button is disabled 08.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Remove any selection when clicking on "Compare" to recompare the files (also in edit mode) 08.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: If nothing is selected and one of the Copy text button is clicked, only copy the current line if the "from" window is currently active 08.05.07 Added: Show native 24x24 icons in button bar and main menu also on Win dows 9x/ME 08.05.07 Added: Hint and overwrite dialog custom fields: Support field contents not containing any plugin fields, e.g. to show a fixed text for a specific file type 08.05.07 Fixed: Windows XP 64: If redirection of system32 folder is turned off, it will be temporarily re-enabled while checking the presence of the Network Ne ighborhood 07.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Cursor on a line only existing on the other sid e, Alt+Cursor, Undo, Alt+Cursor, Undo -> invalid Undo 07.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: After Undo, a non-existing empty line could rem ain

07.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Ctrl+Arrow keys not working in lines which exis t only in the other panel 06.05.07 Added: Include extended wcmicons.dll (without the 48x48 icons) in the default installation 06.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: After Undo, the cursor was sometimes placed on the wrong character 06.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Still problems with pressing ENTER beyond the l ast line of the shorter file 06.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Cursor wasn't scrolled into view on Home/End/Ct rl+Left/Ctrl+Right 06.05.07 Fixed: Right click - "New" submenu: Didn't place cursor on new file if the "ShellNew" entry in the registry used the "Data" key value to initialize th e new file 06.05.07 Fixed: Compare by contents: Do not turn off right vertical scrollbar w hen switching horizontal/vertical view modes 06.05.07 Fixed: Removed Help button hotkey from multiple English dialogs (F1 is sufficient for help) 03.05.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 release candidate 4 (RC4) 03.05.07 Added: Multi-Rename Tool: Use standard menu key F10 to open Multi-Rena me menu (menu button) 03.05.07 Fixed: Blue screen crash trying to use the parallel port connection un der Windows Vista 02.05.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 release candidate 4 (RC4) pre1 02.05.07 Added: Compare editor: When searching in edit mode, place cursor behin d last found text, and scroll it into view. Activate panel with search result if result only on one side 02.05.07 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Show warning if file couldn't be a ccessed for copying 02.05.07 Fixed: Background transfer manager: allow to copy files also from dirs for which the user has no read rights 02.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Allow to type/paste text below last line of sho rter file 02.05.07 Added: Compare editor: Ctrl+S (Save), F6 (edit mode) and Alt+Backspace /Ctrl+Z (Undo) now also work when cursor not in one of the text panels 02.05.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Scroll caret into view also vertically when use r types or deletes something, or pastes text 02.05.07 Fixed: Lister: Clear window when file cannot be read 01.05.07 Fixed: Folder tabs: When switching to a tab with a file system plugin with a custom columns view, the custom columns dialog was shown by mistake (reas on: the plugin wasn't loaded yet) 01.05.07 Fixed: In mode RenameSelOnlyName=1, if F6 was assigned to cm_renameonl y, F6 didn't change the selection between name and name+ext 29.04.07 Fixed: Compare editor: <Spacebar> wasn't overtyping any text 29.04.07 Fixed: Compare editor: Select text including the final line break, but without the first character of the next line, delete, Undo -> wrong selection r estored 29.04.07 Fixed: Compare editor: After Undo, the previous text selection was res tored, but couldn't be modified with Shift+Cursor keys. Instead, a new selection was started 29.04.07 Added: Right click, "New" submenu: Show file extension of new file in braces, e.g. "Text File (.txt)" 29.04.07 Fixed: When using WinRAR as external packer, pass long archive name to it when deleting files from archive (Reason: on Samba drives, the long name is lost when deleting via the short name) 29.04.07 Fixed: Compare by content: "Resync comparison from here" sometimes res ulted in "0 differences found" in the case of empty lines on both sides 29.04.07 Fixed: Wrong DPI in synchronize dirs and various other dialogs when us ing custom DPI size via OverrideDPI

27.04.07 Fixed: After creating new file via context menu - "New" submenu, place cursor on new file also in right panel 27.04.07 Fixed: Auto-complete network shares in the command line didn't work if the path was part of a longer command line 25.04.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 not public release candidate 3.5 (RC3.5) 25.04.07 Fixed: Drag&Drop to right separate tree panel from outside of Total Co mmander (e.g. Explorer) wasn't working correctly 25.04.07 Fixed: Compare by content: If the user turns off edit mode and then cl icks on the Undo button, auto-re-enable edit mode 25.04.07 Fixed: Compare by content: User could enable edit mode even when no fi le was loaded (e.g. after changing one of the file names), resulting in an acces s violation when trying to type some text 25.04.07 Fixed: Compare by content: Enable/Disable >> button belonging to edit box when enabling/disabling that edit box 25.04.07 Fixed: Compare by content: Clear status line when opening new file via >> button, or when typing new name manually 24.04.07 Added: Background transfer manager now allows to copy to directories t o which the user has no read rights (via tcmadmin.exe) 24.04.07 Added: (Experimental, undocumented): wincmd.ini [Configuration] Overri deDPI=120 scales all dialog boxes (except for the main window!) to the given siz e in dots per inch. Normal is 96 dpi 24.04.07 Fixed: External UnRAR wasn't unpacking to UNC root like \\server\share , except when appending a backslash (in this example: \\server\share\) 24.04.07 Added: Shift+F6 inplace rename: Ctrl+A selects entire name 24.04.07 Fixed: Problem opening MS Office files if x64DisableRedirection=1 (64bit Windows) -> temporarily re-enable redirection, except when file in system32 folder 24.04.07 Fixed: Shift+F1 menu: Menu texts are taken from the main menu - do NOT take them from the user-defined "Start" menu 24.04.07 Fixed: Remember whether the user wants 1 or 2 drive button bars when d isabling drive bars 24.04.07 Fixed: After converting a file system with WinXP from FAT(32) to NTFS, IsThemeActive() always returns true, even for the "Windows Classic" theme. -> u se OpenThemeData to determine whether themes are really supported or not. 22.04.07 Fixed: Could not list UC2 archive containing & sign in the file name o r path name 22.04.07 Fixed: Thumbnails view: Cursor moves away from current file when the p anel resizes (e.g. on Ctrl+Q) 22.04.07 Fixed: Thumbnails view: Additional thumb showing up by mistake to the right of the last column when invoking Quick View (Ctrl+Q) 20.04.07 Added: Auto-complete: Also enumerate shared folders of a network resou rce, e.g. when user enters \\server\ 20.04.07 Fixed: Auto-complete: Subdirs in UNC path were no longer displayed, e. g. subdirs of \\server\share\ 20.04.07 Fixed: Prevent the user from opening the right click context menu mult iple times (e.g. by right clicking and pressing the menu button at the same time ) 20.04.07 Fixed: Still access violation in Lister after PageDown when file was d eleted 18.04.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 release candidate 3 (RC3) 18.04.07 Fixed: When saving an entire ini file section (e.g. history of connect ions in Ctrl+N), do not delete the section first. This was adding an empty line to the ini on Win9x each time the section was saved 18.04.07 Fixed: Lister triple click: Ignore third click if the mouse was moved more than the amount returned by GetSystemMetrics(SM_CXDOUBLECLK/SM_CYDOUBLECLK) 18.04.07 Fixed: Access violation in Lister when scrolling with enabled text cur sor when the currently viewed file was deleted

17.04.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 release candidate 3 (RC3) pre1 17.04.07 Fixed: Compare by contents editor: Stop selecting text when losing the input focus also in view (not edit) mode 15.04.07 Fixed: 'bytes' not translated in HTTP download (Ctrl+N) 15.04.07 Fixed: Compare by contents: Copying marked text failed when opening co ntext menu via keyboard (Shift+F10 or menu button) 15.04.07 Fixed: Multi-rename tool didn't remember state of the ^ (case sensitiv e) checkbox in search+replace 15.04.07 Fixed: Sync+FTP copying files to wrong directories 15.04.07 Fixed: File system plugin with custom columns: Do not store custom col umns view in wincmd.ini on a locked tab with dir changes allowed (because TC wil l revert to the locked root) 15.04.07 Fixed: Compare by content: Flickering of the mouse cursor (constant ch ange between arrow and hourglass) during compare 15.04.07 Fixed: Lister triple click: Third click was detected even when using t he right or middle mouse button 11.04.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 release candidate 2 (RC2) 11.04.07 Fixed: Incorrect icon scaling when using non standard icon sizes (e.g. 21x21) in file list 11.04.07 Fixed: Improved selection with Ctrl+Shift+Cursor keys in command line: Since the selection and cursor location cannot both be set in an edit control, remember the selection start position internally 11.04.07 Fixed: Open network shares via Ctrl+D, Shift+ENTER in new tab: Do not check whether the name is an archive if a trailing backslash is given, e.g. cd \ \server\share\ 10.04.07 Fixed: Lister, HTML view: cut off parameters from local links, e.g. se arch.html?search=xyz to open file search.html 10.04.07 Fixed: Compare by Contents: If the compare dialog is minimized and a f ile is changed outside, restore the dialog before asking the user whether to rec ompare the files or not 10.04.07 Fixed: Net - FTP download from list didn't support ftps connections (t hey were used unencrypted) 10.04.07 Fixed: Noreread option in wincmd.ini could not take all possible value s (29: letters a to z, and special characters \/:) 10.04.07 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Unpacking from RAR archives didn't always unp ack all files from multiple subdir levels. Reason: Wrong re-ordering before unpa cking 06.04.07 Fixed: Sometimes duplicate "Connect" dialog when trying to switch to a tab with a no longer available network resource (only when using a separate tre e) 06.04.07 Fixed: Access violation when changing directory during Explorer delete function 06.04.07 Fixed: Triple click in lister sometimes selected a different line when the mouse was moved before the third click 06.04.07 Fixed: Triple click in lister could select more than the currently vis ible line 06.04.07 Fixed: Compare by contents editor: Stop selecting text when losing the input focus, e.g. when the user clicks on a panel and a dialog comes up that th e files have been changed outside 06.04.07 Fixed: When loading synchronize options via a button with the command SYNCOPEN, check the option "only selected" under the following condition: some f iles/dirs are selected, and no paths were stored in the loaded option 04.04.07 04.04.07 04.04.07 e header 04.04.07 04.04.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 not public release candidate 1.6 (RC1.6) Fixed: Better resizing of Search+Replace in Multi-Rename-Tool Fixed: When both panels show the same custom columns view, changing on only changed the first 3 columns of the other Fixed: 'bytes' not translated in some places (e.g. ftp) Fixed: Ctrl+Z edit comment didn't refresh comment in custom columns vi

ew when the changed line wasn't covered by the comment edit box 04.04.07 Fixed: Lister triple click: Only select entire line if triple click go es on the same line as the double click 04.04.07 Fixed: Directory tabs: FTP connection number shown as drive letter was lost (replaced by # sign) on Ctrl+U, or when locking the tab 03.04.07 Fixed: When using external compare tool, also pass names of selected f olders to compare tool (e.g. WinMerge) 03.04.07 Fixed: Folder and EXE icons were not displayed correctly or not shown at all when the Totalcmd directory was hidden by a tool like Universal Shield 03.04.07 Fixed: Don't get default exe icon from wc32to16.exe, but instead via S HGFI_USEFILEATTRIBUTES parameter (on nt/2000/xp/vista only) 03.04.07 Fixed: Do not show Explorer extensions in context menu when inside of a file system plugin 03.04.07 Fixed: When ThreadFindFirst=1 was set, it took at least 3 seconds unti l the password dialog for the share came up 03.04.07 Fixed: When ThreadFindFirst=1 was set, and trying to access a server b y typing \\server\share in the current path edit box fails -> the file under the cursor was opened 03.04.07 Fixed: Duplicate hotkey 'r' in Configuration - Options - Thumbnails (i nternal English version only) 01.04.07 Fixed: When using the internal English menu, changing the menu icon si ze caused menu items with wrong height until TC was restarted 01.04.07 Added: FTP over SSL: wcx_ftp.ini [General] sslwarn=0 allows to turn of f warnings about bad ssl certificates (not recommended) 01.04.07 Added: FTP over SSL: Always show certificate warning at connection tim e when a server has an invalid or unverified certificate. Users can permanently accept a certificate by clicking on the lock icon. 01.04.07 Added: FTP over SSL: Show SHA1 fingerprint of the server certificate i f available 01.04.07 Fixed: Configuration dialog: Apply button not activated when clicking on "DOS charset" on the page "Operation" 01.04.07 Fixed: cm_SeparateTree1 was no longer working when the cursor was in t he right panel 01.04.07 Added: When 4 is added to SingleClickStart value in wincmd.ini, the te xt cursor will no longer follow the mouse cursor 28.03.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 not public release candidate 1.5 (RC1.5) 28.03.07 Added: Wincmd.ini [Configuration] SingleClickStart=2 only opens folder s on single clicks, not files/programs or archives 28.03.07 Added: Command line: cd .. goes to "My Computer" when in the root of a drive 28.03.07 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Show plugins dropdown menu below plugins but ton instead of the cursor position 28.03.07 Added: Lister triple click selects entire line 28.03.07 Fixed: When renaming a file to a name with spaces at the end, Windows automatically removes the spaces, but a file comment (descript.ion) wasn't prese rved 27.03.07 Fixed: On Windows 9x/ME, return to the old way starting programs, by s pecifying the default verb found in the registry (instead of passing a NULL poin ter) 27.03.07 Fixed: Multiple connect dialogs and hangs when trying to access unreac hable network share via history or by switching tabs, even with ThreadFindFirst= 1 27.03.07 Fixed: Environment variables in the "Search in" field of the search fu nction didn't support 2kBytes length, only 259 characters 27.03.07 Fixed: Deadlock when the quick search dialog (Letters with search dial og) is up, and the background thread wants to show an overwrite dialog -> Remove quick search 27.03.07 Fixed: Links on the Desktop didn't work if they were located in the "A ll users\Desktop" directory

27.03.07 Fixed: Change start menu or directory menu: Disable "Change title" but ton when cursor on end of submenu item "--" 27.03.07 Fixed: Change start menu or directory menu: Don't allow to create a me nu item consisting of more than two dashes --. The dashes have special meanings: One dash -> separator, two dashes -> end of submenu, dash at start of menu item -> Submenu start 25.03.07 Fixed: Access violation in compare by contents when comparing two spec ific binary files in text mode 25.03.07 Added: Wincmd.ini [Configuration] CompareSaveOriginal=1 allows to dete rmine how the compare by contents editor saves files: 0: rename file to file.bak , save as file; 1: copy file to file.bak, write to file itself 25.03.07 Fixed: Compare by contents editor: Auto-append extension of original f ile when using "Save as" 25.03.07 Fixed: Compare by contents editor: "Save as" not working when the targ et file already existed, even if the user confirmed overwriting 25.03.07 Fixed: Compare by contents editor: Unified handling of backup file (.b ak): Create .bak only on FIRST save (of the original file), not on each save 25.03.07 Added: Wincmd.ini [Configuration] SpecialCursorMovement=0: New cursor movement modes: 1: Left jumps to first file, right to last, 2: Left goes one dir up, right opens dir/archive under cursor, 3: Combination of 1+2. Add 4 to enabl e this mode also in custom columns view with horizontal scrollbar 25.03.07 Fixed: Overwriting of read-only files no longer worked when unpacking (only skip) 25.03.07 Fixed: When leaving search result (feed to listbox) state, TC failed t o restore the preferred view (e.g. brief view) when the user had changed to a di fferent tab 25.03.07 Fixed: cm_ToggleSeparateTree2 only expanded the tree on the right side 23.03.07 Fixed: Delete directory: Files on the ignore list were not counted, so the percentage could go over 100% when deleting these files too 23.03.07 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Language: Gray out "Edit" button when no menu file name given 23.03.07 Fixed: Revert to full or brief view if loading of a custom view failed 23.03.07 Fixed: Suppress "list index out of bounds error" when a saved tab cont ains invalid values, e.g. a non-existing custom columns view 21.03.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 release candidate 1 (RC1) 21.03.07 Fixed: Show "<Refresh>.<lnk>" command in Network Neighborhood only on Windows Vista 21.03.07 Fixed: Compare by contents: Don't show the context menu with Shift+F10 or menu button while the left mouse button is down 21.03.07 Added: New icons for tcmadmin and tcuninst 21.03.07 Fixed: Deleting of files in the ignore list in subdirs couldn't be con firmed with 'All' button 21.03.07 Added: Increased maximum length of "Search in" input field also to 2 k Bytes, e.g. for specifying multiple paths separated by a semicolon ";" 21.03.07 Added: Increased maximum length of "Search in" string to 2 kBytes, to support environment variables like %path% 20.03.07 Added: Do not update the treeinfo.wc file when adding/removing subdirs and the tree file size is larger than 2 MB. This limit can be set in wincmd.ini [Configuration] TreeUpdateLimit=2048 (in kBytes) 20.03.07 Fixed: Prevent the user from dropping a folder from outside of Total C ommander (e.g. Explorer) to a subfolder of itself 18.03.07 Fixed: Redraw ftp panel when switching secure status button on/off, ne cessary for WinXP classic theme when theme background turned on 18.03.07 Fixed: Cache folder icons even if the folders have the default icon. N ecessary for CD and DVD drives where all folders have the "read only" attribute. 16.03.07 Fixed: cd *.txt on button in button bar didn't save the new wildcards *.txt in wincmd.ini 16.03.07 Added: Log successful unpacking of CAB files. Note in Help that loggin g of CAB-unpack errors isn't possible due to limitations of Microsoft's CAB unpa

ck interface 16.03.07 Fixed: CAB unpack: Didn't detect when target file already existed, but was opened with deny-write rights 16.03.07 Added: FTP change attributes (CHMOD): Put cursor in numeric input fiel d by default 16.03.07 Fixed: ESC in CHM help file not working if the help doesn't contain "T otal Commander" in its title, e.g. Help with Russian locale 16.03.07 Fixed: Delay-loading of network neighborhood: Adjust column width in b rief view 16.03.07 Fixed: ENTER on file inside an archive was not working when there was no key under HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, e.g. because the user had used "open with.." to create the association 14.03.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 private beta 4.6 14.03.07 Added: Vista: Use WinHlp32.exe if the file is larger than 50kBytes, ot herwise it's the empty dummy help -> use winhelp.exe 14.03.07 Added: Load Network Neighborhood in background thread, so plugins can be accessed more quickly. Can be turned off via wincmd.ini [Configuration] NetHo odInThread=0 14.03.07 Added: Use part of File-Split dialog also for the creation of multi-pa rt archives (ZIP, ARJ, RAR, ACE). For ZIP and ACE, the size will be rounded down to the next kByte value 14.03.07 Fixed: Alias commands on the command line no longer supported numeric values 14.03.07 Added: Network Neighborhood: New "Refresh" pseudo-file allows to refre sh network neighborhood by double click 14.03.07 Added: Network Neighborhood: Do not auto-refresh also on Vista 13.03.07 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Shortcut keys (underlined letters) not worki ng for search/replace boxes 13.03.07 Fixed: Ignore list: When deleting subdirectories, treat files on the i gnore list like hidden files. Show user a warning with remark ignore list=hidden . 13.03.07 Fixed: Lister search function: Auto-scroll found text into view horizo ntally if invisible. Try to show start of line if possible. 13.03.07 Fixed: Vista: Do not call the 16-bit winhelp.exe on Vista 64bit, it is n't there. Instead, the user will have to download winhlp32.exe from Microsoft 11.03.07 Fixed: Vista: Associations not working when created via "Open with..." . -> Support for new registry key "UserChoice" 11.03.07 Fixed: Create new comment with Ctrl+Z: Wrong behaviour (OEM font check ed) when no comment file exists even if OEM is off in settings 11.03.07 Fixed: Find files: When clicking in search results box below last find item, a bad status line was shown 11.03.07 Fixed: Separate tree: click on [-] button while the current dir was ou t of sight moved the current dir back into view 11.03.07 Fixed: Compare by contents: Don't show the right click context menu wh ile the left mouse button is down 11.03.07 Fixed: Environment variables in RedirectSection were only resolved whe n a full path was given 09.03.07 Fixed: Removed creation of debugging file c:\treelog.txt (it was for f inding problems with separate trees) 09.03.07 Fixed: When using Applocale tool with East Asian languages, the file n ames were cut off in many places. Reason: Bug in Applocale: WM_GETTEXTLENGTH re turns number of characters, not bytes! 09.03.07 Fixed: Out of memory when creating directories on a drive with a very large treeinfo.wc file (with 388'000 lines) Reason: Fragmentation of memory -> r ealloc larger blocks in one step 09.03.07 Fixed: Alt+F4 no longer worked in synchronize dirs (since adding quick search) 09.03.07 Fixed: FTP connections in active (PORT) mode no longer worked

07.03.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 private beta 4.5 07.03.07 Fixed: Compare by content: When the inactive panel showed an archive s ubdirectory and no file was selected, TC couldn't find the file with the same na me as in the active panel 06.03.07 Fixed: Compare by content with file in archive subdirectory, modify fi le -> Re-packing packed to root instead of the correct subdir 06.03.07 Fixed: cd \\server\share: If connecting to the server fails, or the us er clicks Cancel, do not try to read the directory again (showing the password d ialog a second time) 06.03.07 Added: FTP: Auto-fallback to PASV mode from PORT mode if the server re ports an error like "Only client IP address allowed for PORT command." 04.03.07 Added: cd \\\Pluginname is now case-insensitive, so it works even if t he plugin root path is PLUGINNAME or pluginname 04.03.07 Fixed: cm_gotofirstfile didn't also move the position for selecting wi th Shift+Click, so the wrong file range was selected 04.03.07 Fixed: Call ShellExecuteEx on ENTER also when no association found in the registry, only in win.ini 04.03.07 Fixed: Recognize association where no default verb is set in the regis try 04.03.07 Fixed: FTP: Empty directory after connecting when the other panel show ed the TEMP directory and watching directory changes 04.03.07 Added: FTPS: Command CCC in the "send commands" field allows to switch the control connection to unencrypted after sending user name+password, e.g. fo r PORT mode across a firewall 02.03.07 Fixed: Cursor was positioned on 2nd file in list when switching away f rom TC and back 28.02.07 Fixed: FTPS: Didn't always detect when the server was offline (disconn ected) 28.02.07 Fixed: FTP: When connection was lost and user decided not to reconnect , then the ftp connection wasn't removed from the separate tree 28.02.07 Added: Separate tree: Also load initial root view of tree in the backg round, to speed up starting of Total Commander 28.02.07 Fixed: Separate tree: Don't try to get icon for ftp item, can cause lo ng delays 28.02.07 Fixed: Cache ToolTipDelay for button bar to avoid reading too much fro m wincmd.ini 27.02.07 Added: Files - Split File: Remember user-defined split sizes (max 20) in section [SplitPerFile]. Can be removed with Shift+Del 27.02.07 Fixed: Lister: When switching from audio/video view to text view, the lister window was no longer resized to its normal size 27.02.07 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Checkbox "Confirm overwrites" was ignored for file system plugins (the user was always asked for confirmation) 27.02.07 Fixed: Command selection dialog: Allow to choose commands with paramet ers also when defining user-defined commands (em_xyz) 27.02.07 Fixed: Turning off auto-refresh in Configuration - Options - Refresh d idn't take effect immediately 27.02.07 Fixed: Second panel not refreshed after "create CRC checksums" if both windows showed the same directory 27.02.07 Fixed: Case-insensitive search in UTF-8 not always working properly 25.02.07 Fixed: Double click on splitter bar in vertical arrangement made spitt er invisible 25.02.07 Fixed: Double click on splitter bar (cm_50percent) moved windows by a few pixels compared to Ctrl+mouse move of the splitter (rounding errors) 25.02.07 Added: Ctrl+Insert in Synchronize dirs now also copies TAB-delimited l ist of selected file names and file details to clipboard 25.02.07 Fixed: When dragging OLE objects to TC, like the URL from a browser, T C tried to copy one more object than available 25.02.07 Fixed: Command selection dialog: Categories empty after opening nested Command selection dialogs, because translation file was unloaded when closing t he dialog

25.02.07 Fixed: Shift+F4 new text file: Allow user to change/re-enter file name if file creation failed, or file couldn't be opened for reading 25.02.07 Fixed: Shift+F4 new text file: TC still passed the short DOS names to programs in many cases 25.02.07 Fixed: Show error message about error in plugin when there is an acces s violation in the plugin function CanYouHandleThisFile 25.02.07 Fixed: IsPluginByContents() function stopped on the first packer plugi n which wasn't found 25.02.07 Fixed: cd directory\filename didn't place cursor on filename when alre ady in that directory 23.02.07 Fixed: Configure ignore list: Overwrite message shown even when nothin g was configured 21.02.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 public beta 4 21.02.07 Fixed: Double click on any window above separate tree (causing this wi ndow to close) caused a directory change in the tree 21.02.07 Fixed: Unpacking of encrypted ZIP produced CRC error when the CRC was stored behind the data in a separate header 21.02.07 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Memory leak when comparing by content where o ne side was an encrypted ZIP archive 21.02.07 Fixed: Search in directories with Unicode names not always working 20.02.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 public beta 4 release candidate 1 20.02.07 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] SortDirExt=1 re-enables sorting of d irectories by extension (if sorting directories by name is turned off) 20.02.07 Added: Screen reader support to Find files (Alt+F7) result box 20.02.07 Fixed: Search function: Correctly save the non-maximized dialog size a lso when closing the dialog in maximized state 20.02.07 Fixed: Search function: Resizing when starting the search not perfect when maximized 20.02.07 Fixed: Internal ZIP: When creating multi-volume archive on the harddis k, propose a size of 1423 kBytes, which is the real maximum of a 1.44MB Floppy d isk 18.02.07 Added: cm_EditPermissionInfo etc. now also work with drive letters in "My Computer". Unfortunately these functions are no longer available on Windows Vista. 18.02.07 Added: Ctrl+N new URL now supports URLs of up to 1kByte length (for HT TP downloads with very long paths) 18.02.07 Added: Lister now supports a new lister plugin command ListSearchDialo g which allows plugins to show its own search dialog (e.g. for special plugin-sp ecific search parameters) 18.02.07 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] ResolutionSpecific=0 -> resolution -specific data like font style+size are stored in a single section called [AllRe solutions] 16.02.07 Fixed: Couldn't find anything in subdirs with a Unicode file name, eve n if it had an alternate 8.3 name 14.02.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 private beta 3.7 14.02.07 Fixed: ESC in CHM help files wasn't working on Vista, because global h ooks aren't allowed any more -> use thread-local hook 14.02.07 Fixed: When pressing ENTER on a file on Windows 2000, XP and Vista, do not search for the default verb, but pass a NULL pointer to ShellExecuteEx 14.02.07 Fixed: OPENBAR command now looks in the program directory if no path t o the bar file is given. The same also works when giving just the bar name in th e button bar 13.02.07 Fixed: Keyboard shortcuts were not working in main menu on Windows 95+ 95b when using menu icons 13.02.07 Fixed: French+Italian language only: 'Save' dialog in compare by conte nts showed invalid or empty buttons if both sides need to be saved 13.02.07 Fixed: HTML Help: ESC sometimes not working after switching languages

13.02.07 Added: Button bar, start menu: By putting one of the placeholders %P,% p,%T or %t directly in front of %S or %s, the corresponding path will be inserte d with every selected file name 13.02.07 Added: Button bar, start menu: New parameters %S and %s now support a maximum command line length of 32kBytes, by using CreateProcess instead of Shell ExecuteEx. Only use these parameters with EXE files. 13.02.07 Added: Set time stamp from file name via attributes dialog (plugin fie lds)! Example: Name "03.04.2005 1330.txt", use [=tc.Name:1-10] [=tc.Name:12-13]: [=tc.Name:14-15] to set date+time from the name (on European systems) 13.02.07 Fixed: Invalid second progress bar when unpacking a TAR archive where the occupied space of subdirs was calculated (e.g. with spacebar) 11.02.07 Added: OPENBAR command now allows to show button bar when it was turne d off, and hide it via an empty .bar file (e.g. no.bar) 11.02.07 Fixed: Ignore list: Ask before overwriting existing ignore list file ( only if the user has changed the name) 11.02.07 Fixed: Ignore list: Load ignore list from tcignore.txt if present, als o when not configured before 09.02.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 private beta 3.6 09.02.07 Fixed: Copying: When the creation of a directory fails, allow the user to continue with the rest of the operation (the other selected files/dirs) 09.02.07 Fixed: Drag&Drop: Additional NTFS streams were not copied when droppin g files from outside of Total Commander (e.g. from Explorer) 09.02.07 Fixed: Lister: Ctrl+Left arrow (go to previous word break) not working at the end of a file 07.02.07 Added: Quick search in synchronize dirs. Only the modes Ctrl+Alt+Lette rs and Letters with search dialog are supported. The latter is used in place of all other search methods from the configuration. 07.02.07 Added: Button bar, start menu: New parameters %S and %s accept numeric value to limit the number of files. Example: %S2 passes the first two selected files (maximum) to the called program. 07.02.07 Added: Button bar, start menu: New parameters %S and %s pass list of s elected files (long names/short names) to the called program. Note that the comm and line cannot be longer than 8191 characters on Windows XP, 2047 on Windows 20 00/NT, and 259 characters on Windows 9x 06.02.07 Fixed: Access violation when entering Network Neighborhood (in some sp ecial cases only) 06.02.07 Added: Lister: Dynamically increase horizontal scroll width for lines containing Tabs (if the text would exceed the available width) 06.02.07 Added: Button bar/Start menu: cd c:\path\filename.ext switches to c:\p ath\ and positions cursor on filename.ext (except for archives, which are opened as before) 04.02.07 Fixed: Memory leak in ARJ archive test/unpack function 04.02.07 Added: Allow to change directory date also via Change attributes - tc plugin (not on Windows 9x/ME, here we just don't show any error) 04.02.07 Added: When external compare tool cannot be found, show error with the path to the compare tool 02.02.07 Added: Ctrl+C in Synchronize dirs copies TAB-delimited list of selecte d file names and file details to clipboard 02.02.07 Fixed: Configuration - button bar - Choose user command: User could de fine an internal command em_xyz containing spaces, although spaces aren't suppor ted in internal commands 02.02.07 Fixed: Double click on split bar had some negative side effects (split bar continued to move without pressing the mouse button) 02.02.07 Added: Internal command OPENBAR c:\path\barfile.bar opens this button bar file in TC. Only works when TC already shows a bar, and the file can be foun d. 31.01.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 private beta 3.5 31.01.07 Fixed: Win9x/ME: Overwrite dialog shown when saving settings in variou

s dialogs even if no settings with that name existed 31.01.07 Fixed: Turn off inplace edit when ANY internal command is received 31.01.07 Fixed: Removed execution of internal commands by number in command lin e, because it was causing a lot of confusion. Use the cm_ commands instead. 31.01.07 Fixed: After using "Change start menu", the icons were missing from th e menu 31.01.07 Fixed: Vista: Drive label showed only "CD Drive" instead of the volume name, even when a disk was inserted 31.01.07 Fixed: Vista: Access violation when entering some dirs with admin righ ts (as a non-privileged user) 30.01.07 Fixed: Remove inplace edit (for rename) when opening directory hotlist (bookmarks) 30.01.07 Added: The file system plugin now supports names longer than 259 chara cters in the following functions: download, rename (source name only), delete. T he creation of such names is NOT supported. 30.01.07 Fixed: SYNCOPEN command (in button bar) couldn't restore sync options and display options 30.01.07 Fixed: Don't close HTML help file on ESC when the search dialog was up (Ctrl+F in the search window) 30.01.07 Added: Set current directory to the program directory before loading t he help file on F1 30.01.07 Fixed: Don't load HTML help on startup when a CHM file is given, only when needed 28.01.07 Added: FTP over SSL/TLS: On servers which support encryption of the da ta connection, it can be turned off via the "Send commands" field containing the command "PROT C" 28.01.07 Added: Multi-rename tool: Search+Replace now supports case-sensitive s earch. For space reasons, the option is shown just as ^ and described in a tip w indow 28.01.07 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: After loading/editing the file names via an external editor, keep the search+replace and upper/lowercase boxes enabled so th e user can apply them on the edited names! 28.01.07 Fixed: Find files - Shift+Click on "Feed to listbox" opened a new tab, but didn't consider the option "Open near current" 28.01.07 Fixed: Access violation in Alt+Shift+Enter if file name in current pat h exceeds 259 characters (including the path itself) 28.01.07 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Compared files were deleted by mistake when a configured external compare tool wasn't found 26.01.07 Fixed: Separate tree panels not updated on Ctrl+U (swap panels) 26.01.07 Fixed: When moving the last files from a long file list to a different directory, the cursor was placed about 1 screen too high -> place it on the las t file instead 26.01.07 Fixed: Move multiple directories as admin failed after the first direc tory 26.01.07 Fixed: Rename folders didn't show option "As administrator" if user do esn't have sufficient rights 26.01.07 Fixed: Could not pass ftp path as right path parameter to new instance of TC (because of the registration screen being in the way). 26.01.07 Added: Button bar: When dropping a file to a program on the button bar , pass the long name instead of the short DOS name to the program (in double quo tes "" if needed) if the program isn't an old 16-bit program. If this causes pro blems, put %p%n in the parameters field of the button 26.01.07 Added: Mouse wheel support in Print file list 26.01.07 Fixed: Auto-complete was enabled in the command line when closing the command line history, even when auto-complete was disabled in the configuration 26.01.07 Fixed: cm_SyncChangeDir mode: Function was turned off when leaving arc hive via updir [..] 26.01.07 Fixed: Compare by content: Could not save file in a special case: Afte r typing text and saving the file, type some text without moving the cursor, the n try to save again (Reason: the text was combined into a single UNDO item)

