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Proof That Ritual Abuse Exists

Satanic Ritual Abuse

Satanic ritual abuse exists all over the world. There have been reports, journal
articles, web pages and criminal convictions of these horrific crimes against
children and adults.

There has also been an attempted cover up of these crimes by child pornographers,
those with pro-pedophilia philosophies and those defending child molesters in the
public or legal arena

List of Satanic Ritual Abuse references -



What is Ritual Abuse?

“…is methodical abuse, often using indoctrination, aimed at breaking the will of
another human being. In a 1989 report, the Ritual Abuse Task Force of the L.A.
County Commission for Women defined ritual abuse as: “Ritual Abuse usually
involves repeated abuse over an extended period of time. The physical abuse is
severe, sometimes including torture and killing. The sexual abuse is usually
painful,humiliating, intended as a means of gaining dominance over the victim.The
psychological abuse is devastating and involves the use of ritual indoctrination.
It includes mind control techniques which convey to the victim a profound terror
of the cult members …most victims are in a state of terror, mind control and
dissociation” (Pg. 35-36) “Safe Passage to Healing”, by Chrystine Oksana, 1994,
HarperCollins, which is an excellent source for survivor and co-survivors on the
topic, though there is a newer edition out by iuniverse.com (2001)

Lists of legal cases:

Believe the children (1997). “Conviction List: Ritual Child Abuse”. http://www.ra-

The Satanism and Ritual Abuse Archive contains 92 cases as of February 12, 2008.

Web pages proving the existence of ritual abuse:

Noblitt, PhD, J. R. - An Empirical Look at the Ritual Abuse Controversy (2007)


Ritual Abuse Bibliography http://www.ra-info.org/library/articles/ra_arti1.shtml

Ritual Abuse Statistics & Research


Searchable releases on satanic ritual abuse http://groups.yahoo.com/group/psnews/

Frequently Asked Questions about Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

Satanic Ritual Abuse: The Evidence Surfaces By Daniel Ryder, CCDC, LSW

2008 Publications on Ritual Abuse and Mind Control

http://www.endritualabuse.org/citation 2.htm

Lacter, E (2008-02-11). “Brief Synopsis of the Literature on the Existence of

Ritualistic Abuse”. http://endritualabuse.org/Brief%20Synopsis.htm

Ritual abuse diagnosis research - excerpt from a chapter in: Lacter, E. & Lehman,
K. (2008).Guidelines to Differential Diagnosis between Schizophrenia and Ritual
Abuse/Mind Control Traumatic Stress. In J.R. Noblitt & P. Perskin(Eds.), Ritual
Abuse in the Twenty-first Century: Psychological, Forensic, Social and Political
Considerations, pp. 85-154. Bandon, Oregon: Robert D. Reed Publishers. quotes: A
second study revealed that these results were unrelated to patients’ degree of
media and hospital milieu exposure to the subject of Satanic ritual abuse. “In
fact, less media exposure was associated with production of more Satanic content
in patients reporting ritual abuse, evidence that reports of ritual abuse are not
primarily the product of exposure contagion.” Responses are consistent with the
devastating and pervasive abuse these victims have experienced, so often including
immediate family members. http://ritualabuse.us/ritualabuse/studies/ritual-abuse-

Bottoms, Shaver and Goodman in their 1993 study to evaluate ritual abuse claims
found that in 2,292 alleged ritual abuse cases, 15% of the perpetrators in adult
cases and 30% of the perpetrators in child cases confessed to the abuse. Data from
Brown, Scheflin and Hammond (1998).”Memory, Trauma Treatment, And the Law” (W. W.
Norton) ISBN 0-393-70254-5 (p.62) Bottoms, B. Shaver, P. & Goodman, G. (1993)
Profile of ritual abuse and religion related abuse allegations in the United
States. Updated findings provided via personal communication from B. Bottoms.
Cited in K.C. Faller (1994), Ritual Abuse; A Review of the research. The American
Professional Society on the Abuse of Children Advisor , 7, 1, 19-27

