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A Report Submitted to Madurai Kamaraj University in Partial fulfillment Of the Requirement for the Award of DEGREE OF BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION

[Reg.No :A9218159]

Under the Guidance & Supervisor of

Mr.S.FAIZ AHAMED M.Com.,M.Phil.,PGDCA., P.hd



Mr.S.FAIZ AHAMED M.Com.,M.Phil.,PGDCA., P.hd Lecturer in Business administration Department of Business administration, Hajee Karutha Rowther Howdia College, Uthamapalayam 625 533. CERTIFICATE This is to certify that A Study On Consumer Usage And Satisfaction Regarding Whirlpool Refrigerator In Chinnamanur Town submitted to Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai 21 in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Degree Bachelor of Business Administration is a genuine work done by G.AYYAPPAN, Reg.No :A9218159under my supervision and Guidance. Head of the Department Faculty Guide

Viva-Vorce examination was conducted on at Hajee Karutha Rowther Howdia College, Uthamapalayam 625 533.

External Examiner

G.Ayyappan Bachelor of Business Administration Department of Business Administration Hajee Karutha Rowther Howdia College, Uthamapalayam 625 533. DECLARATION I,G.Ayyappan, Reg.No : A9218159, declare that theA Market Study On

Consumer Usage And Satisfaction Regarding Whirlpool Refrigerator In Chinnamanur Town submitted for the Degree of Bachelor of Business Administration is my genuine work done to the extend my knowledge.

Date : Place : Uthamapalayam

Signature, [G.AYYAPPAN]


First of all I wish to thank Hajee M.SHEIK MOHIDEEN, President of our College. Our Sincere thanks to Hajee.DHARVESH MOHIDEEN, B.Sc., Secretary and Correspondent of our College, who gave me a good life through admitting in our college. I take this as a get great opportunity to express my heartful thanks to the management committee and our principal Hajee.DR.M.HOWDH MOHIDEEN, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., I would also like to express my sincere thanks to Associate professor and Head of the department MR.A.ABDUL HAKEEM,M.A.,M.Phil.,Ph.D., department of Business Administration who encouraged me to do this report. I also thank to my guide Mr.S.FAIZ AHAMED M .Com.,M.Phil.,PGDCA., P.hd, who gave me this valuable guidance and helped me to finish this project report successfully. I also thank all the staff members of the department of business administration for their support in completing this project. I also express my thanks to my parents and Friends who helped me to complete this project. I also thank all the faculty of department of the business Administration for their support in completing this project.

G.AYYAPPAN (Reg No: A9218159)



Todays business environment demands that every businessman possess a wide range of knowledge, skills and competencies as well as sound understanding of management processes and functions. Managers need to be able to make best use of their time and talents and of other peoples, and to work with and through others to achieve corporate objectives. They also need to demonstrate a full understanding a full understanding of business environment and of their organizations key resources. Its people, finance and information amongst these key resources, the people factor is considered to be the most valuable asset for any organization. These people i.e. employees of the organization are the internal customers of that organization who are as important as the external customers. Earlier business was conducted with a sole objective of earning profits. But now due to intense competition and changing market trends the focus of the organizations has shifted to customer satisfaction; satisfaction of both internal and external customers. External customers can be satisfied by providing them what they want in a product. To satisfy the internal customers, organizations adopt the method of providing the quality of life.

Satisfactions are the persons feeling of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a product perceived performance (income) relation to his/ her expectation. If the performance falls short of expectation the customer is dissatisfied. If the performance matches the expectation the customer is satisfied if the performance exceeds the expectation the customer is highly satisfied or delighted many companies are aiming for high satisfaction because they are much ready to switch. Buyers expectation formed on the basis of past buying experience, friend and the associate advice and the marketers and the competitors information and promises. If marketers raise expectation two high, the buyer is likely to be disappointed. Even if the company sets expectation should match the performances. A customer is the most important person ever in any company.
A customer never depends on company, but the company depends on

A customer is the person who brings company his wants.

A customer is not a interruption of marketers work he is the purpose of it.