26.01.07 Fixed: Configuration - Change start menu: Disable edit boxes when the list of menu items is empty 23.01.07 Added: Lister and Compare by Content: Shift+Mouse wheel scrolls horizo ntally 23.01.07 Added: Commands - Search: "Search in" field now supports environment v ariables like %path% 23.01.07 Added: Log file: Store user name and computer of the user who started TC 22.01.07 Fixed: Icons in menus not working on NT4 21.01.07 Added: Changed way how the new overwrite dialog resizes when clicking the "thumbnails" or "custom fields" checkbox: Resize so the top and left of the buttons remain at the same location (top of the dialog moves up/down) 21.01.07 Added: When ThreadFindFirst=1, also put WNetAddConnection3 in separate thread so cd \\\share also shows a wait dialog 21.01.07 Fixed: Prevent the execution of the command line with RestrictInterfac e=2 if text gets there in any way 21.01.07 Fixed: secure ftp (ftps) URL as parameter to TOTALCMD.EXE wasn't worki ng when only 1 instance of TC was allowed and TC was already running 19.01.07 Fixed: Change attributes dialog now fully supports odd seconds in time stamps ("Current" button, "Load from file under cursor", default loaded values) 19.01.07 Fixed: Change attributes dialog: Button "Load from file under cursor" now also loads seconds from DateTime fields (e.g. CreationDate) 19.01.07 Added: Double click on divider bar between the two file panels moves d ivider to 50:50 (center) position 19.01.07 Fixed: Enlarged text fields in Configuration - Options - Tabstops to g ive more room for some translations 19.01.07 Fixed: With WatchDirs enabled, only update file listing if not current ly inplace-renaming a file. In this case, refresh the list only after closing th e inplace rename box. 19.01.07 Fixed: Icons were not removed from internal English main menu when unc hecking the option in the configuration 17.01.07 Fixed: Problem in selecting text in the F5 dialog with Chinese text 17.01.07 Fixed: Try to set current charset for main menu when using icons in me nus 17.01.07 Fixed: Only set focus to TC after mapping a new network drive inside o f TC, but not when a drive is mapped outside, or when the right click menu is us ed 16.01.07 Fixed: cm_CopyFullNamesToClip copied drive letters in uppercase 16.01.07 Added: Confirm deletion of entry in saved searches 16.01.07 Fixed: Don't show two errors when trying to delete [..] item from file system plugin 16.01.07 Added: Close help file when changing language if there is a language-s pecific help. Fixes also a problem that ESC doesn't work in CHM help after chang ing language. 16.01.07 Fixed: One separate tree, vertical arrangement -> moving splitter betw een the two file panels caused wrong panel width in bottom panel 16.01.07 Fixed: Dual monitor operation: When enlarging search window for search results, restrict size and location of window to current screen (do not stretch across multiple screens, or move outside visible area) 16.01.07 Fixed: FTP connection wasn't removed from single separate tree if the connection wasn't shown in the active panel when disconnecting 16.01.07 Fixed: Editing files in branch view with WatchDirs enabled would show the file twice in the list if it was at least 2 levels below the current level 16.01.07 Fixed: Auto-complete in F5/F6: If user starts path with a backslash, s uggest names from the current drive root 16.01.07 Fixed: Ignore list: Lines with backslash at end containing wildcard di dn't work, e.g. \WINDOWS\$*$\ 16.01.07 Fixed: Cursor left in Lister sometimes jumped to the wrong position (w hen the file buffer changed its starting point) 16.01.07 Fixed: Alt+F3 still tried to call the Windows QuickViewer applet if it

s registry keys were present, although the program itself wasn't there 14.01.07 Fixed: Couldn't redefine hotkey NUM+ (without any modifiers like Shift ) 14.01.07 Fixed: Lister, UTF8+HTML view: URLs were not shown highlighted when th e display buffer didn't start at the file beginning 14.01.07 Fixed: New F5 overwrite dialog: Left/Right arrow key could move the cu rsor to one of the file information panels, although they are marked as "do not focus" 14.01.07 Fixed: Catch floating point exception when plugin returns extremely hi gh numbers for file sizes (so the sum would exceed the available 64 bits) 14.01.07 Fixed: Cursor not staying on renamed file in branch view 14.01.07 Fixed: Only delete _tc subdir under TEMP when closing Total Commander, also when opening archives 10.01.07 Release Total Commander 7.0 public beta 3 10.01.07 Fixed: Give the hidden Delphi Application window the style WS_EX_TOOLW INDOW so it can never appear in the task bar 09.01.07 Fixed: Invalid free and total space shown in dirs visited "As Administ rator". Get disk size from the drive root instead in this case. 09.01.07 Fixed: Auto-complete showed subdirs from current dir for search string ..\ (instead of dirs from the parent) 09.01.07 Fixed: The quick view panel wasn't deactivated when switching to diffe rent drive using the drive button bar (only when using the drive dropdown list) 09.01.07 Fixed: No [+] and [-] icons shown in tree with TreeLineColor=-2 09.01.07 Fixed: Lister: Could not jump directly to file with index>100 09.01.07 Fixed: Copy function: Open source file with "deny write" flag to avoid that a file is overwritten by itself (e.g. when using hard links). If this fail s, open the source with deny none, but the target with deny read. 09.01.07 Added: wincmd.ini [Packer] PluginOverrideZip=1 allows to use packer pl ugin which overrides the internal ZIP packer 07.01.07 Fixed: Close HTML help via ESC, minimize with Shift+ESC (by setting a keyboard hook) 07.01.07 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Give controls a bit more space 07.01.07 Fixed: Wrong panel width in vertical arrangement mode with 1 separate tree after showing+hiding the quick view panel (Ctrl+Q) 07.01.07 Fixed: Unpack in background with external packer showed "Error packing files" in case of an error 07.01.07 Added: Unknown size is now stored as 64-bit -1 instead of 32-bit -1. M ay cause wrong size display for plugins which expect that -1=unknown size 07.01.07 Added: Files in TAR archives can now be larger than 4GB 07.01.07 Fixed: Ignore any other hotkeys than Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab and u ser-assigned hotkeys to cm_SwitchToPreviousTab and cm_SwitchToNextTab while in d elayed tab switching mode 07.01.07 Fixed: Problems starting programs with similar names containing spaces from CD 06.01.07 Added: Checkbox for SSL/TLS to ftp connection details. Cannot currentl y be translated (no shortcut either) 06.01.07 Fixed: ftp over ssl/tls: don't revert to unencrypted connection if ser ver doesn't support ssl/tls 06.01.07 Added: Look for certificates in wincmd.pem file in the same dir as win cmd.ini (so the user has write rights and can append his own certs) 06.01.07 Added: Look for openssl libraries in path if not found in program dire ctory 01.01.07 Added: New version of tcmadmin.exe to follow hard links on Vista also in directories accessible only to the admin 01.01.07 Added: Follow symbolic hard links on Vista 01.01.07 Fixed: Vista: focus loss after elevation prompt when working as normal (non-admin) user 30.12.06 Fixed: Empty menus when wcmicons.dll is present but wcmicons.inc is mi ssing or empty

27.12.06 Fixed: Make sure that separate trees never take more space than the le ft/right panel when using 2 separate trees 27.12.06 Added: Support for FILEDESCRIPTORW clipboard format (for Drag&Drop fro m programs like Maxthon browser, which do not send the ANSI version of the forma t) 27.12.06 Fixed: When adjusting the cursor position because of WatchDirs mode, a lso adjust start point for selection with Shift+Click 27.12.06 Fixed: Preferred view (e.g. brief view) lost when making a search whil e a search result is shown (2x Feed to listbox) 27.12.06 Fixed: Icon Configuration: Menu icon size lost when switching to diffe rent dialog page and back 27.12.06 Fixed: Delete from RAR containing spaces in name failing if short DOS names are disabled in the file system 24.12.06 Fixed: Error message when accessing network neighborhood on Vista when no network card connected, or card disabled via device manager 24.12.06 Added: Detect USB sticks also on Windows Vista (they have name _??_USB STOR<something> in the registry) 22.12.06 Release Total Commander 7.0 private beta 2.6 22.12.06 Fixed: Support environment variables in cm_list 22.12.06 Fixed: Menu: Reduce space reserved for checkmarks and icons if there i s only one of the two (or none at all) 21.12.06 Fixed: Force refresh if in custom columns view after using "change att ributes" function with plugins 21.12.06 Fixed: Copy files with path to clipboard: use ftps:// prefix for secur e ftp connections 21.12.06 Added: If libssl32.dll isn't found, load ssleay32.dll (the name given to the dll when compiling it yourself) 21.12.06 Added: Icons in the main menu are now on by default. 1 MUST be added n ow (even for type 2 menus) so TC can preserve menu options made in the configura tion dialog 20.12.06 Added: Made main menu items completely owner-drawn when showing bitmap s in menus 20.12.06 Added: Custom columns view: New unit styles "bkMG" and "bkMG2" to show file size in GByte (for files >1GB) 20.12.06 Fixed: Custom columns view: Unit styles "bkM" and "bkM2" for size show ed file sizes also in GBytes. 20.12.06 Fixed: Couldn't Drag&Drop files from outside of TC to empty space behi nd last item in thumbnails view 20.12.06 Fixed: Vista: Start program with enter or double click from CD: Do not use WinExec, it doesn't support elevation (run as admin) 20.12.06 Added: Call InitializeOLE2 before creating the main window, because of problems with TortoiseSVN on Windows Vista 20.12.06 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Duplicate file warning on ftp (same name, dif ferent case) did cut off long names 17.12.06 Fixed: Do not react to any internal commands (sent via PostMessage or SendMessage) while the file context menu is up 17.12.06 Fixed: Only react to cm_contextmenu sent to Total Commander when TC ha s the input focus. Otherwise an access violation may occur. Applications which w ant to show the context menu need to activate TC first. 17.12.06 Added: Delete files which have a name with more than 259 characters (h owever, we cannot enter directories with such long names) 17.12.06 Added: Directory history: Limit displayed path length to 100 character s to avoid very wide menu (which doesn't even display on Win9x if wider than the screen) 17.12.06 Fixed: CM_LIST with file as parameter could crash certain plugins when the file name is passed without full path 17.12.06 Fixed: Brief view: The column width set via LB_SETCOLUMNWIDTH must be >0, otherwise there will be a division by zero within windows! (can happen if li stbox has width of 0)

17.12.06 Fixed: Windows XP 64: If redirection of system32 folder is turned off, it will be temporarily re-enabled while reading from network paths 15.12.06 Added: wincmd.ini [Colors] TreeLineColor=rgb-value now also supports t he values -1 for default color and -2 for invisible tree lines 13.12.06 Release Total Commander 7.0 private beta 2.5 13.12.06 Fixed: Could no longer move a directory elsewhere if it contained a fi le locked by another program. Copy+delete the dir instead of moving it directly 13.12.06 Fixed: Swap panels (Ctrl+U) twice where one side shows unlocked tab an d one locked with dir changes allowed -> unlocked tab shows wrong tab title 13.12.06 Added: Case-insensitive search for UTF8 text in the search function an d in lister (currently only the forward direction works with non-English charact ers) 13.12.06 Added: F7 Create directory: Suggest name of file under the cursor as t he default (minus the extension) 13.12.06 Fixed, Lister: In normal and UTF8 view, the cursor movement and the se lection of multi-byte text didn't work properly. 13.12.06 Added: Alias commands on the command line now also support numeric val ues 13.12.06 Added: User-defined custom commands (em_xyz) may now also contain nume ric values instead of the equivalent cm_xyz commands 13.12.06 Fixed: FsGetPreviewBitmap passed name in wrong (UTF8) format to plugin s 12.12.06 Fixed: Cannot pause background copy/move when skipping all files 12.12.06 Fixed: cm_SyncChangeDir now also works when one side shows a directory and the other an archive 12.12.06 Fixed: cm_SyncChangeDir: Turn off sync dir change when going up one le vel, and one of the panels is already in the root 12.12.06 Fixed: Configuration - Colors: Disable "cursor font" label on startup when none of the inverse options is checked 12.12.06 Added: When leaving a Tab which shows an inner archive (e.g. zip insid e zip), return to outer archive and put cursor on inner archive when returning t o the tab 12.12.06 Fixed: Tree and virtual folders: if the system returns a path in the f orm of ::{GUID}, ask for the display name instead of the "for parsing" name 12.12.06 Added: cm_SyncChangeDir now also works with archives. The archive name and type must be identical on both sides 12.12.06 Fixed: New overwrite dialog showed the wrong custom fields when multip le field types were defined via saved searches (e.g. >Comment) 12.12.06 Fixed: Lister: Image not centered (when this option was chosen) when r esizing or maximizing lister 12.12.06 Fixed: Create directory: Only save typed name in history when the user clicked on OK, not when he clicked on Cancel 12.12.06 Fixed: ftps:// URLs didn't work as parameters passed to Total Commande r 10.12.06 Fixed: Multi-monitor: Separator line between main menu and button bar too short if program spans across both screens 10.12.06 Fixed: Multi-monitor: Moved various dialogs so they do not span multip le monitors, but appear on the monitor where the larger part of TC is shown 10.12.06 Fixed: Multi-monitor: Quick search dialog was positioned incorrectly i n some cases 10.12.06 Fixed: Multi-monitor: Show tooltips on the screen on which the mouse c ursor is currently located (Except for Ctrl+Tab folder tab switching) 08.12.06 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with archives: When unpacking, file attributes like hidden or read only were not unpacked with the files 08.12.06 Fixed: When mapping a network share to a network drive, tc switched to that drive, but the focus was lost 08.12.06 Fixed: cm_list no longer supported parameters in some places, and didn 't work with parameters in em_xyz commands 08.12.06 Fixed: Improved the wait dialog which appears when editing a file from

zip with a multiple document editor: F2 for background, Left+right arrow keys, auto-scroll name box to see/copy entire name 08.12.06 Fixed: No file window was focused when starting TC minimized while the stored position was maximized (TC restores to maximized then) 08.12.06 Fixed: Drive bar: With some XP themes, small drive letters like "i" in the drive bar were not shown because GetThemeTextExtent reported an invalid val ue 06.12.06 Fixed: Compare by contents editor: Incorrect handling of double byte c haracters by DEL and BACKSPACE when nothing was selected 06.12.06 Added: Separate tree: Click on [+] or [-] only expands/collapses the t ree branch without switching to that directory (except when the current dir is a part of the collapsed branch) 06.12.06 Fixed: Tab order in configuration - custom columns 06.12.06 Fixed: Less flickering due to resizing when creating search dialog 06.12.06 Fixed: Do not use this workaround with WindowBlinds, because it ignore s the custom menu bar background from Total Commander 06.12.06 Fixed: Workaround to Windows XP menu bar drawing bug when cleartype is on and a theme background is used with a non-standard theme: make all menu bar items completely owner-drawn 06.12.06 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Do not allow to mix (via re-sortin g) files added initially and manually (otherwise the initially added cannot be d ownloaded any more) 06.12.06 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Re-sorting items in list caused th e wrong files to be downloaded if at least one file has already been transferred 06.12.06 Fixed: On Windows 9x/ME/2000, use the 16 color icon for the system tra y because these systems do not support any hicolor or truecolor icons 05.12.06 Fixed: Crash in lister when scrolling with cursor through file while t he file size was considerably reduced 05.12.06 Fixed: Sometimes a space was inserted before the name on Ctrl+Enter 05.12.06 Fixed: Resized search dialog a bit to make it work better with certain themes 05.12.06 Fixed: Access violation on startup (Windows 9x only) with DirTabOption s=955 (multi-line) 04.12.06 Added: Since no new bugs in WMF display have been found, re-enable dis play of WMF files (windows metafile) when WMF Windows patch has been installed 03.12.06 Fixed: Do not load color cursors with shadows on Win2k with 24bit colo rs mode (they will show up with a black border instead of a shadow) 03.12.06 Fixed: Search in packer plugins: Do not pass folders for extraction to the plugin! 03.12.06 Added: wincmd.ini [Colors] TreeLineColor=rgb-value set color of tree l ines 03.12.06 Added: Separate trees and trees in file panels now use the same defaul t color for lines as the frames in thumbnails view 03.12.06 Added: Expand selection (Num-"+"): When defining a new filter via "Def ine" button, auto-select this filter after returning from the "define" dialog 03.12.06 Fixed: Refresh file lists when saving folder tabs to file 03.12.06 Added: Change attributes: Confirm overwrite when saving plugin paramet ers 03.12.06 Added: Multi-rename tool: Confirm overwrite when saving multi-rename p arameters 03.12.06 Added: Synchronize dirs: Confirm overwrite when saving sync parameters 03.12.06 Added: Search: Confirm overwrite when saving search parameters 03.12.06 Fixed: Ignore list: When using watchdirs and branch view, files and fo lders on the ignore list could suddenly appear if they were changed outside of T otal Commander 03.12.06 Added: Support for Office 2007 File->New (create empty .docx document) 01.12.06 Fixed: Button bar: After converting a separator (no icon) to a button with icon, the button wasn't accessible 01.12.06 Fixed: Auto-complete for current dir stopped working when typing any p ath with backslashes -> use ACLMulti object where one ACList handles current dir

and one typed path 01.12.06 Added: Increased total number of color filters (colors by file type) f rom 100 to 250 01.12.06 Fixed: ZIP: Packing no longer supported encryption even with the repla cement zip library installed 29.11.06 Fixed: Unpacking to junction showed debug message 29.11.06 Fixed: Remove ftp connection from separate tree when disconnecting 29.11.06 Added: Two new internal commands cm_GotoNextSelected and cm_GotoPrevSe lected to jump to the next/previous selected file in the current file list 29.11.06 Fixed: Different method to load buttonbar icon from cache, to make it work with Linux (Wine) 28.11.06 Fixed: More corrections for "Select only name in rename" for Asian ver sions of Windows 28.11.06 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Do not disable checkbox "only selected" when loading sync parameters. When "only selected" is checked, TC reverts to current left+right dir 28.11.06 Fixed: Command choose dialog: Buttons to edit em_ commands not shown/h idden when moving cursor while focus remains in quick search box 28.11.06 Fixed: wincmd.ini [Configuration] IconsWindowBlindsFix= allows to cont rol width of space reserved for icons: -1=auto-detect, 0=small width, 1=large wi dth 28.11.06 Fixed: With IconsInMenus=17, reduce width of space reserved for icons, except when WindowBlinds is installed 28.11.06 Fixed: Ignore IconsInMenus if not 1 or 2 contained in value 28.11.06 Fixed: User-defined file filters were no longer shown in the main menu , only *.* 28.11.06 Added: Search window now has minimum size. Unresolved: Text in all box es gets selected on resize 26.11.06 Added: ZIP self-extractor now supports files up to 4 GB. Unfortunately Windows cannot run EXE files >4GB 26.11.06 Fixed: Abbreviation for kBytes not translated in status bar of synchro nize dirs (when comparing by content) 26.11.06 Fixed: Search on FTP: Disable option "Search archives" 26.11.06 Fixed: Search on FTP: Search text in files didn't work 26.11.06 Fixed: Switch from folder tab with tree to full/brief view didn't turn sorting header back on 26.11.06 Fixed: Alt+F8 Command line history and Ctrl+P (path to command line) w orked even with RestrictInterface=2 24.11.06 Fixed: By mistake, MODE Z transfers were disabled in TC7 beta 24.11.06 Fixed: Win9x: No text was shown for CD-ROM drives in Alt+F1 when no CD was inserted 24.11.06 Added: Overwrite dialog: Ctrl+Shift+F3 forces internal compare tool if an external was defined in wincmd.ini 24.11.06 Fixed: When using icons in menus and switching to two separate trees, the file list contents were sometimes drawn within the menu 24.11.06 Fixed: Do not revert position of splitter (and width of left+right pan els) to save position when switching between different views (brief, full etc), just to last used width 24.11.06 Fixed: ftps:// prefix was not saved when adding connection via Ctrl+F - New URL 24.11.06 Fixed: _tc subdir was still deleted when leaving lister - delete it on ly when Total Commander itself is closed 24.11.06 Fixed: Do not show drive letter twice in root in folder tabs when usin g different separator, e.g. just c: instead of c|c: 24.11.06 Fixed: Folder tabs sometimes showed drive letters in uppercase, e.g. C : instead of c: 22.11.06 Release Total Commander 7.0 public beta 2 22.11.06 Fixed: Change Start Menu dialog: Parameters and Start Path fields disa bled for internal commands

22.11.06 Added: Lister: Shift+Click to select text from last selection position to current position 22.11.06 Fixed: Alt+Left/Right both scrolled by 30 characters AND copied the ma rked text to the other panel - turn off the first in edit mode 22.11.06 Added: For the moment, remove admin shares completely from tree, they just do not work properly. May be re-added at a later time. 22.11.06 Added: Show checkmark for command cm_SwitchSeparateTree if one or two trees active 22.11.06 Fixed: Some versions of external LZH unpacker (lha32) seem to ignore t arget path if it doesn't end with a backslash \ -> append it 22.11.06 Fixed: ZIP to multiple parts: Cancel packing if user clicks cancel in dialog box which asks about individual file size 22.11.06 Fixed: ZIP to multiple parts: User wasn't asked for part size when no target path was given 22.11.06 Fixed: Logging stopped when log file itself was copied. Now stop loggi ng only if opening of log file fails during program start 21.11.06 Fixed: Icons in "Show" menu lost when changing any of the custom colum n view options 21.11.06 Fixed: FTP delete directory: Cancel button shown only in half (the low er part was obscured by the confirmation dialog, and not refreshed after closing it) 21.11.06 Fixed: Increased width of listbox with dir tabs by 1 pixel 21.11.06 Fixed: Reduced flickering when adding/removing first tab (Ctrl+T/Ctrl+ W) or when showing/hiding command line 21.11.06 Added: Add 16 to IconsInMenus value to show selected items in menu as frames with checkmark or icon in it 21.11.06 Fixed: Choose better default color for frames around thumbnails when b ackground color is almost black 21.11.06 Fixed: Compare by content: Save button was active when one of the file s was missing, although nothing could be saved 20.11.06 Release Total Commander 7.0 private beta 1.6 20.11.06 Fixed: Redefined hotkeys with Alt worked also in other TC dialogs 20.11.06 Fixed: Access violation with some lister plugins when loading lister 20.11.06 Added: Compare by content: Hotkeys Alt+Cursor up/down go to previous/n ext difference, Alt+Cursor left/right copy difference to left/right panel (or up per/lower) 19.11.06 Fixed: Switching away from archive in archive to other tab didn't stor e correct path if tab was locked with directory changes allowed 19.11.06 Fixed: Startup screen didn't yet use latest main icon 19.11.06 Fixed: cm_usermenu1 etc. were not supported on the command line, also not via aliases 19.11.06 Fixed: Alt+F5 pack: When re-packing a password-encrypted RAR archive t o ZIP and the crypto-enabled ZIP library wasn't installed, the ZIP was encrypted with a fake key (3 times -1). 19.11.06 Fixed: Alt+F5 pack: When choosing "archive on multiple disks", the res ulting dialog box wasn't modal, so the user could switch back to TC and select d ifferent files... 19.11.06 Fixed: Alt+F5 pack: When pressing Alt+F5 repeatedly, select name+exten sion without trailing quote " if name contains spaces 19.11.06 Fixed: Redefined hotkey for cm_renamesinglefile wasn't used to select only part of name 19.11.06 Fixed: Unpack function: Check whether admin rights could be needed fai ls if target is a reparse point (junction), because GetFileSecurity returns the security attributes of the reparse point, not of the target 19.11.06 Added: Change attributes: Setting attribute "compressed" now also work s for folders. It has the effect that files copied to that folders will be compr essed (but not files which were in that folder before, use the "also files in su bdirs" option for that 19.11.06 Fixed: cm_SelectCurrentName not working with spaces in name, or with n

ame without extension 19.11.06 Fixed: Hide drives in tree and in "My Computer" if a line allowed= exi sts in wincmd.ini and the drives aren't explicitly allowed 19.11.06 Fixed: Parameter /T not working when no tab was open yet 19.11.06 Added: 256 color icons for buttons in compare by content (used in hico lor and truecolor modes only) 19.11.06 Fixed: Main menu with icons: Do not reserve any space for icons if tha t part of the menu doesn't contain any icons 19.11.06 Fixed: Alt+F10 tree: Didn't put cursor back on current directory after F2 refresh when directory brackets were turned on 17.11.06 Fixed: plugin function FsLinksToLocalFiles not working correctly with Quick View (ctrl+q) 17.11.06 Added: Lister plugins: New function ListLoadNext to load the next file with the same plugin, e.g. in Ctrl+Q or F3 when pressing 'n' 17.11.06 Fixed: Inplace rename: Cursor wasn't placed on renamed file when renam ing file on ftp server 17.11.06 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: "Synchronize" button was enabled while the co mparison was still going on 17.11.06 Fixed: Compare by content: Ask user whether he wants to overwrite a re ad only or hidden/system file when saving 17.11.06 Fixed: Lister: When viewing file from plugin and closing lister, only refresh file lists if file was re-uploaded or a local directory was shown 17.11.06 Fixed: Use internal function to add current time to log file (with the system function, a leading 0 was sometimes missing) 17.11.06 Added: Lister: Show current file number and total file count in menu b ar when multiple files are loaded. A click on this menu item allows to jump dire ctly to a specific file 17.11.06 Fixed: Lister: "%" menu item was no longer right-aligned 17.11.06 Added: Hint to "Save" button in compare by content 15.11.06 Fixed: Commands like cm_SrcSortByCol1 didn't use bullets in the main m enu to signal that they are radio items (only one of them can be active at a giv en time) 15.11.06 Fixed: Bugfix for WindowBlinds error: If icons in menus are enabled an d icons and checkmarks overlap, add 16 to IconsInMenus value (e.g. IconsInMenus= 17) 15.11.06 Fixed: Search on FTP: 0 byte file created in TEMP when viewing a found file with F3 15.11.06 Fixed: Search on FTP: "Search only selected files" wasn't working yet 15.11.06 Fixed: Search on FTP: couldn't find exact matches, only searches with wildcards worked 15.11.06 Fixed: Button bar was black after restart on systems other than WinXP with 32bit color mode 14.11.06 Release Total Commander 7.0 private beta 1.5 14.11.06 Added: Re-added tree for just one drive as in TC 6.55. It can be enabl ed via wincmd.ini [Configuration] OldStyleTree=2 14.11.06 Fixed: Shift+F6 inplace rename: Ignore input when user closed rename b ox with no name in it (empty) 13.11.06 Fixed: Support 32bit true color icons with alpha channel on XP for the button bar (load from .br2 file produced image without alpha) 13.11.06 Added: Synchronize dirs: Ctrl+Shift+F3 forces internal compare tool if an external was defined in wincmd.ini 13.11.06 Fixed: Lister: Don't delete "_tc" subdir after deleting temp file. Rea son: sometimes the dir may remain in "delete pending" state, so it cannot be rec reated during that time 13.11.06 Fixed: If FsGetLocalName returns false, e.g. when viewing a file in a plugin, use the normal method (download then view) 13.11.06 Fixed: Tree shown in tabs not saved on exit when not on active tab 13.11.06 Fixed: Compare by content: After "resync from here", re-count the numb er of differences found

13.11.06 Fixed: Horizontal scrollbar not removed when switching from custom col umns view to full or tree view 13.11.06 Added: Various descriptions added to the help 12.11.06 Added: Experimental: wincmd.ini [configuration] IconsInMenus=1 shows 1 6x16 icons from wcmicons.dll in main menu. IconsInMenus=2 shows icons with butto n-style border. Add 4 for 24x24 icons, 8 for 32x32 or 12 for 48x48 12.11.06 Fixed: Folder tabs: If option "show old 8.3 names lowercase" is used, all uppercase tab titles couldn't be saved 12.11.06 Fixed: Overwrite dialog: New lines at the beginning of the custom fiel ds were ignored 12.11.06 Fixed: File tip window: increased limit of per custom field size from 259 to 1023 characters 12.11.06 Fixed: Alt+F10 tree: Ctrl+Cursor Up/Down showed wrong path in status l ine 12.11.06 Added: Old log files are now named totalcmd.20061111.log instead of to talcmd.log.20061111 (same for numbered log files) 12.11.06 Fixed: Compare by content: Disable file name edit boxes while editing a file (as soon as there is any change to the file) 12.11.06 Added: Compare by content: Save button to save the changed side(s). Ho tkey: Ctrl+S 12.11.06 Added: Compare by content: Ctrl+Z for Undo (in addition to Alt+Backspa ce) 10.11.06 Fixed: Button bar: Failed to load buttons from cache (.br2 file) which only existed in 128x128 pixel format 10.11.06 Fixed: XP only: Various "File not found!" error messages when closing lister 10.11.06 Added: Show button state for commands cm_ToggleLockCurrentTab and cm_T oggleLockDcaCurrentTab 10.11.06 Fixed: Configuration - Log file: Disable log file configuration sectio ns when logging is disabled 10.11.06 Fixed: cm_RightQuickInternalOnly didn't work like cm_LeftQuickInternal Only 08.11.06 Fixed: Improved name shortening function for copy progress dialog: fir st take the drive and name part, then more and more directories until the limit of 60 characters is reached 08.11.06 Fixed: Double click on folder in separate tree didn't show its subdirs if the tree was scrolled to the left 08.11.05 Added: Search on ftp servers 08.11.06 Fixed: Lister: Ctrl+Q on multiple audio or video files played only eve ry second file (same with 'n'/'p' keys) 08.11.06 Fixed: Lister: When reloading a file with F2, make sure that text curs or isn't beyond the file length limit (could cause crash or hang) 08.11.05 Added: wincmd.ini [configuration] NewStyleProgress=2: use smooth Win32 -style progress bars in normal progress dialog (=1 -> segmented, =0 -> old style ). Only supported with classic theme. 08.11.06 Added: Shift+Click on primary sort column in sorting header (e.g. on " Size" when sorted by size) makes list unsorted 08.11.06 Added: The following operations are now supported in directories with no read access: Copy/Move from/to such directories, delete files and subdirs, cr eate subdirs 07.11.06 Added: Instead of granting the user full read access to a folder via a dmin functions, just call FindFirstFile etc. inside of tcmadmin. This limits a l ot what can be done in such directories. 07.11.06 Fixed: FTP: Changing directory by editing current path and pressing En ter no longer worked 07.11.06 Fixed: FTP: When duplicating a connection, e.g. by opening the same co nnection also in the opposite window, also duplicate any used templates (for cus tom server types) 07.11.06 Fixed: Wrong data buffer freed when changing custom field in overwrite dialog, could lead to errors when TC was closed

07.11.06 Fixed: When using two separate trees, the black line shown while resiz ing tabstop headers was at the wrong location (shifted to the right) 07.11.06 Fixed: State of button cm_SwitchWatchDirs incorrect on startup if Watc hDirs disabled 07.11.06 Fixed: WatchDirs: Only set caret index if absolutely necessary, e.g. a file was added or removed before the caret index 07.11.06 Fixed: Compare by contents editor: Just beep when user presses Insert button (overtype mode isn't currently supported) 07.11.06 Fixed: Compare by contents editor: When clicking on "Copy ->" and some text was selected, then the entire line was selected afterwards 07.11.06 Added: Compare by contents editor: When clicking on "Copy ->" and noth ing was selected, copy the entire line and beep to notify user 07.11.06 Added: Multi-rename tool: [y] with lowercase 'y' inserts 2 digit year (uppercase Y inserts 4 digit year) 07.11.06 Added: 4 new internal commands: cm_SelectCurrentName, cm_UnselectCurre ntName, cm_SelectCurrentNameExt, cm_UnselectCurrentNameExt to select/unselect al l files with the same name or name+extension as the file under the cursor (e.g. for branch view and FTP on UNIX servers) 07.11.06 Fixed: Compare by content: black splitter bar was no longer shown when changing relative size of the two panels 07.11.06 Added: Special handling of Alt+Letter user-defined hotkeys: catch them before they can get to the menu handler, so Alt+S doesn't invoke both the inter nal command and open the Start menu 07.11.06 Fixed: Made new choose command listbox owner-drawn due to alignment pr oblems with right to left languages 07.11.06 Fixed: Quick view panel: Enable text cursor on Tab to the Quick view p anel 07.11.06 Fixed: F6 didn't toggle the text cursor in quick view panel (Ctrl+Q) 07.11.06 Fixed: cm_OpenDesktop, cm_OpenDrives etc. now also update the separate tree (doesn't work with cm_OpenFonts and cm_OpenPrinters) 07.11.06 Fixed: When changing drive via command line by just giving the drive l etter (e.g. c:), the separate tree wasn't updated 07.11.06 Fixed: Archive in archive: When inner archive already existed in TEMP and user didn't allow to overwrite it, the archive icon remained in "open" state 07.11.06 Added: Ignore list: An item with a backslash at the end explicitly hid es only directories with that name, e.g. html\ hides directories (but not files) named "html" in all directories 07.11.06 Added: When both files wciconex.dll and wciconex.inc exist in the Tota l Commander directory, TC will use these for new buttons instead of wcmicons.dll 07.11.06 Fixed: Overwrite dialog, Option "Rename target file": If user cancelle d the new name request dialog, the entire copy operation was cancelled 07.11.06 Fixed: Two separate trees: Tree not updated for Ctrl+Cursor left/right when using two separate trees, and the directory was transferred to the inactiv e panel 05.11.06 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Access violation when choosing "Delete on bot h sides" in empty results list 05.11.06 Fixed: Button bar: Button not redrawn correctly when option "Flat icon s" was unchecked 05.11.06 Added: Middle mouse button click on empty space in tab header adds new tab 05.11.06 Added: Command line: em_xyz commands now also support command line par ameters, e.g. for external programs 05.11.06 Fixed: New internal command SYNCOPEN: If stored sync had no paths save d, the sync dialog opened with two empty paths 05.11.06 Fixed: Date picker control in Attributes dialog: Focus lost when leavi ng month overview. (Only way to fix was by sending a simulated mouse click to th e dialog...) 05.11.06 Fixed: Disable any hotkeys while Total Commander is minimized and a co py dialog is displayed 05.11.06 Fixed: When ejecting a CD, the drive letter disappeared from the separ

ate tree! 05.11.06 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] TabSwitchMode=1 turns on old Ctrl+Ta b switch mode: Jump directly to tab, not only when releasing the Ctrl key 05.11.06 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] UpdateTreeAtStartup=1 determines whe ther separate trees show entire path to current dir at program start or when swi tching on separate tree (set to 1 for testing now) 05.11.06 Fixed: F5 copy: When specifying a new subdir below the source/target w hich had to be created, e.g. c:\target\newsubdir\filename, the directory list wa sn't refreshed 05.11.06 Fixed: Slightly improved control alignment in F5 copy dialog 05.11.06 Fixed: Control distance in configuration - options - display - help te xts 05.11.06 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] TabSeparator=: sets different separa tor between drive letter and current directory name in tabs (default is a ":"). Only a single byte character is allowed! 05.11.06 Fixed: Content plugins: DateTime values didn't work in any file filter s except for the main search function itself 03.11.06 Fixed: The following dialogs didn't use a user-defined icon from icon library: Search, Tree, Change Start menu, Command selection dialog, Synchronize dirs 03.11.06 Added: Copy dialog: Not only F5/F6 but also Shift+F5/F6 will select se parate name parts 03.11.06 Added: Pack dialog: F5 or Alt+F5 can now be used to select specific na me part (name with ext, name without ext, everything) 03.11.06 Fixed: Shift+F4 (create new text file): Error not always shown when a folder with the same name already exists 03.11.06 Fixed: Lister plugins like SynPlus no longer had a text cursor on star tup 03.11.06 Fixed: New Menu item "Select All With Same Extension" didn't do anythi ng when using internal English main menu 03.11.06 Fixed: F5 copy: If target is write protected (e.g. CD or floppy) and u ser clicked on Cancel or Skip, the source file remained locked 03.11.06 Fixed: My computer: For free and total space, use size style defined f or footer, except when it's set to bytes or kbytes, then use x.x bkM mode (only refreshed when switching to other folder and back) 03.11.06 Fixed: While singleclickstart=1, disable mouse move detection while qu ick search dialog is up 03.11.06 Fixed: When changing tabs while separate tree is active, switch cursor to active file panel 03.11.06 Fixed: Open archive in archive, switch to different tab -> archive loc ation lost. Solution: Switch that tab to the outer archive 03.11.06 Fixed: Separate tree: Cursor not always placed on "0:" item when showi ng an ftp connection 03.11.06 Fixed: Configuration - Button bar: When deleting the last button, no b utton was selected any more -> select last remaining button 03.11.06 Fixed: Ctrl+F3 (Compare) could be opened in overwrite dialog also in t he unpack function, although the source file wasn't available -> disable Ctrl+F3 01.11.06 Fixed: Quick search label "Search:" was not using user-configured font 31.10.06 Release Total Commander 7.0 public beta 1 31.10.06 Fixed: Reloading of menu bar background on XP caused memory leak (GDI object) 30.10.06 Added: Several missing topics added to Help: Separate tree, Thumbnails and Hotkeys in overwrite dialog 30.10.06 Added: Compare by contents in synchronize function: Increased buffer s ize from 32k to 1MByte 29.10.06 Fixed: Copy as administrator of single directory also asked for subdir s within this dir 27.10.06 Release Total Commander 7.0a15 (alpha test version 15)