On Page 170 (first edition), of Cult and Ritual Abuse - Noblitt and
Perskin(Praeger, 1995) states “One of the best sources of evaluative research on
ritual abuse is the article “Ritual Abuse: A Review of Research” by Kathleen
Coulborn Faller (1994)….in a survey of 2,709 members of the American Psychological
Association, it was found that 30 percent of these professionals had seen cases of
ritual or religion-related abuse (Bottoms, Shaver & Goodman, 1991). Of those
psychologists who have seen cases of ritual abuse, 93 percent believed that the
reported harm took place and 93 percent believed that the alleged ritualism
occurred. This is a remarkable finding. Mental health professionals are known to
be divergent in their thinking and frequently do not agree with one another
regarding questions of the diagnosis and etiology of psychiatric problems…this
level of concurrence in a large national sample of psychologists…would be
impressive….the similar research of Nancy Perry (1992) which further supports (the
previous findings)…Perry also conducted a national survey of therapists who work
with clients with dissociative disorders and she found that 88 percent of the
1,185 respondents indicated”belief in ritual abuse, involving mind control and
programming” (p.3).”

Ritual Abuse-Torture Within Families/Groups Authors: Jeanne Sarson, Linda

MacDonald DOI: 10.1080/10926770801926146 Published in: Journal of Aggression,
Maltreatment & Trauma, Volume 16,Issue 4 July 2008, pages 419 - 438 Abstract -
Case studies provide insights into identifying 10 violent thematic issues as
components of a pattern of family/group ritual abuse-torture (RAT) victimization.
Narratives from victimized women suggest that victimization generally begins in
infancy or soon thereafter. A visual model of RAT displays the organization of the
co-culture. Examples of the family/group gatherings known as “rituals and
ceremonies” provide insights into how these gatherings are used to normalize
pedophilic violence. Global activism afforded the first effort ever to track RAT
and human trafficking. Recognizing RAT as an emerging form of non-state actor
torture, discontinuing the use of language that sexualizes adult-child
relationships, and promoting human rights education are suggested social
Available at : http://www.informaworld.com/index/903766904.pdf
html article :

Organized abuse and the politics of disbelief - Michael Salter (p.243 - 283)
Faculty of Law - Faculty of Medicine - University of New South Wales in
Proceedings of the 2nd Australian & New Zealand Critical Criminology Conference 19
- 20 June 2008 Sydney, Australia - Presented by the Crime & Justice Research
Network and the Australian and New Zealand Critical Criminology Network Edited by
Chris Cunneen & Michael Salter - Published by The Crime and Justice research
Newtork University of New South Wales December, 2008
http://www.cjrn.unsw.edu.au/critcrimproceedings2008.pdf ISBN: 9780646507378 (pdf)

“Since the 1980s, disclosures of organised abuse have been disparaged by a range
of activists, journalists and researchers who have focused, in particular, on
cases in which sexually abusive groups were alleged to have behaved in ritualistic
or ceremonial ways…Whilst these authors claimed to be writing in the interests of
science and social justice, what has emerged from their writing are a familiar set
of arguments about the credibility of women and children’s testimony of sexual
violence; in short, that women and children are prone to a range of memory and
cognitive errors that lead them to make false allegations of rape. This paper
argues that this body of literature has systematically misconstrued allegations of
organised abuse, and used organised abuse as a lens through which the debate on
child abuse could be re-envisioned along very traditional lines, attributing
victim status to accused men and constructing liars out of women and children
complaining of sexual abuse.”

Recent worldwide survey of ritual abuse

The Extreme Abuse Survey final results are online with findings,questionnaires and
presentations for download as pdf-files. More than 750 pages of documentation

Understanding ritual trauma: A comparison of findings from three online surveys -

Handout for Karriker, Wanda. (2008, November). Understanding ritual trauma: A
comparison of findings from three online surveys. Paper presented at the meeting
of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation, Chicago,
10 Extreme Abuse Survey Findings Helpful to Understanding Ritual Trauma
1. Ritual abuse/mind control (RA/MC) is a global phenomenon.
2. A diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder is common for persons who report
histories of
RA/MC. (84% of EAS respondents who answered that they have been diagnosed with DID
[N=655] reported that they are survivors of RA/MC).
3. Ritual abuse (RA) is not limited to SRA, i.e., satanic ritual abuse, sadistic
abuse, satanist abuse.
4. RA is reported to involve mind control techniques.
5. Some extreme abuse survivors report that they were used in government-sponsored
mind control experimentation (GMC).
6. RA/MC is reported to be involved in organized “known” crime.
7. RA/MC is reported to be involved in clergy abuse.
8. Most often reported memories of extreme abuse are similar across all surveys.
9. Most often reported possible aftereffects of extreme abuse are similar across
all surveys.
10. In rating the effectiveness of healing methods, therapists tend to favor
stabilization techniques; survivors are more open to alternative ways to cope with
indoctrinated belief systems.