Whirlpool Corporation

Type Traded as

Public NYSE: WHR S&P 500 Component Major appliances Small appliances St. Joseph, Michigan (1911) Louis Upton Emory Upton Benton Charter Township, Michigan, United States Worldwide Jeff M. Fettig (Chairman and CEO) Clothes washers and dryers,refrigerators, freezers,dishwashers, ranges,compactors, air conditioners,microwave ovens, counter top appliances. US$ 18.366 billion (FY 2010)


Founded Founder(s)

Headquarters Area served Key people



Operating income

US$ 1.008 billion (FY 2010)


US$ 619 million (FY 2010)

Total assets

US$ 15.584 billion (FY 2010)

Total equity

US$ 4.320 billion (FY 2010)


71,000 (FY 2010)



Whirlpool is a swirling body of water usually produced by ocean tides. The vast majority of whirlpools are not very powerful. More powerful ones are most properly termed males storms. Vortex is the proper term for any whirlpool that has a downdraft. Whirlpool, right from its inception in 1911 as first commercial manufacturer of motorized washers to the current market position of being worlds number one manufacturer of major home appliances, has always set industry milestones and benchmarks.

The parent company(whirlpool corporation) is headquartered at Benton Harbor,Michigan,USA with a global presence in over 170 countries and manufacturing operation in 13 countries with 11 major brand names such as

Whirlpool,kitchenAid,Roper,Estate,Bauknecht,laden and Ignis. The company boasts of resources and capabilities beyond achievable feat of any other in the industry. Whirlpool Corporation (NYSE:WHR) is fortune 500 company and a global manufacturer and marketer of major home appliances, with annual sales of approximately S18 billion more than 73,000 employees, and more than 70 manufacturing and technology research centers around the world. After acquiring the may Tag Corporation on March 31, 2006, Whirlpool Corporation became the largest home appliance maker in the world Whirlpool initiated its international expansion in 1958 by entering brazil.however; it emerged as truly global leader in the 1980s. This encouraging this encouraging trend brought the company to India in the last 1980s.it forayed into the market under a joint venture with TVS group and established the first whirlpool manufacturing facility in Pondicherry. Soon whirlpool acquired kelvinator India limited in 1995 and marked an entry into Indian refrigerator as well. The same year also saw acquisitions were merged to create Indian subcontinent to washing machines, refrigerator, microwave ovens and air conditioners. Today, whirlpool is the most recognized brand in home appliances in India and holds a market share of over 25%. The company owns three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities at Faridabad, Pondicherry and Pune. Chronology:



Louis and Emory Upton founded the Upton Machine Company on November 11, 1911. With the financial aid of Lowell Bass ford, they began to produce electric, motor-driven wringer washers. Soon after its founding, Lou Upton's younger brother Fred joined the company and was an integral part of the business. Federal Electric ordered 100 machines, but a gear failed in the transmission of them. Louis Upton immediately replaced them at no cost to Federal Electric, who was so impressed with Upton's ethics, they immediately doubled their order.


Sears, Roebuck & Co. began selling Upton manufactured machines under the "Allen" brand, one for $54.75 and a deluxe model for $95. Upton merged with Nineteen Hundred Washer Company of Binghamton, New York, taking the name Nineteen Hundred Corporation. Nineteen Hundred Corporation began converting all of its factories for war production. Nineteen Hundred Corporation begins manufacturing appliances for John Ingles and Company of Canada.




1949 First top-loading automatic washer sold manufactured for sale under Sears' brand. 1950 The Nineteen Hundred Corporation was renamed as the Whirlpool Corporation, and sold its first top-loading automatic washer sold under the Whirlpool brand. Establishment of the Whirlpool Foundation, a philanthropic arm of Whirlpool Corporation.


Acquires Seeger Refrigerator Company and RCA's air conditioner and cooking range lines including ownership of RCA's Estate brand name. Company changes 1955 its name to Whirlpool-Seeger Corporation and began using the RCA-Whirlpool brand name until the mid-1960s. Whirlpool acquires appliance division from International Harvester Company. 1956 Opened a 100-acre (0.40 km2) administrative center in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The RCA Whirlpool Miracle Kitchen was introduced with an estimated 15 million 1957 television viewers. The company changed its corporate name back to Whirlpool Corporation. 1962 Won NASA's contract for the development of the feeding and waste systems for Project Gemini.

1966 Whirlpool drops the RCA name so the brand name becomes Whirlpool. 1967 Introduced a 24-hour helpline. 1968 Surpassed $1 billion in annual revenues. 1978 Surpassed $2 billion in annual revenues. 1986 Acquired Kitchen Aid, a division of the Hobart Corporation. 1987 Began selling compact washers in India and acquired majority interest in Inglis of Canada.

