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A LESSON PLAN using the UBD Framework for 2nd year High School

Demonstrated by: Ms. Rowena May A. Grapa Teacher Applicant

A LESSON PLAN using the UBD Framework Assuming it is the first day of class of the current school year for 2nd year high school students.

Stage 1 Desired Outcome / Result Content Standard: The learner demonstrates understanding of the artistic combination, skillful variation and intermingling of the storys basic ingredients which are in illustrating truth and in recreating a fictional world in an interactive story telling. Enduring Understanding: The students will understand that Afro-Asian narratives reveal a whole range of peoples beliefs, attitudes, self concept philosophy in life and social ethics or standards. Transfer Goals: I want my students to learn about storytelling so that in the long run, they will be able to write their own short story and share it with others. Essential Question: Why do narratives reveal peoples beliefs, attitudes and philosophy in life? Knowledge: The students will understand the relationship among the elements of a short story that can bring out its meaning. Skills: The students will be able to write sentences using simple past tense so that they can create their own short story or narrative.

Stage 2 - Assessment FACETS : Students will be able to recognize the elements of a short story. Students will be able to discuss the importance of the theme in a narrative. Students will be able to understand the culture of other Asian countries based on its narratives.

GRASPS: Goal To do an interactive storytelling activity Role - Young Aspiring Writer Audience - children ages 10 12 years old Situation - You are attending a summer Writers Workshop. Product/ Performance - A childrens short story using Powerpoint presentation Standard - Your short story was well told and interesting that children will ask for a copy of it. Criteria for Scoring/ Rubric 4 Very interesting story, development of action was very good, delivery style was very good 3 - Interesting story, development of action was not so good, delivery style was very good 2. Not so interesting story, poor development of action, delivery style was fair enough 1 Badly written story, poor development of action, delivery style was fair enough. Other Evidences: A short quiz about the story presented

Stage 3 Learning Plan Activities 1. K-W-L-S Chart Know, What, Learning and So What 2. Short Story Analysis using the Six Thinking Hats Method White Information Yellow Strengths and Weaknesses Red Feelings Black Judgment Green Creativity / New Ideas Blue Summary 3. Review of Simple Past Tense

The Judgment of Two Mothers In Yingchuan there were two brothers living in the same house, and their wives were both known to be expecting their babies to be born soon. The older woman had a miscarriage but did not let anyone know about it. When both women were in confinement and the younger sister-in-law was delivered of a boy, the older one stole her child at night and, for three years, the dispute over the child could not be settled. When the case was brought before the chief minister, Hung Po, he ordered the baby to be placed ten steps away from the two mothers. At a signal the two women rushed for the child and it seemed the baby was going to be torn to pieces and neither would give up. The baby cried desperately, and the mother, afraid that he might be hurt , let him go. The older woman was very much pleased, while the younger woman looked very sorrowful. Then Hung Po declared, It is the younger ones child. He indicted the older woman, and she was indeed found guilty.

Red Hat What do you think did the younger mother feel when she knew that her baby was stolen? White Hat Give necessary information from the story like characters, setting etc. Green Hat Create a different scenario between the two mothers. Black Hat Do you think the chief minister did the right decision? Why or Why Not? Blue Hat Summarize the short story. Yellow Hat Compare the two mothers. Give their strengths and weaknesses.