MEDIA PACKET - Torture-based, Government-sponsored Mind Control Experimentation on

Children - Documentation that torture-based,government-sponsored mind control
(GMC) experimentation was conducted on children during the Cold War. Data from two
international surveys that give voice, visibility, and validation to survivors of
these crimes against humanity….SURVEYS - EAS: Extreme Abuse Survey for Adult
Survivors (An International Online Survey for Adult Survivors of Extreme Abuse)
January 1 - March 30, 2007 with 1471 respondents from 31named countries. P-EAS:
Professional - Extreme Abuse Survey (An nternational Online Survey for Therapists,
Counselors, Clergy, and Other Persons Who Have Worked Professionally with at Least
One Adult Survivor of Extreme Abuse) April 1 - June 30 2007 with 451 respondents
from 20 named countries. Contact: Wanda Karriker, PhD sandime@twave.net

Rutz, C. Becker, T., Overkamp, B. & Karriker, W. (2008).Exploring Commonalities

Reported by Adult Survivors of Extreme Abuse:Preliminary Empirical Findings. In
Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-first Century: Psychological, Forensic, Social and
Political Considerations,J.R. Noblitt & P. S. Perskin (Eds), pp. 31- 84. Brandon,
Oregon:Robert D. Reed Publishers.

Becker, T., Karriker, W., Overkamp, B. Rutz, C. (2008). The Extreme Abuse Survey:
preliminary findings regarding dissociative identity disorder. In A. Sachs & G.
Galton (Eds.), Forensic Aspects of Dissociative Identity Disorder, pp. 32-49.
London: Karnac.

Karriker, Wanda (November, 2007). “Helpful healing methods: As rated by

approximately 900 respondents to the “International Survey for AdultSurvivors of
Extreme Abuse (EAS).”

Karriker, W. (2008, September). Torture-based mind control as a global phenomenon:

Preliminary data from the 2007 series of Extreme Abuse Surveys. In Torture-based
mind control: Empirical research, programmer methods, effects and treatment.
Workshop conducted at the 13th International Conference on Violence, Abuse and
Trauma, San Diego,CA. http://ritualabuse.us/mindcontrol/eas-studies/torture-


Other organizations with data proving the worldwide existence of satanic ritual






A Nation Betrayed - The Chilling True Story of Secret Cold War Experiments
Performed on our Children and Other Innocent People by Carol Rutz

Books on Ritual Abuse

Johnson Davis, Anne “Hell Minus One: My Story of Deliverance From Satanic Ritual
Abuse and My Journey to Freedom” Transcript Bulletin Publishing - ISBN 978-0-
9788348-0-7 - 2008 “Anne’s parents confessed their atrocities—both in writing and
verbally—to clergymen, and to detectives from the Utah Attorney General’s Office.
Anne’s suppressed memories, which erupted when she was in her mid-30s, were fully
substantiated by her mother and stepfather….The book’s foreword was written by Lt.
Detective Matt Jacobson, who was the lead investigator with the Utah Attorney
General’s Office on Anne’s case in 1995.” http://www.hellminusone.com/

Karriker, Wanda (2003). Morning, Come Quickly. Catawba, NC: Sandime, LTD. ISBN 0-

Noblitt, J.R.; Perskin, P. S. (eds) (2008). Ritual Abuse in the Twenty-first

Century: Psychological, Forensic, Social and Political Considerations. Bandor, OR:
Robert Reed, 552. ISBN 1-934759-12-0.

Noblitt, JR; Perskin PS (2000). Cult and ritual abuse: its history, anthropology,
and recent discovery in contemporary America. New York:Praeger. ISBN 0-275-96665-
8. http://books.google.ca/books?id=zJkTTpfyJ-

Rutz, Carol (2001). A Nation Betrayed. Grass Lake, MI: Fidelity Publishing. ISBN

Ryder, Daniel. (1992). Breaking the Circle of Satanic Ritual Abuse: Recognizing
and Recovering - CompCare Pub.

Oksana, Chrystine (2001). Safe Passage to Healing - A Guide for Survivors of

Ritual Abuse. Lincoln, NE: iUniverse.com. ISBN0-595-201000-8. 1994 pub.

Raschke, Carl A. (1990). Painted Black. New York: HarperCollins. ISBN 0-06-104080-

Smith, Margaret. (1993). Ritual Abuse: What it Is, why it Happens, and how to Help
by Margaret - HarperCollins

Sinason, V (1994). Treating Survivors of Satanist Abuse. New York: Routledge. ISBN

Scott, S. (2001). The politics and experience of ritual abuse:beyond disbelief.