Begins a joint venture with Philips called Whirlpool International with Whirlpool 1988 owning 53% of the company. The joint venture was formerly Philips' major appliance subsidiary. 1989 Acquired the Roper brand and Bauknecht of Germany. Surpassed $6 billion in annual revenue. 1991 Whirlpool becomes full owner of Whirlpool International by buying Philips' 47% stake. Acquired majority stake on Embraco, a Brazilian world-leading maker of compressors for refrigeration. Acquired Brazilian appliance maker Multibrs, owner of the brands Brastemp and Consul, including its stake on Embraco. Inglis Ltd. changes its name to Whirlpool Canada. Whirlpool continues to market Inglis appliances to this day. Surpassed $10 billion in annual revenues.




2002 Surpassed $11 billion in annual revenues. 2003 Surpassed $12 billion in annual revenues. 2004 Surpassed $13 billion in annual revenues. Maytag Corporation shareholders voted to accept Whirlpool Corporation's stock 2005 purchase. U.S. Justice Department began a review of the merger. Surpassed $14 billion in annual revenues. 2006 Acquired the Maytag, including the Maytag, Jenn-Air, Amana, Jade, Magic Chef, Admiral, Hoover, and Dixie-Narco brands, after Justice Department approved the merger. Sold Dixie-Narco to Crane Co., and Amana

Commercial to AGA. Surpassed $18 billion in annual revenues. Sold Hoover to Techtronic Industries, TTI Floorcare. And Jade Appliances to Middleby Corporation. Also closed plants in Newton, Iowa; Searcy, 2007 Arkansas; and Herrin, Illinois. This resulted in the sudden loss of 4500 jobs in the affected communities. Surpassed $19 billion in annual revenues. 2008 Location closings in La Vergne, Tenn; Reynosa, Mexico; and Oxford, Miss. Whirlpool acquired WC Woods from Bankruptcy and to keep Ottawa, OH plant open; Whirlpool to close Evansville plant;[Whirlpool has received $19.3 million in 2009 U.S. Department of Energy funding as part of its Smart Grid Investment Grant program 2010 Whirlpool announced plans for its 100th Anniversary in 2011 and unveiled its 100th Anniversary logo as well as an updated corporate logo

Whirlpool Corporation has seven employee-run diversity networks that are involved with business, employee, and community projects to address the needs of the groups they represent. These diversity networks are The Women's Network (TWN), the Native American Network (NAN), the Whirlpool African American Network (WAAN), The Pride Network (PRIDE), the Whirlpool Asian Community (WAC), the Whirlpool Hispanic Network (WHN), and the Young Professionals Network (YP). Whirlpool received a 100% rating on the Corporate Equality Index released by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) equal rights organization Campaign starting in 2004, the third year of the report. Charity work Whirlpool Corporation is a principal supporter of Habitat for Humanity, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building low-cost, affordable housing. The

company's commitment to Habitat for Humanity has exceeded $34 million and it has donated more than 73,000 appliances for Habitat homes. The company plans to support every Habitat home built globally by 2011, either through product donations, cash, or home sponsorship. In November 2006, Whirlpool started the annual Building Blocks program, designed to raise awareness and help eliminate substandard housing in the United States. Each year the program recognizes an outstanding U.S. Habitat for Humanity affiliate and its relationship with its local community by holding a week-long build in the affiliates community. The program kicked off in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2006 when Whirlpool united 100 local residents with 100 Whirlpool employees and volunteers from 100 Habitat affiliates. These 300 volunteers built 10 homes on one block from Nov. 5-10, 2006. Whirlpool built nine homes near Phoenix, Arizona, in May 2007, and nine more homes in Dallas, Texas in October 2008. The 2009 build is set to begin August 31 in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2006, more than 20 Whirlpool India employees participated in the weeklong Jimmy Carter Work Project (JCWP) in India, which resulted in the completion of 100 homes in a village near Mumbai. In 2005, Whirlpool India began a partnership with Habitat for Humanity India. Volunteers from Whirlpool participated in the build organized by Habitat for Tsunami victims in the southern part of India. In June 2005, Habitat for Humanity held its annual Jimmy Carter Work Project in Benton Harbor, Michigan. This week-long effort culminating in the completion of more than 230 houses in Michigan. Whirlpool was the lead sponsor for the build and 270 Whirlpool employees from 19 nations worked together to build 10 houses during the week.

