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Situation Analysis

Dr. Smith Family Practice

Created by Alexander Galiana 1/23/2012

Executive Summary

Dr. Smith has many challenges to overcome in order to successfully establish her own independent family healthcare practice. She will need to adhere to a strict strategic plan, apply her experience at Patients First and expand upon their business procedures. Some obstacles Dr. Smith must overcome include the enormous amount of startup tasks for her practice and her lack of management expertise. Dr. Smith will have to adapt meaningful use procedures and implement an electronic health record system. She will need to make use of her relationships with clients at Patients First as well as keep open doors to eager new patients. She should keep in mind her plentiful medical knowledge from the University of Florida and her three years working at Patients First. By following a meaningful vision and mission statement, using business analysis strategies (SWOT analysis and Boston Consulting Group Matrix), and development and adherence to goals and strategies Dr. Smith can successfully establish a family physician practice in the Tallahassee area.


To provide premier quality medical care service to her patients and exhibit renowned professionalism and person ability in her interactions with clients


Dr. Smiths mission is to improve patient quality of health for all of her clients and display exceptional professionalism and person ability in her physician to patient interactions. She aims to manage efficient and pleasant to work with office personnel that provide standout healthcare to clients. Dr. Smith will identify, plan and deliver superb health care services in a manner to attract and assist as many clients as she can. Dr. Smith values patients well-being and an outstanding Family Physician relationship with her clients.

Situation Analysis Summary

Overall Comment
Dr. Smiths Family Practice faces a difficult road to become an independent family physician office. Challenges include a lack in management experience, many startup tasks, and a heavy workload for an independent practitioner.

SWOT Analysis
Strengths: internal resources and capabilities that can be used as a basis for developing a competitive advantage. 3 years experience at Patients First group practice Recent graduate of prestigious University of Florida Medical School Acquiring new patients Weaknesses: internal weaknesses (attributes on your firm) Heavy workload for office establishment Lack of management background Solo practitioner Medical loan debt

Opportunities: external opportunities for profit and growth. Few Family Physicians in the area that welcome new patients Office hour expansion Ex. M-F 8am to 7pm Sat and Sun 9 5 Contract with Capital Health Plan, Medicare and Medicaid Record management system - EMR implementation from initial office opening (Avoids file conversion from paper records)

Threats: external changes in the environment Patients First Group Practice expansion New office openings

Key Success Factors

Dr. Smith must utilize the knowledge gained at Patients First, be diligent, and more flexible in her availability to her clients. Utilizing a EHR record management system and working with Capital Health Plan, Medicare and Medicaid will prove particularly useful in practice success.

BCG Matrix


Question Marks

Workload experience from Patients First (16-25 patients M-F 8-5, Weekends) Cooperation with Capital Health Plan, Medicare, Medicaid Record Management System - EMR New patient attraction

Flexible office hours Efficient financial planning Management of personnel Standout service and interaction with customers Medical Loan Debt

Patients first experience and relationships built

Solo practitioner
Startup costs

Cash Cows


Objectives Goals
Sustain 16-25 patients from Patients First or acquire new patients

Inform patients of new office

Measures 16+ consistent patient enrollment

Maintain enrollment

Ensure financial planning

Install billing system

Apply billing system knowledge and procedures from Patients First

Efficient financial planning daily, weekly, monthly and annually

Continue billing operations

Utilize efficient billing operation procedures

Adhere to billing operations policies and procedures Work with EHR salespersons to select appropriate system and put it to use immediately

Maintain billing operations policies and procedures at all times Fluid EHR system operations with minimal issues

Start EHR implementation

Implement record management system from initial office opening

Timeline Development

Create timeline for next 5 years

Generate weekly and monthly calendars, place goals accordingly Short and long term goals, stay informed with due dates

Manage time effectively and observe timeline dates

Task prioritization

Itemize tasks according to priority

Achieve important goals, accomplish short term goals while keeping long term goals in sight

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