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8628 Burnside Court (703) 309-4935

Manassas Park, VA Kiarra20002001@yahoo.com


Tamara Harrison
Objective To obtain professional employment in the retail industry and pursue
management opportunities in the retail sales field.

Experience 2008-Current Sears Manassas, VA

Serve as the Team Lead for the entire shoe department.
Responsibilities include budgeting hours; planning and preparing
team member’s work schedules; preparing signage; preparing
department for sales and special events; scheduling and assigning
departmental maintenance; responsible for overall team
management; liaison for cashier approvals throughout store;
scheduling and oversight of shipment receipt, processing and
distribution; providing excellent customer service; assisting
customers with in-store online orders and transactions; provide
assistance to customers by phone.

2006-2008 Lane Bryant Manassas; VA

Worked full time hours as a Customer Service Sales Associate until
December 2006. Was subsequently promoted to keyholder with
responsibility for opening and closing the store daily and serving in
the capacity of assistant manager. In mid-year 2007; was promoted
to Assistant Manager of the Manassas Mall Lane Bryant store.
Responsibilities included processing purchases and returns; providing
excellent customer service; participating in company meetings and
conference calls; serving store floor duty; servicing and staffing
fitting rooms; making financial deposits and completing opening and
closing paperwork.

2006 Micro Mania Racing Murray; KY

Worked for 5 months at a racing track featuring radio-controlled cars.
Responsibilities included accessing and operating a computer
program to track and tally the number of laps completed by each car;
assisting in car repairs; and providing friendly customer service.
Designed and uploaded internet webpage for the company.

2002–2003 Pony Rides Herndon; VA

Worked weekend events for 6 hours a day providing entertainment at
county fairs and public events. Responsible for young children from
the time they entered the ride area; including placing each child on a
pony; ensuring the safety and comfort of the children; and walking
beside the children throughout the entire ride. Responsible for
ensuring animal welfare and behavior.

2000-2006 Babysitting Herndon and Manassas Park; VA

Responsible for providing child care and supervision for 4-10 year old
children. Responsibilities included ensuring the safety of the children;
cooking and preparing meals; aiding in the completion of homework
assignments; and providing extracurricular activities for the children.
Education 2005-2006 ECPI College of Technology Manassas; VA
• Major: IT/ Web Design

Skills Microsoft Business Suite Photoshop

AutoCAD & Architectural Design Keyboarding
HTML Programming Programming Logic and Design
Web Servers, Security & Maintenance