27.10.06 Fixed: FTP over SSL: Only try to load libssl32.dll and libeay32.dll, b ut not ssleay32.dll (was causing problems to some testers) 27.10.06 Added: Windows 2000/XP: Verify signature of tcmadmin.exe, and warn use r if unsigned or bad (Windows Vista already performs such a check) 25.10.06 Fixed: "Search subdirectories" didn't have an underlined letter (for h otkey) and wasn't described in the help 25.10.06 Added: Windows XP 64: Possible workaround to internal media player not working with redirection off 25.10.06 Fixed: "bytes" not translated in ftp upload progress (was fixed in dow nload progress previously) 25.10.06 Fixed: Turned off autocomplete in print with subdirs (again, didn't wo rk in first fix) 25.10.06 Added: Autocomplete to encode and split dialog boxes 25.10.06 Added: Windows XP 64 with redirection off: fixes for ftp, http, watchd irs, FindFirst in background 25.10.06 Added: Copy as admin: If user confirms to copy a single directory as a dmin, also copy all files of that dir as admin (but not other dirs in the same l ocation) 25.10.06 Fixed: Memory leak (hbitmap) when recreating the main button bar was o nly partially fixed 24.10.06 Release Total Commander 7.0a14 (alpha test version 14) 24.10.06 Added: Some new drive buttons (e.g. for removable drive) 24.10.06 Fixed: Unpack as admin to drive root not working (gives access violati on) 24.10.06 Fixed: Lister with no plugins: Access violation when pressing 'n' key with text cursor shown near the end of a very large file, when switching to a sm aller file 24.10.06 Fixed: Do not show dialog "Cannot access directory -> admin" when refr eshing or at initial start, only when explicitly trying to access a directory 24.10.06 Fixed: WantXPLook= in wincmd.ini will only be checked at program start now (otherwise the menu bar could appear all black) 24.10.06 Fixed: Windows XP 64: turn redirection of system32 folder back on in v arious places before calling LoadLibrary 24.10.06 Fixed: If Shift+<some key> was defined for cm_GoToPreviousTab or cm_Go ToNextTab, this key combination caused a search result tab to duplicate itself ( which was of course not intentional) 22.10.06 Fixed: Inplace rename overwrote files without confirmation if they wer e hidden via the ignore list 22.10.06 Fixed: XP only: Select files in inactive panel while quick search was up didn't activate that panel 22.10.06 Fixed: Increased buffer for delete confirmation to show also very long names 22.10.06 Fixed: Shift+F5 copy in place dialog didn't have hotkey for Tree butto n (English only) 22.10.06 Fixed: Re-enable main program before closing "Drive not found" box to avoid that Windows Vista steals the focus from Total Commander (untested) 22.10.06 Fixed: Temporary list file not removed when using button with paramete r %F inside of an archive 22.10.06 Fixed: Synchronize dirs didn't show file sizes >4GB on FTP servers 20.10.06 Fixed: Change button bar loaded default bar when changing both the bar settings (e.g. size) and bar name without making it the new default bar 20.10.06 Added: Restrict quick search window, tooltips and overwrite dialog to current screen also when using multiple monitors 18.10.06 Fixed: Viewing file in ACE file in compare by contents left copy progr ess window open 18.10.06 Fixed: Hotkey for "Commands" not working in Configuration - Misc 18.10.06 Fixed: "bytes" not translated in ftp progress dialog 18.10.06 Fixed: Compare by content: Copy buttons were enabled by mistake when n o comparison was made

18.10.06 Fixed: Memory leak (hbitmap) when recreating the main button bar 18.10.06 Added: Experimental: wincmd.ini [Configuration] ThreadFindFirst=1 move s FindFirstFile to separate thread, so the user can abort reading from a hanging network connection 18.10.06 Added: Allow user to install plugin to location where he has no write rights, e.g. under c:\program files, via tcmadmin.exe 17.10.06 Added: When directory is inaccessible due to insufficient rights, allo w user to gain permanent read+execute+read_acl rights via tcmamin.exe 17.10.06 Fixed: Memory error in LookupAccountNameW 13.10.06 Fixed: Content plugins: Full text search didn't work correctly with op erators !contains and !cont(case) if contents longer than 1 kByte 13.10.06 Fixed: Thumbnails in overwrite dialog not always shown, e.g. when star ting with fresh ini with just ThumbsInDlg=1 in it 13.10.06 Fixed: Windows XP 64: redirection of system32 folder not turned off in background threads (copy,delete,transfer manager,icon+thumbnail thread) 13.10.06 Fixed: Watchdirs: Cursor was sometimes placed on wrong file after dele ting a directory (reason: Watchdirs sets flag UpdateWhenActive causing duplicate updating) 13.10.06 Fixed: Watchdirs problem: To watch changes in the root of e.g. drive c :, need to specify c:\ and not c: alone (which will watch the current directory! ) 13.10.06 Fixed: Buttons with images didn't have any focus rectangle when using XP themes 13.10.06 Fixed: Lister: When searching, remove selection and put selection star t point at the cursor position behind the found text 13.10.06 Fixed: F3 inside desktop or other virtual folder: Not working when vie wing multiple files is the default, and nothing is selected 13.10.06 Fixed: XP only: Clicking on last item in separate tree selected the it em after it. The only way to prevent that seems to be to set the list top index back to what it was before the button down click... 13.10.06 Fixed: Removed autocomplete from more dialogs where it's useless, e.g. upload confirmation dialogs 13.10.06 Fixed: Overwrite dialog: User clicks on rename, then cancel -> the ent ire file operation was cancelled. Instead, just return to the overwrite dialog n ow. 13.10.06 Added: Run as user now also works with users from the current domain, even without specifying domainname\username 12.10.06 Fixed: Unpack files: Giving empty target path could cause out of memor y error (due to GetFileSecurity call failing on empty directory) 12.10.06 Fixed: F3+Shift+F3 no longer working in F5 overwrite dialog 12.10.06 Fixed: Removed autocomplete from print - with subdirs dialog box 11.10.06 Release Total Commander 7.0a13 (alpha test version 13) 11.10.06 Fixed: Strange name shown in Windows Vista admin dialog when starting tcmadmin.exe -> added versioninfo resource with descriptive name 11.10.06 Fixed: When moving a directory from search - feed to listbox, only the directory contents were moved, not the directory name itself 11.10.06 Added: When inplace-renaming in search results and another file in the results is overwritten, remove that duplicate from the list (this isn't done wh en renaming multiple files). 11.10.06 Added: When renaming/moving a file in search - feed to listbox, show t he new names even if they wouldn't be part of the search results. The list isn't updated when using the multi-rename tool. 10.10.06 Fixed: Windows 9x: Disable overlay icons options (it's not available o n Windows 9x) 10.10.06 Fixed: Could not turn off 9th additional sort order via Shift+Click 10.10.06 Added: Windows XP 64: Allow user to turn off redirection of system32 f older: wincmd.ini [Configuration] x64disableredirection=1 (will be temporarily r e-enabled while loading a plugin) 10.10.06 Added: FTP client: Use MFMT instead of MDTM to set timestamp in sync (

if server reports to support MFMT in FEAT command) 10.10.06 Fixed: Separate tree: Left click on partially visible item at the bott om didn't select that item, but the next 10.10.06 Fixed: Desktop in tree: Sort order different depending on whether it w as loaded at startup or later via collapse/expand 10.10.06 Added: Print file list: increased maximum possible number of pages fro m 1000 to 10000 (for people who print e.g. to PDF) 08.10.06 Added: Ctrl+F3 in new overwrite dialog opens compare by contents 08.10.06 Added: Unpack selected files to inaccessible directory as administrato r 08.10.06 Added: Unpack all to inaccessible directory as administrator (unpack t o TEMP, move from there) 08.10.06 Fixed: (Again:) Closing window with double click over separate tree co uld cause access violation on XP 08.10.06 Added: New tree: Show new drives when they arrive, and remove them whe n they get disconnected (react to WM_DEVICECHANGE) 08.10.06 Fixed: Separate tree: When copying subdirectories, do NOT show them in the separate tree except when the directory with these subdirs has already been expanded 08.10.06 Added: Rename files/dirs as administrator, move files/dirs to other dr ive as administrator if source or destination is not writable 06.10.06 Added: tcmadmin.exe: Terminate if no connection established within 20 seconds 05.10.06 Added: Edit (F4): Edit items on the desktop also from "All users" loca tion 05.10.06 Added: Lister (F3): View items on the desktop also from "All users" lo cation 05.10.06 Fixed: Standard input dialog: Only enable auto-complete if either the tree button or the browse button is shown, to avoid auto-complete for entering u ser names or similar 05.10.06 Added: Change attributes: Jump between field value edit boxes with cur sor up/down, comboboxes (e.g. for yes/no fields) with Shift+cursor up/down 05.10.06 Added: Change attributes: When loading settings via F2, set cursor in the first value edit box instead of last 04.10.06 Release Total Commander 7.0a12 (alpha test version 12) 04.10.06 Added: New default.bar with different buttons like separate tree, the multi-rename tool and synchronize dirs 04.10.06 Fixed: "Mark newer, hide same files" converted the displayed path to l owercase by mistake 04.10.06 Fixed: New overwrite dialog: Arrow icon looks incorrect on Windows 9x (need to use monochrome mask bitmap for icon) 04.10.06 Added: Internal command selection box: Keys up, down, pageup, pagedown , home and end now also work within the filter edit box 04.10.06 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] AdminTimeout= determines after how many seconds of inactivity tcmadmin.exe (used for copy/delete etc. as admin) is terminated. Default: 180 seconds (3 minutes). Set to 0 to disable 03.10.06 Fixed: Compare by content: Position of divider was saved, but not rest ored when re-opening the window 02.10.06 Fixed: Bug in packer plugin interface: Search text in plugin called Pr ocessFile twice, once with PK_SKIP and again with PK_EXTRACT... 01.10.06 Fixed: WantXPlook=0 no longer had any effect 01.10.06 Fixed: Lister: Searching in UTF-8 view selects wrong text in first lin e (due to UTF-8 marker at the beginning of the file) 01.10.06 Fixed: Lister: Copy to clipboard from UTF-8 file damages last characte r 01.10.06 Fixed: Moving the cursor over the separate tree panel could mark the r oot (Desktop) as selected 01.10.06 Fixed: XP Closing program by double clicking while cursor is above sep arate tree panel could cause an access violation

01.10.06 Fixed: Click on empty space in separate tree could select some random item 01.10.06 Fixed: Lister: In text file containing <lf><cr><lf> sequence, could no t scroll up with text cursor beyond this point 01.10.06 Added: Show shield icon on "As admin" buttons under Windows Vista 27.09.06 Added: (experimental) copy to protected directories as Administrator ( via an extra program). Also supports move, delete, mkdir, rmdir 26.09.06 Fixed: Show old 8.3 names uppercase - not working for files in subdirs of branch view (Ctrl+B) 26.09.06 Fixed: Prevent Ctrl+T during Ctrl+Tab 26.09.06 Fixed: Pressing Ctrl+W (delete tab) while switching through tabs with Ctrl+Tab could switch to wrong directory 26.09.06 Fixed: Edit mode in Compare by content, click again on Compare -> copy buttons not enabled although still in edit mode 26.09.06 Fixed: Dialogs for waiting for multiple document editors (F4) to be cl osed were only hidden, not deleted 26.09.06 Added: New overwrite dialog: F3 opens upper file in lister, Shift+F3 t he lower. With Alt, open lister without plugins 26.09.06 Fixed: Compare by content: Backwards search (Shift+F3) could crash whe n reaching the beginning of the file 26.09.06 Fixed: New overwrite dialog: Resize dialog when user adds/removes cust om fields 26.09.06 Fixed: Thumbnails view: Click on thumbnail, use cursor left/right to g o to other thumbnail within _same_ line, Shift+Click on other thumbnail -> wrong files selected 26.09.06 Fixed: Clicking on F5 button and pressing F5 at the same time opened c opy dialog twice, sometimes resulting in an access violation. Same for F6, F7, F 8 (irrelevant for F3 and F4). 26.09.06 Fixed: Search in compare by content: If a search string appeared multi ple times on the same line on both sides, it would be found multiple times on F3 26.09.06 Added: New overwrite dialog: When the user clicks a button while thumb nail extraction is still going on, remove thumbnails from queue and wait up to 5 seconds until current extraction finishes 24.09.06 Fixed: Right click in overwrite-dialog, open lister -> right click men u stopped working 24.09.06 Added: "My computer": Separate drives from folders (sorting) 24.09.06 Fixed: Packer plugins: Shorten path received via callback also for pac k function, not only for unpacking 24.09.06 Fixed: Change attributes dialog: Width of fields not correct when addi ng more than 4 lines 24.09.06 Added: Change attributes dialog: Allow to load/save settings of plugin s section 24.09.06 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Pressing F2 after loading new names from fil e caused an error 22.09.06 Release Total Commander 7.0a11 (alpha test version 11) 22.09.06 Added: Search function right click menu now also supports to view the file with lister 22.09.06 Fixed: Better sorting of separate trees: consider sorting options like natural sorting, and separate drive letters from other virtual folders like the control panel 22.09.06 Added: Suggest lowercase .lnk extension on Ctrl+Shift+F5 if more than one file/dir is selected 22.09.06 Added: Button bar: Load image from .ico files via LoadImage instead of ExtractIconEx, allows to load sizes like 24x24 pixels 22.09.06 Fixed: Drop to TC file lists stopped working when Alt+Tabbing to other program during Drag&Drop 22.09.06 Fixed: Branch view, Download in background to a _subdir_ within the br anch, watchdirs on -> file appears multiple times 22.09.06 Fixed: FTP download from list: URLs in the form user@server@ftp.server

name.com/file.ext didn't work (here, the second @ must be used!) 22.09.06 Added: FTP client: Allow to store account password in wcx_ftp.ini. The entry acct=<scrambled account password> must be added manually (copy+paste from another password line) 22.09.06 Fixed: FTP client: Show *** when typing in account password (ACCT comm and) 22.09.06 Fixed: Improved way to detect drives where the setting of the file tim estamp fails: Remember if it fails even once, and also reset option each time co pying to a network share starts 20.09.06 Fixed: [=tc.xyz] fields not recognized correctly in change attributes dialog 20.09.06 Fixed: SortUpper option was stored incorrectly when switching to a dif ferent page before closing the config dialog 20.09.06 Fixed: Ignore list was not used by WatchDirs function, so files/dirs w hich are normally hidden could suddenly appear if they changed 20.09.06 Added: Overwrite dialog: Better resizing to make the preview and addit ional fields fit into the dialog 20.09.06 Added: Overwrite dialog: Allow user to define custom fields (e.g. imag e dimensions) using a plugin 20.09.06 Added: Overwrite dialog: Right click on preview image or small icon op ens normal file context menu 19.09.06 Added: F5 copy dialog: Allow user to remove no longer needed file filt ers with Shift+Del 19.09.06 Fixed: Text input dialog may now also use underlined characters (e.g. in Search - Save search) 19.09.06 Fixed: Configuration: Quick Search - "Exact name match" not saved with Apply/OK. 19.09.06 Added: Overwrite dialog: resize dialog width to smaller size if the pa th of the file names is smaller 19.09.06 Fixed: Special handling of right click on [..] -> show right click men u of _current_ directory 19.09.06 Fixed: Right mouse button Drag&Drop and Ctrl+Shift+F5 can now also cre ate shortcuts on virtual folders like the desktop 19.09.06 Fixed: Background transfer manager, overwrite dialog: After choosing " compare by content", the main TC window was disabled 19.09.06 Added: Packer plugins: Shorten path received via callback so it fits i nto the progress dialog 19.09.06 Added: Pack dialog: Always show encrypt option, but disable it for all packers except for ARJ, RAR, ACE and plugins with PK_CAPS_ENCRYPT. It's also di sabled for ZIP, except when the encryption dll is there 19.09.06 Added: New overwrite dialog: Always center the direction arrow horizon tally (not between the images) 19.09.06 Added: New overwrite dialog: Resize buttons when switching on preview thumbnails 19.09.06 Added: Command line parameters: Accept paths in the form file://c:\win dows or file://c|/windows or file://\\server\share\dir 19.09.06 Fixed: Save selection to file/load from file: Look in current director y by default 17.09.06 Fixed: F2 not working properly in Lister for UTF8 and Unicode (UTF16) files, lines beyond the previous last line couldn't be scrolled into view 17.09.06 Fixed: Overwrite dialog: Use same background color for preview as for the main window 17.09.06 Added: Drag&Drop cursors now don't have a shadow if cursor shadows are disabled in the system 17.09.06 Added: Drag&Drop cursors now also have shadows on Windows 2000 in true color mode (it doesn't work properly in hicolor) 17.09.06 Added: Send WM_COPYDATA with dwData='E'+256*'M' and lpData pointing to em_xyz internal command (0-terminated) to execute that command. Accepts paramet ers separated by a space

15.09.06 Release Total Commander 7.0a10 (alpha test version 10) 15.09.06 Added: Synchronize dirs: <spacebar> now acts the same as a click on th e direction checkbox, <shift>+<spacebar> like a double click 15.09.06 Added: Support for accessibility tools (e.g. for blind users) to main lists+separate tree+sync+CD-Tree, allows to retrieve current line via LB_GETTEXT 15.09.06 Added: New event contst_showhint sent to content plugin when hint wind ow is shown with data from that plugin 15.09.06 Fixed: Inhibit Tab change with Ctrl+Tab when tabbing to ftp tab and th e server hasn't finished updating the list yet (otherwise the ftp dir is shown i n the next tab!) 15.09.06 Fixed: Host define dialog (Alt+Shift+Enter) not working if caching of visited directories disabled 15.09.06 Fixed: Host define dialog was resizeable, but the controls didn't foll ow the resizing -> make it fixed size 13.09.06 Added: 16 color bitmaps for new overwrite dialog 13.09.06 Added: Change attributes: When calling the content plugin editor with a single file, pass that file's value to the plugin 13.09.06 Added: If a copy progress or search dialog is active and something cha nges (WatchDirs set), then refresh the file list when the dialog is closed 13.09.06 Added: New drag cursor with shadow (Windows XP only) 13.09.06 Added: Lister configuration: Path to Irfanview/Xnview now supports env ironment variables 13.09.06 Added: New internal pseudo-environment variables %$MYMUSIC% and "%$MYV IDEO% - they seem to work on Windows XP only, though. 12.09.06 Added: Overwrite dialog: Show overlay icons with a good sign for the f ile which is kept, and an X for the file which is overwritten 12.09.06 Added: Overwrite dialog: Show arrow to indicate which file will overwr ite which 12.09.06 Added: Overwrite dialog: Show icons if there are no thumbnails 10.09.06 Added: Packer plugin interface can now support encryption 10.09.06 Fixed: Ctrl+F, Edit -> Keep alive command was selected 10.09.06 Added: <DIR> and <LNK> are translatable now, but limited to max 7 char acters including the <> 08.09.06 Added: Show preview images (thumbnails) in overwrite dialog (must be t urned on by the user) 08.09.06 Fixed: Drag&Drop of folders from outside of TC causes TC to hang when selecting "Abort" 08.09.06 Fixed: Tab order in compare dialog is more logical now 06.09.06 Fixed: XP: base line of text in checkboxes and edit boxes not identica l 06.09.06 Fixed: Do not change cursor to wait cursor when watching directory cha nges and the option "update header" is on 05.09.06 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: when comparing two archives via external sync tool, TC marked all equal files with a '?' after the sync tool was closed 05.09.06 Added: Synchronize dirs: when comparing via external sync tool, handle situation when sync tool had already been open 05.09.06 Added: Synchronize dirs: when comparing via external sync tool, refres h list when files have changed 05.09.06 Fixed: Paths were not shortened in compare by content progress dialog 05.09.06 Added: Improved function used to shorten long names in progress dialog : Shorten dir name just before file name instead of cutting off file name 05.09.06 Added: The Ctrl+D directory hotlist now supports also numeric internal commands, e.g. 2010 instead of cm_switchlongnames 05.09.06 Added: Documented new Alias commands in help 05.09.06 Added: wcx_ftp.ini [General] PreventFEAT=1 allows to turn off the send ing of the FEAT (features) command (some proxies hang when the command is sent) 05.09.06 Fixed: Minimized synchronize or search dialog prevented Windows from s hutting down 03.09.06 Added: Lister now auto-scrolls also horizontally when selecting text w ith the mouse (but not both horizontally and vertically at the same time)

03.09.06 Fixed: Wrong display after Brief view -> Search -> Feed to listbox -> Custom columns view -> Refresh 03.09.06 Fixed: Separate tree: Sometimes two items could get highlighted (if th e tree was expanded above the highlighted item) 01.09.06 Fixed: Drag&Drop of EXE to button bar added icon with short dos name i f the program was written in uppercase 30.08.06 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: F5 not disabled even when the reload button was disabled 30.08.06 Fixed: Moving cursor in separate tree with pressed left mouse button d idn't correctly update active item if cursor outside of tree area 30.08.06 Fixed: Custom columns configuration: Changes not saved when choosing a file system plugin from the list 30.08.06 Fixed: Right mouse button Drag&Drop (with shift if right selection mod e) didn't work to virtual folders in (separate) tree 30.08.06 Added: Internal command selection dialog: If invoked via cm_CommandBro wser, clicking Shift+OK copies entire line like Ctrl+Shift+C 30.08.06 Added: Internal command selection dialog: Ctrl+Shift+C copies entire l ine (including numeric value and description), Tab-delimited. 30.08.06 Added: Quick search in separate tree: ENTER opens selected directory, ESC jumps back to previous, INSERT stays on new dir, but only opens if configure d to auto-open 30.08.06 Added: Quick search with letters only now also works in separate tree 29.08.06 Added: Quick search with Alt or Ctrl+Alt now also work in separate tre e (letters only to be added) 29.08.06 Fixed: Turn off inplace rename when switching folder tabs 29.08.06 Fixed: Show hourglass and disable button while compacting thumbnail da tabase 29.08.06 Added: Alias commands on the command line support a command placeholde r %A in the command definition, e.g. %A %N will be replaced by the parameter typ ed by the user, followed by the current file name under the cursor 29.08.06 Fixed: Winhelp: Missing menu image in multi-rename tool topic 26.08.06 Fixed: Closing multi-rename tool with double click caused access viola tion on XP only when the left separate tree was below the double click position 25.08.06 Added: Ctrl+Space now also supported in path inplace edit 25.08.06 Added: Do not close inplace rename on Ctrl+Home/End 25.08.06 Added: Date-time picker controls in change attributes now also work wi th the keyboard 25.08.06 Added: When focus lost during Ctrl+Tab, cancel tab switch operation 25.08.06 Fixed: Directory tab Drag&Drop couldn't be aborted with ESC, although the cursor changed its shape accordingly 25.08.06 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Made top section 3 pixels higher to fully sho w focus rectangles around checkboxes 25.08.06 Fixed: Added: Alias commands now support parameters, which replace par ameters of the command. Example: np points to em_notepad which starts notepad.ex e -> np test.txt starts notepad with test.txt as parameter 24.08.06 Fixed: New configuration option "Alias" not translatable 23.08.06 Release Total Commander 7.0a9 (alpha test version 9) 23.08.06 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Always open "+" button context men u below the button 23.08.06 Added: Translation of special keys in Configuration - Options - Misc. 23.08.06 Added: Ctrl+Shift+F5 create shortcut: Suggest complete name if a singl e directory is selected 23.08.06 Fixed: Disable some more options in configuration when they have no ef fect (e.g. some icon options) 23.08.06 Added: Show background of current dir in separate tree with second bac kground color 23.08.06 Added: Show background of separate tree in first background color only 22.08.06 Fixed: Dropping a virtual folder to the button bar also mostly didn't work, e.g. when it pointed to a folder with file target.lnk in it

22.08.06 Fixed: Trying to add virtual folders like the desktop to the Ctrl+D me nu added a wrong directory 22.08.06 Fixed: Center overwrite dialog over the TC window 22.08.06 Fixed: When background transfer manager shows overwrite confirmation d ialog, and a dialog is already open in the main TC make the overwrite dialog the child of the already open dialog 22.08.06 Fixed: Search function: Limit length of text search input field to 127 characters when using Unicode search (the search functions support a maximum of 255 bytes) 22.08.06 Fixed: When trying to delete the directory under the cursor, but it fa ils, leave the cursor on the directory and do not go to the next below 22.08.06 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Multiple choice values were not translated ( e.g. tc.filetype) 20.08.06 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: New icon for >> button 20.08.06 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: >> button showed menu at wrong location when button invoked via keyboard (spacebar) 20.08.06 Fixed: Custom columns configuration for file system plugins: "Switch t o this view when using this plugin" is missing when adding a new custom columns view 20.08.06 Fixed: Lister: Hide caret (blinking text cursor) when switching from t ext view to bitmap/multimedia view 20.08.06 Fixed: Gray out menu items in lister which aren't currently applicable (cannot be done correctly with lister plugins) 20.08.06 Fixed: Buttons in edit dialog with checkboxes (e.g. rename/copy em_xyz command) weren't right-aligned 20.08.06 Fixed: When activating two separate trees with cm_SwitchSeparateTree, make sure that the trees don't appear in front of an open quick view panel 18.08.06 Fixed: Separate tree: Wrong item selected when moving cursor with mous e while automatic tree change is off 18.08.06 Added: Content plugins: New function to support custom value editors ( like the internal date/time editor) in Files - Change attributes 17.08.06 Added: New cursor for dragging tabs 15.08.06 Fixed: Change attributes: When changing comments, the wrong comment fi le was created with the following comment options: files.bbs, read from both 15.08.06 Added: Synchronize dirs: Wildcards (*.* etc.) are only saved if the fi eld isn't empty (there is no checkbox for it, though) 15.08.06 Added: Synchronize dirs: Allow user to not save the paths, just the op tions 15.08.06 Added: Change button bar dialog: Disable edit boxes for parameters and start path and set to empty when the command field contains an internal command (cm_xyz or em_xyz) 15.08.06 Added: Extended commands em_xyz now also support internal commands, e. g. em_editor calls cm_edit (with user-assigned icon) 15.08.06 Added: Alias commands are defined via Configuration - Options - Misc 15.08.06 Added: Command line now supports alias commands, e.g. type ls -> cm_li st is invoked 15.08.06 Added: Command line now supports internal commands cm_xyz and em_xyz 14.08.06 Fixed: Wrong error message when renaming a file with Shift+F6, and a d irectory with the target name already exists (wrong path was shown) 14.08.06 Added: Shift+F4: Warn if a directory with the specified name already e xists 14.08.06 Fixed: Drive buttons had become 1 pixel wider than in TC 6.5x (this wa s not intentional) 14.08.06 Added: New color cursors without white borders (drop forbidden and ext ernal links) 13.08.06 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] DropExtensions=0 allows to turn off Drag&Drop Explorer extensions for right mouse button Drag&Drop 13.08.06 Fixed: Right mouse button Drag&Drop: Also look in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Fo lder key, some shell extensions don't add themselves to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Direct ory or Drives

13.08.06 Fixed: Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right in command line now also works when entir e text selected (although a bit different from other edit boxes, because the cur sor position can neither be set nor retrieved) 13.08.06 Fixed: Ctrl+Shift+Left/Right in command line now also stops at undersc ores 13.08.06 Fixed: Do not create a new auto-complete object when changing auto-com plete options, but use interface IAutoComplete2 to change options 13.08.06 Fixed: Tab order in lister print configuration dialog 11.08.06 Added: Right mouse button Drag&Drop now also accepts the separate tree (s) as the target (only to real directories, not virtual folders for now) 11.08.06 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Some error messages showed "FTP" i n the title even for local file operations 11.08.06 Fixed: FTP connect dialog: Initial position wasn't centered on TC wind ow (on all subsequent calls, the last used position is restored) 11.08.06 Added: Minimum size of command selection dialog and ftp connect dialog 11.08.06 Added: Command selection dialog: Show buttons to add/change extended u ser commands also in category "All" when in the relevant section(s) 11.08.06 Fixed: Lister, font configuration dialog, didn't save OEM charset (255 ) when chosen 11.08.06 Added: New internal command cm_CommandBrowser opens command selection dialog. Clicking OK copies the command name to the clipboard 11.08.06 Added: Command selection dialog now remembers last position 11.08.06 Fixed: Cursor down in user command change dialog could open another in stance of the command selection dialog, resulting in a crash on close 09.08.06 Release Total Commander 7.0a8 (alpha test version 8) 09.08.06 Fixed: Print margins dialog: Didn't support underlined characters for hotkeys 09.08.06 Fixed: Win9x: Show error if user tries to set encrypted attribute 09.08.06 Fixed: Right mouse button Drag&Drop: Do not show "Create shortcut" and Explorer Drag&Drop extensions if the target is an archive 09.08.06 Fixed: Using watchdirs can cause an access violation if the file list is initially 100% empty (not even a [..] item, e.g. in a drive root) 09.08.06 Fixed: WipeDir= line in wincmd.ini not working for temp dir _tc, only for the old $wc 09.08.06 Fixed: Various items missing in the help, section wincmd.ini 09.08.06 Added: Automatically create non-existing folder in copy/move function if path given in any of the following ways: c:\notexisting\ c:\notexisting\*.* c :\notexisting\file.ext notexisting\ notexisting\*.* notexisting\file.ext (append ed file name only when copying a single file) 08.08.06 Added: 256 color cursors for Drag&Drop (just the attached part of the cursor) 08.08.06 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Reload result button wasn't working when ren aming files from branch view subdirs, or from a search result 06.08.06 Fixed: Multi-rename tool, >> button: "Edit names" menu item was missin g if default editor was notepad 04.08.06 Added: Change attributes dialog: Replaced frame around change date by a groupbox for correct theming on XP 04.08.06 Added: When TC is started with a path parameter and /T, create a new t ab for the passed path 04.08.06 Added: When TC is started with a path parameter, and the current tab i s locked (no dir changes), create a new tab for the path parameter 04.08.06 Added: When TC is started with a path parameter, and the current tab i s locked with directory changes allowed, switch to the new dir, but keep the sav ed dir as locked root 04.08.06 Added: Made Ctrl+F connect to FTP resizable 04.08.06 Fixed: File list wasn't refreshed after Mark - Save selection to file 02.08.06 Added: Separate tree: Auto-scroll horizontally to ensure best visibili ty of current directory 02.08.06 Fixed: Use configured main icon also in background copy/move/delete/zi

p/unzip etc. dialogs 02.08.06 Added: Workaround to files.bbs creation for systems where alternate DO S file names are disabled. Will not work with files with spaces. 02.08.06 Fixed: Winzip disliked some of the zip64 headers created by Totalcmd7 (for files >4GB in zip files) 02.08.06 Added: Increased maximum command line length for external packers to 1 kByte to handle long TEMP paths 02.08.06 Fixed: Wrong custom column width when changing widths via "configure t his custom column view" when a separate tree is displayed 01.08.06 Added: Auto-complete to Start menu and Directory menu configuration di alogs 01.08.06 Added: Change attributes dialog: Only show plugins which support field changes. Attribute flags are cached in the wincmd.ini together with the timesta mp of the plugin to detect updates 01.08.06 Added: Buttons to the command selection list to add user-defined comma nds to the usercmd.ini and wcmd_lng.ini files 31.07.06 Added: Tab and Ctrl+Space now also work in inplace edit of current pat h and when renaming a single file 31.07.06 Fixed: Configuration - Folder tabs: Check option "limit length" when u ser edits length limit number 31.07.06 Fixed: Attributes dialog: Only check option "Change date/time" when us er changes something in the date field, not when the cursor justs gets to this f ield 30.07.06 Added: Configuration - Button bar: Place cursor on last item of the ba r 30.07.06 Added: Adding an EXE without an icon to the button bar now uses icon N r. 3 (blank window) instead of Nr. 2 (DOS window), both for Drag&Drop and for ad ding via >> button 30.07.06 Added: Button bar: Changed order in which tooltips are chosen: 1. User -defined tooltip, 2. Command description from wcmd_lng.inc (English: from totalc md.inc), 3. Same command from main menu, 4. cm_xyz without the prefix cm_ 30.07.06 Added: Show user commands em_xyz from usercmd.ini and wcmd_lng.ini in internal command selection dialog (button bar, start menu, hotkey configuration) 25.07.06 Fixed: Moved all calls to enable auto-complete from OnShow to OnCreate handler to avoid infinite loop crash on Windows 98 (original) 23.07.06 Added: Read em_xyz commands from wcmd_lng.ini (where wcmd_lng is the b ase name of the selected mnu file) if not found in usercmd.ini, allows custom mn u files with user-defined commands 23.07.06 Added: em_xyz commands can be used in the button bar, main menu, start menu, directory menu and for hotkeys 23.07.06 Added: Support for user-defined commands em_xyz: usercmd.ini in same d irectory as wincmd.ini, with entries like this: [em_notepad] cmd=notepad.exe par am=%P%N path=c:\windows iconic=0 (same as in .bar file, but not numbered) 23.07.06 Added: Pack-dialog: Don't revert to ZIP when checking encrypted option for RAR, ARJ and ACE archives 23.07.06 Added: When resizing the multi-rename tool, also resize the name and e xtension boxes, not only search+replace 18.07.06 Fixed: When using custom icon size like 24x24, the displayed icon back ground could reach into the next line 18.07.06 Fixed: Saved searches: Removed limit of 8 kBytes for all headers also in copy dialog and select/unselect files (note: these dialogs require the *_Sear chFlags entry to be present to work) 18.07.06 Fixed: Folder shortcut showed arrow icon instead of folder icon. Show default folder icon instead. 18.07.06 Added: Ctrl+Left/Right arrow now stops at the following characters ins tead of just the backslash: \/ .14.07.06 Fixed: Change attributes, custom fields: Wrong field width if adding s o many buttons that the vertical scrollbar appears 14.07.06 Fixed: Logging of file creation with Shift+F4: didn't log full path, l ogged dot at end if no extension used

14.07.06 Added: " in bold 12.07.06 Fixed: e folder doesn't 12.07.06 Fixed: nd enabled

Right mouse button drag: Show default Drag&Drop operation "Copy Show internal folder icon instead of the one from Windows if th have a special icon was only working for small 16x16 icons Command-line history still not working correctly when auto-appe