Open University Press. ISBN 0335204198. http://www.amazon.com/Politics-Experience-

Secret Weapons - Two Sisters’ Terrifying True Story of Sex, Spies and Sabotage by
Cheryl and Lynn Hersha with Dale Griffis, Ph D. and Ted Schwartz. New Horizon
Press, P O Box 669 Far Hills, NJ 07931 - ISBN0-88282-196-2 Is a well-documented,
verifiable account of not one, but two childrens’ long untold stories of being
CHILD subjects of Project MKUltra. Quotes from the book: “By the time Cheryl
Hersha came to the facility, knowledge of multiple personality was so complete
that doctors understood how the mind separated into distinct ego states,each
unaware of the other. First, the person traumatized had to be both extremely
intelligent and under the age of seven, two conditions not yet understood though
remaining consistent as factors. The trauma was almost always of a sexual nature…”
p. 52 “The government researchers,aware of the information in the professional
journals, decided to reverse the process (of healing from hysteric dissociation).
They decided to use selective trauma on healthy children to create personalities
capable of committing acts desired for national security and defense.” p. 53 - 54
The book also contains a variety of documents on mk-ultra and different projects
as well as reports to the Presidential Committee on Radiation and Mind Control,
including information on the five Canadians’ lawsuit against the U.S. Government.

Another much maligned case is the McMartin Preschool Case - Child pornographers,
those with pro-pedophilia philosophies and those defending child molesters in the
public or legal arena have attempted to cover up the crimes against these

The McMartin Preschool Case - What Really Happened and the Cover-up


verification of the accuracy of the book “Michelle Remembers“by Michelle Smith and
Lawrence Pazder, MDfrom the book “A NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER” pages xi - xiii”

“Dr. Pazder’s credentials are impressive. He obtained his M.D. from the University
of Alberta in 1961; his diploma in tropical medicine from the University Liverpool
in 1962; and in 1968, his specialist certificate in psychiatry and his diploma in
psychological medicine from McGill University. In 1971, he was made a fellow of
Canada’s Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons. He is a member of three
Canadian professional associations and of the American Psychiatric Association as
well. He practiced medicine in West Africa and has participated in medical task
forces and health organizations. He has been chairman of the Mental Health
Committee of the Health Planning Council for British Columbia. A member of the
staff of two hospitals in Victoria, British Columbia -the Royal Jubilee and the
Victoria General-he is in private practice with a group of five psychiatrists. His
professional papers include a study of the long-term effects of stress upon
concentration-camp victims.

Two experienced interviewers journeyed to Victoria and talked to Dr. Pazder’s

colleagues, to the priests and the bishop who became involvedin the case, to
doctors who treated Michelle Smith when she was a child, to relatives and friends.
From local newspaper, clergy, and police sources they learned that reports of
Satanism in Victoria are not infrequent and that Satanism has apparently existed
there for many years. Satanism in Western Canada flourished in many areas with
activities far more ominous than some of the innocuous groups now found in parts
of the United States who claim some connection with Satanism.

The source material was scrutinized. The many thousands of pages of transcript of
the tape recordings that Dr. Pazder and Michelle Smith made of their psychiatric
sessions were read and digested; they became the basis of this book. The tapes
themselves were listened to in good measure, and the videotapes made of some of
his sessions were viewed. Both the audio and video are powerfully convincing. It
is nearly unthinkable that the protracted agony they record could have been

Thomas B. Congdon, Jr New York April 22, 1980

Fells Acres - Amirault Case


Letters to the Editor: The Real Darkness Is Child Abuse WALL STREET JOURNAL (J)


As the chief prosecutor of both of the Amirault cases I am writing to prevent the
public from being misled into believing that an injustice occurred as Dorothy
Rabinowitz alleges in her Jan. 30 editorial-page piece “A Darkness in

Her suggestion that the convictions were based on “some of the most fantastic
claims ever presented” presumptuously ignores the reality of the cases. The three
Amiraults — Gerald, Violet and Cheryl - were convicted after two trials before
different judges and juries almost one year apart. They were represented by able
and well-known defense counsel. The convictions were upheld after review by state
and federal appellate courts. The McMartin case in California was the result of a
botched legal system and Kelly Michaels’s conviction was overturned because of
legal errors. Contrary to Ms. Rabinowitz’s implication, the Amirault convictions
were neither of these.

