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NGFFL Facebook Moderation Policy

The National Gay Flag Football League (NGFFL), which hosts the NGFFL Facebook page, welcomes and encourages comments and participation on the NGFFL Facebook page. Weve created this page as part of a focused effort to engage NGFFL Member Organizations and their players; prospective LGBTQ and allied flag-football players across North America; and our communitys friends, fans, family members, allies, and sponsors. This is a place for our community to connect, share, and learn. Its a place for the NGFFL and its member organizations to celebrate what weve created and to advance our vision of becoming the greatest place for LGBTQ folks and our allies to experience all the wonderful things that come from participation in team sports. But since this page can potentially touch a lot of people, we need some rules by which to abide to keep this a place where people can expect dialogue that is structured, constructive, thoughtful, on-point and helpful. Definition: For the purposes of this document from this point forward, the term Member Organizations or members refers to current and/or potential leagues or related organizations that pay or may soon pay dues to the NGFFL. Players refers to individuals within NGFFL member organizations. Participants refers to participants on the NGFFL Facebook page. Purpose of the NGFFL Facebook Page The purpose of the NGFFL Facebook page is to provide NGFFL member-organization leaders, players, fans, and supporters with information about the NGFFL, our member organizations, and other issues directly tied to the business of the NGFFL. And it is to provide our NGFFL member-organization leaders, players, fans, and supporters a place to share information and news that will advance the organizations vision. Specifically, the purpose of the NGFFL Facebook page is to:    Share news and announcements relevant to the business of the NGFFL and our member organizations Spread the good news of LGBT flag football and the community it can build; and Act as a disciplined and intentional forward-facing representation of our League to current and potential sponsors and partners

Standard Policy Considerations Given the very public and outward-facing nature of the NGFFL Facebook page, the NGFFL insists that all participants:

Keep comments on point: Comment only on the topic addressed in any specific post. Off-topic comments may be deleted Keep comments constructive: Dialogue is great. But destructive or meanspirited comments, or comments that attack any individual, group, or member, may be deleted. If you have a question, please consider posing it to a member or members of the Board directly rather than getting into the weeds on our outwardfacing PR tool Keep comments clean: No profanity or other offensive language will be tolerated. Comments that include profanity or any other language that could be deemed offensive may be deleted Keep it spam-free: Please keep posts relevant to the business of the NGFFL or that of our members. Comments that are spam, or seem to be spam, will be deleted

Issues to Consider or Avoid when Posting on the NGFFL Facebook Page Participants on the NGFFL Facebook page are encouraged to post information about NGFFL or NGFFL-member events and news. We encourage discussion and varying viewpoints. However, the NGFFL Facebook page will not feature:

Comments attacking NGFFL member organizations or any individual in the NGFFL community. Questions and concerns about any of the aforementioned should be posed directly, but not via this Facebook page, to duly-elected and accountable NGFFL board members, or raised during designated and appropriate in-person or online/telephonic forums The NGFFL is not authorized to speak for or about our members, unless otherwise authorized by the NGFFL bylaws. Comments that put the NGFFL in such a position may be deleted Programs and events not related to the NGFFL or our members Endorsements of specific brand-name products or services for advertising or marketing purposes, unless otherwise designated and approved by the NGFFL False, misleading, or deceptive sponsorships or advertisements





Attacks on or prejudice against any group or person based on their ethnicity, race, religion, politics, gender, sexual orientation, gender expression, or disability Nudity, pornography, adult and/or hate language Illegal or inappropriate use of firearms or drugs, or any illegal activity Sexual, obscene or indecent, or explicit messages or innuendo Products or services with sexual overtones such as massage parlors, escort services, or establishments featuring for show or sale X-rated or pornographic movies, materials or performances Hostility or threats of violence of any kind Language or information that is obscene, foul, vulgar, or scurrilous, etc. Information harmful to children or is of a nature to frighten children, either emotionally or physically Online casino gaming, gambling, or betting Information affiliated with or promoting political campaigns

Consequences Anyone deemed by the NGFFL to have been in violation of the policies above will have his or her posting privileges revoked, either temporarily for one week, or in perpetuity, or be deleted as a participant on the NGFFL Facebook page and blocked from further interaction. Determination of sanction will be on a case-by-case basis and will be congruent with the severity of the violation. Additionally, NGFFL Facebook followers must not have blocked any Facebook users tasked with administering the NGFFL Facebook page. Blocking administrators has the practical effect of precluding administrators from seeing posts on the NGFFL page posted by the blocker. NGFFL Facebook followers have the option of not blocking administrators, or of having themselves blocked in perpetuity from the NGFFL page. Finally, congruent with the policies stated above, the NGFFL reserves the right to edit or delete any comments without notice. This comment policy is subject to change at any time, and will be reposted on the Facebook page when any changes occur. Conclusion The NGFL wants the NGFFL Facebook page to be a vibrant and positive space for all LGBQT and allied flag footballers and friends. These rules of use are not meant to

squash dissent or censor voices, but to provide a safe, positive, and constructive venue for the advancement of our sport and community.

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