11.07.06 Release Total Commander 7.0a7 (alpha test version 7) 11.07.06 Added: Installer: Recognize also other active languages than English, German and French, also custom language files if _xyz.lng is used in the name 11.07.06 Added: 48x48-size main icon 11.07.06 Added: New synchronize history icon added in hicolor and truecolor mod es 11.07.06 Added: New browse command icon in change button bar, start menu and ho tkey dialogs 11.07.06 Fixed: Button bar two pixels too high when using small icons and XP st yle off 11.07.06 Added: Control how the Tab key works in the command line when auto-com plete is enabled: [configuration] AutoCompleteTab= 0: Tab switches to active fi le list; 1: Choose next file from auto-complete, as '0' if nothing to complete; 2: Choose next file from auto-complete, ignore tab if nothing to complete 11.07.06 Fixed: Main menu: Radio item numbers must be in ascending order, other wise the radio item checkmark will not show up! 05.07.06 Added: Ctrl+Left/Right arrow now jumps to next/previous backslash in m ost path input dialogs, e.g. in copy/pack/unpack/unpack all/encode/decode/search In dialogs and the command line 04.07.06 Added: XP: Draw groupbox controls with correct visual style 02.07.06 Added: Explicitly unload all lister windows when closing TC, so plugin s can save files if necessary 02.07.06 Added: Force-unload all lister plugins on close, to make sure TC doesn 't remain in memory 30.06.06 Fixed: Turn off autocomplete and autoappend in command line while drop down list is open 29.06.06 Added: Internal command CD (change directory) in button bar or start m enu now also accepts plugin filters, e.g. cd c:\dir\>largefiles or cd >largefile s (where 'largefiles' is a stored search) 29.06.06 Added: New internal command LOADSEARCH <saved search parameters> opens the search dialog box with the specified search parameters 29.06.06 Fixed: Ignore list not working on Windows 9x if absolute or relative p ath given 29.06.06 Added: Multi-rename tool: Ctrl+F3..F6 allow to sort the names exactly as in the main window. 29.06.06 Added: Log creation of files with Shift+F4 (only if the file is create d, or the creation fails) 29.06.06 Added: Changed title for SFX packing to "Create self extracting archiv e" because it now also applies to RAR and some plugins 21.06.06 Added: Support right mouse button Drag&Drop even in right button selec tion mode, by holding down SHIFT when starting the drag 21.06.06 Added: Support Explorer Drag&Drop handlers when dragging files with th e right mouse button to a TC panel 18.06.06 Added: Normal and big file copy functions: When there is a read error in the middle of a file, allow to retry last block, or skip all (separate from f ile open error - skip all!) 18.06.06 Added: Button bar: cd c:\path\filename.lnk switches to directory refer enced by the lnk file if the lnk file points to a directory or virtual folder 16.06.06 Fixed: When Quick View (Ctrl+Q) is active and has the focus, going thr ough items with n/p sometimes lost the focus 16.06.06 Fixed: When Quick View (Ctrl+Q) is active and has the focus, switching to another mode with '1'..'7' sometimes lost the focus 16.06.06 Added: When inplace-renaming (Shift+F6) and a directory with the targe

t name already exists, ask the user whether he wants to move the file/dir to it 16.06.06 Fixed: Separate tree: When deleting the last directory of a subdir, it was removed from the tree, but the line from the dir above it remained (it shou ld end at the dir above it) 16.06.06 Fixed: Shift+F6 on file, target exists, choose compare in overwrite di alog, then overwrite -> progress dialog isn't closed (reason: progress dialog ha ndle was reused) 13.06.06 Fixed: Compare by content: Wrong text selected in edit mode if scrolle d to the right 13.06.06 Fixed: Compare by content: Find next difference in edit mode stopped s election of block when both sides contained no data. Stop it only when both side s are identical again! 13.06.06 Fixed: Wrong button description with alwayscopyinbackground=2 -> chang ed to "Foreground" 13.06.06 Added: Commands - Search: Saved searches: Removed limit of 8 kBytes fo r all headers 13.06.06 Added: Files - Associate: If logged in as a restricted user, write cha nges to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes, because this key is mapped into HKEY _CLASSES_ROOT automatically! Allows restricted users to change associations for themselves only. 13.06.06 Added: Use WritePrivateProfileSection instead of own write function to write entire sections to ini file (function just discovered!) 12.06.06 Fixed: TC didn't start if logging enabled and last log line was longer than 259 characters 09.06.06 Added: Changed name of "Append" button to "Add" in configuration - but ton bar 07.06.06 Added: Support environment variables in list name for "FTP download fr om list" 07.06.06 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] AppendLnk=1 -> TC creates lnk file n ames in the form file.ext.lnk instead of file.lnk (Ctrl+Shift+F5) 07.06.06 Fixed: [Configuration] StartupScreen=0 was not read from redirected in i file 04.06.06 Fixed: Copy of CHM to TEMP not working if CHM in subdir of network dri ve 04.06.06 Fixed: Abort hanging upload after user-specified timeout time, but don 't try to auto-resume, because some ftp servers rename the uploaded file during upload 04.06.06 Fixed: Configuration - Icons: Also draw surrounding of icon with userconfigured background color 01.06.06 Fixed: Not working on XP: When displaying folders with read only, hidd en or system attribute, show internal folder icon instead of the one from Window s if the folder doesn't have a special icon 01.06.06 Added: TEMP panel plugin: Ctrl+Left/Right arrow on a file opens the tr ue directory of that file in the other panel, and places the cursor on it 01.06.06 Fixed: INI file entry to set external compare tool didn't support envi ronment variables like %commander_path% 01.06.06 Fixed: When creating an archive, a fake error was logged for some arch ive types (e.g. RAR, packer plugins) 01.06.06 Fixed: Alt+Enter wasn't showing the raw FTP directory listing any more when turning off caching of ftp listings 01.06.06 Added: Show hourglass cursor during search in Lister 31.05.06 Release Total Commander 7.0a6 (alpha test version 6) 30.05.06 Added: Use Tab/Shift+Tab to jump through auto-complete entries in the command line, Ctrl+Space to keep an entry (in addition to cursor up/down and rig ht) 30.05.06 Fixed: Creating shortcuts with Ctrl+Shift+F5 failed if AlwaysCopyInBac kground=2 was set (TC7 only) 30.05.06 Added: Support File system plugins as command line parameters, e.g. to talcmd.exe "\\\Serial port" to open TC directly with the listed plugin

30.05.06 Added: New internal command cm_IntCompareFilesByContent to call the in ternal compare tool even when an external tool is defined 26.05.06 Added: When inplace-renaming a file, and a background transfer ends, T C no longer aborts inplace renaming, but refreshes the dir lists only AFTER the renaming ends 26.05.06 Added: Two new internal commands cm_LeftQuickInternalOnly and cm_Right QuickInternalOnly (quick view without plugins) 23.05.06 Fixed: Button bar: Moving a crosshair cursor over the button bar could leave multiple button highlight frames 23.05.06 Added: Compare by content: New experimental feature to skip the first x characters in a file (e.g. the date/time in a log file): wincmd.ini [Configura tion] CompareSkipFirstL=x1 CompareSkipFirstR=x2 (left/right separately) 21.05.06 Added: Log file deletion: User can choose to keep e.g. only the 30 las t log files 21.05.06 Added: Log file rotation: Allows to start a new log file either every day after midnight, or when the file reaches a certain predefined size 21.05.06 Added: Ctrl+C in new internal command choose dialog copies command nam e to clipboard, except when cursor is in filter edit box. 21.05.06 Added: Multi-rename tool: Allow user to remove files from rename list with DEL, e.g. when a file was selected by mistake before opening the multi-rena me tool 21.05.06 Added: Support for environment variables in autocomplete, e.g. when us er types %windir%\ 21.05.06 Fixed: Configuration - Misc - Redefine hotkeys: Don't show commands wi th parameters like APPENDTABS, they cannot be used in that function 19.05.06 Added: When displaying folders with read only, hidden or system attrib ute, show internal folder icon instead of the one from Windows if the folder doe sn't have a special icon 19.05.06 Fixed: Directory creation history didn't work in ftp 19.05.06 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Icons: Show icon with correct backgro und color (default window background), and scaled exactly as in the file list 19.05.06 Fixed: No file filter (*.wlx, *.wdx, *.wfx) when adding plugin manuall y 19.05.06 Fixed: Pressing "End" key in lister with a file consisting of only one line went to the second-last character only 19.05.06 Added: Unpack directly from an archive to a file system plugin (by unp acking the files to TEMP first, uploading them, then deleting them) 19.05.06 Added: Pack directly from file system plugin (by downloading the files to TEMP first, packing them, then deleting them) 19.05.06 Added: Compare by content now also works with temp panel plugin (file isn't downloaded, just compared in place) 19.05.06 Fixed: New lister icon was only available in 16x16, not 32x32 (e.g. fo r Alt+Tab) 19.05.06 Fixed: Apply button not enabled for new auto-complete options 19.05.06 Fixed: New correct message shown when creating multi-volume zip files (size required in kBytes) 17.05.06 Release Total Commander 7.0a5 (alpha test version 5) 17.05.06 Added: ini section [Configuration] can now also be redirected via Redi rectSection= option. The options AlternateUserIni= and UseIniInProgramDir= will always be read from the non-redirected file, though 17.05.06 Added: Ctrl+N with HTTP URL: When local file already exists, allow to rename downloaded file in addition to overwrite, resume and abort 17.05.06 Fixed: With some installations, TC crashed when copying ended while TC wasn't in the foreground (XP only) 17.05.06 Fixed: Do not show wait dialog for files which are created temporarily with parameters like %L (button bar, start menu) 16.05.06 Fixed: Crash when setting attributes via content plugins which had a d etect string 16.05.06 Fixed: Setting comment via Change Attributes sometimes saved it in fil

es.bbs even when descript.ion was configured. Now this is only done if a file fi les.bbs already exists in that dir (but no descript.ion) 16.05.06 Fixed: XP, drive button bar set to size 11 and small icons=16 gave unw anted black lines when going with cursor over the icons 16.05.06 Added: Also draw separators between bottom buttons on XP when using th e flat user interface 16.05.06 Fixed: History and Hotlist buttons were 1 pixel too high on XP when us ing the classic theme 16.05.06 Fixed: XP: Ctrl+Up on 0 byte file gave error sound, but didn't open ne w tab (Reason: ResolveLink returned true!} 16.05.06 Fixed: Multi-rename tool had wrong icon when using external icon libra ry 16.05.06 Added: Direct writing of entire sections to ini file: Support for Unic ode ini file 16.05.06 Added: New internal command cm_VisXPThemeBackground to show/hide XP th eme background 14.05.06 Fixed: Multi-volume ZIP packing no longer worked 14.05.06 Added: F7 "New Folder" now has its own history of last created folders 14.05.06 Fixed: Selection with Num"+": Not working correctly in branch view or search results when using content plugins (wrong path passed to plugin) 14.05.06 Added: Configuration - Button bar: When choosing a different icon libr ary which has an .inc file with the same name, look for an icon for the currentl y chosen command 14.05.06 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] EditWaitTime=2 Time in seconds to w ait after opening a file in zip to be sure that it was really opened. 0=off, -1= also off when Windows returns no handle for started program 14.05.06 Added: When opening a file inside a ZIP or from ftp with F4, Alt+F3 or ENTER, and the file is closed within 2 seconds, assume that it was loaded into a multiple document editor, and ask the user whether he wants to close the file or not 14.05.06 Fixed: Set configured dialog font to wait dialog which appears on ENTE R in a ZIP file with multiple document editors 12.05.06 Added: Create multi-volume ZIP archives on harddisk, named .z01, .z02. .. .zip as used by other Zip packers 12.05.06 Fixed: Sorting header (tabstop header) too wide on XP when using folde r tabs 12.05.06 Fixed: Ctrl+Tab could not reach the first (left-most) tab immediately after starting TC 12.05.06 Fixed: TC freezing when viewing multiple files together in zip (with F 3) 12.05.06 Added: Renamed command cm_SrcQuickNoPlugins to cm_SrcQuickInternalOnly 12.05.06 Fixed: Various problems when switching from/to Windows classic theme 12.05.06 Fixed: When XP background was on while using classic theme, no backgro und was drawn for drive info (free space) in drive buttonbar 12.05.06 Added: Synchronize dirs: Offer to reconnect also when viewing, compari ng or deleting files on FTP when connection was dropped by server 12.05.06 Fixed: Opening zip in zip no longer worked in RIGHT panel 12.05.06 Added: Multi-rename tool: Let user choose editor to edit names (defaul t: notepad.exe) 12.05.06 Fixed: Directory hotlist: More than 199 items only working in configur ation dialog not in add/remove current dir 12.05.06 Fixed: Internal English menu: Menu items to choose number of separate trees were no radio items, but used normal checkmarks 12.05.06 Fixed: Delay-loading of plugin icons in right separate tree not workin g, could even cause access violation if right file list shorter than right tree 10.05.06 Release Total Commander 7.0a4 (alpha test version 4) 10.05.06 Added: When opening a file from inside an archive or from an ftp conne ction/plugin, and no process handle was returned by Windows, TC now shows a wait dialog (which can be put in background)

10.05.06 Fixed: Folder name suggest on F7 not working with FTP 10.05.06 Fixed: Show error "directory already exists" on F7 if dir is already t here (local dirs only) 10.05.06 Fixed: Update tree view position when disconnecting from file system p lugin or ftp connection 10.05.06 Added: New internal command cm_ConfigSaveDirHistory to save the direct ory history in both panels to wincmd.ini 10.05.06 Added: Use SHGetFileInfo for drive hints (CD-ROM and removable disks o nly) to show drive info as in Explorer 09.05.06 Fixed: With one theme, the button bar separator was not shown (due to an error in the theme, it requires 1 pixel more than reported) 09.05.06 Added: Allow to show XP theme background in button bar even when using old style button borders (the theme background is controlled via Configuration - Layout) 09.05.06 Fixed: Drive bar still drawn incorrectly in some cases (XP theme) 09.05.06 Added: After deleting a directory, check whether it really has been de leted (via FindFirstFile), because some NAS devices return success although the dir wasn't really deleted! 09.05.06 Fixed: When deleting of folder junction fails, do not offer to delete all files in it, but allow user to skip it, skip all, or retry 07.05.06 Added: Support for creating ZIP files >4GB, individual unpacked files can be larger than 4GB too 07.05.06 Test : Button bar cache working OK with 2 color (black+white) icons 07.05.06 Added: Better scaling of icons between 16x16 and 32x32 (e.g. to 24x24) : scale down 32x32 icons in mode "halftone" 07.05.06 Fixed: Do not translate configuration dialog when changing language an d clicking on OK, just when clicking on Apply (since the dialog is closed anyway ) 07.05.06 Fixed: Ctrl+Left/Right arrow not working when cursor on a file in a zi p subdir 07.05.06 Modif: Never sort directories by extension - when sorting by extension and dirs are sorted like names, sort dirs by name 07.05.06 Fixed: Endless loop in overwrite dialog with very long paths 07.05.06 Fixed: Moved history and hotlist buttons 2 pixels to the left when dir ectory tabs active, to avoid overlap with tab border 07.05.06 Fixed: Cursor down didn't open command selection dialog in Configurati on - Misc (Hotkeys) 07.05.06 Fixed: Could not reconnect to ftp or ftps via directory history when u sing a firewall, and after closing+reopening Totalcmd 07.05.06 Fixed: Compare by contents: color section did not accept hex values 07.05.06 Added: During Ctrl+Tab, show tip window for new tab 07.05.06 Added: Ctrl+Tab to switch dir tabs: Don't switch the tab while holding down Ctrl: Only switch when releasing Ctrl! This way, unwanted tabs can be skip ped, e.g. because they point to slow network drives. 03.05.06 Added: Support for creating ZIP files >2GB up to 4GB, individual unpac ked files can be larger than 4GB 03.05.06 Fixed: When using a custom filter (Show - Custom) using a content plug in, no files were shown on ftp or in archives, because no plugins are supported there. Now TC just ignores the filter in this case, and shows all files. 03.05.06 Added: Optimized writing to ini files: All sections which contain list s of items (dir history, hotlist, command line history, tabs) are now written in one step (not using the standard WritePrivateProfileString, but directly with W riteFile). This was necessary because some virus scanners slowed down writing to inis a lot. 02.05.06 Added: FTP toolbar: New icon to show connection type: FTP, verified en crypted and unverified encrypted (SSL) 02.05.06 Fixed: FTP toolbar not themed 02.05.06 Fixed: Updir and Root dir not themed in drive bar when drive dropdown list not shown 30.04.06 Added: Change Attributes: Last modified date can now also be set via i

nternal "tc" plugin - removed buttons from "From plugins" in the above date sect ion 30.04.06 Added: Change Attributes: Button to load attributes from file under cu rsor 30.04.06 Added: Changed behaviour when Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click on main sort o rder column while there are additional sort orders: Ctrl: Reverse main sort orde r, Shift: First additional sort order becomes main sort order 30.04.06 Added: Alt+F10 tree: Use Ctrl+Cursor up/down to jump to previous/next match of search string 30.04.06 Added: Delayed load of plugin name icons (in Network Neighborhood) 30.04.06 Fixed: Switch from tree with all drives to full view no longer worked 30.04.06 Fixed: Quick view button state not changed on Ctrl+Q, only when using the menu or button itself 30.04.06 Fixed: cm_LeftQuickView and cm_RightQuickView are now also radio items , while cm_SrcQuickView cannot be a radio item (it can be down at the same time as cm_LeftLong, because it reflects the options of the target panel) 30.04.06 Fixed: Directory hotlist: New command selection button was in wrong lo cation 30.04.06 Added: The internal English menu now also uses radio items for sorting , view mode, and file filters 30.04.06 Fixed: Renamed internal commands cm_ExchangeBoth etc. to cm_ExchangeSe lBoth etc. 30.04.06 Added: Configuration - button bar: the "small icon" size may be up to 5 pixels larger than the size of the inner button (which is 5 pixels larger than the number given by the user) 28.04.06 Added: Also list internal commands with parameters in new command sele ction dialog 28.04.06 Fixed: When using tree with all drives, do NOT select any drive in the drive button bar, and don't show any in the drive dropdown list 28.04.06 Note : Due to a bug in Windows 9x/ME, [Shift]+[Num+] does the same as [Num+] when numlock is on. Both GetKeyState and GetAsyncKeyState return the wron g value. Even a WM_KEYUP,VK_SHIFT is sent, although shift is NOT released... 28.04.06 Fixed: Color settings initial color when clicking on >> was not correc t for background color 2 if background color 1 was changed just before 28.04.06 Added: ENTER on .tab file calls APPENDTABS with this tab file, SHIFT+E NTER calls OPENTABS (only if .tab isn't associated with some other program) 28.04.06 Fixed: Some dialog box elements overlap using the new XP theme 28.04.06 Added: New internal commands cm_IconConfig, cm_RefreshConfig, cm_Quick SearchConfig 28.04.06 Fixed: cm_IgnoreConfig didn't open the right dialog page 28.04.06 Fixed: Logging - Operation status was incorrectly translated 28.04.06 Fixed: XP visual style background option not translated, although stri ng present 28.04.06 Fixed: Some hotkey inconsistencies 28.04.06 Fixed: Corrected description of "Show icons for special folders" optio n: Option 1 is for files/dirs in the file system like the recycle bin, Option 2 for virtual folders like the desktop 28.04.06 Fixed: Configuration - Operation - Always go to the root of a drive wh en changing drives and other new options gave warning about system tray by mista ke 28.04.06 Fixed: Ctrl+Enter no longer worked when the cursor was within the comm and line (due to auto-complete) 28.04.06 Fixed: Background transfer manager: Adding files via "+" button for up load to ftps secure server did not work 28.04.06 Fixed: Don't mirror the new command choose dialog when using right to left fonts 26.04.06 Release Total Commander 7.0a3 (alpha test version 3) 26.04.06 Added: Updated Help file with many of the new function descriptions 26.04.06 Added: Configuration of Start menu and directory hotlist now also uses

the new internal command selection dialog 26.04.06 Added: Combobox in button bar change dialogs changed to Edit box. Curs or down now opens the internal command selection box. 26.04.06 Added: Made the main config dialog a bit wider (16 pixels) to give mor e space for translations 26.04.06 Added: By default, Total Commander now selects also directories by def ault with "+" or Ctrl+"+" 26.04.06 Added: New sections "Icons", "Refresh" and "Quick search" in main conf ig dialog. Also modified the pages "Display" and "Operation". Help not yet updat ed. 25.04.06 Fixed: Button bar: TC was putting wrong double quotes around some para meters, e.g. %T%M %N -> "" around entire parameters 25.04.06 Fixed: Multi-Rename-Tool, >> button: New option "Edit names in &notepa d...". This is necessary because some users may have configured an unusable edit or. For example, ChoiceEdit opens the listed files instead of the list file itse lf... 23.04.06 Added: The Ctrl+D menu now supports up to 998 items (if the limit of 6 4k per ini file section isn't reached before) 23.04.06 Fixed: Viewing files with F3 in search result from file system plugins returned focus to the main TC window by mistake 23.04.06 Added: Button bar: When a button doesn't have a tooltip defined, first use the command from the main menu, then the translated description, and finall y (for english) the command name without the cm_ prefix 23.04.06 Fixed: New internal command select dialog: Show section headers for al l sections with at least one item, hide for empty categories (e.g. when using a filter) 23.04.06 Fixed: The tree root didn't have a name (just a dot) 23.04.06 Added: Lister: F11 toggles full screen mode 23.04.06 Added: Logging: All commands and errors can now be translated 23.04.06 Added: Logging: Show all errors in clear text 21.04.06 Added: FTPS: Allow to verify certificate sent by server by putting a f ile named rootcert.pem in TC directory (must contain base64-encoded certificates ) 21.04.06 Fixed: Lister: Pressing home or PageDown (with enabled cursor) sometim es placed the cursor on the second-last line when the file didn't end with a lin e break 20.04.06 Fixed: ZIP folders could appear on the desktop in tree view (XP only) 20.04.06 Added: Let user turn off themed background via Configuration - Layout 20.04.06 Added: Draw one contiguous themed background across the main menu, but ton bar, and drive bars (if they are enabled) 19.04.06 Fixed: Ctrl+"+" in dir with no files but only folders turned off refre sh of panel 19.04.06 Fixed: Separate tree line height not updated when changing icon size o r font size 19.04.06 Fixed: Button bar, main menu: Don't show checkmark for "Reverse sort o rder" when "Unsorted" is checked 18.04.06 Fixed: Lister: Add file to be re-uploaded to normal delete list, so wh en TC was busy, the file will be re-uploaded only when TC has finished its curre nt operation 18.04.06 Fixed: Alt+Arrows in separate tree made cursor vanish -> put on normal file panel 18.04.06 Added: If "Select only files" is checked, "*" reverses the selection o f just files, while Shift+"*" reverses it for both files+folders 18.04.06 Added: 3 new internal commands: cm_ExchangeFiles, cm_ExchangeFolders, cm_ExchangeBoth : Inverts selection for files, folders, or both 18.04.06 Added: Shift+'-' unselects just specific files 18.04.06 Added: Ctrl+Shift+'-' unselects just all files 18.04.06 Fixed: Separate tree dividers didn't have the same width when folder t abs were turned off 18.04.06 Fixed: Pressing Ctrl+Arrow didn't update separate tree

18.04.06 Fixed: Press Ctrl+Arrow while in separate tree puts cursor back in nor mal list 18.04.06 Fixed: When showing two trees in normal windows, multiple folders coul d be selected as current folder by mistake 18.04.06 Fixed: Ensure that the separate tree separator always remains accessib le 18.04.06 Added: New internal commands cm_ClearAllCfg and cm_ClearSelCfg: Unsele ct directories only if configured to select/unselect dirs in configuration - ope ration 17.04.06 Fixed: Center FTP connection dialog over TC window instead of within t he main window 17.04.06 Added: New internal command cm_SrcQuickNoPlugins opens quick view pane l, but doesn't use any lister plugins 17.04.06 Added: Button bar: Allow user to specify size of icons smaller than bu tton separately from button size (default: 16 pixel) 17.04.06 Fixed: Toggle Quickview and then change view mode resulted in an empty file panel 17.04.06 Fixed: cm_LeftQuickview and cm_RightQuickview now toggle quick view (t hey just activated it until now) 17.04.06 Added: Button states for the following internal commands: cm_srcquickv iew, cm_srcsorttab1..99, cm_trgsorttab1..99, cm_leftsorttab1..99, cm_rightsortta b1..99, cm_VerticalPanels, cm_GotoDriveA..Z, cm_FtpHiddenFiles, cm_FocusLeft, cm _FocusRight, cm_FocusCmdLine 17.04.06 Fixed: Button bar: Button state for branch view wasn't updated when sw itching to other drive while in branch view 17.04.06 Fixed: Button bar: Button state for sorting (e.g. by name, size) not u pdated when sorting via tabstop header 17.04.06 Fixed: Title of attributes dialog was no longer translated 17.04.06 Added: Increased possible number of internal commands (from totalcmd.i nc) to 1500 16.04.06 Fixed: Calling winhelp.exe directly makes help window modal -> use She llExecuteEx instead of WinExec 16.04.06 Fixed: Access violation or endless loop if last icon in buttonbar coul dn't be extracted 16.04.06 Added: New internal command cm_IgnoreConfig to open ignore list config uration 16.04.06 Fixed: Configuration - Color: Click on ">>" button didn't preset the c orrect color if the color was set to "default" 16.04.06 Fixed: Wrong background color was used in Configuration - Font for sam ple icon 14.04.06 Added: Scrollbars added to ignore list edit box 14.04.06 Added: Button bar, drive bar: Use "checked" state instead of "down" st ate for buttons which are always down, except when the "checked" state looks ide ntical to the "normal" state (some themes have this bug) 14.04.06 Fixed: Use single gradient theme across both drive button bars 13.04.06 Fixed: '?' parameter in button bar parameters: Dialog box wasn't worki ng properly (no ENTER, ESC or TAB). Reason: Problem in buttonbar (mouse capture) 13.04.06 Fixed: Autocomplete stopped working, Windows seems to dislike when ACO _AUTOSUGGEST, ACO_AUTOAPPEND and ACO_USETAB are set together 13.04.06 Fixed: Config dialog, Logging: Click on >> button enabled apply button even if the user didn't choose a different log file name 13.04.06 Added: New command choose dialog: Double click on command chooses it a nd closes the dialog 13.04.06 Fixed: New command choose dialog: Command chosen from this dialog wasn 't shown in button bar config dialog 13.04.06 Fixed: cm_ToggleSeparateTree1 now switches directly to 1 tree mode eve n if 2 trees are currently shown (same change also for cm_ToggleSeparateTree2) 13.04.06 Fixed: Wrong line spacing in separate tree when switching on BOTH sepa rate trees together while right panel shows thumbnails 13.04.06 Fixed: When turning off separate tree view while using brief view, the

"Attr" header could appear by mistake 13.04.06 Fixed: Various typos 13.04.06 Fixed: Configuration - button bar: 'XP Style' used wrong translation s tring 13.04.06 Fixed: Pressed state for active button left+right was wrong (button wa s only down when left/right window was active) 13.04.06 Fixed: No Drag&Drop possible while separate tree busy 12.04.06 Release Total Commander 7.0a2 (alpha test version 2) 12.04.06 Added: Support for environment variables in paths received via WM_COPY DATA from other programs 12.04.06 Added: Use XP theme for + and - icons in tree view 12.04.06 Added: Use XP theme for separator in button bar 11.04.06 Fixed: Make openssl support U3-compatible, look for the dlls in %U3_DE VICE_EXEC_PATH% 11.04.06 Fixed: Wrong icon in copy progress dialog when using an alternate icon library, the same also for background copying (untested, no icon on Win2000) 11.04.06 Added: New internal command select box added to button change dialogs, old selection method kept for comparison 11.04.06 Fixed: Missing icons on equal lines when small icon size in task bar i sn't the default of 16x16 11.04.06 Added: Packer plugin interface: New function supports files > 2GB 11.04.06 Added: F3 with editing plugin: Support re-uploading of modified file ( single file viewing only) 10.04.06 Added: Button bar: Show state of internal commands, like brief/full/tr ee view, branch view etc. as pressed buttons 09.04.06 Added: Create dir in packer plugins with F7 - uses normal PackFiles fu nction with dir created in TEMP 09.04.06 Fixed: Renaming dir in file list didn't update separate tree 09.04.06 Added: New option in FTP connection details dialog allows to turn off the cache for ftp connections (ftp dir is re-read on each directory change) 08.04.06 Fixed: For VISTA: Installer: CreateProcess just fails when called as n ormal user -> Use ShellExecuteEx 07.04.06 Added: New internal commands: cm_GotoPreviousLocalDir and cm_GotoNextL ocalDir: Go backwards/forwards in history, but skip ftp connections 07.04.06 Added: If "Select only files" is checked, "+" selects just files, whil e Shift+"+" selects both files+folders 07.04.06 Added: New internal commands: cm_SelectBoth, cm_SelectFiles, cm_Selec tFolders, cm_ClearFolders, cm_ClearFiles to select/unselect just files, just fol ders, or both 07.04.06 Added: If "Select only files" is checked, Ctrl+"+" selects all files, while Ctrl+Shift+"+" selects both files+folders 07.04.06 Added: New internal commands: cm_selectallboth, cm_selectallfolders, c m_selectallfiles, cm_clearallfolders, cm_clearallfiles to select/unselect all fo r just files, just folders, or both 05.04.06 Fixed: cm_SelectCurrentPath: Don't show error "No files found" when no additional files are selected 05.04.06 Fixed: For now, do not try to update the tree on Win9x/ME on network s hares when changing dirs in the file list, it doesn't work and hangs TC 05.04.06: Added: Allow user to turn on/off flush before closing files. wincmd.in i, FlushFile= (0: off, 1: when copying, 2: when unpacking) 05.04.06 Fixed: Tab order in search dialog (limit depth combobox) 04.04.06 Fixed: UTF8-HTML-file was shown with the first 3 characters cut off (T C was looking for the utf8 marker) 04.04.06 Fixed: Separate tree wasn't working on Windows 9x/ME, because function TryEnterCriticalSection is present, but doesn't work -> use a Mutex instead 04.04.06: Added: Synchronize dirs: Now allows to store also ftp connections. The connection must have been saved (Ctrl+F list) 04.04.06 Fixed: Drawing error when reducing name column to 0 width 04.04.06: Added: wincmd.ini AlwaysCopyInBackground=2 -> Always try to copy in ba

ckground transfer manager with F5-ENTER. F5-F2 will copy normally then (button i s changed) 04.04.06 Fixed: Pressing Ctrl+Arrow on 0 byte file in file system plugin tried to show this file like a directory in the other panel, instead of the directory itself 04.04.06 Fixed: Never show any custom colors per file type in separate trees 02.04.06: Added: XP: Support for themed background in drive bar (still experimen tal) 02.04.06: Added: XP: Support for themed background in button bar 02.04.06: Added: Completely changed way of storing the button bar icon cache: No w stored as list of hicons! 31.03.06 Fixed: Lister with cursor: Pressing "PageDown" repeatedly placed curso r on last character of the file. Now put on first character of last line instead . 31.03.06 Fixed: Lister with cursor: "Home" key not working when at file end whe n file doesn't end with line break 31.03.06 Added: New internal commands cm_SrcSortByColXY, cm_TrgSortByColXY, cm_ LeftSortByColXY and cm_RightSortByColXY with XY from 1-99 to sort by currently s hown column Nr. XY 31.03.06 Fixed: When selecting files with right mouse button, the file panel wa sn't activated if the cursor was in the separate tree panel 31.03.06 Fixed: Lister color settings didn't accept hex values in wincmd.ini 31.03.06 Added: Ignore list configuration page to main config dialog 30.03.06 Fixed: ftps: Transfers were logged as ftp:// instead of ftps:// 30.03.06 Fixed: ftps: Reconnect via history wasn't working 30.03.06 Fixed: ftps: Reconnect via tab switching wasn't working 30.03.06 Fixed: When closing ftps connection and user is asked to store connect ion, store server with ftps:// prefix 30.03.06 Fixed: cd ftps://server wasn't working in button bar 29.03.06 Fixed: Configuration - Font: Was using LoadIcon instead of LoadImage, causing distorted 16x16 icon 29.03.06 Added: New dialog for choosing internal commands (cm_xyz) in Configura tion - Misc - Redefine Shortcuts 29.03.06 Fixed: Don't convert icon file name to short DOS name when dropping EX E to button bar 29.03.06 Added: Content-plug-in API: Inform plugin about directory refresh 29.03.06 Added: New internal command cm_LogConfig to open log file page 28.03.06 Added: Double click on empty space beside the folder tab headers opens new tab 28.03.06 Fixed: Button bar wrapped to 2 lines when deleting a button 28.03.06 Fixed: External compare tool set via Comparetool= in wincmd.ini not lo ading the files if one of the file paths contained a space 28.03.06 Added: Compare by content, "Ignore frequent lines": TC will ignore lin es which appear very often in the document, e.g. empty lines, "begin"/"end" stat ements in programming languages etc. 28.03.06 Added: Set environment variable %COMMANDER_INI% to path+name of curren t default ini file 28.03.06 Added: Search - Feed in listbox: place cursor on file which was select ed in the search results box 28.03.06 Fixed: Progress doesn't work when called in CloseArchive (wcx's). Call ProcessDataProc with value between -1 and -100 to set first progress bar, -1000 and -1100 for second bar 28.03.06 Fixed: TC uses wrong location for wincmd.ini and/or wcx_ftp.ini if onl y one of them was set in the registry under HKCU or HKLM. Now TC looks first in HKCU, and if it's missing looks in HKLM. If it's missing there too, TC looks in Windows dir. 28.03.06 Fixed: WatchDirs was causing log events in file operation log file 28.03.06 Fixed: cm_UserMenuX didn't work in Ctrl+D directory hotlist 28.03.06 Added: Tooltip for [*] button in synchronize dirs 28.03.06 Fixed: Button bar draw error if it would extend over more than 2 lines

28.03.06 Fixed: Strange display when double clicking on desktop in separate tre e view while normal view also shows tree 28.03.06 Fixed: Strange display when choosing tree in both file panels 28.03.06 Fixed: Configuration - Operation: Click on - Save on exit: Directory h istory or Exact name match: Beginning/Ending didn't enable apply button 28.03.06 Fixed: Ctrl or Shift+Click on [..] / [\] button in drive bar instead o f line with drive list didn't open parent/root dir in new tab 28.03.06 Added: AlternateUserIni= and RedirectSection= are now re-read when Tot al Commander closes, to ensure that the settings are stored to the new ini files (this isn't done during normal TC operation, though) 28.03.06 Fixed: RedirectSection=0 lost in some sections like [LeftHistory] when storing the history 28.03.06 Added: RedirectSection= now also supports environment strings 26.03.06 Fixed: Scroll wheel no longer working in compare by contents 26.03.06 Added: Increased number of characters in hint custom fields (Configura tion - Display - "+") from 259 to 1023 characters 26.03.06 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: After loading new names from file, the renam e options are disabled - re-enable them when clicking on reload results button 26.03.06 Fixed: Show separate tree during quick view would partially hide quick view 26.03.06 Fixed: Tabstops wrong when switching one separate tree on in vertical panel mode 26.03.06 Fixed: Name column was ignored as additional sort order (Ctrl+Click on sorting header) 26.03.06 Fixed: Ctrl+'+', Ctrl+'-', Alt+'+' and Alt+'-' all do the same as thes e hotkeys without modifiers when in separate tree 26.03.06 Fixed: AutoTreeChange=1 now also works in separate tree (except for vi rtual folders and drive roots) 26.03.06 Fixed: Separate tree: Cursor left (collapse tree) jumps to parent dir if current dir wasn't expanded, as in normal tree view 24.03.06 Fixed: When switching to separate tree when right pane was in thumbnai ls mode, the tree had the same line spacing as thumbnails mode 24.03.06 Fixed: Splitter width not updated in vertical view when toggling separ ate tree view on/off 24.03.06 Added: Autocomplete: Added auto-suggest (To do: make it configurable) 24.03.06 Added: cm_ToggleSeparateTree1 turns 1 separate tree view on/off, cm_To ggleSeparateTree2 the same for 2 tree views 24.03.06 Fixed: Access violation in Ctrl+Shift+F8 when separate tree had the fo cus 24.03.06 Fixed: Button bar was wrapped to second line one icon too late 24.03.06 Added: Allow user turn off XP-style button bar display 24.03.06 Fixed: Ctrl+Enter was no longer working (due to autocomplete) 24.03.06 Fixed: Color changes didn't directly affect separate tree view 23.03.06 Fixed: Cursor in lister: When scrolling through the document with hidd en cursor and then showing the cursor, move cursor to visible part (to the end i f it was lower, the beginning if above current position) 23.03.06 Added: Additional sort orders: Shift+Click now adds/removes additional sort order, while Ctrl+click continues to switch additional sort order directio n 23.03.06 Fixed: Configuration-Options-Log file: Apply button wasn't enabled wit h checkboxes, >> button didn't work 23.03.06 Fixed: Line to split left and right panels was shown below the separat e tree panels when resizing the windows 23.03.06 Added: Alternating background colors: In brief view, count odd/even li nes from top of listbox (separately for each column), not from beginning of list 23.03.06 Added: Alternating background colors: Turn off in thumbs view 22.03.06 Release Total Commander 7.0a1 (alpha test version 1) 22.03.06 Added: Ctrl or Shift+Click on [..] / [\] button opens parent/root dir in new tab

