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The Crucible by Arthur Miller Study guide Cast of Characters: For each of the following characters, write a brief

description of them including personality traits, what their relationship is to other characters, important events they are involved in and anything else you feel is significant about them. Reverend Parris- Father of Betty; widower who regards children as young adults .Once his daughter is found dancing, he becomes worried about his repretation since he is the reverend of the town. Betty Parris- Age ten suffers from suspicious illness. Betty is pressured by Abigail to lie in behalf of their survival. Tituba- Tituba is Parriss slave from Barbados. She is accused of conjuring the spirit of Mrs. Putnams child Ruth and calling apon the devil. She claims she is a good Christian woman and loves children Abigail Williams- She is a feisty and manipulative 17 year old orphan. Her parents were killed by Indians. She hopes to have the Goody proctor killed in order to take her place. She has complete control of the fate of the people in her group and uses this power to get people accused. In the end she runs away with Mary Warren. Susanna Walcott- Susanna is a young, nave, and nervous girl. She comes in behalf of the doctor to Parris that a cure can not be found. She is apart of Abigail clan Mrs. Ann Putnam- Goody Putnam is a middle age woman cursed with the lost of seven deaths of children after one day of their life. She sent her child to Tituba, to have her spirit conjured. Thomas Putnam- Thomas has vengeance against Parris; at all opportunities he tries to make Parris seem unfit to be head reverend. His daughter is also displaying weird qualities. Mercy Lewis Mr. and Mrs. Putnams slave / maid. She runs away with Abigail at the end of the book. Mary Warren John Proctors maid. She becomes very strong-minded with the authority of official of the court. She gave Goody Proctor the poppet that caused her to be charged. Proctor talked Mary into stopping the lies and telling the truth, at first she stood strong. After Abigail and her friend scene she weeps and run to Abigail denying her statements AP Language & Composition A. Degenhardt, 2010 1

John Proctor He has high authority. Proctor carries to toll of having an affair on his conscience. Held with guilt that his wife may be killed because of him and his affair he works to clear her name. At the end he realizes that he will not disgrace his name for something he does not do and is hung to death. Rebecca Nurse She is a calm spirited woman, and very caring towards children. She resorts to god for her problems, and wants nothing to do with the witch craft. She believe she is to old for it. In the end she stays strong and refuses to confess to something she didnt do. She is hung to death. Giles Corey He is a farmer; curious on the matter of witch craft because he wife reads strange books. His wife is charged with witch craft on pigs. He dies by being stoned to death for not calling names. Reverend John Hale - Has great knowledge when it comes to witchcraft. He seeks the truth in the mater of the accusation. Once he realizes this whole issue, is undercover vengeance he leaves. When he comes back he wants any sort of justice possible. Had complete trust in the court until, he entered the court. Elizabeth Proctor She is Johns wife. She is not very stern; she lets Mary Warren leave after being forbidden. Elizabeth is not a trusting woman, but comes to the realization that she should have been a better wife. She is excuse from her punishment because she was pregnant. Francis Nurse Francis is well respected and caring individual .He constantly worries about the well being of others. In the situation of the names, he felts as thought he betrayed them. His wife is charge with killing Mrs. Putnams Children. Ezekiel Cheever Ezekiel is the clerk of the court, rounds up all the accused. Cheever writes down the testimonies. Marshal Herrick Marshal is very stern. He accompanies Ezekiel, when he comes to get Goody proctor. His role is as a Body guard, because he stops Proctor from calling Abby a whore. Judge Hathorne The judge over the case of witchcraft. He is under the Deputy Governor Danforth. Deputy Governor Danforth He is very official, and desires complete written documents for court. He is the head of court and is terrified by the witch craft. Hopkins Hopkins is a guard. AP Language & Composition A. Degenhardt, 2010 2 Literary Examples: Describe an example in the text in which the following literary

Terms are demonstrated.