Studies show, as did testimony from a nationally recognized pediatric

gynecologist, that most sexually molested young children have absolutely normal
physical examinations. However, in Amirault, the majority of the female children
who testified had some relevant physical findings, as did several female children
involved in the investigation who did not participate in the trial. The findings
included labial adhesions and hymenal scarring of the sort present in avery small
percentage of non-sexually abused children.

Ms. Rabinowitz’s article is a superficial, one-sided look at a case handled

extensively and carefully by the legal system. The victims and their families in
these cases have been irrevocably harmed by what was done to them by the
Amiraults. Every argument raised by Ms. Rabinowitz was ably presented by the
defense at the trials. The juries, by their verdicts, rejected these arguments.
Justice was done.

see for actual case evidence




“All nine children testified in a broadly consistent way…The children testified to

numerous instances of sexual abuse. Some of the children testified that they were
photographed during this abuse, describing a big camera with wires, a red button,
and pictures which came out of the camera. The children testified that the
defendant threatened them and told them that their families would be harmed if
they told anyone about the abuse….The Commonwealth also presented a pediatric
gynecologist and pediatrician who examined five of the girls who testified…She
made findings consistent with abuse in four of the girls.”


Amirault’s accusers reveal their faces, and their pain Boston Herald - Boston,
Mass. - Peter Gelzinis - Aug 7, 2001


Mass. Victims Fight Commutation Plea By Leslie Miller, Associated Press Writer


CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) - Victims in the Fells Acres child abuse case broke down
Thursday as they described their pain publicly for the first time in hopes of
keeping the last person convicted in the case behind bars. Victims urged her to
keep Amirault in prison. “During counseling meetings as a child, I would speak of
a tall man touching me and taking pictures of me,” Phaedra Hopkins, 20, said at an
emotional news conference. “So many times, Mr. Amirault hovered over me, touched
me and hurt me and committed many disgusting acts of abuse.” Those children, now
adults, stood by their testimony Thursday.

“This family raped me, molested me and totally ruined my life,’’said Jennifer
Bennett, who was 3 1/2 years old when she started at Fells Acres. “We weren’t
coaxed. We weren’t lying. We’re telling the truth and we always will,” said
Bennett, 22. “I was there. None of you were there. We weren’t coaxed, nor were we
ever ever ever brainwashed.”Brian Martinello, 21, said he was sexually abused by
Amirault. His mother, Barbara Standke, claims her son came home from the day care
with sores on his genitals and other people’s underwear. “I think it’s an absolute
disgrace to let anyone out of prison for such a disgusting crime,” Martinello

Paul Ingram - Thurston County Washington Case

Seattle Post-Intelligencer - June 8, 1996 - News, Pg. B1 - Son of Deputy Says He

Was Sexually Abused ; Dramatic Report in Testimony to Clemency Panel -: Rachel
Zimmerman P-I Capitol Bureau - Olympia


The son of Paul Ingram, a former Thurston County deputy sheriff who confessed to
raping his daughters during nightmarish satanic rituals but later recanted, said
for the first time yesterday that he was physically and sexually abused by his
father for eight years. Chad Ingram, 27, told the state Pardons and Clemency Board
that his father, who is serving 20 years in prison after pleading guilty to six
counts of third-degree rape - crimes he now says never happened - said he was
abused by his father from ages 4 to 12. “He would put himself on top of me and I
would perform oral sex on him,” Chad Ingram said.

Thurston County Sheriff Gary Edwards, though the case never went to trial, it was
subject to intense judicial scrutiny, “all the way up to the Ninth Circuit.”
Edwards added, “This case was not perfect but it had complete judicial review.
“Paul Ingram did commit these crimes; he plead guilty to these crimes. I have no
problem shaving in the morning. I can look myself in the mirror.”