22.03.06 Fixed: Lister: Support bitmap where bitmap bits don't follow directly after the headers (bug in Delphi 2 vcl) 19.03.06 Added: Experimental support for ftps transfers (ftp via ssl/tls). Also requires presence of openssl in tc dir. Use by specifying ftps://ftp.server.nam e:portnr 17.03.06 Added: https downloads with Ctrl+N: Requires presence of openssl dlls in tc dir (ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll) 17.03.06 Added: Search function: Allow to limit search depth to current dir or a certain number of levels 15.03.06 Added: Exclude user-defined files/dirs: Turn function on/off via wincm d.ini [Configuration] IgnoreListFileEnabled=1/0 15.03.06 Added: Exclude user-defined files/dirs: Support wildcards in names, e. g. *.bak *.~* or even c:\subdir\*.bak *.~* 15.03.06 Added: Exclude user-defined files/dirs: Allow to exclude names in all dirs (filename.ext), in a certain directory (c:\path\filename.ext) or a subdir o n all drives (\path\filename.ext) 15.03.06 Added: Exclude user-defined files/dirs from displaying and all file op erations: wincmd.ini [Configuration] IgnoreListFile=c:\path\ignorelist.txt 10.03.06 Fixed: When uploads fail, show "Error uploading file!" instead of "Err or downloading file!" 10.03.06 Added: WatchDirs optimizations: Move name1->temp2, move temp1->name1 > replace with Create temp2, Delete temp1, Change name1 (Typical sequence when s aving a file in Word, keeps cursor on file) 08.03.06 Added: Help file modifications 07.03.06 Added: Log file system plugins (if option checked) 07.03.06 Fixed: When re-packing files from an archive without an extension, the suggested file name was archive..zip instead of archive.zip 07.03.06 Added: Protect log file function with global mutex 03.03.06 Added: Multi-rename tool: wincmd.ini [Configuration] MrtReplacePluginC hars=0 turns off auto-replacement of invalid characters from plugin (e.g. ':' -> '.') -> user has to take care of it himself 03.03.06 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Fixed sort order in list of saved options 01.03.06 Added: FTP: Doubled size of buffer for text types for automatic mode ( 260->520 characters) 01.03.06 Fixed: Detect when a drive is SUBSTed, and avoid to overwrite a file w ith itself when copying from/to this substed drive 28.02.06 Added: wincmd.ini: In each section except for [Configuration], an entr y RedirectSection= will instruct tc to redirect(or not) this section to other in i: Values: 0=no redirect, 1=redirect to AlternateUserIni=, <ininame> redirect to that specific ini 28.02.06 Added: When using AlternateUserIni= option, don't redirect the followi ng sections by default: Layout, Packer, Confirmation, Extensions, Shortcuts, Pac kerPlugins, FileSystemPlugins, ListerPlugins, ContentPlugins 28.02.06 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] AlternateUserIni=<somename> will red irect storing of user-changeable sections to an alternate name, except for secti on [Configuration]. Useful for companies where wincmd.ini is write-protected 26.02.06 Added: Option to change quick search matching mode: Exact match for st art and ending of file name. If unchecked, TC prepends/appends * to typed name. 26.02.06 Added: Option to save directory history. Virtual folders can only be s aved if there exists a unique string in the form ::{number} to represent them 26.02.06 Added: Background transfer manager: If the "Options" button was NOT us ed in F5 - F2, use copy flags as set in configuration-misc (e.g. don't ask when overwriting hidden files). Otherwise use options from "Options" button. 26.02.06 Added: 32-bit version of zip self-extracting module sfxhead.sfx, becau se Windows Vista no longer supports 16-bit programs 24.02.06 Added: Internal unzip, ungzip, unarj, unlzh: Call FlushFileBuffers bef ore setting time stamp, should ensure that the timestamp doesn't change to curre nt on exotic file systems (untested) 24.02.06 Added: Button bar/Start menu command: SYNCOPEN saved_sync_name opens Synchronize dialog with the saved dirs/options from saved_sync_name

24.02.06 Fixed: Sync: Don't allow to save ftp sync (it cannot be saved because an open ftp connection is needed) 22.02.06 Added: Multi-rename tool: New button >> to open context menu: Allows t o load names from file, and to edit names in the default editor 22.02.06 Added: %COMMANDER_DRIVE% points to drive (e.g. C: without trailing bac kslash) from which Total Commander was started. For UNC paths, this contains \\S erver\Share 22.02.06 Fixed: When moving panel separator with Shift+Drag to left border when maximized, drag it one pixel less to the left, otherwise it can no longer be mo ved 22.02.06 Added: Normal copy function: Call FlushFileBuffers before setting time stamp, should ensure that the timestamp doesn't change to current on exotic fil e systems (untested) 21.02.06 Added: New file list icons. Can use old icons via external icon librar y 21.02.06 Added: New drive icons designed by user StickyNomad. Can use old drive icons with OldDriveIcons=1 in wincmd.ini, section [Configuration] 21.02.06 Fixed: WatchDirs (any mode): Always try to keep cursor on current file (by searching for the file name and placing cursor on it!) 21.02.06 Fixed: Compare by content: Paste a few lines with Ctrl+V just in front of the LAST line -> the last line was lost 13.02.06 Added: Blocked various keys found in filesharing 13.02.06 Added: When adding packer plugins, limit length of extension to 15 (th e maximum working with TC <=6.5x) 13.02.06 Added: Alt+F10 Tree: Support for wildcards * and ? just like in normal quick search 13.02.06 Added: SFV/MD5 check: Changed max. number of lines in listbox to 65'00 0 (NT/2000/XP only), speedup of Ctrl+C copy to clipboard 10.02.06 Added: Synchronize dirs: Save directories and settings (optional) to w incmd.ini 10.02.06 Added: Synchronize dirs: Load settings from wincmd.ini via a history b utton 08.02.06 Fixed: Drag&Drop and tree view: restore open icon of current dir when drag operation finishes 07.02.06 Added: Support ACE archives > 2GB 07.02.06 Fixed: When showing drive name in tab title, show # symbol for unconne cted ftp connections 07.02.06 Fixed: Multi-rename tool, undo function: Do not store absolute path to target file if source and target are in the same directory (to save memory for huge rename operations) 07.02.06 Fixed: When using cm_switchlongnames while using the quick view panel, the cursor goes to the right file, but quick view shows [..] 07.02.06 Added: Include/Exclude certain directories in the current file list us ing the "Show" - "Custom" filter, e.g. *.* | *\ hides all dirs (for a file win dow used with tree view). Not working with "Define" button. 07.02.06 Added: F5 copy: When checking option to copy NTFS attributes, also cop y auditing info if we can access it 05.02.06 Added: Quick search with search dialog: Continue to show inverse curso r if it was configured by the user 05.02.06 Fixed: Access violation when clicking on sorting header in sync dialog before starting any comparison (error was introduced in v7 beta) 05.02.06 Added: Increased maximum command line length to 2k on Win2000 and 8k o n WinXP (max. supported by these operating systems) 05.02.06 Added: Sync: Remember option "by content" even when comparing with ftp where "by content" is disabled 05.02.06 Added: Suggest dir name under cursor as default name on F7 Mkdir, so t he user can edit the name. 09.12.05 Added: Unpack of ppmd-compressed aes-encrypted ZIP archives (via AES p lugin): also support multi-volume 07.12.05 Added: Unpacking of bzip2/ppmd-compressed multi-volume ZIP archives

06.12.05 Added: Unpacking of bzip2/ppmd-compressed encrypted ZIP archives via d ecryption hook 04.12.05 Added: Unpacking of ppmd-compressed ZIP archives, only one at a time ( to do: decryption hook, disk change hook) 04.12.05 Added: Unpacking of bzip2-compressed ZIP archives (fully multi-threade d) 02.12.05 Added: "Show fully expanded tree" is again working in normal (not sepa rate tree) panels, and will only show the tree for the current drive 30.11.05 Fixed: Improved FTP keep alive during transfer: Send fake command BLAB LA to server so it will reply with "500 command not understood", to keep proxy c onnection alive (must be enabled via wcx_ftp.ini) 29.11.05 Added: Show overlay icons also in separate tree view 29.11.05 Added: Search for text in temp panel now searches directly in the link ed file without downloading it to temp (same for F3 in search) 27.11.05 Fixed: Compare by content: Undo not working correctly at the end of a file if the two files had different line counts 27.11.05 Added: Support for UTF-8 encoding in lister's internal html viewer. It 's auto-detected via <META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset =UTF-8"> or <?xml version="1.0" encoding="..."?>, but can be turned off 25.11.05 Added: 3 new overwrite options: "Overwrite all older and of the same a ge", "Copy all larger files (overwrite smaller)", "Copy all smaller files (overw rite larger)" 23.11.05 Added: Change attributes dialog now allows to set time with odd (non-e ven) seconds value, although TC cannot display them 22.11.05 Added: Auto switch to fs-plugin custom column view: Set reasonable sor t order 22.11.05 Added: Auto switch to fs-plugin custom column view: let user turn it o ff via dialog box 20.11.05 Added: Change attributes: Also set attributes in content plugins 20.11.05 Added: Main config dialog: List custom columns for fs plugin instead o f main when fs plugin shown 20.11.05 Added: Right click on column headers in fs plugins -> offer fs plugin custom views 20.11.05 Added: Extend [+] in configuration dialog to handle fs plugins plus th e tc.internal values for size, date, time etc. 20.11.05 Added: Custom columns interface for file system plugins: Ask plugin fo r default custom columns view 16.11.05 Added: Custom columns interface for file system plugins. Currently it works only for displaying in file lists and multi-rename tool (for renaming in p lugins) 15.11.05 Added: Temp panel plugin: Upload files directly to FTP! Note that temp panel plugins must be thread-safe! 15.11.05 Added: Temp panel plugin: Upload files directly to other plugin withou t going through TEMP directory 15.11.05 Added: Custom columns view, thumbnail view: Show custom columns also i n temp panel plugin 11.11.05 Added: Content plugins: Allow to substitute a field by an internal fie ld if the field is unavailable, e.g. for FTP views, use internal size field 11.11.05 Added: Custom columns view, thumbnail view: In the tc.attributes field , now also show FTP permissions and extended attributes like compressed 09.11.05 Added: Files - Change attributes: Content plugins can now be used as a source too! Example: Set file creation date from exif data (date when photo was taken) 08.11.05 Added: Files - Change attributes: Support for new content plugin funct ion to modify content! 08.11.05 Added: FTP: new option: if no data received for x seconds (default: 30 seconds), TC will now abort the transfer and auto-resume 08.11.05 Added: Tabs: Option to always show the current drive letter in the tab 06.11.05 Added: Two new FS-Plugin functions to support links to files (virtual file panel)

06.11.05 Fixed: Separate tree views used the main window font instead of the se parate file list font 06.11.05 Added: wincmd.ini [configuration] NewStyleProgress=1: use Win32-style progress bars in normal progress dialog (% value is shown to the right of the ba r). Default=1 on >=WinXP, 0 otherwise 06.11.05 Fixed: Several problems with separate tree view 02.11.05 Added: XP: Buttons in the main program can now be switched between fla t view and normal view, also the toolbar+drive bar 02.11.05 Added: Redesign of how the buttonbar works: Each icon is now drawn sep arately, to support the XP-style toolbar theme 01.11.05 Added: Ctrl+Enter now works also in separate tree view 01.11.05 Fixed: Still sorting problems in nethood in tree view 01.11.05 Fixed: ESC inserted a character in compare contents edit mode 30.10.05 Fixed: Creating text file with Shift+F4 could create it in a wrong fol der (root) when using separate tree view 30.10.05 Added: Background transfer manager: Allow to re-sort items by Drag&Dro p while pausing (except when using a download list file). The first item can onl y be moved if its transfer hasn't yet started 26.10.05 Fixed: Ctrl+F (Find text) in compare tool while in edit mode inserted a character 21.10.05 Fixed: Still duplicate items in tree when a server appeared AFTER show ing the list of servers in the tree 19.10.05 Added: Two new lister options: "Fit only larger images to window" and "Center images" 19.10.05 Added: F4 Edit file in archive/on ftp: use alternate temp path "_tc_" if a temp file with this name already exists in "_tc", allows to edit 2 files of the same name simultaneously 19.10.05 Added: Compare by contents: User can now check/uncheck option "ignore repeated spaces" (enabled by default) to ignore differences like "a b" <-> "a b" 18.10.05 Added: New FTP option: Send keepalive also during a transfer. This wil l send just newline characters to the control connection to avoid that a firewal l/gateway drops the connection. Set via wcx_ftp.ini, [General], keepalivetransfe r=1, or individually per server (the latter not working in BTM) 16.10.05 Added: Combobox strings can be removed with Shift+Del now in: Command line, Search (for, in, text), Lister search, Multi-rename tool, FTP new connecti on, expand/reduce selection 16.10.05 Added: Find files: Browse button ">>" to browse for the start director y of the search 14.10.05 Added: Tree: not all icons shown for file system plugins 14.10.05 Added: Tree: Show dir in tree even if one of the parent directories ca nnot be reached due to NTFS permissions 14.10.05 Fixed: Tree: when expanding/collapsing tree near the bottom, TC jumps to other subdir (under cursor after collapsing) -> adjust mouse cursor position 14.10.05 Fixed: Tree: switch to network dir -> sometimes server appears multipl e times 12.10.05 Added: Show/hide dirs also in tree panel when creating/deleting dirs 12.10.05 Fixed: Showing of subdirs in separate tree (in the background) protect ed by critical section 11.10.05 Fixed: Disable single click start on file panel if cursor was in tree panel 11.10.05 Added: Update separate tree panel in background thread (tree window is disabled during this time) 08.10.05 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: sort error when dir name contained a dot (err or was introduced in 7.0 beta only) 05.10.05 Added: Drag&Drop to separate tree view 04.10.05 Fixed: Various problems with 3 window mode 02.10.05 Added: Two different tree view options: 1. Just one tree view for BOTH sides, but outside of the panels 2. One tree per panel, inside of the panels 30.09.05 Added: Synchronize dirs, right click menu: Delete on both sides <- use

ful because the selection is lost after deleting on one side 28.09.05 Added: Files - Change attributes: Take the date/time to set from conte nt plugins, e.g. the time when a photo was made from the EXIF plugin 28.09.05 Added: reload image to context menu when showing thumbnails in file sy stem plugins 27.09.05 Added: New function FsGetPreviewBitmap to file system plugins to extra ct thumbnails in file system plugins 25.09.05 Fixed: Compare by content: Undo not working when using "copy ->" and t he other side consists of a single EMPTY line 25.09.05 Fixed: Sync: Changing sort order while comparing by content didn't set equal or unequal sign to the files which were just compared when re-sorting 25.09.05 Fixed: Optimized speed of initial comparing and re-sorting in synchron ize dirs, show hourglass during re-sorting 23.09.05 Added: New internal commands cm_SelectCurrentPath and cm_UnselectCurre ntPath: Select/Unselect all files in the same path as the file under the cursor, e.g. for branch view, search results, duplicate finder etc. 23.09.05 Added: New option wincmd.ini [configuration] CompareIgnoreRepeatedLine s=0 -> compare by contents will no longer ignore lines which are repeated (e.g. begin/end). This can, however, cause problems with inserted functions in source code 21.09.05 Fixed: Compare by contents: Show error message if saving fails, and re store original file 21.09.05 Fixed: Compare by contents: If comparing file with name <originalname> with <originalname>.bak, save backup as <originalname>.bk1 instead of <original name>.bak 21.09.05 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Several functions adapted to work with search orders other than by name 20.09.05 Added: Synchronize dirs: Sort inside of each directory by name, size, date/time, ascending+descending 18.09.05 Fixed: Lister: switch to other mode then back to text mode lost the te xt cursor 18.09.05 Added: Lister: Place text cursor behind found text when searching 18.09.05 Added: Menu items to copy names/details to clipboard added to the "Mar k" menu 16.09.05 Added: Compare by contents: Backwards search behaviour as in lister: F 3=continue search in last direction, Ctrl+F3 reverse direction, Shift+F3 search backwards and switch F3 to forward search 16.09.05 Added: Overwrite dialog: Option to rename the already existing target file instead of renaming the copied file 16.09.05 Fixed: Lister: Don't place cursor at line end between <CR> and <LF> 14.09.05 Added: Separate options dynamic (x.x k/M) and dynamic (x.x k/M/G) (wit h and without the display in Gigabytes) 14.09.05 Added: cm_SaveDetailsToFile now also works in comments view and thumbn ails view 13.09.05 Fixed: Suggest *.txt instead of *.* for functions cm_SaveSelectionToFi le and cm_SaveDetailsToFile 13.09.05 Added: New internal command cm_SaveDetailsToFile - Save all shown colu mns to file, depending on current display mode: also works with custom columns 13.09.05 Added: New internal command cm_CopyFileDetailsToClip - Copy all shown columns to the clipboard, depending on current display mode: also works with cus tom columns 13.09.05 Added: cm_CopyFpFileDetailsToClip - like cm_CopyFileDetailsToClip, but with full path to files 13.09.05 Added: cm_CopyNetFileDetailsToClip - like cm_CopyFileDetailsToClip, bu t with UNC (network) path to files 13.09.05 Added: New comment options: wincmd.ini [Configuration] olecomments= 0: only standard comments, 1: standard and ole comments, 2: only ole comments, 3: no comments at all 11.09.05 Added: Multi-rename tool: Support conditional text in content plugin v ariables, e.g. [="_v."tc.versionstring]

11.09.05 Added: "Show admin shares" now also shows hidden shares like Share$ can be turned off in wincmd.ini, [Configuration] AllHiddenNetNames=0 07.09.05 Added: After modifying compared file from archive, compress it back in to the archive 06.09.05 Added: Support for external compare via line in wincmd.ini, e.g.: Comp aretool=C:\program files\winmerge\WinMerge.exe 04.09.05 Added: Windows NT/2000/XP: Use MoveFileEx to avoid that files are move d between partitions mounted to the same drive letter 04.09.05 Added: Edit in compare: When saving, the type of line end (Windows, Un ix, Mac) is determined by the majority of line ends of the original file, e.g. i f the original was Windows with a few Unix line ends, the saved file will be all Windows 04.09.05 Fixed: Edit in compare: Don't save last line end 02.09.05 Added: Sync: Re-added search in binary mode (using the old search func tion) 02.09.05 Added: Edit in compare: Search in edited Unicode text, allow to search over multiple lines 31.08.05 Added: Edit in compare: Search in edited text, allow to search over mu ltiple lines 30.08.05 Added: Edit in compare: Support for unicode big endian 25.08.05 Added: Synchronize dirs: always list "*.*" as the first entry in the l ist 25.08.05 Added: ENTER in autocomplete only closes the autocomplete window and d oesn't execute the command immediately 23.08.05 Added: Autocomplete for paths in command line, path field, and some di alog boxes like copy confirmation 21.08.05 Fixed: Problems with copy+paste in compare by contents 19.08.05 Added: Unicode editing in compare by contents 10.08.05 Added: New button in copy overwrite dialog "More Options >>" which all ows to compare by content, or enable one of the auto-rename options 10.08.05 Added: ZIP packer: wincmd.ini [packer] zipansinames=1 causes TC to us e Ansi (Windows) instead of OEM (DOS) characters for names in zip. Note that som e unpackers cannot handle archives with accents in this case 09.08.05 Fixed: Compare by content: tabs all had a width of 0 (problem with new line editor) 03.08.05 Added: Compare by content: Copy partially selected lines to the clipbo ard 03.08.05 Added: Compare by content: Position text cursor with mouse, select tex t 02.08.05 Added: Compare by content: Text cursor in compare windows 31.07.05 Added: Re-synchronize compare by content, e.g. to compare different pa ragraphs than the internal compare tool has compared 29.07.05 Added: Pressing F5 again after F5-copy selects the file name only/name +ext (F6 also works, e.g. for F6 - F6) 29.07.05 Added: Lister: Menu item for F2 "Reload file" (the function already wo rked in older versions with F2 and Ctrl+R) 29.07.05 Added: Hotkey F6 to turn cursor in lister on/off 27.07.05 Added: Select text in lister with caret, supports Shift+ Left/Right/Up /Down/PgUp/PgDn/Home/End 26.07.05 Added: Caret in lister 26.07.05 Added: Save/restore additional sort orders in wincmd.ini 24.07.05 Added: Sorting by additional columns with Ctrl+Click on header. Specia l cases: Clear all if Ctrl+Click on primary sort column. Reverse order if Ctrl+C lick on secondary sort column 22.07.05 Added: Configuration - Colors: alternating lines can now have differen t background colors, e.g. white and light-gray 22.07.05 Added: Branch view: When sorting by name, if two files have the same n ame and extension, sort them by directory name 20.07.05 Added: separate tree panel: Support for right click context menu and A lt+Enter (properties)

19.07.05 Added: Splitter to change width of separate tree panel/file panel 19.07.05 Added: Horizontal scrollbar to separate tree panel 19.07.05 Added: Switch to separate tree with Shift+Tab 19.07.05 Added: Switch on/off separate tree with Ctrl+Shift+F8 13.07.05 Added: Separate tree panel per side 13.07.05 Fixed: Right click menu in tree was no longer working 12.07.05 Added: Show all drives in tree, not only current drive 05.07.05 Added: In "letters only" quick search mode, pressing up or down will c lear the quick search buffer, useful when making a typo 05.07.05 Added: Changed read buffer for "compare by content" from 32kByte to 1 MByte to increase compare speed when both files are on the same drive 05.07.05 Added: New internal command cm_RenameSingleFile to rename file under c ursor even if other files are selected (selection can be restored with "/" numer ic key) IMPORTANT NOTE: Total Commander 7.0, 6.54(a), 6.55(a) and 6.56 were developed in parallel. Therefore many modification dates listed above come before the release of TC 6.5 4(a), 6.55(a) and 6.56. 01.01.07 Release Total Commander 6.56 final 01.01.07 Fixed: USB stick detection from TC7 ported to TC 6.56 01.01.07 Fixed: Re-reading of Network Neighborhood on Vista could cause access violations 01.01.07 Fixed: Overlay icons not shown for font scalings other than 96 dpi (on ly seems to affect Vista) 30.12.06 Release Total Commander 6.56 beta 1 29.12.06 Fixed: Re-packing files from a subdirectory of a RAR archive with exte rnal unrar to another archive could corrupt the temp dir and delete the wrong fi les 24.12.06 Fixed: Support TortoiseSVN overlay icons also on Vista 20.12.06 Added: Include newer unrar.dll because old dll doesn't seem to handle some new rar files 24.11.06 Fixed: Some regular expressions could cause a stack overflow (infinite recursion because nothing is found) -> limit recursion depth to 2000 19.11.06 Fixed: Unpack from RAR may fail with read error for RAR files >2GB 08.11.06 Fixed: FTP client: Show *** in log file for account password (ACCT com mand) 13.09.06 Fixed: Unpack each archive to separate subdir not working properly if no target path was given at all 23.10.06 Release Total Commander 6.55a final 23.10.06 Fixed: To unpack self-extracting archives created with TC6.55 on Windo ws XP, right click on them, choose properties and turn on Windows 2000 compatibi lity mode 19.10.06 Fixed: After installing Microsoft security update KB923191, self-extra cting ZIP archives no longer start -> updated sfxhead.sfx 26.07.06 Release Total Commander 6.55 final 26.07.06 Fixed: Installer didn't correctly detect Windows Vista 26.07.06 Fixed: Revert to c:\totalcmd as default install directory (can of cour se be changed manually) 18.07.06 Release 18.07.06 Fixed: subdirs unpacked 18.07.06 Fixed: .ini was located 18.07.06 Fixed: Total Commander 6.55 public beta 3 Unpacking multiple archives with external unpacker to separate to wrong subdir if target contained spaces %commander_ini% wasn't containing the full path when the wincmd in the windows directory Change drive while in search result switched from custom column

s or thumbnail view to full view 18.07.06 Fixed: Access violation when trying to search for a unicode string lon ger than 150 characters. Note that only the first 127 characters can be found 18.07.06 Fixed: When saving or deleting a search in "Find files", reload the co lor filters (which may be based on such searches). The list is refreshed when th e dialog is closed (except when noreread set for this drive) 16.07.06 Fixed: Custom columns view: If both "Adjust tabs to windows width" and "Horizontal scrollbar" were checked, the scrollbar width wasn't adjusted when r esizing 16.07.06 Fixed: Empty file list with the following procedure: Search, feed to l istbox, Ctrl+Shift+T, Ctrl+R, Ctrl+Tab (duplicate search result in new inactive tab) 16.07.06 Fixed: Use same function to copy date/time from archive as for normal copying (set again afterwards if first fails) 16.07.06 Fixed: Copy - move to background: Only beep if the minimum time set in configuration - misc has been reached 11.07.06 Fixed: Find Files: When deleting a saved search, the plugin options we re not deleted (was already fixed earlier in TC7) 09.07.06 Fixed: Catch error caused by HTTP proxy returning invalid reply in the form "HTTP/1.1 HTTP 404 Not Found" instead of "HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found" 09.07.06 Fixed: cm_ToggleLockDcaCurrentTab not working correctly (locking works , unlocking not) 09.07.06 Fixed: Installer hanging on Windows NT4 (because variable %ProgramFile s% does not exist) 07.07.06 Fixed: UC2 packer: Properties of file (Alt+Enter) showing invalid file size 05.07.06 Release Total Commander 6.55 public beta 2 30.06.06 Added: Windows Vista: Use IsUserAnAdmin to determine whether the user has full admin rights or not, show "username^" if user has full admin rights 30.06.06 Fixed: Avoid flickering of buttons when button is pressed but cursor o utside of the button 29.06.06 Fixed: Sometimes the wrong help page was opened in Configuration - Opt ions (e.g. on FTP page if cursor on one of the dialog box items) 28.06.06 Added: XP: Show buttons in synchronize dirs with new disabled and disa bled down states during comparison 27.06.06 Fixed: U3 installer: remove read only attribute from wincmd.ini and wc x_ftp.ini when copied to USB stick, so options can be written 27.06.06 Fixed: Configure custom columns: Wrong width saved for name column whe n auto-adjusting to window width in vertical arrangement 25.06.06 Fixed: 100% CPU caused by self-extracting installer 25.06.06 Fixed: Ctrl+Q didn't work with plugins on updir item '..' in the root and all directories just below the root. The name is still passed as c:\path\..\ so the plugin can distinguish between the path under the cursor, and the curren t path 21.06.06 Release Total Commander 6.55 public beta 1 21.06.06 Added: totalcmd.exe.manifest file, because Totalcmd didn't use the XP look in some cases (internal manifest resource was ignored) 20.06.06 Fixed: Load selection from file: The file wasn't closed if it had a si ze of 0 19.06.06 Added: Installer: show error if selected target directory cannot be cr eated, and let user choose a different location 18.06.06 Fixed: When starting up, make test whether default.bar is writable wit hout actually writing to the file (just open with write rights) 14.06.06 Release Total Commander 6.55 beta 2 14.06.06 Added: Installer: Set default location of ini files to %APPDATA%\GHISL ER on NT/2000/XP if the Windows directory is not writable (for non-admin account s)

13.06.06 Added: Look for wincmd.key also in the path of the wincmd.ini 13.06.06 Fixed: Directory hotlist, Start menu: Don't allow user to enter title with only spaces in it (cannot be saved to ini). Enter a dash - for a separator! 13.06.06 Fixed: Lister: wrong text selected in binary and hex mode when cursor to the right of all text 13.06.06 Added: Drag&Drop to button bar, copy+paste via right click: Show error if bar file is not writable 13.06.06 Added: *.bar [options] redirect=0 turns off the new redirect bar optio n (TC behaves as it did before version 6.55). redirect=1 forces redirect even if bar file would be writable 13.06.06 Added: If no button bar location is specified in the wincmd.ini, assum e default.bar the program dir. If this file is not writable, copy it to the ini file dir and use it from there, so the user can change it 12.06.06 Added: When TC starts, make sure that the specified directory for the ini files wincmd.ini and wcx_ftp.ini really exists, otherwise create it 11.06.06 Added: Installer: Set default location of ini files to %APPDATA%\GHISL ER on Windows Vista if there was no user-defined location set 11.06.06 Fixed: Made inplace rename box (Shift+F6) two pixels wider in brief mo de so the longest name does fit in on Windows XP too 07.06.06 Fixed: Could not modify ZIP archives on removable disks >2GB (e.g. hug e USB sticks) 07.06.06 Fixed: Ctrl+Up arrow resulted in an empty tab when cursor on a file in a zip subdir 07.06.06 Fixed: Holding down Alt+Shift+F6 (test archive) with AlwaysUnpackInBac kground option set could still cause an access violation -> catch it 06.06.06 Release Total Commander 6.55 beta 1 04.06.06 Fixed: When copying files with the normal copy functions, the file dat e wasn't copied in some cases (when copying to a network with Norton Antivirus r unning in the background) 01.06.06 Fixed: When closing TC with a file system plugin in the left panel sho wing a progress bar (e.g. temp panel), the right panel isn't refreshed on restar t 01.06.06 Fixed: 2 row button bar: When moving mouse cursor 1 pixel behind last button in first row, the first button in the second row showed a hint and reacte d to clicks 01.06.06 Fixed: Language files (*.lng) could not be larger than 64k (TC 6.55 16 bit: cut off file at 64k-16 bytes) 31.05.06 Added: Opening CHM help file does not work when started from a network -> copy from net to TEMP before opening it, delete when done 29.05.06 Added: Call CHM help file instead of HLP if present in the same dir wi th same name 26.05.06 Fixed: Configuration - Options - ZIP packer: The temp dir now also sup ports environment variables like %temp% or %commander_path% 26.05.06 Fixed: XP: Crash when http connection gets redirected and the path is longer than 259 characters (probably not system-critical, the string overlap is only a few bytes) 26.05.06 Fixed: Ctrl+N HTTP download not working when IPv6 enabled and no port number given in URL 26.05.06 Fixed: Hard links to directories (reparse points) were always shown wi th special icons even if they were disabled in the configuration 26.05.06 Fixed: Compare by content: Don't try to open/unpack/download updir ite m [..] 21.05.06 Fixed: Delete to Recycle bin was called twice when it failed due to a sharing violation 21.05.06 Fixed: The following dialogs were not centered on the Totalcmd window: Main config dialog, ftp connection details, connection progress, check CRC prog ress, Packer/FS/LS/Content plugin config dialog 19.05.06 Fixed: Start menu was displayed even with RestrictInterface=1 when swi tching from non-English to English language

17.05.06 Fixed: The already running instance of TC wasn't restored when minimiz ed to tray and only 1 instance allowed when starting TC again 10.05.06 Fixed: Using watchdirs sometimes produced duplicate file names (reason : Windows reported the file with a different upper-/lowercase than it exists on disk) 10.05.06 Fixed: Holding down Alt+Shift+F6 (test archive) with AlwaysUnpackInBac kground option set could cause access violation -> only allow to open next dialo g after 500 ms delay 07.05.06 Fixed: Ctrl+Up arrow resulted in an empty tab when cursor on a directo ry in a zip subdir 03.05.06 Fixed: Unpacking of archive >4GB not always working (when file starts beyond the 4 GB limit) 03.05.06 Fixed: Quickview was not refreshed when switching to a different tab w ith the mouse 25.04.06 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: ESC has to be hold down for at least 100ms to avoid that comparison is stopped when pressing ESC in compare by contents windo w 25.04.06 Fixed: XP only: Alt+Tab from TC while displaying quick search caused a focus loss 25.04.06 Fixed: Switching between two tabs with tree views produced empty listi ngs 24.04.06 Fixed: With RestrictInterface=1, choosing the built-in English languag e could cause an access violation 23.04.06 Fixed: Search in plugins: when using "regex", the exception created by an invalid search string like "[" is not caught 23.04.06 Fixed: Shift+Click after changing tab selected wrong file range 16.04.06 Fixed: Always end descript.ion file with <CR><LF> 09.04.06 Fixed: Branch view Ctrl+B: Update status line with file under cursor ( instead of showing just [..]) 08.04.06 Fixed: For VISTA: Icon extract functions fail when surrounded by doubl e quotes "". 08.04.06 Fixed: For VISTA: Call MessageLoop regularly during re-reading Alt+F10 tree 05.04.06 Fixed: SFX module: As with internal unpacking, remove relative paths i n the form ..\ or ...\ (any number of dots >=2) 31.03.06 Fixed: Windows VISTA beta 2 bug: WinHelp command no longer working -> call winhelp.exe manually. For testing, this code is also enabled on WinXP. 22.03.06 Fixed: FTP upload via background transfer manager: When getting overwr ite confirmation dialog, clicking "abort" aborted only current file, but then co ntinued with other files in list 21.03.06 Fixed: Lister: Selection with mouse could select negative offsets when selecting to the left of the text 21.03.06 Fixed: Stack overflow when trying to delete very long dirs of certain length 14.03.06 Fixed: Self-extracting ZIP archive can now also overwrite read-only fi les (user will be asked for each file) 14.03.06 Fixed: CTRL+F3 in synchronize dirs was not always working (it was disa bled when right clicking on a file available only on one side) 07.03.06 Fixed: Search function: When using option "Search only selected dirs" and [..] was selected, TC searched also in the parent dir -> auto-uncheck [..] 06.03.06 Fixed: ListNotificationReceived was broken: WM_COMMAND was only called during loading of plugin 03.03.06 Fixed: When unpacking, remove relative paths in the form ..\ or ...\ ( any number of dots >=2) -> this would place the file in the parent dir, which is a potential security risk 03.03.06 Fixed: Lister: Printing selection printed junk in the first line if th e selection was made beyond the beginning of the file 01.03.06 Fixed: Right click -> New submenu: look in "All Users\Templates" if te mplate not found in "<username>\Template" 26.02.06 Fixed: Files - Unpack all not working with files named e.g. test..zip

when "Unpack each archive to separate subdir" was checked 22.02.06 Fixed: When using "Show only selected files" in thumbnails view while thumbs were still being extracted, the wrong thumbs could be shown -> clear thum bs extraction queue 21.02.06 Fixed: With WatchDirs=5, files could disappear from the list when edit ing them in some editors 10.02.06 Added: Synchronize dirs: "Close" button now changed to "Abort" during comparison (function re-inserted into 6.x line after the release of TC 6.54a) 10.02.06 Added: Synchronize dirs: react to windows messages also during normal compare, not only during compare by content -> can abort with mouse, or switch t o other program and back 16.02.06 Release Total Commander 6.54a final 16.02.06 Fixed: Disable cm_switchlongnames also when background transfer manage r paused and containing files in queue 16.02.06 Release Total Commander 6.54a beta 2 16.02.06 Fixed: Disable cm_switchlongnames while background transfer manager or background copy active 15.02.06 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Unicode names were only sorted correctly when they had identical alternate DOS names 15.02.06 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Allow to continue without UNDO when getting an out of memory error (> about 70'000 files) 14.02.06 Release 14.02.06 Fixed: uage and program 14.02.06 Fixed: 05.02.06 Fixed: (themed headers 05.02.06 Fixed: characters 05.02.06 Fixed: Total Commander 6.54a beta 1 Auto-installer (pluginst.inf): Ask before overwriting key, lang dir installations Avoid crash when trying to unpack invalid .lzh archives RAR SFX headers were only supported when smaller than 128kBytes can be larger) Packer plugin interface crashed with extensions longer than 15 F2 (reload file) in lister was no longer working

