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General Studies (Prelim as well as Main Exam) Subject History Booklist Ancient India (Old NCERT) Medieval India

(Old NCERT) Modern India (Old NCERT) Modern India (Spectrum Pub.) Class 11th and 12th (4 Textbooks) Atlas Constitution of India Indian Polity Class 9th and 10th (2 Textbooks)` Science Reporter (Magazine) Must Read Magazine Civil Services Chronicle Wizard Magazine Civil Services Times World Focus Special Issues of Chronicle and Wizard for each component of GS Books India Year Book Economic Survey Current Affairs Special Issues Newspapers The Indian Express The Hindu The Hindu Diary of Events (Published in January) Economic Times / Hindu Business Line Author/Pub R S Sharma Satish Chandra Bipan Chandra Rajiv Ahir NCERT Orient Blackswan P M Bakshi M. Laxmikanth NCERT CSIR

Geography Indian Polity General Science


Govt. of India Govt. of India

The Hindu

Geography Optional Name Of Book Spectrum for Geography NCERT Std.10 to 12 India: A Comprehensive Geography Geography Of India Human Geography Evolution of Geographical Thought Physical Geography Survey Of Environment Climatology Agriculture optional Name Of Book Fundamentals Of Agriculture Principles Of Agriculture Plant Breeding Principles And Methods Handbook Of Agriculture Handbook Of Horticulture Kurukshetra (magazine) Author/Publication Arun Katyayan B.D. Singh ICAR ICAR Author/Publication Spectrum Khullar Majid Husain Majid Husain Majid Husain Savindra Singh The Hindu B.S. Lal

Addition Reading for Agriculture Optional Name Of Book State Of Indian Farmer: A Millennium Study Survey Of Indian Agriculture Forests And Forestry Author/Publication Ministry Of Agriculture The Hindu K. P. Sagreiya

Sociology Optional

Name Of Book Previous years question-paper sets Sociology McIver & Page Sociology Dictionaries Mandelbaum Bottomore Changing Indian society Social movements in India Caste in its 20th century avatar Tribal India Social stratification & mobility Social anthropology Book on sociology Indian society Indian sociological thinkers Solved question main papers Modernization of Indian Tradition Social movements in India Census of India

Author/Publication Haralambos and Heald Penguin/Oxford

Yogesh Atal MSA Rao M.N.Sriniwas Nadeem Hasnain K.L.Sharma Madan & Majumdar C.N.Shankar Rao C.N.Shankar Rao B.K.Nagla Chronicle Publication Yogendra Singh Ghanshyam Shah

Additional Reading for Sociology Optional Name Of Book Internet Reference Class notes Indian society Modern India Indian Socialism Indian Economy Yojna, Kurukshetra (Magazines) newspaper articles TV debates Sociology Sociology History Optional Name Of Book Ancient India Early India Wonder That Was India Medieval India Part 1 & 2 India's Struggle For Independence A new Look on Modern India India After Independence World History Contemporary World History IGNOU Material of B.A History Course Historical Atlas Author/Publication Hemant Jhas Career Point class notes Romila Thapar A.L.Basham Satish Chandra Bipin Chandra and others B.L.Grover Bipin Chandra and others Jain and Mathur NCERT Std 12 Spectrum Publication Author/Publication Upendra's or Ramaswamy's Yogesh Atal Bipan Chadra Dutt and Sundaram

Ritzer Giddens

Additional Reading for History Optional Name Of Book Material Culture and Social Formation Political Changes in Ancient India South Indian History Medieval India (3 Volumes) Wonder That was India (2 Volumes) Modern India Author/Publication Ram Sharan Sharma Ram Sharan Sharma Neel Kanth Shastri J.L.Mehta Rizvi Sumit Sarkar

Political Science Optional Name Of Book An Introduction to Political Theory (Paper I) Political Science Paper I (Paper I) Indian Government & Politics (Paper I) Globalization of World Politics Comparative Politics and International relations IGNOU Notes (Paper I & Paper II) Articles from Indian Express and The Hindu NCERT: Contemporary World Politics Author/Publication O.P Gauba Bookhive publication Fadia. Bailyis & Smith Bookhive Publication

Public Administration Optional Name of the Book Public Administration Indian Administration Public Administration (only for topics like Administrative Law For topics like leadership and motivation theories Administrative Thinkers Constitution of India Yojana Magazine, Newspapers Author/Publication Fadia and Fadia Fadia and Fadia Sharma and Sadana L M Prasad Prasad and Prasad P M Bakshi, D D Basu