To facilitate Hurricane Katrina relief efforts, Whirlpool worked with Habitat to support Operation Home Delivery. Whirlpool employees helped construct approximately 50 pre-built homes in New Yorks Rockefeller Center that were boxed and shipped to Louisiana and Mississippi and later erected with the help of Whirlpool employees in St. Tamany Parrish, Louisiana. In January 2007, Whirlpool chose to hold its annual sales meeting in New Orleans. As part of that meeting, more than 1,000 Whirlpool employees spent one day volunteering with Habitat for Humanity in an effort to continue rebuilding New Orleans residential areas. Since 2004, Whirlpool has sponsored entertainment icon Reba McEntires music tours to raise awareness and more than $500,000 for Habitat for Humanity. Cook for the Cure: Cook for the Cure presented by Kitchen Aid, was created in 2001 to give passionate cooks a way to support the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Cook for the Cure has raised more than $4 million through donation-with-purchase programs, special fundraising events, auctions and grass roots initiatives. Kitchen Aid also supports breast cancer foundations in other countries including Canada, France, Germany, South Africa, Greece and Israel. Logo of the company:

Corporate Address:

M/sWhirlpoolofIndiaLtd. Whirlpool House lotNo.40,Sector44, Gurgaon122002 Haryana Tel.:PH-91-124-4591300 Fax-91-124-4591301 Whirlpool honored with two if product design awards 2009 for glamour oven and green kitchen design concept

Whirlpool Corporation has been honored with two if Product Design Awards 2009, respectively, for the Whirlpool Glamour Oven and for GREENKITCHEN, a kitchen eco-system design concept. The announcement was made in Nov 08 by the if Industrie Forum Design GmbH., and represents GREEN Kitchen's second design award in the past two months, following its Gold SPARK Award, won in October

2009: Whirlpool was voted Product of the Year and received the award for the 'Best Innovative Product' in the popular refrigerators category. This was based on 40,000 consumers across 36 towns in India voting Whirlpool Frost Free Refrigerators with 6th sense as the Best Innovation in the Popular Refrigerator Category.

2009: Hewitt Best Employers in India 2009 Study

2009: Named one of the 100 Best Corporate Citizens by Chief Responsibility Officer (formerly Business Ethics) magazine in 2009 and from 20002007.

2008: Included in the Dow Jones Sustainability, FTSE4Good and KLD Global Sustainability Indexes, three of the worlds most comprehensive reviews of sustainable business practices 2008: Whirlpool brand was named one of the 10 top greenest brands by U.S. consumers, according to a 2008 Brand Week magazine survey.

2008: Named one of the 2008 Worlds Most Ethical Companies by Ethisphere magazine

2008: Whirlpool OF India was awarded the NDTV Profit Business & Leadership Award 2008 for The Best Consumer Durables Company. 2008: The year 2008-09 saw Whirlpool India achieve great milestones in our attempt to be an Employer Of Choice.

2008: The Business Today - Mercer -TNS Study 2008. Top 20 Best Companies to work for in India Sustainability Leadership Recognition

Received the 2009 ENERGY STAR Sustained Excellence award, the companys 10th ENERGY STAR award in 11 years. Whirlpool brand was named one of the 10 top greenest brands by U.S. consumers, according to a 2008 Brand Week magazine survey. The LEAF House received Legambientes (Italy's most authoritative watchdog group on environmental issues) national Innovation Friendly to the Environment award. Founding sponsor of the Alliance to Save Energy Efficiency Global Forum & Exposition (EE Global), a forum that brings together leaders from around the globe to forge new partnerships and develop strategies on energy efficiency Named one of the Top 20 Global Companies for Leaders by FORTUNE magazine for focus on developing leaders within the company Named one of the top 50 companies for African-American MBAs to work by Black MBA magazine Named one of "The Best Companies to Work For" in Brazil by Guia Exame/Voce S.A. for the 12th consecutive year Named one of "The Best Companies to Work For" in Brazil by Guia Exame/Voce S.A. for the 12th consecutive year

Named one of the Best Companies to Work for in Mexico Named one of 25 Noteworthy Companies for Diversity by DiversityInc magazine for our excellent community philanthropy, employee-resource groups and measurement of diversity success Received a score of 100 percent on the Human Rights Campaigns Corporate Equality Index for six consecutive years (2004-2009) 2007: Received the 2007 Cause Marketing Golden Halo Award for Business, America's highest honor for companies and organizations that give back to the community through creative and effective cause marketing campaigns 2006: Whirlpool Corporation acquires Maytag and become the Worlds largest white goods company. 2006: Honored with the 2006 National Award for Ethics & Values from the Confederacin de Cmaras Industriales de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos . 2005: Received the 2005 American Business Ethics Award, which honors companies that exemplify high standards of ethical behavior in their everyday business conduct. 2003: A new mission statement of "Everybody creating loyal customers for life" was adopted. 2002: The Aircon range was successfully launched and the Whirlpool of India acquired 6% market share. 2001: Whirlpool India registered profit & sold 1.2 million appliances. It also achieved the No.1 position in DC & FA.