02.02.06 Release Total Commander 6.54 final 01.02.06 Fixed: Ctrl+C in lister still copied a space too much in some cases 01.02.06 Fixed: Wrong cursor movement in WatchDirs=5 mode 31.01.06 Release Total Commander 6.54 public beta 4 (PB4) 31.01.06 Fixed: Search for name without wildcards surrounded by double quotes ( e.g. "John Doe") found nothing. 29.01.06 Fixed: Try to keep focus after copy progress dialog closes when using WindowBlinds with "glass skin" effect. 27.01.06 Fixed: Install of new plugins - existing plugin subdir not found when using environment variables in plugin base dir 27.01.06 Fixed: Ctrl+C in lister sometimes copied one character too much when s electing from the beginning of the file 27.01.06 Fixed: Auto-enable folder thumbnails also on Windows XP Service Pack 1 if WMF patch has been installed 25.01.06 Release Total Commander 6.54 public beta 3 (PB3) 24.01.06 Fixed: Warning that there is not enough space on target drive was not always working on Windows XP 24.01.06 Fixed: Packer plugins: When re-adding a file edited with F4 to an arch ive, the flag PK_PACK_SAVE_PATHS was not set by mistake for files in subdirs 22.01.06 Fixed: Installer: Changed INI file location was not saved if user used "Back" button and went through ini location page again without changing anythin g 20.01.06 Fixed: Give more space to plugin auto-install dialog boxes 20.01.06 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: If *.* was missing in the wildcards list, but

the list contained an item starting with *.*, then Windows chose this item auto matically -> add *.* manually to list 18.01.06 Release Total Commander 6.54 public beta 2 (PB2) 18.01.06 Fixed: Ctrl+D menu - sometimes the checkbox "also save target dir" was checked 18.01.06 Fixed: Win9x/ME - thumbnails not shown unless the option WmfAllowed wa s set manually to 1 or 3 in wincmd.ini 18.01.06 Fixed: When switching from search results view to other views like net work, plugins etc, the tab title wasn't updated 18.01.06 Fixed: Explicitly set focus to active listbox when hiding splash scree n and quick search dialog to avoid focus loss caused by some WindowBlinds themes 18.01.06 Fixed: File comments not copied in multi-rename tool when using 'reloa d results' button 17.01.06 Fixed: Watchdirs: Directories would not appear when created while usin g a custom filter like *.txt 16.01.06 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Sorting error when name or subdir started wit h double byte character (e.g. Chinese) only 15.01.06 Fixed: Footer is not updated at once when sending files to background transfer manager with F5 - F2 12.01.06 Release Total Commander 6.54 public beta 1 (PB1) 12.01.06 Fixed: Files with date before 1980 are now shown as 1.1.1980 (only NTF S supports dates before 1980, but TC uses the FAT date internally which is limit ed to dates >=1980) 10.01.06 Release Total Commander 6.54 beta 4 08.01.06 Added: Set MODE Z compression ratio (0..9) for uploads in wcx_ftp.ini [General] zlibratiobin=3 or zlibratiotxt=3 (separately for binary and text). 08.01.06 Fixed: FTP upload to a server supporting MODE Z fails with "error deco mpressing data stream" when uploading via a Cisco PIX 7.0.4 firewall (the pix do esn't support compression rate 1) -> use default rate of 3 now 08.01.06 Fixed: No thumbnails shown for folders on XP (they were disabled becau se they can contain WMF files) -> re-enable if patched gdi32.dll found 06.01.06 Fixed: Access violation when invoking cm_DirectoryHotlist via AutoIt w ithout setting the lparam parameter to 0 (only when history+hotlist buttons disa bled) 05.01.06 Fixed: In WatchDirs mode, files could disappear from the list by mista ke 04.01.06 Release Total Commander 6.54 beta 3 03.01.06 Fixed: Problem with hanging download if ftp server went offline in the meantime 03.01.06 Fixed: Various small errors in English and German help files 03.01.06 Fixed: Irfanview/Xnview not closed after it was loaded in the backgrou nd for displaying of images or thumbnails (only when new extract method used) 03.01.06 Fixed: Directories were shown under wrong parent in Alt+F10 tree view when SortUpper=3 was used -> fallback to SortUpper=2 for tree 03.01.06 Fixed: Upload in background: Rename doesn't work when a file with the same name was detected 03.01.06 Fixed: Changed function called when displaying WMF or EMF files, seems to cause no more crashes 01.01.06 Fixed: Sometimes thumbnail extra fields could be shown in custom colum ns view with very long names in archives 01.01.06 Fixed: Could not decode SQX (binhex-coded) file when run length compre ssion was used already in the header 30.12.05 Fixed: Don't show WMF (windows meta file) and EMF (enhanced meta file) images in Lister and thumbnails view, because of buffer overflow bug in Windows DLL. Once your system is patched, you can re-enable them: wincmd.ini [Configura tion] WmfAllowed=3 (1=files, 2=folder thumbnails)

30.12.05 Fixed: Again duplicate hotkey in internal English "Net" menu 25.12.05 Fixed: Switching from custom columns view to thumbnail view and back > horizontal scrollbar was lost 25.12.05 Fixed: Incorrect tooltip for button bar button command cm_LeftThumbs w hen menu contained only cm_SrcThumbs 23.12.05 Fixed: When aborting move or delete function in plugins, don't call Fs RemoveDir for parent directories 23.12.05 Fixed: Directory hotlist (Ctrl+D) was not case-insensitive for non-Eng lish characters like accents or cyrillic 20.12.05 Release Total Commander 6.54 beta 2 20.12.05 Fixed: U3 version: Fixed editing of menu files 20.12.05 Added: TC will now also look for language-specific help files named wc md_xyz.hlp in the language subdir (mainly implemented for the U3 version) 19.12.05 Fixed: When started from U3 USB stick, handle installation and switchi ng of languages correctly 19.12.05 Fixed: When started from U3 USB stick, hide configuration to change cu stom sounds (they would be stored in the registry) 18.12.05 Added: Two new installation types for pluginst.inf: prg will install t o the TC program dir, key to the registration key dir (e.g. for easy U3 installa tion) 18.12.05 Fixed: Support Euro sign in HTML viewer as &8364; &#8364; and &euro; will not work correctly with Cyrillic, Chinese, or Japanese encodings 18.12.05 Fixed: Parallel port connection: Don't show date for '..' items and dr ive letters 18.12.05 Fixed: Use of cm_SwitchLongNames loses cursor position -> position cur sor on correct file even when sort order changes 16.12.05 Fixed: Using one of the WatchDirs options didn't consider a directory filter like "*.txt *.doc", so when files with other types were created, they wou ld also appear in the list 16.12.05 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Deleting files via right click menu no longer removed them from the list 16.12.05 Fixed: Locking/unlocking tabs can cause wrap around of tab header. Adj ust panel height to this wrap around 16.12.05 Fixed: F3 and other hotkeys no longer working in file panel when quick view active (should only be the case in quick view panel itself) 14.12.05 Release Total Commander 6.54 beta 1 14.12.05 Fixed: 2 Total Commander instances, left mouse selection mode. Drag&Dr op files/dirs with right mouse button between the two, create link -> links with wrong names created (.lnk extension missing) 14.12.05 Fixed: Explicitly set focus to current file list before closing the qu ick search dialog, to fix a bug in WindowBlinds 5 14.12.05 Fixed: When viewing single files with F3 or Alt+F3 and the local file already exists, use new naming scheme file.txt -> file.000.txt instead of just f ile.000 (e.g. for lister plugins) 11.12.05 Added: U3 support: Internal functions to ensure that TC shuts down in all cases when removing an U3 USB stick 09.12.05 Fixed: Included new unacev2.dll (security bugfix) 09.12.05 Fixed: Don't save selection within a tab when switching away from a lo cked tab with dir changes allowed (except when in the base dir of that tab) 30.11.05 Fixed: FTP: replace special chars ;:@&=+"#%<> by %hexcode, because som e HTTP proxies (Squid!) dislike these characters in URLs 30.11.05 Fixed: FTP: trying to download very long name can cause access violati on 29.11.05 Fixed: Some colors incorrect when using white on black text 25.11.05 Fixed: By mistake, all content plugins without a detect string were lo aded with totalcmd! <- solution: save empty detect string to ini too! 23.11.05 Fixed: Some right to left dialogs (Hebrew, Arabic) were not shown corr ectly, e.g. search in plugins

22.11.05 Fixed: When adding files to a packer plugin archive with different ext ension than registered, TC didn't ask for overwrite. Changed plugin interface ve rsion to 2.11 to reflect this change. 22.11.05 Fixed: Status path shown incorrectly in custom columns view with LongI nStatus=1 13.11.05 Added: For admins: Under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ghisler\Total Comm ander\configuration, add allowed (type string) and/or RestrictInterface (type DW ORD) to restrict user options. The value will be combined with the value in the ini file (the more restricted wins) 30.10.05 Added: Synchronize dirs with FTP: User can now turn on/off date/time w ith MDTM command, and define whether the time is sent as local time or UTC (univ ersal time) 30.10.05 Added: Multi-rename tool: Replace characters (returned by plugins) whi ch are not allowed in file names by underscores or dots 30.10.05 Added: Command line: auto-replace forward slashes by backslashes in "c d" command, e.g. cd c:/windows/system -> cd c:\windows\system 25.10.05 Added: Worked on U3 installer 21.10.05 Fixed: Ctrl+Q quick view panel: With some lister plugins like hpg_ed, F3 invoked both find next (desired) and the lister (not desired) 18.10.05 Fixed: FTP sync: additional check for ESC during upload+download 18.10.05 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Increased the default widths of the size colu mns a bit (user request) 18.10.05 Fixed: Search in plugins: Go to file not working if the file name or p ath contained a forward slash 16.10.05 Fixed: Background transfer manager: speed limit not working when copyi ng multiple subdirs 16.10.05 Fixed: Background transfer manager: aborting copy function not always working 11.10.05 Fixed: Disallow the creation of directories ending with spaces, e.g. " a / \ " 11.10.05 Added: Allow to delete directories and files which end with one or mor e spaces! 09.10.05 Fixed: Memory error in compare tool with some big files 28.09.05 Fixed: When using Letters with search dialog as quick search mode in a rchives with Ctrl+Q, then going to an image file can cause an access violation ( because the quick search dialog is hidden by the unpack dialog) 27.09.05 Fixed: In double byte languages like Chinese, characters in zip/rar wi th second char '|' were shown incorrectly (because '|' is normally illegal in fi le names) 27.09.05 Fixed: Make FTP client work with FTP servers which return a forward sl ash after a directory name 27.09.05 Fixed: When browsing virtual folders, try to get the name in various w ays (first for parsing, then in folder, then normal) 27.09.05 Fixed: F3 on mp3 file marked "Text" instead of "Image/Multimedia" in l ister's menu 23.09.05 Fixed: Unzip: If zip file contains invalid (0) date/time, don't set it on extraction 21.09.05 Fixed: Lister: Wrong text copied in first line (unicode mode and utf8 mode) 18.09.05 Fixed: Wrong display under the following condition: Vertical arrangeme nt, two drive button bars, then switching color depth (e.g. 16 bit -> true color ) 18.09.05 Fixed: Custom columns view: "list index out of bounds" error if both s ides only show name+ext, and the column width is adjusted by mouse 18.09.05 Fixed: Dual screen mode: Double click on word in Lister only selected the word on screen with positive coordinates 18.09.05 Fixed: Win9x only: Renaming not working in mode singleclickstart=1 if the mouse was moved over the file list during renaming 16.09.05 Fixed: Clicking on panel title while quick view was active did not act ivate the RTF viewer or a plugin inside of the quick view panel

16.09.05 Fixed: On Ctrl+U, do not set swapped tab title to locked tabs 13.09.05 Added: Command line parameters for uninstaller tcuninst.exe for silent uninstall: /r repair, /0../7 uninstall. Sum of: 1=desktop icon, 2=context menu entries, 4=all settings files 25.08.05 Fixed: Button bar : no icon shown if path contained a comma 23.08.05 Added: Optimize unzip: open archive once at the beginning and keep ope n (necessary because of a bug in Windows XP SP2, where CloseFile over a network takes up to 2 seconds!) 10.08.05 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Copy direction problem when synching between dir+zip in asymmetric mode and unchecked files 09.08.05 Fixed: Tree functions and creation of dirs failed if Alt+F10 tree cont ains paths longer than 259 characters 29.07.05 Added: On Ctrl+PageDown, TC now searches the first 512 kbytes for a va lid archive header. Reason: The RAR unpacker will support themes which can conta in a big uncompressed background bitmap in the unpacker... 06.07.05 Fixed: Copy speed limit wasn't enforced when opening the background tr ansfer manually and adding files for copying AFTER checking the speed limit opti on 06.07.05 Fixed: Clicking on "*" button in the inactive panel added/removed the wrong directory (from the active side!) 06.07.05 Fixed: Internal unzip: forget password after operation 06.07.05 Fixed: Built-in English menu: In the "Mark" menu, two menu items had t he same hotkey 06.07.05 Fixed: Changed behaviour of FTP server define dialog: Alt+Shift+Enter during a connection will keep currently used server type. OK will apply the new settings, Cancel will revert to standard type. 05.07.05 Fixed: Button bar: If parameter starts with '?' and contains one of th e list parameters like %L, the temporary list wasn't deleted if the user clicked 'cancel' 05.07.05 Fixed: Ctrl+Shift+U (Swap all tabs) not working properly when a tab wi th "locked but dir changes allowed" was an active tab, and this tab was showing something else than the locked root dir 05.07.05 Fixed: Tab with "locked but dir changes allowed" was lost (deleted) wh en it was showing a search result while closing the program (only if the tab was inactive) 05.07.05 Fixed: Switch between tabs with comment view and tree view not working correctly 05.07.05 Fixed: Switch from search result view to tree view didn't change tab t itle from "Search result" to e.g. "c:" 05.07.05 Fixed: Don't switch from search result to full view when choosing Show -Full while showing comments in search result 31.05.05 Release Total Commander 6.53 31.05.05 Fixed: Unicode search not working on Windows 9x/ME 31.05.05 Fixed: Corrections to help file and keyboard.txt 31.05.05 Fixed: Delete temp dir when re-packing archive to packer plugin archiv e (only if the archiver deleted the files in it) 29.05.05 Fixed: Win9x only: some media files not playing with F3 when name long er than 97 characters (bug in media player window) 27.05.05 Fixed: Watchdirs=32 option: Free space in other panel was not updated if showing same disk, but other directory 25.05.05 Release Total Commander 6.53 RC 1 25.05.05 Fixed: Executing command like "notepad.exe" on the command line (incl uding the double quotes) passed invalid parameters to the launched program 25.05.05 Added: Two new WatchDirs options: 16: Update footer (total file sizes ), 32: Update header (free disk space). May slow down operation, so enable only if really necessary. 25.05.05 Fixed: Content plugins: Support field of type FullText also before ot her variables (TC reports plugin interface version 1.5 or later)

25.05.05 Fixed: Alt+F9 unpack: When using external unrar, setting option "unpa ck to separate dirs" and leaving path field empty, the files may be unpacked to the target instead of the source path 25.05.05 Fixed: Increased limit of packer plugins (extension list can now take 1 kbyte instead of 512 bytes) 24.05.05 Fixed: Trying to access a server with cd \\server in the command line where the server has no guest account causes connect dialog. Clicking on cancel shows again connect dialog when trying to open subdir 24.05.05 Added: Increased width of dropdown box in synchronize dirs - wildcard s 24.05.05 Fixed: Two folders aaaa and aaaaa. Rename aaaaa to a Russian 4 charac ter name with English language settings -> it was moved to aaaa 24.05.05 Fixed: Could not inplace rename a directory to a Unicode name (e.g. R ussian on English Windows) containing spaces 24.05.05 Fixed: If a hotkey like F2 is mapped to cm_renameonly, pressing this hotkey multiple times will select name part/name+ext of the file in alternating way 22.05.05 Fixed: Brief view: made inplace rename window 4 pixels wider to fit i n entire name (except if edit box would exceed list window width) 19.05.05 Release Total Commander 6.53 beta 1 19.05.05 Fixed: Plugin detect string was cut at 259 chars when adding OTHER pl ugin 18.05.05 Fixed: F3 view remote ftp file twice was sometimes not working (downl oad OK, but file not found) 18.05.05 Fixed: If WatchDirs is enabled and a file appears above the current i tem during inplace rename, the wrong file may be renamed 18.05.05 Fixed: temp dirs created under %temp%\_tc were no longer removed afte r deleting the file itself 18.05.05 Added: New command line parameters /P=L and /P=R to set the active fi le panel (left or right panel) 18.05.05 Fixed: Don't set attributes to 0 when creating new directory (it's no longer necessary on Win32, and causes problems with Samba) 18.05.05 Fixed: When using the color scheme "high contrast black", the lister search dialog options were also black on black 18.05.05 Fixed: When using the color scheme "high contrast black", print previ ew showed text black on black and sometimes printed white on white -> explicitly set font color to color_windowtext for preview, and black (0) for printing 18.05.05 Fixed: FTP to IBM MVS Mainframe: Switching between tabs was not worki ng due to error in path/url handling 18.05.05 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Duplicate name warning when comparing Unicod e names which have the same name pattern (same length, English and spaces in sam e places) 17.05.05 Fixed: Watchdirs: When a file was added above the current position wh ile outside of TC, the selection became wrong if restoring it with '/' after swi tching back to TC 17.05.05 Fixed: Watchdirs: When a file was added above the current position, t he current file index changed 16.05.05 Fixed: Tab order in search - plugins wasn't top to bottom 16.05.05 Fixed: FTP resume upload: Some FTP servers seem to return wrong (down loaded in text mode) file size on SIZE command -> call TYPE I before calling SIZ E 15.05.05 Fixed: Command line: Executing an URL like http://www.ghisler.com/ind ex.htm didn't work if the default verb for .htm wasn't 'open'. Same fix also in button bar and start menu 15.05.05 Fixed: Shift+F6 (inplace rename) directly at program start -> longer file name was shown displaced 15.05.05 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Function "Set local date to remote" was no l onger available 10.05.05 Fixed: Could not correctly switch between connections to the same FTP

server with different dirs on two tabs 10.05.05 Fixed: Unpack and Execute on NT4 with file containing a space causes file not found error 10.05.05 Fixed: Drag&Drop: "drop forbidden" cursor circle not visible on black ground - added white border 10.05.05 Fixed: Gzip archive with invalid extra field length could cause acces s violation (read beyond buffer length, no security risk since read only) 10.05.05 Fixed: Self-extracting RAR-Archive containing ARJ archive with compre ssion rate 0 -> TC opened the inner ARJ instead of the outer RAR archive 10.05.05 Fixed: Lister: Trying to view AVI file with access denied error shows lister window over TC and does not repaint it 09.05.05 Fixed: Apply button not enabled when checking the "USB stick" option 09.05.05 Fixed: Compare between ftp and Samba network-attached drive in sync n ot working (reason: Samba case-sensitive) 09.05.05 Fixed: Compare between ftp and local file in sync not working if ftp on the left side 09.05.05 Fixed: Could no longer open compare by contents dialog if only one fi le or no files were selected 09.05.05 Fixed: Mime-decoding created invalid output if the name of the file c ontained =? encoding and used base64 as the encoding method 30.04.05 Release Total Commander 6.52 30.04.05 Fixed: Could not view 2 identically named files on remote ftp with ex ternal viewer 29.04.05 Release Total Commander 6.52 Release Candidate 2 29.04.05 Fixed: Search in content plugins not working if type of value differe nt from type of variable, e.g. floating instead of integer. Now integer and floa ting values are interchangeable 29.04.05 Fixed: Right click on current path - New - xyz file: In addition to D ocuments and settings, look in Windows\ShellNew for template files (some Microso ft programs seem to use this location) 29.04.05 Fixed: Netware version: Ctrl+Shift+F5 dialog: Remove netware copy opt ions, they are irrelevant for creating shortcuts 29.04.05 Fixed: Create CRC checksums: files were created in the target instead of the source when specifying no target path and the last directory change was on the target side 27.04.05 Release Total Commander 6.52 Release Candidate 1 24.04.05 Fixed: Default string in delayed/on demand fields not shown in first custom column 21.04.05 Release Total Commander 6.52 Beta 3 21.04.05 Fixed: Pack multiple files to zip:"*.*.zip" deleted the first charact er of each name (correct syntax would have been zip:*.*.zip without the double q uotes anyway) 21.04.05 Fixed: Command line command del /q /s *.tmp deleted all files. Reas on: TC tries to insert current path to avoid that the wrong dir is deleted if th ere is a .pif file for command.com with a default dir 21.04.05 Fixed: Right-aligned custom columns not shown correctly on some syste ms (because of addition of TABs) 21.04.05 Added: Korean is now included as a default language due to the increa sed number of registrations from Korea 17.04.05 Fixed: Changing sort order while in tree view changed the sort order for full and brief view without changing the sort indicator arrows 17.04.05 Added: cm_SwitchWatchDirs command to turn off (and back on) watching of directory changes with the wincmd.ini option WatchDirs= 17.04.05 Fixed: Don't show hidden/system files with WatchDirs option when the display of hidden/system files is disabled in the configuration 16.04.05 Fixed: Sometimes there was an access violation when closing TC while

in a rapidly changing dir with WatchDirs enabled 16.04.05 Fixed: With Watchdirs option 8 added, Watchdirs sometimes stopped wor king until the next dir change 13.04.05 Release Total Commander 6.52 Beta 2 13.04.05 Added: Support gzip archives >4GB, both creation and extraction 13.04.05 Added: When restarting Total Commander, and the current path is repla ced (e.g. via the command line), then add the previous path to the history 12.04.05 Fixed: Memory leak in Netware function to copy trustees (Netware vers ion only) 12.04.05 Fixed: Removed code which sets directory attributes to 0 after creati on - this is already done automatically by all 32-bit operating systems! 11.04.05 Added: New wincmd.ini section: WatchDirsExclude= (defaults to empty s tring): set drives which should be excluded from WatchDirs directory monitoring 11.04.05 Added: New wincmd.ini section: noreread2= (which defaults to the cont ent of noreread=): set drives which should not be remembered when restarting TC. Until now, this was part of noreread= See example in help. 11.04.05 Fixed: Tabs in content plugin strings should now be shown correctly i n custom columns view 11.04.05 Fixed: Turn off watchdirs between copy dialog and progress dialog to avoid error that directory contents have changed 11.04.05 Fixed: Lister now shows "access denied" instead of "file not found" i f there is a sharing violation accessing a file (e.g. it's opened in a different program) 10.04.05 Fixed: Reset directory checksum after receiving a directory change no tification - will cause TC to always reread the directory on F2 or when switchin g back to it 10.04.05 Fixed: USB stick copy option turned off - not saved permanently 08.04.05 Fixed: Don't count dir content of target of a junction when deleting the junction 08.04.05 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Sync with ftp could cause access violation i f path longer than 259 characters 08.04.05 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: return to root not working when syncing with ftp root 08.04.05 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Compare two files by content didn't work wit h files in ftp subdirs 07.04.05 Fixed: TC uses 100% CPU when WatchDirs option enabled, and trying to access dir which cannot be monitored, e.g. a Win9x share 06.04.05 Release Total Commander 6.52 Beta 1 06.04.05 Added: wincmd.ini, [Configuration], WatchDirs= determines operation o f automatic dir updates: 1: turn option on, 2: detect changes to size, date, att ributes, 4: put newly added files at the END, 8: don't react to updates while TC isn't in the foreground 06.04.05 Fixed: WinXP: Playing a CD with F3 didn't stop when closing lister 06.04.05 Fixed: Could no longer access "tar" archives after associating extens ion "ar" with any packer plugin ("tar" was interpreted as "tar.ar") 06.04.05 Fixed: 16-bit version: Invalid time stamp written to .tar files 05.04.05 Added: Watch changes of directories, and update them immediately on c hanges (using ReadDirectoryChangesW function). Requires Windows NT, 2000 or XP 03.04.05 Added: Support for BSD-style MD5 checksum files, e.g. MD5 (./subdi r/somefile.ext) = e573fe599272957b234dba19e41237a1 03.04.05 Fixed: Lister: When playing multimedia via built-in media player plug in, allow to use hotkeys like pageup/pagedown/home/end even if the scrollbar doe sn't have the focus 01.04.05 Fixed: Custom columns view with horizontal scrollbar: When using a re ctangle as cursor, don't draw right line unless scrolled to the end of the row ( otherwise drawing artifacts will result) 01.04.05 Fixed: ftp ctrl+left or right tries to open directory with two consec utive slashes, e.g. /subdir//subdirundercursor

30.03.05 Added: Experimental IPv6 http support (both proxy-ftp and http downlo ads). 30.03.05 Added: Compatibility mode copying: Now also copies thumbnails with fi les (if enabled in configuration - thumbnails) 30.03.05 Added: Compatibility mode copying: Now also allows to copy NTFS permi ssions (checkbox in copy dialog) 30.03.05 Added: Compatibility mode copying: Now also removes the "read only" a ttribute when copying from CD 30.03.05 Fixed: Access violation trying to download a file from FTP via HTTP w hen the local path became longer than 259 characters 30.03.05 Fixed: Browsing of network paths not working correctly when double cl icking on "share x on server y" in nethood 30.03.05 Added: Experimental IPv6 ftp support. To use it, add to wcx_ftp.ini s ection [General], PreferIPv6=1 if you want to prefer IPv6 for servers which supp ort both IPv4 and IPv6, or PreferIPv6=0 to prefer IPv4 (default=-1: IPv6 off) 22.03.05 Fixed: Alt+F1 Alt+F7 opened search window with only the height of the title bar if the window was maximized 22.03.05 Added: Compare by content (in main window) now also works with FTP 22.03.05 Added: Synchronize dirs: Compare by content of single files (double c lick on file pair) now also works with FTP and file system plugins 22.03.05 Added: Synchronize dirs: When creating dirs during copying, also copy dir time stamp (if configured), NTFS permissions, and Netware trustees (Netware version only). The dir timestamp is NOT copied (NTFS changes it when copying fi les to the dir). 20.03.05 Fixed: Unicode search for whole words not working properly in lister and search 20.03.05 Fixed: Unicode case-insensitive search not working properly for encod ings other than latin-1 (English, German etc.) 20.03.05 Fixed: Lister: Selecting text in Unicode mode in the first line of a file selected displaced by 1 character 18.03.05 Fixed: FTP templates dialog: switch back to "Courier New" when loadin g the dialog even if the user has changed the default dialog font. Otherwise it' s quite impossible to create detect strings. 18.03.05 Fixed: FTP over HTTP: First item in list not always shown if <PRE> fo rmatting was used without a <br> or <p> in front of it 18.03.05 Fixed: FTP not always working correctly if the user name had the form user@host 18.03.05 Added: Multi-rename tool: Two new rename strings [N2--5] means the se cond character until the fifth-last. [N-5-] means the 5fth-last until the end of the name 16.03.05 Fixed: Better caching of item idlists on network shares should speed up browsing network paths 16.03.05 Fixed: Drawing of XP themed speed buttons and bit buttons (e.g. in Co mpare by contents): Erase background before drawing button, draw highlight of bi t buttons 16.03.05 Fixed: Compare by contents: Removed WS_BORDER style, looks ugly (on W inXP only) 16.03.05 Fixed: Compare by contents: moved listboxes down 2 pixels to avoid ov erlapping of checkboxes under XP 16.03.05 Fixed: XP listbox bug: In synchronize dirs, clicking or double clicki ng below last listbox item affected the last item in the list 15.03.05 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: access violation after renaming when sortin g by extension needed 15.03.05 Fixed: Unpacking single archive containing " -" with option "unpack t o separate subdirs" didn't work correctly (" -" was interpreted as command line parameter) 13.03.05 Added: Auto-detect USB sticks and use compatibility mode to copy to t hem (can be disabled in configuration - copy/delete). Reason: USB sticks have no write cache on WinXP. 13.03.05 Fixed: Some TC functions not working properly if the TEMP variable po

inted to the root of a drive WITHOUT a trailing backslash, e.g. TEMP=f: 11.03.05 Added: Decoding MIME-encoded files: Accept file names in the form =?I SO-8859-1?Q?filename.ext?= (see RFC2047) 11.03.05 Added: Ftp over http proxy: upload entire dir trees, also to non-exis ting subdirs (proxy needs to support uploading of files to not yet existing subd irs) 11.03.05 Fixed: Lister html viewer: show &lsquo and &rsquo as normal single qu ote characters: ' 11.03.05 Fixed: On WinXP, CopyFileEx (compatibility mode) couldn't copy encryp ted files if the destination couldn't be encrypted 09.03.05 Fixed: Slow access to network admin shares like \\server\d$ because T C tried to get attributes/time stamp of \\server\d$ directory itself, which caus ed Windows to access \\server\d instead 8without the $) 08.03.05 Added: If ZIP encryption dll is installed, also allow to encrypt with external RAR, ACE, ARJ, ZIP 08.03.05 Added: Quick search: Letters only with no search dialog now also supp orts the * wildcard 08.03.05 Fixed: Top file list at wrong position with the following settings: v ertical arrangement, always show dir tabs, drive bar, not drive dropdown list 03.03.05 Fixed: Regular expression search in text: $ or \b at end of search st ring sometimes matched strings in the middle of a file, when the match was at th e end of the search buffer 01.03.05 Fixed: Speed limit for FTP and HTTP not working properly for high bit rates 01.03.05 Fixed: Could not switch through custom column views with cm_SrcNextCu stomView etc. if the view had no additional columns defined 01.03.05 Added: Middle click on drive button in drive button bar opens drive i n new tab 27.02.05 Added: Lister and Compare by Content now display tab characters corre ctly in Unicode mode (only on Windows NT/2000/XP, function is missing on Win9x) 27.02.05 Added: Path above file lists: Accept also forward slashes, e.g. //ser ver/share (auto-convert to backslashes) 25.02.05 Added: Synchronize dirs now also supports unicode names (normal files only, no archives, ftp or plugins) 25.02.05 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with zip-subdirs: using the wildcards selecti on box in the middle didn't find files by name (e.g. a*.*) when in subdirs, by e xtension worked fine 24.02.05 Fixed: Unpacking of files >2GB and <4GB from ZIP archives (>4GB alrea dy worked) 24.02.05 Added: Unpacking of ZIP archives >4GB 23.02.05 Fixed: Custom columns: tc.comment field wasn't refreshed if shown in the same column as a delayed field like shelldetails.comment 23.02.05 Fixed: F3 on file when path not accessible -> wait cursor shown 23.02.05 Added: Plugin columns with string content now also use the sort metho d defined via SortUpper= in wincmd.ini 23.02.05 Fixed: EXE icons initially didn't show up if share_nt.exe wasn't foun d 23.02.05 Added: Calculate occupied space (also before copying) now also suppor ts Unicode file names+dirs, as long as they have a valid alternate DOS name 23.02.05 Added: Change attributes now also works with Unicode file names+dirs, as long as they have a valid alternate DOS name 23.02.05 Fixed: Alt+F1 while quick view is open on the desktop -> drive dropdo wn list opens and quickly closes again 23.02.05 Fixed: FTP: CDUP command on command line didn't refresh the current d ir and directory listing 23.02.05 Fixed: CRC check: support file names starting with a space, or multip le spaces 23.02.05 Added: wcx_ftp.ini, [General], GetModeFromLocalFile=1 : The name of t he local file determines the transfer mode (binary, text) in automatic mode (nor mally: the name of the remote file)

23.02.05 Fixed: Multi-Rename-Tool: "Load results" button didn't take content p lugins into account 23.02.05 Added: New function ContentPluginUnloading in content plugin interfac e 23.02.05 Fixed: Content plugin returning different type on extraction than whe n loading -> crash in search function. Solution: Ignore such values in search (T C reports content plugin interface version >=1.3) 23.02.05 Fixed: Duplicate hotkey Alt+P in multi-rename tool 23.02.05 Fixed: Search - feed to listbox - lock tab - double click on director y -> search result was lost 23.02.05 Added: Drag&Drop to external programs now also works when using Alt+T ab instead of moving the cursor out of the program window 23.02.05 Fixed: Some functions didn't function correctly if the TEMP environme nt variable contained / instead of \, e.g. c:/temp instead of c:\temp 23.02.05 Fixed: Viewing files with Alt+F3 no longer working after "feed to lis tbox" 23.02.05 Fixed: Custom columns appeared to be sorted by non-existing column wh en sorting by the last column and then deleting that column 22.02.05 Fixed: Double click on configuration in custom columns dialog -> afte r closing the dialog, Drag&Drop of items was active 22.02.05 Fixed: LOAD-SAVE panel in FIND FILES not always refreshed correctly ( when saving with name which is part of another existing name) 22.02.05 Fixed: Changed quick search cursor color back to what it was in TC 6. 50, because the cursor became almost invisible with some configurations 22.02.05 Tested:Shell overlay icons definitely do NOT work on WinNT4 even with IE6, IShellIconOverlay interface is NOT available 22.02.05 Fixed: Synchronize dirs of 2 archives, deleting file via right click menu sometimes deleted file from the wrong archive 02.02.05 Release Total Commander 6.51 Final 02.02.05 Fixed: Windows XP: underlined characters and focus lines were not sho wn in dialogs, except when entering them with the keyboard. Solution: call to WM _CHANGEUISTATE 02.02.05 Fixed: Custom columns configuration dialog: Set minimum width, so the checkboxes and buttons at the bottom can no longer overlap each other 02.02.05 Fixed: Alt+F3 on file in archive stored with absolute path "\filename " passed wrong name with two \\ to external viewer 02.02.05 Fixed: FTP over HTTP didn't recognize <hr /> tag (horizontal line) 01.02.05 Fixed: Help file: replaced Helv font by Arial 01.02.05 Fixed: Switching from vertical arrangement to side by side panel view with two lines of tab headers in comment view showed wrongly sized listbox 01.02.05 Fixed: Compare by contents: Search function didn't search beyond the end of the shorter file 01.02.05 Fixed: Wrong number of selected files shown after changing attributes if nothing changed in the current dir 01.02.05 Fixed: Don't show any error when clicking on "Start" in "Compact thum bnail database" when no database exists yet 01.02.05 Fixed: Switching to TC via a hotkey of TC's desktop icon no longer wo rked (except when minimizing to the system tray) 30.01.05 Release Total Commander 6.51 Beta 1 30.01.05 Fixed: Switching between two ftp connections 0: and 1: both pointing to the root of the SAME server didn't update the tab header 28.01.05 Fixed: Hourglass cursor sometimes remained on panel when switching fr om normal tab to search results tab 28.01.05 Fixed: Access violation unpacking AES-encrypted ZIP archive if AES pl ugin installed under different extension than .AES 28.01.05 Fixed: Duplicating search results tab with Ctrl+T no longer worked 26.01.05 Fixed: F7 create directory: Couldn't create directory with Chinese ch aracters where the second byte had the same code as "|" used to create multiple

dirs in one step. Same problem in MRT Search+Replace 26.01.05 Fixed: Synchronize dirs between subdir in archive other than zip and normal dir didn't correctly take that archive subdir into account 26.01.05 Fixed: tc.size and tc.writedate columns in custom columns view will n ow be sorted (and show sorting headers) also via shortcuts Ctrl+F6 and Ctrl+F5 26.01.05 Fixed: Pressing Ctrl+Shift+F1 twice from custom view will switch to t humbnails view and back to the previous custom view, same for Ctrl+Shift+F2 26.01.05 Fixed: Auto-install plugins remembered wrong base path "plugins\w" in stead of just "plugins" 26.01.05 Fixed: Shift+F7 also searched backwards instead of forwards (only Shi ft+F3 should have done that) 26.01.05 Added: Custom columns view: Show <DIR> instead of size if dir size is n't counted 26.01.05 Fixed: Text thumbnails: use DEFAULT_FONT instead of ANSI_FONT to use default language settings 26.01.05 Fixed: Multi-rename-tool: Didn't remember spaces at the beginning/end of the string 25.01.05 Fixed: FTP: When connection is lost and a reconnect is needed, MODE Z isn't re-activated but TC still assumes that it is active -> empty dir lists 25.01.05 Fixed: pluginbasedir wasn't described in the help 25.01.05 Fixed: Rename field width wrong under custom columns view 25.01.05 Fixed: Deleted some unsupported internal commands from 16bit inc file 25.01.05 Fixed: Changed error message shown when a plugin with the same name i s already installed in a different dir 25.01.05 Fixed: After "disk full" message, copying was aborted - now the user can continue with the next file by clicking "Skip" 25.01.05 Fixed: Resume copying in background transfer manager was not working after clicking on the close button 25.01.05 Fixed: Print dialog: using right mouse button to change borders cause d unwanted results 25.01.05 Fixed: Synchronize dirs, FTP downloads: Allow to continue sync even w hen there is a transfer error (user will be asked) 25.01.05 Fixed: Trying to download a file which is locked on the server while MODE Z is enabled hangs TC (only with Filezilla server, not with other servers) 25.01.05 Fixed: When switching back from custom columns view with only 2 colum ns (name+ext) in both windows to full view on the left, the header titles were n ot restored 25.01.05 Fixed: When changing the header width in one window, change it in the other window too ONLY if both show the same view (full view or same custom fiel ds) 21.01.05 Fixed: When moving the re-packing of archives (e.g. zip->rar) to back ground, the rest of the files wasn't repacked 21.01.05 Fixed: Checking of md5sum.txt worked, but md5sum (without extension) wasn't recognized 21.01.05 Fixed: Search max. 5 seconds for other installed plugins when auto-in stalling (to avoid that an entire drive is searched) 21.01.05 Fixed: Dotted frame around current quick search item had strange colo rs (and not the normal inverse color) with some color settings 21.01.05 Fixed: Unwanted beep when connecting to FTP server supporting MODE Z compression 17.01.05 Release Total Commander 6.50 Final 17.01.05 Fixed: Configuration dialog: Show (Language) in addition to the trans lated term meaning language 17.01.05 Fixed: Configuration dialog: changing both custom fields in thumbnail s view and language left the custom field names in the old language 17.01.05 Fixed: Deleting or sorting custom column views didn't update the main menu 16.01.05 Fixed: tcuninst.exe didn't consider UseIniInProgramDir option in winc md.ini

