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Global Interdependencies: Challenges to Global Investing Legal Systems Corporate Charter > Lacks social + ecological mandate Fiduciary

ry Responsibility (search for returns) Fiat Currency (vs. Commodity Money) Fractional Reserve Banking Interest Rate Problem Federal Reserve Systems Run by Private Banks Risk Control Systems Behind Developments Dollar Hegemony (Predominant Trade & Bank Currency) Dollar International Reserve Currency Imbalances Trade Flows Financing Access Wealth Accumulation Resource Access Increasing Number, and Magnitude, of Financial, Social, Ecological Crises Public Finances Beliefs Green or Social Activities = Costs Money Required to Secure Social and Ecology Industrial Processes Embedded in Global Culture Hi-Technology Required Centralized Systems Better Than Decentralized Speculation Accepted Economies of Scale Reduce Total Costs Hi Capital Required for System Function Inequity is Inevitable Monetary Wealth a Key Measure of Success Primary Growth Drivers Capitalistic Systems Fractional Reserve Banking Interest Problem Corporate Charter Fiduciary Responsibility (search for returns) Non-Productive Products and Services

Economic Systems Orthodox Economics Holds Monopoly Unlimited Economic Growth Feasible Resource Scarcity Solved Through Market Transactions High Amount Global Money Flows and Many Instruments Used Capitalism Principal Global Model (Capital Accumulation) System Where Rules Required to Protect Public Goods Systems Require Growth (Increased Value of Traded Goods/Services) Measuring Economic Growth (GDP) Principally Monetary Includes Non-Productive Products + Services (e.g. Defense; Illness) Resistance to Alternative Metrics (e.g. Green GDP; Happiness)

Corporate Interests Multinationals Exercise Global Power Power Consolidation in Industry and Politics National Politics Increasingly Driven by Corps. Trade Rules Heavily Influenced by Corps. Mass Media Used to Validate Own Interests Public Research Funding (Conflict of Interest) Short-term oriented (to meet market expectations) Bank as Primary Financial Intermediary Pension Funds Must Grow to Meet Rising Demand, 18.02.2012