2002: The ' Whirlpool Strategic Architecture ' was launched as a framework to achieve the vision. The revenues of Whirlpool Corp. soared to $10.5 Billion. 1999: Whirlpool of India crossed the milestone of 1 million sales of appliances. 1998: This year gave birth to a new company vision that says, "Every Home Everywhere with Pride, Passion & Performance." 1996: Whirlpool Washing Machines Ltd. and Kelvinator India Ltd. merged together to form Whirlpool of India Ltd. 1995: Whirlpool Corp. acquired majority of stake in the TVS Whirlpool Ltd. The DC manufacturing facility of Kelvinator India was also acquired. 1993: First time Whirlpool became the No.1 stand-alone brand in UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Belgium 1991: The Company introduced and committed globally to its Worldwide Excellence System, which is a TQM program dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. The vision to globalize 'Whirlpool Corp'. Was realized in the same year. 1990: Company established joint venture with Matsushita Electric Company of Japan to produce vacuum cleaners for the North American market. 1989: This was a historic year since the revenues catapulted to heights of over $6 Billion mark. Also, the joint venture with N.V.Philips of Netherlands called Whirlpool Europe B.V. was formed to manufacture and market appliances in Europe. 1987: Whirlpool tied-up with Sundaram Clayton Ltd. of India to form TVS Whirlpool Ltd. 1986: The 'Kitchen Aid' division of Hobart Corporation was purchased.

1978: Within a decade company doubled its feat of $1 Billion mark and reached the $2 billion revenue level. 1968: The Elisha Gray II Research & Engineering Center was completed in Benton Harbor. In the same year the company's revenues crossed the legendary $1 Billion mark for the first time. 1958: The Company moved out of country for the first time and invested in Brazilian appliance market through purchase of equity in Multibras S.A. 1957: The Company was rechristened as ' The Whirlpool Corporation.' 1948: First 'Whirlpool' brand automatic washer with dual distribution was introduced. It included two product lines one each was distributed through Sears and Nineteen Hundred. 1929: Upton Machine Company merged with Nineteen Hundred Washer Company of New York. 1916: First order of washers was sold to Sears, Roebuck & Co. 1911: Louis Upton founded the Upton Machine Company in this year to produce motor-driven wringer washers. 1908: The first Automatic washer was launched to public in late 1908, by 1900 Corporation which in 1911 was renamed to Upton Machine Company.


OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY o To assess the customer satisfaction level

o o

Proper understanding and analysis of the Whirlpool India Ltd. To study the brand image of Whirlpool India Ltd.

o Proper understanding of promotional tools prevailing in the company

o o

To suggest the ways to promote Whirlpool India Ltd. To know the strength, weakness, opportunities and threat of Whirlpool India Ltd.

The objective of study is to gain knowledge about the marketing mix offered by the company.

o The study focus Whirlpool and its customers satisfaction


PRODUCT PROFILE Names of the Products in refrigerators: Direct cool Frost control Frost free

Fusion 24 premier Professional 410 Liter

Freeze-dried ice cream was developed by Whirlpool Corporation under contract to NASA for the Apollo missions. Major brands:

3 Doors 3 separate zones for systematic and odor free storage of frozen food, fresh food & vegetables separately Freshness Booster System FBS or Freshness Booster System keeps vegetables fresh for long. FBS is equipped with : 1. D-Oxidizer that reduces excess oxygen to prevent vegetables from spoiling, 2. Humidity lock compartment that retains Humidity to enhance freshness, 3. Air Booster System that enhances air circulation and maintains ideal cooling conditions. Deodorizer The Deodorizer completely absorbs all the malodor and maintains a fresh and hygienic environment in the refrigerator. Choco Box A space especially designed to store treats for your kids'' sweet tooth and yours too. Eco Friendly refrigerator This refrigerator comes loaded with thoughtful innovations that help the environment in many ways. Separate doors for each zone to access only what you want. Eco & auto power mode to save electricity. Thicker, better insulated door retains cooling during power cuts to save energy

Ice Twister Taking out cubes from the tray is more a wrestling effort. Thanks to ice twister, you can take out ice cubes with just a twist of ice tray. Toughened glass shelf Aesthetically designed to survive any form of spills with the advantage of easy clean up, the toughened glass shelves can withstand weight up to 90Kgs. So that you can store heavy utensils without a worry! Air Booster System ABS or Air Booster System creates just the right temperature in each of the three zones. This provides fresher cooling experience 24X7. It gives up to 30% faster Ice making and bottle cooling. large(34L) and separate Vegetable Drawer Carefully designed, the convenient drawer format has 34L spacious storage capacity to provide maximum storage and freshness for vegetables and fruits. Cosmetic Box To store your expensive cosmetics and prevent them from spoiling Glass holder A unique holder that takes care of your glasses and bottles while ensuring the liquid doesnt spill over. Chiller A chiller that can store up to 5 bottles. Ice Collector A box placed below the Ice Twister used to collect the ice. Support and Service Export: Whirlpool India is also one of the largest exporters of home appliances from India.