16.01.05 Fixed: Bug in WinXP listbox control: lparam of lb_setcaretindex is ig nored (items are always scrolled completely into view) -> move mouse cursor as a workaround 16.01.05 Fixed: Left mouse selection mode: Right clicking on partially visible thumbnail still caused unwanted scrolling 14.01.05 Release Total Commander 6.50 RC2 14.01.05 Fixed: Rename/lock tab dialog: disallow to check both lock options si multaneously 14.01.05 Fixed: Error "function not implemented" when deleting last custom col umns view, while both panels show that view 14.01.05 Fixed: Use cabinet.dll coming with Windows (if available) instead of cabrk.dll (made from cabinet sdk) 12.01.05 Fixed: 'Save position' with 100% width of right panel caused left lis tbox to be lost if the menu bar has more than 1 line 12.01.05 Fixed: Right clicking on partially visible thumbnail caused unwanted scrolling 12.01.05 Fixed: Support for CurVer redirection key in registry e.g. Acrobat.Re ader\CurVer pointing to Acrobat.Reader.7 <- only on Win2k, XP and ME (and newer) 11.01.05 Release Total Commander 6.50 RC1 11.01.05 Fixed: When user entered environment variable like %commander_path% i n auto-install plugins, the env var wasn't resolved 09.01.05 Fixed: Shift+click on current path to go up one or more dirs: place c ursor on dir from which we were coming 09.01.05 Fixed: Delayed custom fields lost when changing sort order while cust om fields are still being retrieved 07.01.05 Fixed: Sort order in ft_datetime fields wasn't always correct 07.01.05 Fixed: ZIP packer: Overwriting of a file starting with a dual byte ch aracter not working, the file ended up twice in the zip 07.01.05 Fixed: Changedir to path in the form ::{idlist} not working in button bar if current dir was already a virtual folder 07.01.05 Fixed: When overwriting a file >2 GB, the remaining space wasn't corr ectly checked - TC gave a disk space warning even if size of newfile-size of old file >= free space 07.01.05 Fixed: Search dialog: "Plugins" header lost if not translated 07.01.05 Fixed: Using stored search with search in plugins always used AND and never OR to combine the rules 07.01.05 Fixed: Changed date from 2004 to 2005 in help, nag screen, about box 07.01.05 Fixed: Switch back to sorting by name when switching from custom colu mns view to thumbnails view 06.01.05 Fixed: Problem with non-appearing icons and/or custom fields on the r ight panel only 05.01.05 Added: Removed duplicate checking when mass-adding thumbnails to prel oading 05.01.05 Added: Abort preloading of thumbnails with ESC with Preloadthumbnails =1 and Preloadthumbnails=2 (especially for big branch views) 04.01.05 Release Total Commander 6.50 Beta 12 04.01.05 Added: wincmd.ini, [Configuration] ThumbnailMemoryLimit= sets number of thumbnails per panel cached in memory (default: 200 in Win9x, 500 on NT/2000 /XP, minimum: 100) 04.01.05 Fixed: Sometimes when entering a dir while in thumbnails mode, one th umbnail wasn't shown 04.01.05 Fixed: Packing problem: Last character of Chinese names cut off in ha lf when packing to .GZ or other packers which can hold only 1 file 04.01.05 Fixed: WinXP: Custom Column configurations dialog list out of bounds error when dragging items 04.01.05 Fixed: Opening drive dropdown combo, then clicking on folder tab head er changed order of tab headers

02.01.05 Added: Search dialog: moved 'Plugins' page in front of 'Load/Save' pa ge. Note to translators: Do NOT change the order of these strings! 02.01.05 Fixed: Comments from subdirs not deleted when moving a directory to a different drive 31.12.04 Fixed: Compare by contents, Unicode: Last character of last line miss ing if line wasn't ended with a newline character 31.12.04 Fixed: Compare by contents: newline at end was not always detected co rrectly 31.12.04 Added: More preloadthumbnails options: 0: no preload, 1: preload, but not in branch view, 2: preload all, 3: preload next 2 lines beyond last file 31.12.04 Added: Calls to Irfanview/Xnview now protected by their own critical section separate from icon load section 31.12.04 Fixed: New Irfanview extraction method: Avoid deadlocks by using a ca llback window belonging to the calling thread 31.12.04 Added: Internal content plugin: in addition to tc. the old form (int) . is again allowed (for people using the leaked beta version) 31.12.04 Added: ignore redefinition of LEFT+RIGHT (cursor keys without any shi ft keys) in thumbnails view 29.12.04 Added: Thumbnail database: wincmd.ini, [Configuration], ThumbnailPrea lloc= sets number of bytes to pre-allocate for thumbnails database to avoid frag mentation (default: 100'000) 29.12.04 Added: Protect thumbnail database via a Mutex global object to avoid problems when a user tries to compact the database in one program and shows thum bnails in another 29.12.04 Fixed: Do not load two or more content plugins with the same name 29.12.04 Added: Explanation of CompareIgnoreRepSpace to help file 29.12.04 Fixed: Multi-rename tool couldn't show file sizes >2 GB in the list ( didn't affect rename function) 29.12.04 Fixed: FTP download from list: Don't ask for target dir if there are Header: or Firewall: lines and all other lines contain a target path 29.12.04 Fixed: Changing from one virtual folder to another via command line p arameters didn't work 28.12.04 Added: Update quick view panel also when quick search dialog is up 28.12.04 Fixed: Access violation when trying to open item in control panel 28.12.04 Fixed: Several problems with thumbnail loading 24.12.04 Fixed: File list sometimes empty when switching from tree view to nor mal view (when tree view was empty) 24.12.04 Fixed: Icon display problem corrected 22.12.04 Release Total Commander 6.50 Beta 11 22.12.04 Fixed: XP: No thumbnails for folders with PreloadThumbnails=0 (the de fault) 22.12.04 Fixed: Changing custom fields below thumbnails didn't update view whe n database disabled 22.12.04 Fixed: When deleting the last custom columns view, TC now switches to full view 22.12.04 Fixed: NT4: List index out of bounds when deleting last custom column s view and clicking apply 21.12.04 Added: Custom columns view: call to contentstopgetvalue also when swi tching to a different view 21.12.04 Fixed: Don't show an error when pressing Ctrl+C on [..] with no files selected. Reason: Some translation programs send Ctrl+C on double clicks 21.12.04 Fixed: Decoding of base64 multipart files not working when other part s didn't contain encoding (e.g. base64) 19.12.04 Added: Changed last access and creation date to new ft_datetime forma t 19.12.04 Added: Changed name of Total Commander's internal content plugin from (int) to tc, e.g. tc.size 19.12.04 Added: New internal command cm_FocusCmdLine puts focus on command lin e

17.12.04 Fixed: Shift+Up/Down while in the command line caused strange file se lection changes 17.12.04 Fixed: Better handling of CRC file creation in search - feed to listb ox: Store full paths to files when creating one crc file, or store the files in the same dir as the files (one crc per file) 17.12.04 Added: New search direction option for lister: Shift+F3 now always se arches backwards, and resets search direction for F3 to forward (Ctrl+F3 still s witches between forward+backward search) 17.12.04 Fixed: Don't try to load tree view in file system plugins 17.12.04 Added: More default date/time formats (D-M-Y) 17.12.04 Fixed: Sometimes the thumbnail for 1 file wasn't shown after copying 15.12.04 Fixed: Alt+Enter on archive inside archive showed open packer icon 15.12.04 Added: Quick search in thumbnails view: Draw dotted line around entir e item, not just the name 15.12.04 Added: Show checkmark for left and right branch view commands 15.12.04 Added: Command to configure current custom columns view: cm_CustomCol umnDlg 14.12.04 Fixed: When the %TEMP% variable points to a junction, using %L as par ameter would delete the junction when closing the called app 14.12.04 Added: When dragging file to a tab with locked but dir changes allowe d, offer to copy to the locked root instead of the current dir 14.12.04 Added: 16-bit version: all cm_vis... commands now also supported, e.g . cm_visHistHotButtons to show/hide history+hotlist buttons 14.12.04 Fixed: Background transfer manager wasn't using custom icon (when usi ng the iconlib= option in wincmd.ini) 14.12.04 Fixed: Typing cd . in command line after search results was leading to strange results 14.12.04 Fixed: Ctrl+Z edit comment didn't show & character in names 12.12.04 Added: When adding a new column in custom columns configuration, defa ult to right aligned for all numeric fields 12.12.04 Added: New internal command cm_ToggleLockDcaCurrentTab same as cm_Tog gleLockCurrentTab but with directory changes allowed 12.12.04 Fixed: Ctrl+Shift+U not correctly working with "locked but directory changes allowed" 12.12.04 Added: Don't show plugin install dialog when entering plugin archive with Ctrl+PageDown instead of Enter 10.12.04 Fixed: Double click behind last item (of not full row) in thumbnails view still launched the last item. 09.12.04 Release Total Commander 6.50 Beta 10a 09.12.04 Fixed: Crash when starting with option iconsinthread=0 09.12.04 Fixed: Image loading via Irfanview stopped working with some newer Ir fanview versions 08.12.04 Release Total Commander 6.50 Beta 10 08.12.04 Added: New content plugin function to define the default sort order, e.g. ascending for name/extension, descending for size+date/time 07.12.04 Added: New content plugin field type ft_datetime (combined date+time) 07.12.04 Added: Clear file lists before switching to new tab, to avoid sorting of the old list by the new sort order (slow) 07.12.04 Added: totalcmd.inc: Moved section FileOperations in front of section Configuration (necessary so cm_Edit is found before cm_EditConfig!) 07.12.04 Added: Win9x/ME: Show error "Too many files" with lists longer than 3 2700 files, the maximum supported by standard listbox controls 07.12.04 Fixed: 16-bit version: Show error "Too many files" with lists longer than 16380 files, the maximum supported by 16-bit tcollection 07.12.04 Fixed: Multiline files.bbs comments: Remove leading spaces and | from additional lines when editing and displaying hints 07.12.04 Added: Windows NT/2000/XP: Copy file lists to clipboard as Unicode te xt (cm_copynamestoclip etc.)

07.12.04 Fixed: Changed MD5 checksum format to Unix standard: MD5 checksum, on e space, an asterisk "*" indicating binary check, then the file name 07.12.04 Added: Search dialog: Move "encrypted" checkbox to location of "compr essed" on Win9x 05.12.04 Fixed: Could not unpack while in thumbnails view 05.12.04 Fixed: Name+Ext. columns weren't initially translated when TC started with custom columns view 05.12.04 Fixed: Move current thumbnail into view when resizing panel or maximi zing Total Commander 05.12.04 Added: Correctly truncate file extension also in Show - Brief with Br iefViewWidthLimit= set 05.12.04 Added: Custom columns view: cut off name only at end of ext column wh en there is no extension 03.12.04 Added: Thumbnails view: Show extension always attached to name (not r ight-aligned) if thumbnail width <72 pixels 03.12.04 Fixed: Tabstops lost in custom columns configuration list 03.12.04 Fixed: restrictinterface=4 blocked only the context menu, not cm_butt onconfig 03.12.04 Added: Search by content plugins: translated operators can now have a length of max. 48 characters 03.12.04 Fixed: Switching away from a custom columns view tab and back reverte d sort order to "by name" 03.12.04 Fixed: Resorting custom columns view to "unsorted" mode made on deman d extra fields disappear! 03.12.04 Fixed: Better centering of icons in thumbnails view 01.12.04 Release Total Commander 6.50 Beta 9 01.12.04 Fixed: Using backslash in search function (content plugins) not corre ctly saved 01.12.04 Added: 16-bit version (without the thumbnail+custom view features, th ey require options not available on Win16) 30.11.04 Fixed: Icons in Nethood sometimes not shown 30.11.04 Fixed: FTP over HTTP: File sizes >2 GB not always working 30.11.04 Fixed: FTP over HTTP not working if the proxy was sending a login ban ner larger than 8 kBytes (now: up to 16 k possible) 30.11.04 Fixed: Close TC 6.5 with custom columns mode sorted by one of the col umns, start older TC version -> crash. Solution: Save custom sort orders in sepa rate variables 30.11.04 Fixed: Custom columns view: Sorting by (int).size or (int).date not w orking in FTP, plugins and Nethood 30.11.04 Fixed: Thumbnail view: Ignore invalid thumbnails returned by the Expl orer method 30.11.04 Fixed: Thumbnail view: Don't send notification for thumbnails without an image 29.11.04 Fixed: (again, see 19.11.) Clicking behind LAST column in thumbnail v iew selected first item on the next line 29.11.04 Fixed: Disabled Ctrl+PageDown on files in plugins or ftp, it could ha ng the program for a while 29.11.04 Fixed: Don't create quick search dialog when typing letters during Dr ag&Drop, could lead to freezing of TC 29.11.04 Fixed: Maximized custom-columns dialog was shown at the wrong positio n 29.11.04 Fixed: Custom columns view: vertical position thumb wasn't updated wh en changing sort order 29.11.04 Fixed: Update header position in custom columns view also when scroll ing horizontally with an Intellimouse (untested) 28.11.04 Fixed: LongInStatus=1 not updating status line when switching to thum bnails view 28.11.04 Fixed: Don't count dir size on <spacebar> in custom columns mode if ( int).size isn't shown

28.11.04 Fixed: Scroll back to 0 horizontal position when switching between cu stom column views 28.11.04 Added: Larger width of dropdown comboboxes in search - plugins 28.11.04 Fixed: Custom columns view: Revert to sort by name when switching bet ween custom column views 28.11.04 Fixed: Sorting with on demand or delayed custom columns not always wo rking 28.11.04 Fixed: Wrong icon shown for junctions in thumbnail view 24.11.04 Release Total Commander 6.50 Beta 8 24.11.04 Added: More options for UseIniInProgramDir: Add 2 for wcx_ftp.ini als o in TC dir, add 4 to override registry settings 24.11.04 Added: wincmd.ini, [Configuration] UseIniInProgramDir=1 causes TC to use wincmd.ini in program dir (must be written in that ini!) 24.11.04 Added: Content plugins now support on demand retrieval of fields (fie lds may not be mixed with delayed fields in same section) 24.11.04 Fixed: Button bar edit misbehaviour on Win9x only (click on icon some times selects wrong item) 23.11.04 Added: Show big icons (32x32) in thumbnails view, also added Win2k 32 x32 folder icons 23.11.04 Added: FTP: New firewall/proxy type: HTTP CONNECT (tunnels ftp throug h a HTTP proxy like SQUID). 23.11.04 Fixed: Thumbnails mode: Thumbnail extraction stopped when changing so rt order 23.11.04 Fixed: Thumbnails mode: LongInStatus=1 not updating status line when using left/right cursor keys 23.11.04 Fixed: Thumbnails mode: Thumbnails are now horizontally centered with in their cell 23.11.04 Fixed: Thumbnails mode: current item frame now around the entire item including the thumbnail 23.11.04 Added: wincmd.ini [Colors] ThumbnailFrame= sets color of frame around thumbnails. -1=default, -2=invisible, or RGB value red+256*green+65536*blue 21.11.04 Added: Translation of bytes, kBytes and and MBytes in Search dialog ( second page) 21.11.04 Added: New default hotkey for custom columns mode list: Shift+F1 21.11.04 Fixed: Wrong icon displayed in zip files for file types like .bmp wit h icons per file 21.11.04 Fixed: No extension shown in Search - feed to listbox when using a cu stom view 19.11.04 Fixed: Clicking behind LAST column in thumbnail view selected first i tem on the next line 19.11.04 Fixed: Wrong report for equal/unequal files in the status line of syn c dirs 19.11.04 Fixed: Some corrections to totalcmd.inc 19.11.04 Fixed: Internal content plugin: dosname: Show uppercase long name whe n no short name is returned by FindFirstFile() 19.11.04 Fixed: Custom columns configuration list: show spaces instead of \n 19.11.04 Fixed: Return results from slow content plugins not ignored when chan ging dirs 19.11.04 Added: Changed order of thumbnail extraction options to order used by Total Commander 19.11.04 Added: New item in tabstop header right click menu: "Configure this c ustom columns view" 19.11.04 Fixed: Apply button not enabled when changing horizontal scrollbar or auto-adjust options in custom columns dialog 19.11.04 Added: New internal field "offline" for files with offline attribute 17.11.04 Release Total Commander 6.50 Beta 7 17.11.04 Fixed: Custom columns view: Invalid date/time shown for virtual file items

17.11.04 Fixed: Custom columns view: Resorting by columns requested custom fie lds for ".." updir item by mistake 17.11.04 Added: Show warning to plugin writers and translators when a custom f ield contains an invalid character .=:"|[] which are used for special purposes 17.11.04 Fixed: Custom columns configuration: Views with no additional columns were not shown in the list 17.11.04 Added: Support for environment variables in local dir of configured f tp server connection 17.11.04 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] BriefViewWidthLimit= sets width lim it (in pixels) for a column in brief view 17.11.04 Fixed: Packer problem with latest rar version 3.4x packing subdirs tw ice 16.11.04 Added: New internal content value 'directory' 16.11.04 Added: Custom view modes support two new options: horizontal scrollba r on/off, auto-adjust name field width to window width 14.11.04 Fixed: Big fonts mode: Horizontal scrollbar was shown in custom colum ns dialog 16.11.04 Added: Show XP-style thin frames for thumbnails instead of 3d frames 16.11.04 Added: Refresh comment also in extra fields view when editing it with Ctrl+Z 16.11.04 Added: F2/Ctrl+R will now also cause a reload of all custom fields 16.11.04 Added: Win32-style hints can now also contain custom fields from cont ent plugins 14.11.04 Added: wincmd.ini PreloadThumbnails=1 pre-load thumbnails when enteri ng a dir (not only when scrolling to the file) 14.11.04 Added: Thumbnail extraction queue: Extract those thumbnails first whi ch are in the currently visible part of the list 14.11.04 Fixed: Stop wild flickering when changing width of panel with thumbna ils (sometimes even causing a crash) 14.11.04 Added: New internal field (int).path 14.11.04 Added: New internal commands to cycle through custom views: cm_srcne xtcustomview, cm_srcprevcustomview, cm_trgnextcustomview, cm_trgprevcustomview, cm_leftnextcustomview, cm_leftprevcustomview, cm_rightnextcustomview, cm_rightpr evcustomview 14.11.04 Fixed: Ctrl-F5 and Ctrl-F6 in custom columns view didn't sort in desc ending order by default 14.11.04 Fixed: Some search parameters were no longer saved 12.11.04 Release Total Commander 6.50 Beta 6 12.11.04 Fixed: Quick search with search dialog, click on file -> dotted frame around last match not removed 12.11.04 Fixed: Field (int).VersionString was broken 12.11.04 Added: Custom columns dialog: Only show up/down column sorting scroll er when a line is active 12.11.04 Added: Listbox for custom columns: Edit configuration with double cli ck 12.11.04 Added: Changed title of listbox for custom columns to Custom column c onfigurations (sort with Drag&Drop): 12.11.04 Fixed: Search files dialog: When saving a search, don't save plugins if the option "Search plugins" is NOT checked 12.11.04 Added: Save screen position of custom columns configuration dialog 12.11.04 Fixed: Custom columns dialog header wasn't translated 11.11.04 Fixed: Thumbnails via Irfanview/Xnview stopped working correctly 10.11.04 Release Total Commander 6.50 Beta 5 10.11.04 Fixed: Switching directly from custom columns view to thumbnails view showed wrong sorting headers 10.11.04 Fixed: DetectString for WDX plugin didn't work with checks by content , e.g. [0]="M" & [1]="Z". However, this is really not recommended, because it ca nnot be postponed and will slow down file display a lot.

10.11.04 Added: Alt+Shift+F3 now also works in search function 10.11.04 Added: Auto-install plugins: Support 2 cases: all plugins in their ow n dir below the plugin base dir, and all plugins in subdirs below plugin type su bdir 10.11.04 Added: Auto-install plugins: If a plugin with the same name is alread y installed, TC will suggest its directory for the installation 10.11.04 Added: Internal plugin (int).dosname field containing the 8.3 form of the file name used by dos 10.11.04 Added: VersionInOverwrite=0 turns off display of file version informa tion in overwrite dialog 09.11.04 Added: Allow to check md5 checksums from files named md5sum.txt 09.11.04 Added: Support for content plugins in spread/shrink selection 09.11.04 Added: WinXP: Configuration - Misc - Sounds: Try to open second page of sounds panel 09.11.04 Added: New configuration dialog for custom columns view 07.11.04 Added: New internal command cm_visHistHotButtons to switch history+ho tlist button on/off 07.11.04 Fixed: Option "remove thumbnails for inaccessible disks" had no effec t for USB disks 07.11.04 Fixed: Colors by content plugins were no longer shown 07.11.04 Fixed: Crash when closing all duplicate tabs via right click menu cau ses tab header to disappear 07.11.04 Fixed: Tab header right click menu wasn't translated 05.11.04 Added: Support for environment variables in parameters /L= and /R= 05.11.04 Fixed: Custom columns not working with translated strings if they con tained conditional text in "", e.g. [=(int).taille" k"] 05.11.04 Fixed: Disallow \n string in custom columns view (it's used to separa te fields) 05.11.04 Fixed: Unpacking Cab file to a Windows 2000 share (UNC path) creates truncated files, due to a bug in Windows (SetFileAttributes truncates open file! ) 05.11.04 Added: Try to remove background color borders from Explorer thumbnail s 05.11.04 Fixed: Sometimes Explorer returned thumbnails larger than requested ( e.g. always the Explorer standard of 128x128) 05.11.04 Added: Call to GdiFlush in Icon thread to ensure that all images are fully drawn 03.11.04 Release Total Commander 6.50 Beta 4 03.11.04 Added: Custom columns: Always show size field (and other fields of ty pe int64) with thousands separators as configured in control panel 03.11.04 Fixed: Plugin detect strings were sometimes truncated in the configur ation dialog, now strings up to 2000 characters should work 03.11.04 Added: Limit the number of loaded thumbnail images per side to 500 (W in9x: 200) in very large dirs to keep resource+memory usage low 03.11.04 Fixed: Find files - Plugins page: Help didn't work 03.11.04 Fixed: Thumbnails view: Ctrl+Home/End now places cursor on first/last item 03.11.04 Fixed: Thumbnails view: Shift+cursor up/down now selects all files be tween the current item and the previously current item 03.11.04 Added: Some more strings can now be translated: RegEx, LS Plugins, Li ster Plugins 02.11.04 Added: Don't save custom columns having only name+extension columns a nd no name 02.11.04 Added: TC now supports a maximum of 29 custom view modes, only the co nfigured modes with a name are listed in the menu! 02.11.04 Added: cm_LeftDirBranch and cm_RightDirBranch activates branch view i n left/right panel 02.11.04 Fixed: No custom fields and no EXE icons shown for files with Unicode names

02.11.04 Fixed: Always scroll viewed file name into view when activating quick view (Ctrl+Q) 02.11.04 Fixed: Removed some more calls to content plugins which cannot work ( e.g. for ftp in multi-rename tool, or archives in search) 02.11.04 Fixed: Could not sort by [=(int).size] field 02.11.04 Fixed: Re-display thumbnails when switching between two thumbnail dat abase locations (e.g. with different thumbnail sizes) 02.11.04 Added: "Configure custom columns" to sorting header right click menu also on inactive panel 02.11.04 Added: "Comments view" and "Thumbnails view" to sorting header right click menu 31.10.04 Fixed: Auto-install plugins: wrong base dir saved if proposed install path contained a backslash 31.10.04 Fixed: Color filters not working properly after feed search results t o panel when using content plugins 31.10.04 Fixed: switching directly from custom columns to thumbnails view show s distorted text 31.10.04 Fixed: cm_ReloadSelThumbs selected current file if nothing was select ed 31.10.04 Fixed: Some problems with locked tabs containing search results 31.10.04 Added: wincmd.ini [Lister] IviewAdditionalTypes=*.xyz *.abc will pa ss files matching these filters to Irfanview/Xnview (note that these programs ma y not be able to handle them) 31.10.04 Fixed: Thumbnails view: Fields by file type not shown when slow-loadi ng (in background) 31.10.04 Fixed: Thumbnails view: Fields by file type configuration didn't work correctly 31.10.04 Fixed: Long delay when trying to switch from a virtual folder to a pa th starting with an invalid environment variable 31.10.04 Added: Custom columns view: Left/right keys switch to command line if there is no horizontal scrollbar 31.10.04 Added: The following internal content plugin fields now also work in archives, ftp etc: size, writedate, writetime, attributes, attributestr 31.10.04 Fixed: Compact thumbnails database: USB sticks were treated like CDs, but they have a separate menu option 31.10.04 Fixed: Show smaller vertical scroller in compare by contents listbox with better resolution on large screens 31.10.04 Fixed: Custom columns configuration: '+' buttons were 'translated' w hen changing language 31.10.04 Fixed: Memory leak in overlay icon extract function 29.10.04 Added: Made the option to show custom fields below thumbnails indepen dent from the default custom field, so it's now possible to have no default cust om field, but per file type custom fields. 29.10.04 Fixed: Win9x: Compact thumbnail database + delete thumbnails for no l onger existing files deleted all thumbnails 29.10.04 Added: Don't drop search results when switching between full, custom columns and thumbnail views (selecting long view in long view will revert to nor mal file list as in previous versions) 29.10.04 Added: wincmd.ini: Added new option AlwaysUnpackInBackground=, moves unpacker dialog to background automatically: 1 only unzip, 2 also external, 3 sh ow external minimized 29.10.04 Added: Synchronize dirs: Ctrl+F3 to compare left and right 29.10.04 Fixed: Alt+F10 tree not shown correctly when in thumbnails view 29.10.04 Fixed: Thumbnails view: Rightmost thumbnail column could be partly hi dden below right scrollbar 29.10.04 Fixed: [(int) Plugin] size.Mbytes no longer showed size in Megabytes 29.10.04 Fixed: Content plugins were also called for FTP, packers, file system plugins and virtual folders, where they cannot work but cause slowdowns 29.10.04 Fixed: No ole Drag&Drop (e.g. from other windows) when starting up in thumbnail view

29.10.04 n't really 29.10.04 ir changes

Fixed: When unchecking "locked with dir changes allowed", the tab was unlocked Fixed: TC sometimes crashed when switching from/to tab "locked with d allowed" containing a virtual folder

27.10.04 Release Total Commander 6.50 Beta 3 27.10.04 Fixed: OLE Drag&Drop (right mouse button) no longer working after swi tching to thumbnail view 27.10.04 Added: Internal command cm_GoToLockedDir: Go to the base dir of locke d tab (locked with directory changes allowed) 27.10.04 Fixed: [install plugin] Confirm overwrites modified the file name (th e dialog was re-used from a different function) 27.10.04 Fixed: Files with unknown size in virtual folders got wrong color fil ters color 27.10.04 Fixed: When pressing Ctrl+Q during thumbnail view and the quick view panel has different width, the thumbnail could have scrolled out of view 27.10.04 Added: wincmd.ini, LockedGoToDriveRoot=1: Clicking the "\" button or pressing Ctrl+\ goes to drive root instead of locked tab root 27.10.04 Added: Custom columns view: The first unit name is now not shown as e mpty but as "<default>" 27.10.04 Added: Custom columns view: The total of all fields can now be 1023 c haracters (before: 259 characters) 27.10.04 Added: Thumbnails view will now no longer expect images of the full s ize (96x96), but max. with this size. Smaller images will be centered. Reason: T he border will have TCs background color! 26.10.04 Added: Allow to "lock-with dir change" also virtual folders, if they can be represented in the form ::{idlist}::{idlist} ... 26.10.04 Fixed: Virtual folders on Tabs were no longer remembered 26.10.04 Fixed: When packing file with spaces to same dir and switching to one archive per file, the initial " was forgotten 26.10.04 Added: Sort named filters in copy dialog by name (those with a > in f ront) 26.10.04 Added: When switching from/to branch view with Ctrl+B, keep the curso r on the file currently under the cursor 26.10.04 Added: Save thumbnail size also in wincmd.ini for the case when the d atabase is deleted by accident 26.10.04 Added: Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F5 (when assigned manually to cm_packfiles) ope ns pack dialog for moving to archive in same dir 26.10.04 Fixed: Sorting by custom fields not working correctly in branch view (slow field wasn't pre-fetched) 26.10.04 Added: Support for zip-nt 2.3 for packing 26.10.04 Fixed: Internal content plugin: field versionnr was sometimes returni ng invalid values 26.10.04 Added: Synchronize dirs: Show small dotted rectangle around selected copy filters (reason: on WinXP it's often hard to distinguish pressed and non-pr essed buttons) 26.10.04 Added: Content plugin variables can now contain conditional text whic h is only displayed if the variable exists, e.g. [="text1"plugin.variable.unit:4 -7"text2"] 26.10.04 Fixed: cm_CompareDirs didn't select a file when a directory with iden tical name existed in the other panel 26.10.04 Added: New internal command cm_CompareDirsWithSubdirs: Like cm_Compar eDirs, but also mark subdirs not present in other dir 26.10.04 Added: Changed default location for thumbnail database on non-win9x s ystems to %$LOCAL_APPDATA%\GHISLER (reverts to %APPDATA% if local appdata doesn' t exist) 26.10.04 Added: wincmd.ini: Added new option AlwaysPackInBackground=, moves pa cker dialog to background automatically: 1 only zip, 2 also external, 3 show ext ernal minimized 26.10.04 Fixed: There was a critical stop sound when pressing ESC in inplace r

ename when the edit field was empty 26.10.04 Fixed: Custom view: Selection not cleared when changing dirs 26.10.04 Fixed: The first char was cut off when using "Create separate archive s, one per selected file/dir" and packing to the same dir 26.10.04 Fixed: Win98SE - Compact thumbnail database caused crash when selecti ng to delete no longer existing files (cause: missing Unicode function) 24.10.04 Added: "Size" field in custom columns mode can now show the size of d irectories when counting with spacebar or alt+shift+enter 24.10.04 Added: Custom columns: For size field, added options bkM and bkM2 to show in bytes/kbytes/Mbytes mode (2: with 1 fractional digit) 24.10.04 Fixed: Limit thumbnail dimensions to multiples of 8, otherwise some E xplorer extensions seem to crash when extracting plugins! 24.10.04 Fixed: Setting a custom column width of 0 causes access violation 24.10.04 Fixed: Search results (feed to listbox) now also work with custom col umns view 24.10.04 Added: QuickSearchExactMatch=1 in wincmd.ini matches exact string in quick search (except for first dot), e.g. typing win.i matches win.ini but not w incmd.ini 24.10.04 Fixed: System information: Detect Intel Itanium (if the operating sys tem supports it) 24.10.04 Fixed: Win98: long delay when entering root dir when color filter def ined for internal content plugin - comments 22.10.04 Added: Synchronize dirs: Show more details in footer 22.10.04 Fixed: Search: When selecting a previous regex search from history, r egex was checked, but not unchecked when selecting normal item. Fix only possibl e when history list dropped down. 22.10.04 Added: New internal command cm_ListInternalOnly calls lister without plugins or multimedia, same as Alt+Shift+F3 22.10.04 Added: Always show tip windows (when enabled) in thumbnail view with search results 22.10.04 Added: When displaying search result in thumbnail view (after feed to listbox), show only the file names, without the full path 22.10.04 Fixed: Custom columns view: After switching to a different dir while fields were still being loaded could send field contents to wrong file 22.10.04 Added: Plugin auto-installation now also supports translated plugin d escriptions, just append 3 character language string xyz from wcmd_xyz.lng file. Example: descriptiondeu=<description in German> 22.10.04 Added: AutoInstallPlugins=0 in wincmd.ini turns off automatic install ation dialog for plugins 20.10.04 Added: Use Shift+Cursor keys to activate command line in thumbnails v iew 20.10.04 Fixed: (again) When using separate Left/Right menus, the checkmarks f or thumbnail+custom columns view weren't always correct 20.10.04 Added: Copy function: After clicking Abort, it's now possible still t o continue the copy operation 20.10.04 Added: Toggling comment view or thumbnails view will remember brief v iew (will switch back to brief view if it was previously active) 20.10.04 Fixed: Avoid delay when trying to switch to file system plugin via bu tton bar button or directory menu 20.10.04 Added: InplaceRenamePath=2: Disable inplace rename of path, but enabl e quick directory changes with single click (no shift needed) 20.10.04 Added: New pseudo-environment variable $COMMON_PICTURES 19.10.04 Release Total Commander 6.50 Beta 2 19.10.04 Added: Overlay icons are now off by default, because some testers com plained about slow file listings 19.10.04 Fixed: cm_ChangeStartMenu causing access violation if start menu was disabled via RestrictInterface=1 19.10.04 Fixed: Horizontal scrollbar disappeared after icon or font size chang e

19.10.04 Added: Custom colors now also supports content plugins (warning, this can slow down directory listings) 19.10.04 Added: Custom fields: use 'y' for 2 digit year, 'Y' for 4 digit year 19.10.04 Added: New right click menu item "Re-load selected thumbnails", inter nal command cm_ReloadSelThumbs 19.10.04 Fixed: Option "EXE/LNK not on net" wasn't correctly detected in UNC s earch results 19.10.04 Added: When the option "EXE/LNK not on net" is checked, then overlay icons will not be retrieved on network drives either 19.10.04 Added: Revert to stored root already when switching away from locked tab with dir changes allowed (affects Drag&Drop to that tab) 19.10.04 Fixed: Set font size in configuration - plugins to 8 for explanations to avoid that they are cut off 19.10.04 Fixed: Gray+ now works in background transfer manager even if no cont rol has focus 19.10.04 Fixed: Custom columns: zero floating point values showed as 0.0000000 000E0000 instead of 0 19.10.04 Added: New pseudo-environment variables $MYPICTURES,$LOCAL_APPDATA,$C OMMON_APPDATA,$COMMON_DESKTOPDIRECTORY,$COMMON_DOCUMENTS,$COMMON_PROGRAMS,$COMMO N_STARTMENU,$COMMON_STARTUP 19.10.04 Fixed: Sometimes access violation when trying to sort columns in cust om columns configuration 19.10.04 Fixed: Custom columns search page was sometimes opened without any ed it box line (not correctly saved) 18.10.04 Fixed: When MD5 creation was remembered, the wrong extension .sfv was used 18.10.04 Fixed: Don't check directory tab contents at every program start (TC was checking whether an archive was open) 17.10.04 Fixed: Problem switching to locked tab containing either thumbnail vi ew or custom columns 17.10.04 Fixed: Keep selection and current item when switching to/from thumbna il view 17.10.04 Fixed: When using separate Left/Right menus, the checkmarks for thumb nail+custom columns view weren't always correct 17.10.04 Fixed: Drag&Drop on archive or dir in thumbnail view copied the files to the wrong location 17.10.04 Added: On slow drives, when pressing ENTER on ZIP files, show open pa ckage icon earlier, before checking that it is really an archive (better feedbac k) 14.10.04 Fixed: Thumbnails view not working for BMP etc. if Explorer method di sabled or unavailable 14.10.04 Fixed: Custom fields not on same base line as name+ext! 14.10.04 Fixed: Problem with Tab in search dialog 14.10.04 Fixed: Use DIBs instead of DDBs for thumbnails, should avoid problems with black thumbnails 14.10.04 Fixed: Custom columns+thumbnails view: Specified field units (e.g. kb ytes) were not always working 14.10.04 Fixed: Win9x: F6 or Shift+F6 during rename didn't select the correct name part for multi-dot file names 14.10.04 Fixed: Plugin installation: a string wasn't translated yet 14.10.04 Added: Custom column mode: append extension to name if this is set in full view too! 14.10.04 Fixed: Custom column mode: Extension wasn't correctly truncated (too short) 14.10.04 Fixed: Thumbnail database configuration: >> button pointed to file se lection dialog instead of tree dialog 14.10.04 Added: Thumbnail database can now be disabled by specifying empty dir (the thumbnail size will then be stored in wincmd.ini) 14.10.04 Fixed: Thumbnail database location change became effective only after restarting TC