Allegory The Allegory is the factor that Proctor confesses to a lie. It shows how McCarthyism is the central problem, and how a lie for the sake of freedom is bad. Tone During the court scene and the ending scene the tone of urgency and angst are shown very well through dialogue and stage direction. Irony There are many ironic situation is the play. The fact that one must confesses to a lie in order to live, show the irony that no one can come out of this situation pure and innocent. The conversation between Abigail and the other girls about how they must keep the same story is ironic. That whole conversation confesses the cause of all the confusion and yet no other character realizes it. Conflict The biggest conflict is the discussion weather to keep their integrity and not confess to a false charge resulting in death or confessing even though innocent. Rebecca chose to accept her death, while Proctor has a harder time. Another conflict is the when Francis felt conflicted of weather to not give the names and save his wife. He felt as though he betrayed those people in sake of his wife. Foreshadowing When Mary Warren gave Goody Proctor the poppet it foreshadows that she would get in trouble because of the doll. Mary Warren is under the influence of Abby, of course there is something sneaky going on. Theme Proctor: No it is not the same! What others say and what I sign to is not the same, This defines the theme, because in the story the difference between hard evidence and her say cause the death of many.

AP Language & Composition A. Degenhardt, 2010 3 Opening Paragraph/Thesis Statement: Below are analysis questions that represent

short essays. For each question write the opening paragraph of the paper using a piece of evidence from the text as support. This paragraph sets the tone and argument for the remainder of the paper. Your thesis statement should only be one to two sentences long and should clearly outline the argument. In Act One, Miller states in regards to the witch trials: Old scores could be settled on a plane of heavenly combat between Lucifer and the Lord (Miller, 7). Explain what is meant by this statement. Describe an act or event in the book that supports your claim. Small, God oriented towns like Salem are bound by the battle between God and Satan. The theme of the Arthur Millers The Crucible is described through his quote Old scores could be settled on the plane of heavenly combat between Lucifer and The Lord. With the introduction of Lucifer into the world of Salem, confusion and frustration became a key part of the lives of all its citizens. Multiple citizens used this time of confusion to settle secret vengeance. Abigail caused the war between good and evil to not only gain power but dance on the grave of Goody Proctor.

During the play there are individual characters that use the trials to increase their power within the community. Describe two characters that become empowered, how they become empowered, and how it affects the characters around them. At the time of the Salem which trails, during the powerless state of the town, certain individuals hunted further power in the community. It was obvious that with the dynamic change in circumstances, that control was given to Abigail and for a short time Mary Warren. The authority they both gained made others fall under their command. Abigail had the power to accuse anyone she pleased, while Mary had control over the fate of the Proctor family. These increased levels of power, left all other individuals powerless and without control.

AP Language & Composition A. Degenhardt, 2010 4

In this play, Salem is run by a theocracy: state and religion as one. Describe the differing views of justice between Governor Danforth, Reverend Parris, and John Proctor. Use scenes found in the text to support each characters view. Justice can be viewed in many different manners. Some believe justice can only be obtained when it is in their favor. Others truly seek and want what is right. In the case of the crucible the three characters Governor Danforth, Reverend Parris, and John Proctor maintained different views of justice. Reverend Parris strived for justice for him self and in sake of his repretation. John Proctor wanted justice for everyone else. While Governor Danforth wanted what he though was justice but was just Abigails diluted lies.

Personal Response: Human nature is the inherent characteristics that define humans including the way in which we act, think or feel. Although The Crucible tells the story of the Salem Witch Trials it is also a parable about the McCarthy investigations. Describe in detail what you have learned about human nature and the affects of society on the individual through reading this novel and reading about McCarthyism. Use textual evidence to support your response. Human nature is to panic at the first sign of distress or pain. Investigating the cause before reacting is not wired in mankinds DNA. This characteristic has been seen through out history in the Salem Witch Trails, numerous other court cases and during segregation. Many take this issue as a mere born instinct. Through my studies of The Crucible and McCarthyism, I have come to the realization that this act of human nature can have serious effects on our view of individuals, their safety and the meaning of justice.