We have three World class factories manufacturing a wide range of Refrigerators and Washing Machines Our appliances are exported all over the globe from Australia & New Zealand in the East right up to Central America and the Caribbean islands in the West. Apart from our World Class factories, Whirlpool has also set up its Global Product Development Centers in India where hundreds of engineers and technicians are working round the clock, developing product designs for the entire Whirlpool world.



The essential purpose of marketing research is to provide information, which will facilitate the identification of an opportunity or problem situation and managing the best possible decision when such situations are encountered. Research methodology is a basic plan, which guides the data collections and analysis phases of the research project. It is a framework, which specifies the type course of the data and the data collection periods DATA COLLECTION: The task of data collection begins after a research problem has been defined and research design (or) plan is prepared. While deciding about the method of data collection to be used for the study, the researcher should keep in mind two types of data namely, 1. Primary data 2. Secondary data 1. PRIMARY DATA: Primary data are those, which are collected for the time, and they are original in character. They are primary data collected by the investigator himself to study any particular problem.

Secondary data are those which are already collected by someone for some purpose and are available for the present study for instance, the data collected during census operations are primary data to the department of census and the same data, if

used by a research worker for some study, are secondary data. Our sample survey is based on Primary data. SAMPLING In our every day life, we have been using sampling theory without knowing about, for example, a house wife tests a small quantity of rice to see whether it has been well-cooked, but will not inspect all the rice. Another example a grain merchant does not examine each grain of what he purchases, similarly a fruit merchant does not inspect each fruit, but inspects only a few of them. By inspecting a few, they simply believe that the samples give a correct idea about the population. Most of our decisions are based on the examination of a few items only that is sample studies. Sampling means where only a few units of population under study are considered for analysis is called sampling. Sample unit: I chose my sampling area at chinnamanur town for market survey of the Whirlpool Refrigerator. SAMPLING TECHNIQUES: Sampling technique is a process of analyzing the selected data tool to collect the data such as sampling. METHODS OF SAMPLING: There are many methods of sampling the various methods can be Grouped under two groups.

1. Random Sampling 2. Non-random Sampling 1. Random sampling: A random sample is one where each item in the universe has an equal chance of known opportunity of being selected. 2. Non random sampling: It gives biased information because no importance has been given to each and every unit of the universe. I have used random sampling techniques to collect the samples. In random sampling, I prefer to use stratified random sampling. Stratified random sampling: When the population is heterogeneous or of different segments or strata with respect to the variable or characteristic under study, then it is stratified. First the population is divided into a number of sub-groups or strata each stratum is homogeneous. A sample is drawn from stratum at random. Questionnaire: A questionnaire consisting of a list of enquiry is prepared. Sampling Plan: What sampling unit should be studied? What should be the sample size?

What sampling procedure should be used? What contact method should be use?

Sample Size: The sample size taken for the survey is 100 respondents. Tools used for analysis: The collected data were interpreted using percentage analysis method.


Table-1 Number of respondents using Refrigerator

Sl No 1. 2. Total use Yes No No. of. Respondents 65 35 100 Percentage 65 35 100

Among 100 Respondents o 65% of Respondents are Using Refrigerators o 35% of Respondents are Not Using Refrigerators


Number of respondents using Refrigerator



Table-2 Brand of Refrigerator purchase by respondents Sl.No 1. 2. 3. 4. Brand I) Whirlpool ii) Samsung iii) LG iv)Godrej Total No.of.Respondents 40 15 5 5 65 Percentage. 65 21 7 7 100

Among 65 Respondents 65% of respondents are using whirlpool refrigerators 21% of respondents are using Samsung refrigerators 7% of respondents are using LG refrigerators 7% of respondents are using Godrej refrigerators


Brand of refrigerator purchase 70 60 50

Percentage 62

40 30 20 10 0
whirlpool samsung LG Godrej brand bame 21 7 7





Table-3 Purpose of purchase Sl.No 1. 2. 3. 4. Purpose Name Price Quality All the above Total No.of.Respondents 5 20 35 5 65 percentages. 8 32 52 8 100

Among 65 Respondents 8% of respondents are using whirlpool refrigerators for brand name 20% of respondents are using whirlpool refrigerators for reasonable price 52% of respondents are using whirlpool refrigerators for quality 8% of respondents are using whirlpool refrigerators for all the above reason.


