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Children Bible Overview 73 14/09/08



Teachers to read bible scripture: <2 Ki 4:8-37, 8:1-6>

Children to memorize bible scripture: <Mt 19:29>

Children, last week, we saw how God’s prophet, Elisha brought out the power of God’s words, saved
and helped God’s people. Therefore, blessed were those who listened to his word, which were also
God’s word.

One day, Prophet Elisha went to a place Shunem, There was a woman who revered God, who urged
him to stay for a meal. Because she knew that he was a man of God who spoke God’s word, she
received him cordially and prepared a well-furnished room in her house for him to stay whenever he
came by. The Shunammite woman could not bear a child. Man of God, Elisha saw that the woman
was one who revered God and was touched by God, and blessed her, saying, “About this time next
year, you will give birth to a son.” Initially, the woman felt that it was not possible but according to man
of God, Elisha’s words, the woman became pregnant. One year later, she gave birth to a son. The
child grew up gradually. However, one day, he had a serious illness and died. His mother was
extremely upset and she laid him on the bed of the man of God and went to find Elisha immediately.
When Prophet Elisha found out about this, he and his servant immediately went to the woman’s
house. He saw the dead child and shut the door, and prayed to God. Then he got on the bed and lay
upon the boy, and the boy’s life was restored. Elisha hence returned the boy to the woman. There
was another occasion, Elisha told the Shunammite woman, “Go away with your family and stay for a
while wherever you can because the Lord has decreed a famine in the land for 7 years.” The woman
proceeded to do according to the word spoken by the man of God, Elisha. She abandoned her house
and land and moved elsewhere. At the end of 7 years, after the famine, she came back and went to
the king, begging for her house and land. At that time, the king was talking to man of God, Elisha’s
servant, who was telling the king how Elisha had restored the dead to life. When the servant saw the
Shunammite woman, he said, “This is the woman and this is her son whom man of God, Elisha
restored to life! The king was utterly amazed and said, “Give back everything that belonged to this
woman, including tall the income from her land from the day she left the country until now.” Because
the Shunammite woman revered God, she did everything according to the word of the man of God,
and therefore, she received all the blessings and inheritance that belonged to her (son, house and

1. The Shunammite woman who revered God

1) Those who revere God are those who like God’s word and are those who listen to
God’s word. The Shunammite woman was such a person.
2) Because the Shunammite woman revered God, she had a high regard for the words spoken
by man of God, Elisha. She regarded Elisha’s words as God’s word. (e.g. She left her house
and land to move elsewhere, as following Elisha’s instruction). She also trusted man of God,
Elisha (when her child died of illness, the first thing she did was to immediately look for man
of God, Elisha).
3) Because the Shunammite woman revered God, and also highly regarded the word spoken by
man of God, Elisha, she therefore made effort to receive him cordially, preparing the best
room for him so that he could stay comfortably and serve God’s people.
Ponder: Therefore, children, do we want to become like the Shunammite woman who
revered God? Because we revere God, do we therefore like to and also willing to listen to our
teachers and parents who speak God’s word?
2. Receive something according to God’s word but then lose it subsequently (test
those people who revere God)
1) Because God loved the Shunammite woman very much, not only did He want to give her
normal blessings (e.g. blessings that most people will have) but also greater blessings.
Therefore He gave her some tests, so that she could devote herself to love God and hence
receive greater blessings.
2) God allowed the woman to have a son but later she lost the child. The Shunammite
woman was therefore very upset. But at that point of time, she did not do any other thing but
went to look for man of God, Elisha. [Children, when we encounter problems or unhappy
things, do we first pray to God, look for Him and ask Him?]
3) God caused the woman to be rich but later because of the famine, she had to
abandon all her property like her house and land, and leave the place where she
lived. [Children, when God loves us and tells us to give up what we have, do we choose to
listen to Him?]
3. Recover something after losing according to God’s word (reward those who revere
1) When God tests us, it is to bless us even more. Therefore, when God tested the
Shunammite woman, such that she lost her child and her house and land, it was so that she
would receive even more.
2) Eventually, the Shunammite woman not only got her child back, she also received greater
faith. Thereafter, because the child’s life was restored due to the help of man of God, Elisha,
he would surely know God and revere Him for his entire life. This child therefore became the
Shunammite woman’s greatest inheritance.
3) Eventually, the Shunammite woman not only got her house and land back. Because of her
and her son, the king of Israel heard the miracles performed by man of God, and therefore
submitted to God. Moreover, in the later years, the Shunammite woman also received the
king’s cordial treatment. Through these incidents, the Shunammite woman greatly glorified
God and received heavenly rewards.