14.10.04 Added: Ctrl+Shift+F1 hotkey for thumbnail view 14.10.04 Fixed: Disable overlay icon checkbox if option unavailable (it only w orks on Windows ME/2000/XP) 14.10.04 Added: Synchronize: When 2 files with same name but different case ar e found, then show them both in the error dialog 14.10.04 Added: Changed attribute character for encrypted files to 'e', compre ssed to 'c' 13.10.04 Fixed: Unchecking "Show custom fields below thumbnails" wasn't workin g 13.10.04 Fixed: Apply button not shown when deleting last column in custom vie w 13.10.04 Added: Commands for thumbnail view and custom view modes to totalcmd. inc 12.10.04 Fixed: Thumbnail view couldn't be activated with internal English lan guage 12.10.04 Fixed: MODE Z wasn't activated because tcunzlib.dll wasn't loaded aut omatically 12.10.04 Release Total Commander 6.50 Beta 1 12.10.04 Fixed: Color filters were not working correctly with files or dirs >4 GB (when comparing by size) 12.10.04 Added: New command cm_switchOverlayIcons to switch overlay icons on a nd off 06.10.04 Added: Right click menu to tab headers to select between brief, full, and custom columns mode, and to configure custom columns 06.10.04 Added: When selecting a previously unused custom columns mode, TC wil l now open the configuration dialog to define the columns 06.10.04 Fixed: Custom columns mode wasn't marked in the menu after switching to it 05.10.04 Added: Increased max. button count per button bar to 299 05.10.04 Fixed: Crash when trying to edit button bar with more than 199 button s 03.10.04 Added: FTP: Option to only use ports from limited range for PORT conn ections, useful when behind a NAT firewall. 03.10.04 Added: Moved zlib unpacking (for thumbnails and MODE Z) to separate D LL tcunzlib.dll, so wcmzip32.dll from previous version can be kept 24.09.04 Added: Configuration - Display: Show overlay icons allows to show/hid e the little overlay icons shown for links, shares, etc. 22.09.04 Added: Search in plugins: restore last used plugin search when switch ing to plugins page of the search dialog 21.09.04 Added: Content plugins: Support for detect strings (only call plugin for those files for which it was written, e.g. the id3 plugin only for mp3 files ) 21.09.04 Added: Remember special display modes (thumbnails, comments, custom c olumns) when closing TC 21.09.04 Added: Remember special display modes (thumbnails, comments, custom c olumns) separately per tab 21.09.04 Fixed: Problem with thumbnail database packing (image dimensions were lost) 19.09.04 Added: Delete thumbs database in uninstall function when choosing to delete settings files 17.09.04 Fixed: Thumbnail view: Avoid that the empty space after the last item could get focus 17.09.04 Fixed: gray+ no longer working in background transfer manager 15.09.04 Added: Synchronize dirs: Also allow to set copy direction of equal fi les (via right click menu only!), e.g. for copying them to a different location 15.09.04 Fixed: Search window: Tab key allowed to switch to search results lis t even if it was invisible 10.09.04 Added: Subdir filters now also work when copying (only files of this type). Syntax: Include: somedir1\ somedir2\ Exclude: *.* | somedir1\ somedir2\

10.09.04 Fixed: Multi-rename file with comment -> comment preserved. Choose "u ndo" -> comment was lost! 10.09.04 Fixed: Brief view: if extension is very long, and displayed in second or later column, it may overlap with next column 08.09.04 Added: Hints for cut file names in custom view 07.09.04 Added: Store image dimensions in thumbnail database, not in wincmd.in i 07.09.04 Added: Custom column modes 1-9 can be given names 07.09.04 Added: Custom column mode: Column widths of name+ext column can be ch anged individually per mode 07.09.04 Added: Custom column mode: Store width in dialog units, added up/down selector 01.09.04 Fixed: When copying files in background (F5-F2), no additional NTFS s treams were copied 01.09.04 Fixed: Access violation when entering a zip file name longer than 255 characters in Files - Pack 01.09.04 Fixed: Append to read only file failed -> TC asked to overwrite, and then overwrote the file instead of appending 01.09.04 Added: Shift+Click on a part of the current path switches up to that dir 31.08.04 Added: Configuration of multiple (up to 9) custom views 22.08.04 Added: Sorting by custom fields (in custom field view only). Note: Th is can be slow because the field by which we sort has to be loaded for ALL items before a single item can be shown 17.08.04 Added: Copy/Delete thumbs now in background thread 11.08.04 Added: Compacting thumbs database now works 11.08.04 Added: New configuration page for configuring all plugin types 08.08.04 Added: Improved thumb database: Re-use space freed when deleting imag es (store free blocks in free list tcthumbs.frl), combine subsequent free blocks to one, split reused block if remaining space >1/2 of inserted image size 04.08.04 Added: Content plugins: New flag to ContentGetValue which asks to del ay info extraction if it is slow. The info will then retrieved in a background t hread 04.08.04 Added: New Internal commands cm_GotoDriveA..cm_GotoDriveZ to switch t o one of these drives (same as "cd c:\", but also works for hotkeys) 04.08.04 Added: Two new internal commands cm_GotoNextDrive and cm_GotoPrevious Drive to switch to next/previous available drive 04.08.04 Added: New pseudo environment variables supported, pointing to locati ons of virtual folders: %$APPDATA%, %$DESKTOP%, %$PERSONAL% (My Documents), %$PR OGRAMS%, %$STARTMENU%, %$FONTS%, %$STARTUP% (use lowercase to access env vars wi th these names) 03.08.04 Added: F5 - F2 now transfers in background also for FTP uploads+downl oads (without affecting the checkbox) 01.08.04 Fixed: When deleting first tab while cursor on another tab, the curre nt tab is moved 01.08.04 Added: New function "Close duplicate tabs" in tab header right click menu 30.07.04 Fixed: Inplace rename not working in thumbs view 27.07.04 Added: CRC-checksum: remember whether md5 is checked or not 27.07.04 Added: MD5-checksum: use lowercase characters for MD5 20.07.04 Fixed: OLE documents support only names up to 31 chars <- problem wit h thumbs database. Fix: Split long names into parts of 30 chars starting with '? ' as indicator 16.07.04 Added: New internal command cm_GoToFirstFile places cursor on first f ile (not dir) in list 13.07.04 Added: Added: time modifiers for am/pm: A=hour in am/pm format, P=am/ pm string, p=a/p string. Example: [=filesys.writetime.A-M-SP] pastes e.g. 11-3005am 13.07.04 Added: Multi-rename tool: Added date modifiers for plugins in multi-r ename tools, e.g. [=filesys.writedate.Y-M-D] pastes time in format year-month-da

y. Uppercase letters mean fixed with (2004-06-02), lowercase means variable widt h (2004-6-2) 13.07.04 Added: Multi-rename tool: Added time modifiers for plugins in multi-r ename tools, e.g. [=filesys.writetime.H-M-S] pastes time in format hours-minutes -seconds. Uppercase letters mean fixed with (05-03-01), lowercase means variable width (5-3-1) 07.07.04 Added: Content plugins in multi-rename tool. Format: [=pluginname.fie ldname.unit] or [=pluginname.fieldname.unit:4-7] for partial string 07.07.04 Added: First implementation of content plugins 07.07.04 Added: Option to resize lister plugin configuration dialog (and fs pl ugin dlg too), size not remembered 06.07.04 Added: Support for the new AES plugin supporting WinZIP 9 decryption 06.07.04 Added: Show number of selected / total dirs in footer, configurable v ia Configuration - Tabstops - "Show directory count in footer" 06.07.04 Added: When leaving branch view mode with Ctrl+B and the cursor stand s on a file in a subdir, go to that subdir instead of the branch view root (use F2 or Ctrl+R to go to branch view root) 06.07.04 Added: Create multiple dirs (with F7) with syntax dir1|dir2|dir3 or c:\dir1|c:\dir2|c:\dir3 or a mix of both 06.07.04 Added: Pressing F6 (or Shift+F6) in the inplace rename field will sel ect just the name/the name+ext 06.07.04 Added: When dropping data from Outlook Express (or other OLE2 sources ), allow to rename if the name already exists (not only overwrite+skip) 30.06.04 Added: New lister plugin function ListGetPreviewBitmap() which is use d by thumbnail view 30.06.04 Added: SortUpper=3 uses StrCmpLogicalW on Windows XP, works like Sort Upper=2 on other operating systems 30.06.04 Added: Multi-rename tool: Search+Replace now has a history list store d in wincmd.ini sections RenameSearchFind and RenameSearchReplace 30.06.04 Added: Multi-rename tool: Resize Search+Replace box to use all availa ble space 30.06.04 Added: Multi-rename tool: Button to reload rename results for next re name step. Hotkey: F5 30.06.04 Added: Multi-rename tool: Multiple search+replace (not with regex). E xample: Remove all German umlauts. Search for: ||| Replace with: ae|oe|ue|ss 30.06.04 Added: New internal commands cm_srcactivatetab1..10 activates tab 1-1 0 in source panel, similar for target. Not in totalcmd.inc: 5201-5299 left tabs, 5301-5399 right tabs 30.06.04 Added: Some more shortcuts to synchronize dirs, see right click menu. Shortcuts not listed there: Ctrl+A select all, Ctrl+F select all in current dir 30.06.04 Added: File lists: show <LNK> instead of <DIR> for junctions (dir lin ks) 29.06.04 Added: Two new switches: /T opens passed dirs in new tabs, /S interpr ets the passed dirs as source/target instead of left/right (for usage with the / O switch) 29.06.04 Added: New type of locked tab: still allows to change dirs, but rever ts to tab-root when clicking "\" or switching to other tab and back 24.06.04 Fixed: Tree view: don't jump x dirs up when creating new dir 24.06.04 Fixed: Lister crashed when using 2 monitors with secondary larger tha n primary, and lister maximized on secondary 22.06.04 Fixed: Synchronize dirs speed display faulty 19.06.04 Added: Thumbnail viewer 19.06.04 Added: Moved icon overlay extraction to background 18.06.04 Fixed: cm_LoadSelectionFromClip not restoring names with spaces 15.06.04 Added: Support for MODE Z also for FxP, except if source+target are t he same server (then MODE Z would be slower) 15.06.04 Added: Support for MODE Z compressed uploading/downloading (using zli b compression 'on the fly') 14.06.04 Fixed: No progress bar when downloading files >4GB via HTTP (Ctrl+N) 14.06.04 Added: Clear timer after pause of copying

06.06.04 Added: Show current speed also when copying in synchronize dirs funct ion 06.06.04 Fixed: Radio buttons problem with tabs 06.06.04 Added: treefilelocation__server_share= sets location of treeinfo file only for drive \\server\share 06.06.04 Added: treefilelocationE= sets location of treeinfo file only for dri ve E (note: only works if treefilelocation= is set too) 06.06.04 Added: treefilelocation= supports variables %D% =current drive, %R%= root path, %L% =volume label <- must be uppercase, otherwise TC will look for en vironment variables with this name! 06.06.04 Added: Define different location of files treeinfo.wc via wincmd.ini, treefilelocation=c:\somedir\treeinfo%D%.wc 06.06.04 Added: NTFS-packed files are shown with a 'p' in the attributes colum n, NTFS-encrypted files with a 'c'. 06.06.04 Added: Search for encrypted files added (finds both NTFS-encrypted fi les and encrypted files inside of archives), can also be used for coloring 06.06.04 Added: Automatic installation of languages when archive contains file pluginst.inf (same method as for plugins) 04.06.04 Added: Don't check for sharing flags if icon overlays enabled (they w ill handle that) 01.06.04 Added: Support for icon overlays, can be turned off in wincmd.ini und er [Configuration] iconoverlays=0 01.06.04 Added: Shift+button click in search on 'go to file' or 'feed to listb ox' opens dir in new tab 01.06.04 Added: Alt+Shift+F3 loads lister without any multimedia additions (im ages, plugins etc), e.g. to view a picture as binary 01.06.04 Added: Automatic installation of plugins when archive contains file p luginst.inf (see bz2 plugin for sample inf) 31.05.04 Added: Reset speed measurement timers to 0 when pausing 31.05.04 Fixed: The current speed wasn't always shown when copying 31.05.04 Fixed: Shift+Click selected wrong files in dir with more than 65535 f iles (problem of lb_selitemrange) 05.05.04 Fixed: Internal Unzip CRC-check (Alt+Shift+F9) reported error when a ZIP contained dirs stored with compression method 8 (deflated) instead of 0 (sto red) 16.04.04 14.04.04 03.03.04 03.12.03 Release Release Release Release Total Total Total Total Commander Commander Commander Commander 6.03a Final 6.03 Final 6.02 Final 6.01 Final

New in Total Commander 6.0 final (17.11.03): [Tabs] - File panel Tab support - Drop dirs/archives on empty space in tab header adds new tabs with them - Drop dirs/files on tab header copies files to the directory represented by thi s tab - Tab right click menu added - Ctrl+Click on tab closes this tab - Internal command cm_visDirTabs to turn folder tabs on and off - Remember the Desktop, Network Neighborhood and other virtual folders when clos ing, both the current dir and other tabs! - Drop tab on target path adds this tab in the target window even if no tab head er is shown yet - cm_ToggleLockCurrentTab: Turn on/off tab locking (e.g. for button bar, hotkey) - Ctrl+Cursor up opens dir under cursor in new tab - Ctrl+Shift+Cursor up opens dir under cursor in new tab in OTHER window - Ctrl+Shift+T opens new tab without activating it - Ctrl+Shift+W closes all open tabs - Ctrl+T opens new tab, Ctrl+M starts multi-rename tool, Ctrl+Shift+M changes FT

P -

transfer mode cm_OpenDirInNewTab internal message to open dir under cursor in new tab Shift+Enter or Ctrl+Enter in History opens this dir in a new tab Ctrl+Shift+U Swaps not only the active panels, but all tabs appendtabs tabfile.tab in button bar appends tabs from tabfile.tab to current tabs - opentabs tabfile.tab in button bar replaces current tabs with tabs from tabfi le.tab [FTP] - FTP resume all for uploads and downloads - When an FTP server or file system plugin reports illegal chars in a name, TC c onverts them to underscores on download - Synchronize dirs now uses inofficial MDTM command to set remote file date. Thi s command isn't supported by all servers. - FTP: Parameter %p in Buttonbar now pastes full FTP URL including user name. %P still pastes just the path on the server without the server name - Ctrl+D menu now supports changing paths on ftp servers: the path must contain a forward slash as a distinction. Only in source dir possible. - Punycode accented domain encoding for http and ftp - FTP client: skip known trojan ports in ftp client to avoid problems with firew alls [Regular expressions] - Regular expression searches in lister, search function (Alt+F7), file contents (match one line at a time only, max 4k/line) - Support for regular expressions in select/unselect files: string must be prece ded by a '<', e.g. <^[A-Za-z \.]* - Regular expressions support in multi-rename tool, using RegExpr.pas, Copyright (c) 1999-00 by Andrey V. Sorokin <anso@mail.ru> - http://anso.da.ru - Support for regular expressions and stored searches in copy and move operation s [Plugins] - Changed the way how multimedia plugins are handling (or Irfanview), it's now sufficient in the detect string - Alt+Enter on file system plugins now opens gin supports it) - Lister plugin interface version 1.3: Allow ers detected: To override the internal that MULTIMEDIA appears as ANY node the plugin's properties (if the plu to replace internal Multimedia view

[Unicode] - Show Unicode file names in file lists - Copying and moving of files with Unicode names on Windows NT/2000/XP, also wit h subdirs! - Rename Unicode file names in place - Show tip windows with Unicode names - Show warning message the first time the user enters a dir with file names from a different codepage (can be disabled) - If the user hasn't chosen a default font, use "Microsoft Sans Serif" instead o f "MS Sans Serif" on Win2k/XP, because it supports Unicode - Support for Unicode UTF16 in "Compare by contents". If Unicode marker present, this also supports big endian format [Synchronize dirs] - Show file sizes >4GB in synchronize dirs (correct sizes were used for calculat ion, but not displayed) - Also show compare by contents progress within a file (e.g. when comparing few very big files)

- Synchronize dirs, asymmetric mode: Option to delete all empty dirs in right wi ndow (not available in zip or ftp) - Sync now also works with archives other than ZIP! Everything except for compar e by contents is supported - Compare by content now also works with two ZIP files - Dialog can now be closed with ESCAPE as long as the user doesn't change the co py direction of any files! [Multi-rename tool] - When clicking on [N#-#], user can select letters interactively in currently se lected file name - [G] placeholder inserts grandparent directory name [New ini options] - wincmd.ini, [Configuration] ShowInstanceNr=0 turns off numbered commander titl e bar - Search in archives recognized by content: Needs to set SearchInFiles= in Wincm d.ini to extensions of this packer - wincmd.ini, [Configuration] SortUpper=2 uses mixed lexical and numerical sor ting, e.g. file10.txt comes AFTER file1.txt - wincmd.ini, [Configuration] CompareIgnoreRepSpace=0 turns off ignoring of repe ated spaces in compare tool [Packers] - It's now possible to add files to a subdir of a RAR archive - Option to pack with ACE now also works with WinACE packer - Unpacking of files >4GB from ZIP archives up to 4GB in size using the pkware 6 4bit extra field - Unpacking of ZIP files created with the Deflate64(TM) method (Deflate64 is a t rademark of Pkware Inc.) - Preserve ZIP archive main comment when adding or removing files - Wait for external packers in the background (no wait window will be shown) [User interface] - Buttons for directory hotlist and directory history - Show parent dir also in root of drive - Show free and total disk space in "My Computer" for fixed disks (may not work on all operating systems) - Shift+Mouse wheel activates history (go back/forward) - New internal command cm_ShowQuickSearch shows window for searching a file name in the current dir - Changed page selection in configuration dialog from tabbed notebook to fixed t ree+notebook (Mozilla style) - cm_ShowHint shows tooltip for current file in active file list (and places mou se cursor on it) - CMF_EXTENDEDVERBS added to context menu call when shift is pressed -> adds "op en with" menu item! - Possibility to change drive icons - Button bar: Support for 48x48 and 64x64 icons for very high resolution display s, better scaling of sizes between 16 and 32 - Show in title when there is more than one instance of TC, e.g. [2] Total Comma nder - Configure colors of compare by contents and lister via the main config dialog - Show NTFS junctions with a link icon - Option "Show old 8.3 names lowercase" no longer the default on NT/2000/XP syst ems - Lister: Show %done when searching [File operations] - Speed limit when copying files (only in background transfer manager)

- F2 Background button in F5 Copy dialog, will add the selected files to the las t opened background transfer manager - In F5 copy dialog, "Options" button: New option to rename copied file or targe t file when target exists. Names are filename(2).ext, filename(3).ext etc. - 3 new internal commands: cm_copySamepanel, cm_copyOtherpanel, cm_createShortcu ts: Same as cm_copy, but not reacting to Shift and Alt keys! - More detailed statistics in SFV/MD5 check function - Drop files on F8-Delete button while right mouse button pressed has same effec t as Shift+Drop (bypass recycle bin if it is activated) [Other additions] - TC 6.0 now also accepts tcmdkey.zip containing wincmd.key instead of wincmd.ke y. The key must be stored (no compression) in the file. - cm_SaveSelection saves current selection internally (automatically done before each file operation) - Internal command cm_LoadSelectionFromClip to load selection from clipboard (co unterpart to cm_CopyNamesToClip) - Internal commands cm_SaveSelectionToFile, cm_LoadSelectionFromFile to save/loa d current selection (names of all selected files) - In Right click menu - new document, look in CSIDL_COMMON_TEMPLATES folder if n ot found in CSIDL_TEMPLATES folder - Set environment variable COMMANDER_PATH to location of Total Commander's EXE f ile (e.g. for loading plugins) New in Total Commander 5.51 Final (18.02.03): - FS-Plugins: Copy/Move files between 2 plugins - FS-Plugins: Support for Multi-Rename tool - FS-Plugins: Synchronize dirs supported - FS-Plugins: Search files added - FS-Plugins: Wildcards support (*.txt) for displaying files - Lister-Plugin interface officially documented - Show the first files being deleted in the delete confirmation dialog - cm_usermenu1..cm_usermenu10 to invoke the first 10 commands in the start menu (e.g. for hotkeys). - cm_xxx commands now also work in directory hotlist (Ctrl+D) - New search option to include/exclude specific dirs, e.g. | _vti*\ excludes all dirs starting with "_vti" (search, sync, branch view) - cm_CopyNetNamesToClip copies file names with UNC path to clipboard - Single click on active file window title allows to change / copy /paste the cu rrent dir - wincmd.ini [Configuration] copystreams=0 turns off copying of NTFS streams 04.11.02 Release Total Commander 5.50 Silent update (a) New in Total Commander 5.50 Final (29.10.02): - Name changed to "Total Commander" - see our homepage for the reasons - Change size display of total/marked files in footer below file lists (bytes, k or dynamic) - Copy additional NTFS streams when copying files. - Copy file comments with the files with F5 (optional, needs to be enabled first ) - Create CRC checksums: Function can now also create and check MD5 checksums - Drag a link from Internet Explorer to Total Commander (holding down Shift) to open the URL dialog to download the linked file - File system plugin interface to access external devices or other partitions - In Copy dialog, "Options" button which allows to set "Overwrite all", "Skip al l" etc. before copying - Lister: In 'Fit to window' mode, resize the video window to the lister window - Lister: RTF-Viewer (can be disabled) - Multi-rename tool: Load/Save settings, for often used changes

- Multi-rename tool, search+replace: Support for wildcards * and ? - Open partially downloaded ZIP files, even during the download - Option: Always open new FTP connections in the left or right file panel instea d of the active file panel - Show file comments in file lists and as tooltips - Show name of logged-on user in the title bar if the program was started with R unAs - The HTML viewer in Lister supports some more tags New in Wincmd 5.11 Final (16.09.02): - Many small corrections and additions New in Wincmd 5.10 Final (28.08.02): - Unpack RAR 3 archives - Support for OTP-MD4 -MD5 and -SHA1-authentication for FTP - Decoder for Yenc-encoded files (Files - decode files) - Many small corrections and additions New in Wincmd 5.0 Silent update (26.02.02): - Many small corrections and additions New in Version 5.0 Final (21.01.02): - Support for Windows XP themes on XP - "Commands" menu split into "Commands" and "Net" - FTP: support for more than 2 definition strings when defining a new server typ e - FTP+HTTP: Auto-Resume download if download-connection lost - FTP: SOCKS4+SOCKS5 Proxy support (active+passive mode!), SOCKS5 without encryp tion - Multi-Rename-Tool: Placeholder [P] puts name of parent dir into file name - Internal command cm_SyncChangeDir makes Commander change to the directory of t he same name also in the other window - Find files: Start search inside an archive - FTP: Option to send keepalive messages (e.g. NOOP) to the server in user-defin ed intervals (for max. 1 hour of inactivity) - Support for packing of TAR/GZ/TGZ archives. Make sure to choose the correct ta rget OS (Linux or SunOS). - Direct packing of TAR.Plugin archives, requires re-download of the plugin (e.g . BZIP2) - Compare by contents: Search for text in both files simultaneously, found text will be underlined - Compare by contents: Button to show the two windows above each other, e.g. for wide texts - Right click menu in Lister: added "Copy all URLs" command in HTML-Viewer mode - Pack: Option to create a separate archive for each selected file/dir. If no ta rget dir is given, the packed file will be placed in the same dir as the origina l file. - "Branch view" now added to "commands" menu - Create CRC-Checksum files in SFV format - FTP+HTTP in background: Set speed limit for up- and downloads - Pause button for background operations: FTP, HTTP, copy, pack, unpack - FTP download from list: detect if list file was modified, and add new items to current download - Download list can now also copy+move files. Syntax: copy:sourcename -> targe tname or move:sourcename -> targetname - Background transfer manager can now also be started separately without a list file New in Version 4.54 (16.07.01): - Compare by content: Switch between binary and text mode.

- Lister: Support word wrap in UTF8 mode New in Version 4.53 (31.05.01): - Display of UTF8 (special 1-6 byte Unicode format) in Lister - Support for ACE 2.0 archives - Support for files > 2 GB in Lister and split/combine functions - Directory print with subdirs: Print only files of certain types, e.g. *.txt *. doc - Change date/time of folders also on Windows NT/2000 (admins only due to restri cted rights) - FTP: Resume upload (binary files only). WARNING: With some versions of the ser ver WarFTPd, the resume seems to work, but the uploaded file is unusable! - Directory hotlist can now contain up to 200 entries - The location of Wincmd.ini and Wcx_ftp.ini can now be set in the registry (32bit version only): \SOFTWARE\Ghisler\Windows Commander, new text values IniFileName and FtpIniName. This key may be created under HKEY_CURRENT_USER or HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE The command line parameters /i= and /f= still take precedence over the registry values. - Special larger block sizes when copying very large files can increase the copy ing speed of these large files quite a bit. This function is only meant for advanced users, and needs to be enabled through wincmd.ini (CopyBlockSize etc). New in Version 4.52 (15.01.01): - Display of Unicode and HTML (as plain text) in Lister - Search for Unicode and Hex in the search function - Print function to print directory lists, trees and compare results in 'Synchro nize dirs'. - Display of all files in the current dir and all subdirs with Ctrl+B - File windows above each other instead of side by side - Display of the file size in kbytes or dynamic depending on the actual size - Multi-rename tool: Enhanced counter settings using definition strings [Cxxx] - Submenu 'New' in the right click context menu allows to create new (empty) fil es New in Version 4.51 (18.07.00): - Bugfix of 4.50 New in Version 4.50 (30.6.00): - Multi-rename tool: Allows to rename multiple files in one step (Hotkey: Ctrl+T ) - Batch rename function with Shift+F6 to quickly rename multiple files one by on e - Rename files and subdirs inside a ZIP archive (Shift+F6) - Parallel port transfer function (direct cable connection), works between Win95 /98/NT/2000/3.1 and DOS! - FTP: Definition of custom host types, using a definition string - FTP: Retry to connect multiple times also for non-anonymous connections - FTP: Support for multiple proxies (separately for FTP and HTTP connections) - FTP: Workaround to bug in some FTP servers: Upload of subdirs failed - Resolve lnk files on the desktop or in the Network Neighborhood - Unpack self-extracting files created by WinACE and WinRAR (open with Ctrl+PgDn ) - "Unpack all and execute" in packer properties allows to try out a program or r un an installer from inside an archive - Define custom colors for different file types, e.g. all directories, all zip f iles etc. - Search for text also inside CAB files - Copying to 'write only' directories (Windows NT, network)

- Uninstaller: Automatic removal of the program through the Control Panel Several new commands and parameters for Button bar / Start menu: - cm_List now allows to open a file. The file name must be given directly behind CM_LIST, and not in the parameters field! Example: cm_list c:\windows\wincmd.ini always opens the file wincmd.ini in lis ter. - cm_ShowFileUser: Show which remote user has opened a local file (through a sha red directory) - cm_EditPersmissionInfo: Show permissions dialog on Windows NT (NTFS file syste m) - cm_EditAuditInfo: Show file auditing dialog (NTFS) - cm_EditOwnerInfo: Show "Take ownership" dialog (NTFS) - cm_ShowOnlySelected: Hide all files/dirs which aren't selected when this funct ion is used - cm_OpenRecycled: Open 'recycle bin' - New parameters %L, %l, %F, %f, %D, %d create a list file in the TEMP directory with the names of the selected files and directories. New in Version 4.02 (16.12.99): - Unzip, delete and HTTP downloads (Ctrl+N) in background. - Synchronize dirs now also supports directory from/to ftp synchronization! Conc erning the date/time synchronizing problems with ftp, please read the section im portant note on the page Synchronize dirs. - Tray icon right click menu (context menu). - Direct upload of files from inside an archive to an FTP server. - Better parsing of FTP file lists downloaded via a HTTP proxy. - User-defined keyboard shortcuts. - Split "Equal/Unequal" button into two buttons in synchronize function - Change date/time of directories (Win95/98 only) - FTP server to server transfers (FXP): Always sends PORT command to left server , PASV to right server. This allows for file transfers between a public server a nd one in a private address room, or behind a firewall. The private server must be in the left window. - Find files: Only search in selected files and folders New in Version 4.01 (27.07.99): - This version was mainly a bugfix release - HTTP downloads enhanced (now supports passwords, and special sites which requi re 'host:' line) - Settings what to do when second ftp connection opened in same window: wcx_ftp. ini, [General] AutoDisconnect =1 disconnect previous =2 keep previous =0 ask user New in Version 4.00 (17.06.99): General: - Directory synchronize: Compare two dirs with subdirs, or 1 dir and 1 archive - Compare files by content - Allow to abort binary compare in 'synchronize' with ESC - Copy/move in the background - 32 bit only - wincmd.ini, [configuration], AlwaysCopyInBackground=1 always copies in backgro und - Connect to UNC path (\\server\path) in background (separate thread), allow to abort after 3 seconds - Dialog box Change Attributes, button to set current date&time - wincmd.ini, [configuration], activeright=1 activates right file listbox at sta rt - Support for virtual folders through button bar. Use commands: cm_OpenDesktop, cm_OpenDrives, cm_OpenControls, cm_OpenFonts, cm_OpenNetwork, cm_OpenPrinters - Copy and Move files from and to virtual folders - Copy to nul, prn, lptx and comx now supported

- Rename or append when copying and target exists - Files - Split now also accepts fractions of a number, like 0.5 MB - Use NTFS time compare method (2 seconds difference considered as same) in 'Com pare directories' and 'Synchronize dirs' User interface: - 2 drive button bars, one per file window (configurable) - 256 color folder icons, and support for external icon library (icl): wincmd.in i, [configuration], iconlib=dllname.dll (sample DLL on www.ghisler.com) - User-defined drive names (for drive list+button bar). Example: wincmd.ini, [Dr iveHints], E=ZIP drive - File window tabstops (column width) are now saved separately by resolution, an d adjust to the right (configurable) - Save current position and maximized state separately for search, compare and s ynchronize dialogs - Show special folder icons for system folders, e.g. the Recycle Bin - Extended selection (Num+ and CTRL+F12) now supports almost all options as the 'search' function - The / key on numeric keypad restores file selection as it was before the last file operation Packer: - Multi-threading of zip function (pack in background) - 32 bit only - Packer/unpacker plugins to add external archiver DLLs - Copy files directly from ZIP to ZIP - Rename while unpacking (internally) and target exists - Support for ARJ SFX 2.62 - LZH files with comment field (starting with -com-) now supported - Configuration - Save settings saves current file display settings and director ies even if auto-save turned off FTP Client: - FTP resume download even if multiple files selected - FTP Connection dialog allows to specify commands executed after connecting, se parated by a ";" - FTP connect dialog, "duplicate entry" added - allows to create new connection from an existing one - CTRL+M allows to select FTP transfer mode (text, binary, auto) with keyboard - Warn if binary file is downloaded or uploaded in text mode (to turn off: modif y wcx_ftp.ini, section [General], WarnWrongMode=0) - Support for some more ftp server types (OS9 etc.) - HTTP proxy for FTP connections - Transparent FTP proxy: Send firewalluser, firewallpass, user, pass Search function: - Search for/select files which do NOT match certain wildcards. Use | to separat e, e.g. w*.*|*.bak finds all files starting with w, without extension .bak - Search for all files NOT containing a certain string - Duplicate file finder can find files with same name, size, contents or any com bination of the 3 Lister: - Bitmap viewer, more formats through IrfanView plugin (see addons page on www.g hisler.com) - Lister can now play sound and video (configurable) - Printing in lister (Text+Graphics) - Select all in lister: CTRL+A selects whole file - Search for Hexadecimal strings, even mixed. Example: "PK"0102 will find 504B01 02 - Lister now wraps at word boundaries (may be disabled: wincmd.ini, [lister], Wo rdWrap=0) New in Version 3.53 (8.11.98): - Did extensive Year 2000 (Y2k) tests. Results: no internal date problems, only one interface prob to FTP

- Possible Y2k problem with FTP servers showing a 2 digit year only. Rule: date< 80 ->20xx, date>=80 -> 19xx - bugfixes New in Version 3.52 (11.08.1998): - cd \\Servername in command line (32 bit) - Added: ACE packer/unpacker support - unrar.dll and unace.dll internal unpackers for RAR and ACE (32 bit) - bugfixes Release Version 3.51 (07.05.1998): - wcx_ftp.ini, [general], LogFile=Path\Log.txt writes FTP log to specified file - Support for creating RAR SFX files - Support for files > 2 GB (display, copy, rename, move, delete; NOT: ZIP, FTP, Lister) - CTRL+P copies current path to command line - FTP: Preserve file dates when downloading (selectable) - FTP: Convert file names to lowercase when uploaded (selectable) - FTP: Change Unix attributes (permissions) dialog for FTP sites (uses 'SITE chm od', which isn't supported by all sites) - Bugfixes New in Version 3.50 (18.3.1998): - FTP client - flat look - Network Neighborhood - IntelliMouse wheel support - Directory history list (alt+cursor down) - Go back, go forward (alt+cursor left / alt+cursor right) - Create self extracting ZIP archive - Expandable tree as in Explorer - UUE/MIME/XXE-encode and decode, Binhex-decode - Split/Combine files - Start menu now supports shortcut keys (Ctrl+Alt+F1-F12) - More command line switches (see help) - ALT+GrayPlus selects all files with the same extension New in Version 3.02 (14.4.1997): - Cut/Copy/Paste of button bar buttons - Deletion method used by explorer can be used also in Wincmd [Configuration] Wi n95Delete=1 - CTRL+Q on archive shows contained file_id.diz, readme*, or *.txt (in this orde r) - Support for archives in archives - CTRL+PgDn to open archives in archives - TAR and GZ packers - New commands cm_Switch83Names, cm_SwitchDirSort, cm_SwitchHidSys, cm_SwitchLon gNames to button bar commands New in Version 3.01 (31.12.1996): - Bugfixes New in Version 3.00 (15.12.1996): - 32-bit version available - Drag&Drop from and to explorer (32-bit version only) - enhanced search function - quick view panel (CTRL+Q) - drive bar to select different drives - button bar wraps around to 2 lines when larger than available width - new multi-page configuration dialog

e -

Function to test selected archives for errors A header now allows to sort the files by name, extension, size, and date All parts of the user interface (except the file list) can be turned off in th configuration The file window separator can now be moved