Purpose of purchase 8 8






all the above

Table-4 Media Influence to purchase the Refrigerator Sl.No 1. 2. 3. 4. Total Media TV Radio Magazine Others No.of.Respondents 30 _ 15 20 65 Percentage. 46 _ 23 31 100

Among 65 Respondents 46% of respondents are influenced by TV. 0% of respondents are influenced by Radio. 23% of respondents are influenced by Magazine. 31% of respondents are influenced by others.


Media Influenced the Respondents to purchase

50 45 40 35 30 Percentage 25 20 15 10 5 0


23 15

0 TV Radio magazine Media Others






Period of using Whirlpool refrigerator Sl.No 1. 2. 3. 4. period 1 year 3 year 4 year More than 5 year Total No.of.Respondents 10 10 10 35 65 Percentages. 15 15 15 55 100

Among 65 Respondents 15 % of respondents are using Whirlpool refrigerator for 1 year 15% of respondents are using Whirlpool refrigerator for 3 year 15% of respondents are using Whirlpool refrigerator for 4 year 55% of respondents are using Whirlpool refrigerator for more than 5 years.


P eriodof usingW hirlpool refrig tor era




Percentage 30


m than 5year ore 4 year 3 year 1 year





0 1 year 3 year 4 year more than 5 year

no.of .years


Opinion about the quality of the product Sl.No 1. 2. 3. 4. Total Among 65 Respondents 48% of respondents said good. 36% of respondents said better. 16% of respondents said excellent. 0% of respondents said bad.

opinion Good Better Excellent Bad

No.of.Respondents 30 25 10 0 65

Percentages 48 36 16 0 100


Opinion about the qualities of the product

50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0
46 38











Table-7 Purchasing place of whirlpool refrigerator Sl.No Purchasing No.of.Respondents place 1. 2. Retail shop Wholesale Total Among 65 Respondents 38% of respondents are purchased in retail shop. 62% of respondents are purchased in whole sale shop. 25 40 65 38 62 100 Percentages


Purchasing place of whirlpool refrigerator


70 60 Percentage 50 40 30 20 10 0 retail shop wholesale

purchasing place 38

retail shop


Table-8 Guarantee provided by the product

Sl.No 1. 2.

guarantee Yes No Total

No.of.Respondents 65 65

Percentages 100 100

Among 65 Respondents 100% of Respondents agree the guarantee provided by the whirlpool refrigerator.


Guarantee provided by the product


70 60 50 Percentage 40 30 20 10 0 Yes
guarantee provided 0




Table-9 Availability of Service centre Service center Sl.No available 1. 2. Total yes No 60 5 65 92 8 100 No.of.Respondents Percentages

Among 65 Respondents 60% of Respondents get the service center facility in their place 5% of Respondents didnt get the service centre facility in their place.


Available of Service centre


100 90 80 70 60 Percentage 50 40 30 20 10 0





Table-10 Duration of guarantee period Sl.No 1. 2. 3. Total Among 65 Respondents 55% of Respondents have 1 year guarantee. 30% of Respondents have 3 year guarantee. 15% of respondents have 5 year guarantee.

duration 1 year 3 year 5 year

No.of.Respondents 35 20 10 65

Percentages 55 30 15 100


Duration of guarantee period

60 50 40 Percentage 30 20 10 0




1 year

3 year

5 year

1 year

3 year

5 year

Table-11 Opinion of the service Sl.No 1. 2. 3. Total Among 65 Respondents 38% of Respondents said good 54% of Respondents said not bad. 8% of Respondents said better.

Opinion good Not bad Better

No.of.Respondents 25 35 5 65

Percentages 38 54 8 100

CHART - 11

Kinds of opinions

60 50 40 Percentage 30 20 10 0 good


not bad



not bad


Table-12 Recommend this to other or not? Sl.No 1. 2. Total Among 65 Respondents 54% of Respondents recommend this product to others. 46% of Respondents do not recommend this Product to other.

Recommend Yes No

No.of.Respondents 35 30 65

Percentages 54 46 100


Recommend this to other or not?


54 52 Percentage 50 48 46 44 42 yes no
recommend yes no 46


Type of model recommend by respondents

Sl.No 1. 2.

