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INT. RECEPTION - NIGHT From far Bob looked liked a struggling lawyer who made his daily money from servicing low income working class labourers. Dressed in his usual cotton black suit screaming out for an ironing session and his white shirt battling not to turn grey.. Bob sat quietly in one corner of the reception. More an empty room than a reception, three chairs graced the room with one small divan in one corner. Bob sat on one of the chairs while a man snored away on the divan. A neat pair of white trousers rested carefully on the second chair. Looked a little odd to Bob but he wasn't there to question on an orphan pair of trousers. The reception ended in a corridor which in turn ended at a door. The corridor was dimly lit with a red light shining brighter than the rest. From behind the door, at the end of the corridor, Bob could get the occasional sound of grunting coupled with complimentary voices. MAN (off screen) This is good.. I have never done it like this.. WOMAN (off screen) Makes a nice change huh? MAN Give it to me... The voices are broken by the entry of three men into the reception. All dressed in white shirt and white trousers, the three men are no more than in their late thirties. Hearing the bang of the door the sleeping man on the divan wakes up startled. The men are A B and C. A What the fuck!! Why are you sleeping? Sleepy man tries to cover up. SLEEPY MAN No No.. I wasn't sleeping. Just closed my eyes for a bit.. A walks up to the man and slaps him across the head..



A "For a bit".. Careful or I will close your eyes forever you lying cunt.. How many times... A is interrupted by B who notices Bob sitting in the corner. B Who the fuck are you? A Who the fuck is he? C Why the fuck is he here? B reaches Bob and grabs him by the collar.. B Who the fuck are you? What are you doing here? The sleepy man tries to explain.. SLEEPY MAN He is just a customer.. His speech is once again interrupted by a resounding slap. A Customer! Customer? How many times I told you .. When Sir is here no one is allowed.. What the fuck is wrong with you? B Get the fuck out of here.. Bob tries to protest. BOB But I have paid already.. Before Bob can realise, the man punches him on the face.. Bob drops to his knees cupping his nose in his hands. B Don't you talk back to me.. You think I give a fuck for your fuck.. C joins in kicking Bob squarely on his butt, making Bob fall on his face. B starts dragging Bob by the back of his collar..



B (CONT'D) Get out you sorry piece of shit. Suddenly the whole environment is overpowered with the sound of a man screaming in ectasy. MAN (off screen) AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH The three men in white stop what they are doing and start clapping. A Yeah! Sir has come! B Good one. C Mind blowing.. They stop what they are doing and scurry to the beginning of the corridor when the RED light switches off. The door at the end of the corridor opens and a large, bulky man, with an appearance a retired wrestler, walks out in his underwear. The three men run towards him. SIR Oh that was good.. It hurts a little but good.. Sir turns to the sleepy man. SIR (CONT'D) Give her something extra.. C takes out some cash and gives it to the sleepy man while B rushes to get the trousers. Using A and C as support, Sir lifts his legs allowing B to put on the trousers. Sir notices Bob on the floor.. SIR (CONT'D) Who? A Some sad fuck who can't get it anywhere else.. A realizes what he had just said but Sir ignores the statement. He is in a good mood.



SIR Let him be. Looks at Bob. SIR (CONT'D) Try out the speciality. Very invigorating... Sir and his 3 men leave. Bob is alone with the sleepy man. A woman comes out of the room. In her late twenties, scantily dressed. WOMAN You want to come in here or go to a doctor? CUT TO: INT. ROOM - NIGHT Inside the room the woman holds up a large dildo in her hand. WOMAN Made in China. You want the special? Bob quietly shakes his head. The woman throws the dildo to a corner and gets up on the bed and starts rubbing her crotch. WOMAN (CONT'D) Ok. Come big boy CUT TO: INT. RECEPTION - NIGHT The RED light comes on. CUT TO: INT. CLUB - LATE NIGHT The club is relatively empty. Sir sits on one table. He is sitting on a pillow. The table in front of him is filled with empty bottles and glasses. His three men and two workers of the club loiters around. Sir mumbles in his drunken state.. SIR I will fuck that JK. I will fuck his wife, his children.. A His dog..



Sir pauses SIR Dog. How to fuck a dog? I have never fucked a dog before.. How to fuck a dog? There is a knock on the main door which is closed from inside. At first the men inside ignore the knock.. But the person outside is persistent. Irritated A gets up and walk to the door. A Who the fuck? He looks the keyhole. A look of surprise come on his face. He turns to the people inside. A (CONT'D) Its that guy from the whore house.. A opens the door. A (CONT'D) What do you.. Before A can complete the sentence Bob slits his throat and drags him inside. The people inside don't even realize. Bob closes the door from inside. C suddenly notices. C Hey Fully drunk C gets up and runs toward Bob. As C run towards him, Bob lifts a chair and hits C straight across the face. C falls down. Almost immediately Bob breaks the chair with a kick, takes the broken piece and drives it straight through C's heart. B pulls out a revolver but he is too drunk and scared to even lift it up. He drops the gun. Bob walks over to Sir who squirms.. SIR Please don't kill me.. B And me... Bob grabs Sir by the hair and makes him lie on his stomach. He takes the broken piece of chair and drive it straight through Sir's bottom. Sir screams in pain and almost immediately stops as Bob snaps the back of his neck with one swift kick.



BOB Compliments of JK. Bob walks up to the trembling B. BOB (CONT'D) Why did you slap me?

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