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Preparing for an exhibition

Task 1 There are several barriers in effective communication, which lead to misunderstandings. You can overcome these barriers by trying different things. I will be talking about the different barriers that can arise in effective communication and the solution to overcome them. Language - Inability to converse in a language, which known by both the sender and receiver is the greatest barrier to effective communication. When a person uses inappropriate words while conversing or writing, it could lead to misunderstanding between the sender and a receiver.

Lack of Subject Knowledge - If a person who sends a message lacks subject knowledge then he may not be able to convey his message clearly. The receiver could misunderstand his message, and this could lead to a barrier to effective communication.

Training Courses I have researched some courses that can help me improve my skills and will help me face any barrier that will arise during the exhibition. Three main areas, which I have thought of improving on, are presentation skills, communication skills and leadership skills. 1. The First course I have thought of attending is to improve communication skills. The course web page link is http://www.impactfactory.com/p/effective_communication_skills_training/issues_1 543-2104-80259.html Being a good communicator is often about feeling confident in those situations where you do not always feel comfortable, so we make life easier for you by enhancing what's already there. In other words, you do not have to learn a whole bunch of radically new things. Being an effective communicator means that other people take you seriously, listen to what you have to say and engage in dialogue. The course objectives are listed below:* * * * * * * Raising Awareness Understanding Communication Dynamics Working with Body Language Dealing with Assumptions Working with Differing Points of View Understanding Patterns, Habits and Beliefs Developing Great Listening and Responding Skills

Yusuf Iqbal Assignment 2 Sarah

* * * * * *

Developing Individual Strengths and Qualities Understanding Active vs Passive Choosing Using Positive Reinforcement Conflict Management Being More In Charge Gaining Confidence

Task 2 Me: Good afternoon sir, how are you today? (Smiling) Customer: I am fine thank you very much and yourself? Me: I am okay sir; I believe you are interested in buying the Samsung qx 410? (Positive manor with appropriate body language) Customer: Oh yes, this looks very interesting and that is a good price. Me: yes indeed, if you just follow me down here, I will show you how to operate the product. (Maintain eye contact and use good body language) Customer: Okay Me: (explain how the product is operated and explain the different functions and advantages it has over an Apple MacBook Pro Range) (use positive language and have a friendly tone of voice) Customer: Oh, that sounds great. In addition, do you have it in stock to take away today? Me: Well This laptop is very popular but I will find out for you sir. (Smiling and positive attitude) you are in luck sir because there are only 5 left. Customer: That is brilliant; I would like to purchase one now then. Me: No problem at all sir, and you also get this Norton Security for half price if you wish. Customer: yes thank you I would love to have the security as well thank you very much. Me: Not a problem sir; (Handshake) (then finish off the deal) (Escort the customer at the end, and make sure he leaves from the store happy)

Yusuf Iqbal Assignment 2 Sarah

When a customer will approach the store, you will have to use positive body language and maintain eye contact with the customer throughout the whole time. Make the customer feel welcomed. You have to smile at the customer so he does not feel shy and nervous. Throughout the deal, you have to use positive language and use good communication skills to persuade the customer. If the customer is satisfied and convinced, he will buy the product but try not to keep your be too persuasive because you might get them angry. Task 5 Kinesthetic learning is a learning style in which learning takes place by actually carrying out a physical activity, rather than listening to a lecture or merely watching a demonstration. Some people are visual learners, some kinesthetic learners, and some are auditory learners. People associated with this predominant learning style have thought to be natural discovery learners; they have realizations through doing, as opposed to having thought first before initiating action. The evidence on kinesthetic learners benefiting from specialized instruction or targeted materials appears mixed, because the diagnosis of learning preference is itself problematic. Due to my learning style which shows that I prefer to try things practically rather than listening or reading tasks because you really want to go asleep when someone is talking, it affects the methods that I chose to develop my new skills. The courses I found do improve on communication skills involve a lot of reading and listening however, I will have to overcome that and act more in a role play and improve in my skills. I am certain if I go with try and tested methods, I can improve in my weak areas. http://www.learning-styles-online.com/style/verbal-linguistic/ I researched that you can boost your significance learning capacity and learn more about each learning style by reading the memletics accelerated learner manual. It teaches you:

How to use accelerated learning to improve your study skills How and when to use over 80 memory techniques How to use learning styles during the learning process. How to significantly boost your concentration and attention skills

There is also an effective speed-reading course available, which enhances your reading skills. You will learn how to read faster weather it is on screen or paper. The link to the course ishttp://www.memletics.com/speed-reading-course/default.asp?ref=av&data=admemmanual&referrersite=lso
Yusuf Iqbal Assignment 2 Sarah

The course contains the following modules:

Module 1: Introduction. Introduction to the course, common reading myths, six parts to effective reading, and a reading speed check.

Module 2: Optimize your Alphabetics. Check and protect your eyesight. Guidelines for printing or reading on screen, how to optimize printed text, how to optimize your monitor.

Module 3: Increase your vocabulary. Why vocabulary is important for speed reading, top techniques to improve vocabulary, and further ways to develop a great vocabulary.

Module 4: Develop your fluency. Check your basic fluency skills, how to support fluency, and how to significantly improve it.

Module 5: Learn to skim read. What is skim reading, how to do it, and various levels of skim reading.

Module 6: Learn reading strategies. Learn how to use specific strategies depending on your purpose and the type of material you are reading.

Module 7: Improve your comprehension. The overall goal for reading effectiveness. Includes three complimentary extracts from the Memletics Manual on concentration, locating material, and exploring material

Task 6

Skill Presentation skills

Score 3

Development activity Present more work to people. Practice in front of a mirror. Tone of voice. Body language.

Target date 15th October, 2010


Problem Solving

Organize which work 6th December, has to be done and 2010 when its due in. Understand the importance of time management. Getting more involved 6th January, 2011 in problems and trying to solve on my own.

Yusuf Iqbal Assignment 2 Sarah

Task 8 In this task, I will be talking about two types of communication, Interpersonal and written. I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of both. Interpersonal: Interpersonal Communication is also called face-to-face communication. With Interpersonal Communication you are communicating with a known recipient of audiences, you know their interests, their ideas, their ages; so it is more interactive process than any other communication tools. In addition, with it you can easily get your target and achieve your goal in persuading the audience with your point of views and also get an immediate feedback. Interpersonal communication skill is the key to overcoming doubts and misunderstandings. On the other hand, there are some bad points of interpersonal communication. There are some barriers that interfere in the communication for example, there could be language problems where the receiver does not understand the senders language properly and is not receiving the message properly (if the receiver is from another country it will be hard for him to understand). In addition, background noise could interfere within a conversation and ruin it. Although you are having a face to-face conversation, the communication method is disturbed due to the background noise (Card, Trains, People and Planes etc. Written: Written communication is a good way to communicate with people as they can read a particular message of paper or screen and understand it themselves. People who have hearing difficulties or find it hard to understand different accents will benefit from a written communication method. Also, you can keep proof of your written communication as if it by email; it can be saved which is an easy method. However there are many disadvantages of written communication. One of the main disadvantage is you cannot get an immediate feedback. In addition, some people could have reading problems, even vision problems that can lead to misunderstanding the message, which is being sent. A written conversation also does not involve emotions or body language, you cannot judge the senders actions and intentions whereas in a face-to-face communication, you get to understand the same message in a better way On the other hand, written letters can be photocopied too but then are keen to get lost if not kept safe.

Yusuf Iqbal Assignment 2 Sarah

Task 9 At the exhibition, I will benefit more from interpersonal communication methods. This is because mainly I will get involved with customers and have conversations face-to-face. By using my persuasive and good communication skills, I will be able to sell to the customers. However, I will still be using some written skills as the poster, which I designed. Some people will find it attractive and come over to the store to enquire more. Nevertheless, from then onwards, I will have to use my own communication skills to leave a good impression on the customer and give them excellent advice o the product. That will lead to the customer buying from me.

Yusuf Iqbal Assignment 2 Sarah