Model type Single door Double door Total

No.of.Respondents 40 25 65

Percentages 62 38 100

Among 65 Respondents 62% of Respondents recommend single door model. 38% of Respondents recommend double door model.


model you recommend

70 60 50 40




30 20 10 0 single door double door type of model

single door double door

Satisfaction of the product

Sl.No 1. 2.

satisfaction Yes No Total

No.of.Respondents 55 10 65

Percentages 84 16 100

Among 65 Respondents 84% of Respondents are satisfied with this product. 16% of Respondents are not satisfied with this product.

CHART - 14

Satisfaction of the product


90 80 70 Percentage 60 50 40 30 20 10 0




yes no



65 of respondents are using refrigerators. 65% of respondents are using whirlpool refrigerator. 8% of respondents are using for its name. 52% of respondents are using for its quality. 32% of respondents are using for its price. 8% of respondents are using for all the above reason. 46% of respondents are influenced by TV to purchase this product. 23% of respondents are influence by magazine to purchase this product. 48% of respondents comment good about the quality of this product. 36% of respondents comment better about the quality of this product. 16% of respondents comment excellent about the quality of this product. 65 respondents agree with the guarantee period given by this product. 92% of respondents say yes to the availability of service centre. 8% of respondents say no to the availability of service centre. 55% of respondents say 1 year guarantee period. 30% of respondents say 3 year guarantee period. 15% of respondents say 5 year guarantee period. 38% of respondents opinion about the service is good. 54% of respondents opinion about the service is not bad. 8% of respondents opinion about the service is better. 54% of respondents recommend this product to other. 46% of respondents dont recommend this product to others. 62% of respondents recommend single door model to other. 38% of respondents recommend double door to other. 84% of Respondents are satisfied with this product. 16% of Respondents are not satisfied with this product.



*There should be an improvement in the visual perspective of the product(outer look of the product) *Create a new design that will fit for the nuclear family and also economical *Design of strategies in grabbing market from the upper middle class. *It should also concentrate on the competitors and their models. So it can give the best than their competitors


Though the present study aimed to achieve the above -mentioned objectives in full earnest and accuracy, it was hampered due to certain limitations. Some of the limitations of this study may be summarized as follows: *Getting accurate responses from the respondents due to their inherent problems were difficult. They were partial, and refused to cooperate. * since we did not had the privilege to work on a large scale, so many findings and recommendations may not be as much in tune with their ground realities as may be considered desirable. *Last but not the least, the time constraint faced in the project might have affected the comprehensive of its findings. *Time constraint-the duration of training was short, due to which it was difficult to collect data. *Normally respondents hesitate to disclose the information. *The response of the respondents in giving information was lukewarm.



Nearly five years ago,Whirlpool corporation set out on a course to reach the homes and hearts of customers around the globe. By listening intensely to their customers , understanding their needs and desires , and creating innovative solutions that meet and exceed those needs,Whirlpools organizations worldwide are building unmatched levels of customer loyalty to the brands. Its about innovation,eco efficiency and the consumer. The driving and the major elements the company considers are the Innovation Eco Friendly in nature Consumer In this present world and in this emerging scenarios of business whirlpool has exactly aimed on the aspects which it has to be. Through increased speed to market and international project teams,were changing the way we do business. Within this study, four relational characteristics were examined. In addition, analyses were conducted for a multitude of other contingency factors that are not included in the present study.Overall, however, no conclusive moderations were identified.Nevertheless, it may be assumed that customer diversity still has moderating effects on the information of customer loyalty. The determinants contained in this study, however, capture rather general evaluations of relationships between LSPs and their customers, which may be too broad to be subject to moderating effects.



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Name: . Age:

Occupation Gender : Male Female

Address: Ph.no : Pin Code: ..

1. Do you use refrigerator in your home? Yes No

2. If Yes which brand of refrigerator do you purchase? LG Samsung Godrej Whirlpool

3. For what purpose you select this particular brand ? Name price quality all the above

4. Which media influenced you to purchase the product? TV Magazines Radio Other

5. How long period do you use this refrigerator? 1year 3year 4year more than 5year

6.What is your opinion about the qualities of the product? Good Bad better Excellent

7. Where did you purchase your brand? Retail shop Whole sale

8. Is any guarantee provide to the product? Yes No

9. Is there any service centre in your area for the product?



10. If Yes How long is the guarantee period? 1Year 3Year 5Year

11. What is your opinion about the services provided by the seller? Good Not Bad Better

12. Do you recommend this product to your friend or relatives? Yes No

13. Which type of model will your recommend? double door Single door 14. Are you fully satisfied with the product? Yes No

15. Give any suggestions ..


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