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********************************************* * THE JCOMMON CLASS LIBRARY: Version 1.0.16 * ********************************************* 17 April 2009.

(C)opyright, 2000-2009, by Object Refinery Limited and Contributors. ----------------1. INTRODUCTION ----------------JCommon is a free general purpose Java class library that is used in several projects including JFreeChart and Pentaho Reporting. ***** SPECIAL NOTICE: BOTH JFREECHART AND PENTAHO REPORTING ARE MOVING TOWARDS ELIMINATING THEIR DEPENDENCY ON JCOMMON. AFTER THIS HAPPENS, JCOMMON WILL MOST LIKELY BE "RETIRED". ***** JCommon is licensed, free of charge, under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public Licence. A copy of the licence is included in the download. The latest version of this class library can be obtained from: http://www.jfree.org/jcommon/ If you have any comments, suggestions or bugs to report, please post a message in the JCommon forum. ----------------2. CONTRIBUTORS ----------------Thanks to the following developers who have contributed code to this class library: Anthony Boulestreau, Jeremy Bowman, J. David Eisenberg, Paul English, Hans-Jurgen Greiner, Bill Kelemen, Arik Levin, Achilleus Mantzios, Thomas Meier, Thomas Morgner, Krzysztof Paz, Andrzej Porebski, Nabuo Tamemasa, Mark Watson and Hari. --------------3. TEST CASES --------------Some test cases have been developed using the JUnit testing framework. These are included with the source code, in the following packages: org.jfree.junit org.jfree.date.junit org.jfree.io.junit org.jfree.text.junit org.jfree.ui.junit org.jfree.util.junit If you want to recompile these packages, you will need the junit.jar file that is included in the 'lib' subdirectory. To find out more about JUnit, please visit: http://www.junit.org/

The current JCommon tests have been written using JUnit 3.8. --------------4. WHAT'S NEW --------------Changes in each version are listed here: 1.0.16: (17-Apr-2009) Fix for bug 2612649, NullPointerException in StrokeChooserPanel. 1.0.15: (19-Dec-2008) New ResourceBundleWrapper class to enable applets to bypass codeBase lookup. Updated Maven specs. 1.0.14: (10-Sep-2008) Workaround added to PngEncoder, bug fix in ShapeList. 1.0.13: (05-Jun-2008) Bug fixes for TextBox and ShapeUtilities. 1.0.12: (02-Nov-2007) Made the resource-loading and classloader selection more robust in cases where the jars were distributed over several classloaders. 1.0.11: (19-Oct-2007) BugFix in the KeyedComboBoxModel causing NullPointerExceptions on MacOS-X; Make sure that all resource-streams that get opened also get safely closed in case of errors. 1.0.10: (21-May-2007) BugFix in the PackageSorter, Window positioning is now multi-screen aware. 1.0.9 : (23-Mar-2007) Serialization fix in TextFragment. 1.0.8 : (11-Dec-2006) Minor bugfixes in the synchronization of the Booting code and the FastStack. 1.0.7 : (03-Dec-2006) Cosmetic fixes for the logging of the PackageManager, ObjectTable implementation allows faster cloning of its contents, minor improvements to the GUI classes. 1.0.6 : (26-Sep-2006) BugFixes in the TextLayoutUtilities, SpreadSheetDate and ResourceBundleSupport classes. 1.0.5 : (29-Jun-2006) BugFixes in the boot code (synchronization added) and WaitingImageObserver (possible deadlock fixed). ObjectUtilities did not handle all cases where a ClassLoader could be null. 1.0.4 : (30-Apr-2006) Date- and NumberCellRenderer did not handle null-values properly. 1.0.3 : (17-Apr-2006) More improvements in the boot process for dependent library hierarchies. 1.0.1 : (10-Feb-2006) This release adds new boot capabilities and fixes some bugs in the XML classes. This version is required for JFreeReport and it is fully backward compatible with the 1.0.x branch. 1.0.0 : (14-Nov-2005) This is the official 1.0.0 release. All future releases in the 1.0.x series will maintain backward compatibility with the 1.0.0 API. 1.0.0-rc1 : (01-Jun-2005) : Update to coincide with JFreeReport 0.8.5-5.

