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Top Down ConsTruCTion


one one one Eagle street project will accommodate over 62,500m2 of premium Grade office space across 44 levels, designed to reinforce the premium office identity of the riverside precinct. The tower will be constructed using a Top Down construction method.

whaT is ThE sEquEnCinG of ThE work?

sTaGE 1 plunge Columns are installed
(For detailed information please refer to the Installation of Plunge Columns Fact Sheet)

whaT is Top Down ConsTruCTion?

The top-down method of construction enables a highrise superstructure and its sub-basement to be built simultaneously. The method involves the installation of deep foundation systems i.e. plunge columns for the main structural core of the tower and the perimeter Diaphragm wall. once the deep foundations and ground slab are complete, the entire basement is excavated in sequence to the lowest basement floor whilst the above ground tower structure is constructed from the ground floor towards the roof. once the excavation is complete, the 6 levels of basement slabs will then be constructed in the conventional manner to the ground floor. For further information, please refer to the Diaphragm Wall Installation Fact Sheet.

sTaGE 2 Diaphragm walls are constructed

(For detailed information please refer to the Diaphragm Wall Installation Fact Sheet)

sTaGE 3 Ground floor slab is poured and formed sTaGE 4a BELow GrounD sLaB The Basement will then be excavated to 6m below ground level in sequence with the aid of Ground anchors. sTaGE 4B aBoVE GrounD sLaB Tower construction commences with the installation of the jump form system for the lift cores. sTaGE 5a BELow GrounD sLaB Excavation continues from beneath the ground floor slab with the aid of a gantry crane to load the trucks with excavated material. The installation of ground anchors continues in sequence. once the excavation is complete to the bottom, each ground slab is poured one level at a time to the ground floor. sTaGE 5B aBoVE GrounD sLaB simultaneously with the basement works, activity continues above ground level with the tower construction.

whaT arE ThE BEnEfiTs of This mEThoD?

The top-down construction method enables work to be undertaken above ground while excavating underground. not only does this method shorten the construction schedule but it also minimises associated construction impacts on the community. Emissions of underground work, such as noise and dust, are localised and managed within the basement levels, as the ground floor concrete slab provides a barrier both acoustically and physically.

sectional view of basement/tower construction

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