The Facade of Scientific Documentation: A Case Study of Richard Ofshe’s Analysis

of the Paul Ingram Case” by Karen Olio and William Cornell. APA’s journal
“Psychology, Public Policy, and Law,” (1998, Vol. 4, No. 4, 1182-1197) “The case
of Paul Ingram, a man who pleaded guilty to sexually abusing his daughters, has
received widespread media attention. Richard Ofshe (1992, 1994) set forth a
narrative of the case which included his account of an experiment to test the
veracity of Ingram’s confessions and concluded that the inadvertent use of
hypnosis during Ingram’s interrogation resulted in the creation of pseudomemories
that convinced Ingram of his guilt. On the basis of an examination of the original
source documents, the authors discusses the errors of fact, methodological flaws,
and confounding factors in Ofshe’s rendering of this case of alleged child abuse.
They also cite examples of the extent to which Ofshe’s imperfect narrative of this
case and pseudoscientific conclusions have been uncritically accepted and repeated
in the literature…”

Harvard Society for Law & Public Policy, Inc. Harvard Journal of Law & Public
Policy - Spring, 1999 - 22 Harv. J.L. & Pub. Pol’y 523 The Guilty and the
“Innocent”: an Examination of Alleged Cases of Wrongful Conviction from False
Confessions by Paul G. Cassell -”According to the authors (Leo and Ofsche), in
twenty-nine of these cases the false confession resulted in the wrongful
conviction of an innocent person.” “examines nine of these twenty-nine cases in
detail. Based on review of original trial court records and other similar sources,
the part concludes that each of these nine persons were, in all likelihood,
entirely guilty of the crimes charged against them.”"Leo and Ofshe rely in large
measure on secondary sources for the descriptions of the evidence against the
defendants in their collection….For many cases, court records are available only
in the local courthouses where the trial took place, while media accounts are
often readily accessible in computerized databases. Relying on secondary sources,
however, poses the risk of inaccurate recounting of the evidence. Examining
primary sources for the cases in Leo and Ofshe’s collection reveals that this is a
very real problem.” “The problems with the subjective determination of “innocence”
in the Leo-Ofshe collection, like similar problems elsewhere, suggests that
reliance on second-hand sources combined with understandable enthusiasm for the
enterprise of discovering miscarriages may produce more such cases than really
exist.” “Only a relative handful of Leo and Ofshe’s cases would satisfy the
criterion of undisputed wrongful conviction.”

Wenatchee, Washington Case


information from articles :

At the trial, one girl showed “definite medical signs of sexual abuse” while “it
could not be ruled out for two others.

In 1996, a consultant, retired Bellevue Police Chief D.P. Van Blaricom, hired by a
city insurer who looked into how the Wenatchee police ran the child abuse
investigations stated that the cases were handled properly. A U.S. Department of
Justice investigation also found that there was no evidence of civil rights

Cops Win Wash. State Sex Ring Case - June 29, 1998 - Aviva L. Brandt AP Online -
Seattle “A jury on Monday rejected claims of police misconduct brought by four
people who say they were falsely accused of child rape and molestation. After
deliberating for more than five days, the King County Superior Court panel decided
that the central Washington town of Wenatchee, the town’s police officials and
three members of the Douglas County sheriff’s department did not violate the civil
rights of the four, who said they were falsely accused in 1994-95. Douglas County
Sheriff Dan LaRoche said the verdict allows police to keep investigating sex abuse
and molestation cases without fear of lawsuits.

Debate Rages Over Wenatchee Sex-Ring Allegations - November 6, 1995- Aviva L.

Brandt, Associated Press Writer - Wenatchee, Wash.


A line divides this town. On one side are those who believe dozens of children
were raped and molested over seven years by adults in two loosely organized sex
rings. On the other are those who assert a rogue cop and obsessed social workers
created a whirlpool of sexual hysteria- coaxing children into accusations and
bullying bewildered, poorly educated adults into confessions. Gov. Mike Lowry,
petitioned by critics who believe the case is a witch hunt, has asked for a
Justice Department review and is awaiting a decision from U.S. Attorney General
Janet Reno. Authorities say as many as 50 children were forced to have sex with
adults since 1988 - sometimes alone, sometimes in groups. In the last year, 28
adults have been charged with child rape and sexual abuse. Five have been
convicted, 10 have pleaded guilty.

“Every female victim had physical evidence of sexual abuse and the majority of the
males did,” Smith said. “Clearly it’s pretty good evidence to show that this is

Douglas County Prosecutor Steve Clem sounded frustrated when asked about
allegations that his office hasn’t bothered to look for the truth. “The defense
attorneys are using what I’m sure … some day in the future will be called the O.J.
defense, where they sling mud, make wild accusations and see conspiracies all
around them,” he said.” There’s physical evidence consistent with the stories they
(the children) tell. There’s more than one person talking about the very same
things going on,” said Tim Abbey, a regional supervisor with the state Child
Protective Services. “And there are a lot of confessions, and many times they’re
confessing to more than the kids said happened.”