JavaDoc update and classloader handling changed. 1.0.0-pre3 : (15-Apr-2005) : Some minor changes in the ResourceBundleSupport to allow the explicit definition of a locale. 1.0.0-pre2 : (04-Mar-2005) : Update to coincide with JFreeReport 0.8.5. Separated the xml-support packages into an own jar file. JFreeChart does not use these classes (except in experimental non-release code). Therefore, JFreeChart needs both libs to build, but only the jcommon.jar library to run. The a more detailed list of changed please have a look at the CHANGELOG.txt file. 1.0.0-pre1 : (29-Nov-2004) : Update to coincide with JFreeChart 1.0.0-pre1. 0.9.7 : (13-Oct-2004) Update to join JFreeReport with latest JFreeChart. 0.9.6 : (10-Sep-2004) Update to coincide with JFreeChart 0.9.21. 0.9.5 : (7-Jun-2004) Update to coincide with JFreeChart 0.9.20. 0.9.4 : (28-May-2004) Update to coincide with JFreeChart 0.9.19. 0.9.3 : (15-Apr-2004) Update to coincide with JFreeChart 0.9.18. 0.9.2 : (26-Mar-2004) Update to coincide with JFreeChart 0.9.17. 0.9.1 : (9-Jan-2004) Update to coincide with JFreeChart 0.9.16. 0.9.0 : (28-Nov-2003) Update to coincide with JFreeChart 0.9.15. 0.8.9 : (17-Nov-2003) Update to coincide with JFreeChart 0.9.14. 0.8.8 : (26-Sep-2003) Update to coincide with JFreeChart 0.9.13. 0.8.7 : (11-Sep-2003) Update to coincide with JFreeChart 0.9.12. 0.8.6 : (8-Aug-2003) Update to coincide with JFreeChart 0.9.11. 0.8.5 : (25-Jul-2003) Transferred some support classes from JFreeChart. 0.8.3 : (16-Jun-2003) XML Parser: error locations are printed in the parse exceptions to make debugging xml files easier. 0.8.2a: (04-Jun-2003) xml parser: configuration interface modified. + Bugfixes ... 0.8.2 : (26-May-2003) xml parser class factory bug fix 0.8.1 : (09-May-2003) Added support for the xml parser and imported some base classes from the JFreeReport project. 0.8.0 : (24-Apr-2003) Renamed all packages from com.jrefinery.* to org.jfree.*. 0.7.3 : (11-Apr-2003) Added serialization for SerialDate and SpreadsheetDate classes. Added a SerialUtilities class. Removed palette classes (now in JFreeChart). Added an attribute to control whether or not a workaround is used for

drawing rotated text. 0.7.2 : (6-Feb-2003) Bug fixes and Javadoc updates, incorporated an Ant script to recompile the source files and generate the Javadocs. 0.7.1 : (18-Oct-2002) Bug fixes and Javadoc updates. 0.7.0 : (4-Sep-2002) Moved package (com.jrefinery.data) to JFreeChart project. Bug fixes and Javadoc updates. 0.6.4 : (27-Jun-2002) Added logo to about box. Minor bug fixes (plus JUnit tests) and code tidy up. 0.6.3 : (14-Jun-2002) Bug fixes and Javadoc updates. 0.6.2 : (7-Jun-2002) Added GanttSeriesCollection and supporting classes. Added Polish resource bundle. Minor bug fixes. 0.6.1 : (5-Apr-2002) Added MeterDataset interface and DefaultMeterDataset class. Resource bundles for French, German and Spanish languages. Reinstated the Week class. Minor bugfixes. 0.6.0 : (22-Mar-2002) Changes to the API for the TimePeriod classes, to improve methods that convert to java.util.Date. New DefaultHighLowDataset class. New ResourceBundles for items that require localisation. 0.5.6 : (6-Mar-2002) Bug fix for combined datasets. Additional methods in the TimePeriod class to handle different timezones. Updated About box classes moved to new package com.jrefinery.ui.about. Renamed Files.java --> FileUtilities.java and SerialDates.java --> SerialDateUtilities.java. Added new domain name (http://www.object-refinery.com) in the source headers. 0.5.5 : (15-Feb-2002) Fixed bugs in the constructors for the TimePeriod subclasses. Reversed the order of the parameters in the Month(int, int) constructor. Added methods to Datasets.java to handle stacked data ranges. Fixed bug in CombinedDataset. 0.5.4 : (8-Feb-2002) New WindDataset interface and DefaultWindDataset class. Bug fix for DefaultCategoryDataset. 0.5.3 : (25-Jan-2002) Bug fixes, some minor API changes. 0.5.2 : (10-Dec-2001) Added new combination datasets by Bill Kelemen. Added contributors table to the AboutFrame class. 0.5.1 : (27-Nov-2001) AboutPanel and AboutFrame classes added. 0.5.0 : (21-Nov-2001) PieDataset and DefaultPieDataset classes added. 0.4.2 : (16-Nov-2001) New classes in the com.jrefinery.data.* package, plus some new JUnit test cases.