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Attention Allan Tonkin Thank you for allowing Elcore Electrical Contractors the opportunity to quote on the required

repair work requirement for the 11000/1000 volt 1.5 MVA Transportable Substation. We do apologize for the time taken to finalize this quote; however considerable time has been taken by our workshop personnel to undertake complete testing of all components of this substation to provide a clear indication of all required repair works. Please find the required quotation as below Quotation for 1.5MVA Transformer Substation Repair 1. 11Kv Lucy Oxford Oil FRMU switch arrangement. Drain of R temp insulation oil, complete strip of Lucy Oxford Switch including RMU bolted couplers. Inspection of damaged Fuse Tee off 15kv rated insulators and complete workshop testing using 15kv Die electric hi pot tester for insulation resistance. Replacement of damaged Fuse Tee Off 15kv rated insulators Inspection and carry out testing of the mechanical non functioning fuse switch mechanism. . Replacement of damaged fuse switch mechanism including replacement of actuator operating arm and barrier dividers. Replacement of two 11000 volt, 300 amp bolted couplers, complete with 70 mm XLPE tails as per Site specifications. Terminations of bolted couplers using Raychem 15kv rated heat shrink as per site specifications. Replacement of broken terminal studs on the Fuse Tee Off transition box mounting Installation of new R- Temp Insulation oil as per Site specifications to correct levels as per product manufactures specifications. Strip, clean and powder coat water damaged 11000 volt transition terminal box to Site specifications Replacement of all terminal gaskets including transition terminal box between switchgear and transformer bushings. Repair to damaged support operating handle bracket. Repair and complete seal to leaking glass inspection port. Complete workshop electrical and mechanical operation testing of switch. Report to be provided $ 19800 2. 11000/ 1000 Volt 1.5 MVA Transformer arrangement.

Carried out workshop voltage testing at 11000 volts complete with test report. Carried out complete workshop testing using 15kv Die electric hi pot tester for insulation resistance complete with test report Carried out phase / winding resistance testing complete with test report. Removal of top inspection lid and complete drain of 1400 litres of R- Temp insulation oil. Removal of Copper Coil from transformer tank and complete inspection including lifting lug arrangement, tap and phase connections. Repair to leaking cooling fans including spot welding and complete pressure testing. Complete Testing of R- Temp Insulation oil and replacement of additional R- Temp required for correct oil level. Replacement of damaged 240 volt fin cooling fan Repair to straightened all four mounting brackets for correct securing / mounting arrangement to the galvanized skid base. Replacement of all 11000 volt and 1000 volt bushing gaskets Replacement of Top inspection Lid gasket Reconnection of 11000 volt termination XLPE links between the transition box of the transformer and the 11000 volt Lucy Oxford switch arrangement. All XPLE connections to be replaced complete with 15KV rated Raychem heat shrink as per site specifications. Installation of earth constant springs onto the XLPE single cores Reconnection of 1000 volt bus bar configuration onto 1000 volt terminals and torque test terminal bolts. Replacement of stainless steel bolts for top lid inspection Strip, clean and re powder coat water damaged 11000 volt transition terminal box Replacement of transition inspection lid gaskets Reconnection of all transformer protection devices and complete workshop testing. Overall clean of 11000 volt switchgear, transformer, 1000 volt cubicle and skid base. Replacement of faded danger 11000 volt and 1000 volt signage. Replacement of missing 1000 volt shrouding complete with danger 1000 volt labeling. Workshop testing of substation complete including detailed test report.

$ 23154