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Autobiographical Essay Mallory Bauer Instructor Carol Billing EDUC 201 Foundations of Education TTH, 11:50-1:05, Spring 2011

Running Head: AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL Autographical Essay Ever since I can remember, it has been my dream to become a teacher. As a child I would teach my younger brothers things that I was learning in school. My mom bought us a small desk with a chair attached that we could use to play school. I also had little whiteboards and markers to use to teach. I would create worksheets for my brothers to see if they had grasped the concept that I taught them. At the end of every year in elementary school we got to take home our math and language arts workbooks. There was little rip out worksheets that we did in class and there were always some that we never did. I always looked forward to the summertime because I had all these blank worksheets to do! Educational Background I attended two elementary schools in my childhood, which was a little difficult for me. I first attended Summerwind Elementary school in Boise, Idaho. I would definitely say that I absolutely loved learning as a child. I did my best in every assignment and excelled in every subject, especially spelling. I was also really close to my teachers; people would call me a teachers pet. I was a little shy and only spent my recess time with a few friends. Everything was just perfect in my life. Everything went downhill for me when my mother gave birth to my younger brother. We had to move into a bigger house, and I had to switch schools. In the beginning of third grade, I began attending McMillan Elementary school in Boise, Idaho. I was very nervous and more reserved because I didnt know anybody at my new school. At recess, I had nobody to play with because everyone already had their own friends and nobody would invite the new kid to join. I would just walk around or try to stay inside at recess and talk to the teacher. My teacher once pulled me out of class and asked me if things were okay at home. I also had the counselor check up on me every now and then. Nothing was wrong with

Running Head: AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL me; I was just simply shy. Things turned around in the fifth grade however when I met my best friend Sierra; who I am still close to today. Transitioning from middle to high school was very tricky for me. I attended Lewis & Clark Middle School with my best friend and also made some new friends. I was so worried about being late to my classes, balancing homework, and remembering my schedule. I got the hang of everything eventually, but it didnt help that I was going through an awkward time in my life. I was scared to death of boys and would never talk to them. I only had girlfriends and I was still discovering my identity. I attended Centennial High School and the transition from middle to high school was even more difficult for me. It took my entire freshman year become accustomed to everything. I liked high school a lot more because the people were a lot more laid back and more friendly than in middle school. I finally stopped being so self-conscious and insecure, and became confident in myself sometime in my high school experience. I said goodbye to all my shyness and became the social person I am today. Currently I attend College of Western Idaho as a full-time student. It is my first year, second semester. In high school I took a concurrent credit class with Boise State University that allowed me to observe a classroom for ninety minutes, two to three times a week. I also had to create lesson plans and present them to the third-grade class. I had to create worksheets or activities to ensure the students grasped the concept. I taught lesson plans and then my performance was graded and evaluated by my instructor. This class opened my eyes and I discovered teaching is really what I want to do with my life. I am so grateful for an opportunity like that because it confirmed my dreams and the path that I want to take with my life. Work History

Running Head: AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL When I was 12 years old, I took a babysitting class at St. Lukes Hospital because I always begged my mother to babysit her friends children or even my own younger brothers. I loved babysitting so much that I would do it for free when I first started. After a while I started making some pretty good money doing something I loved. I spent the summer of 2007 in Elko, Nevada where my father lives. He was dating a woman who owned a place called Donuts N Mor. She hired me temporarily and had me wash dishes as well as some prep cooking. The next year I stayed at my grandmothers house in Cambridge, Idaho and worked at a small restaurant called Mrs. Gs Ranch House. I began washing dishes and then advanced to prep cook making minimum wage. I needed a job that was close to my house, permanent, and that I could do while going to school. Luckily my uncle had one for me! I watched my younger cousin every day after school until he got home from work. It was awesome because I got paid to do what I love, but it prevented me from participating in extra-curricular activities. I did this for two years and when I graduated, I had to get a better-paying job to help pay for college. One of my great friends from middle school invited me to come and live with her in Tomah, Wisconsin because I hadnt seen her in two years. She had to move to Wisconsin because her father is in the military. I was so excited to see her and we planned on getting summer jobs together. When I got there, we went to a nearby tourist city (Wisconsin Dells) and submitted several of applications. It was tricky to get a job because we only had one car so we were sort of like a package deal. We had to have the same hours and the same job. We both got interviews two days later and got hired at the Great Wolf Lodge as condominium housekeepers. The lodge was really amazing! It had something to do for the whole family. There was an indoor and outdoor water park, multiple restaurants, a kids spa, an adults spa, condominiums, hotels,

Running Head: AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL and an arcade center! We had awesome employee benefits as well. I made the most money I have ever made there, and it was a great experience for me. Currently, I am employed at Little Caesars, a pizza company. I make pizzas, wash dishes, and work the register. I work part-time because I go to school full-time. With all of my experience working with food, it made me realize I definitely do not want to continue in this industry. I want to better my education and get out of the food industry. When I babysat, I loved it because children are my passion and I love interacting with them. Also, when I worked at the lodge, I would always see little children running around and it just made me happy to be in their presence. Service and/or Extracurricular Activities Currently, I am involved with my church every Sunday and sometimes more often. I teach four-year-olds at Sunday school with two other teachers. We create lesson plans and fun activities so that their focus doesnt drift away. Im getting great experience for my future that will definitely come in handy! Reasons for Choosing Education as a Career I first decided I wanted to be a teacher in the second grade because my teacher inspired me so much. She was so kind and made learning fun. I would help her grade papers and she made me feel like I could accomplish any dream I had. I knew that I had what it takes to become a teacher because I have always been patient and exhibited the characteristics of a good teacher. In the eighth grade, we had to pick an occupation that we were seriously interested in for an end-of-the-year project. For the project, I went to a website where I took a long quiz to discover what careers would be most ideal for me. I got over 50 results and a few of them caught

Running Head: AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL my eye. I had considered being a photographer, interior designer, and a masseuse. I gave it much thought and decided that I could do any of those three jobs as a part-time or side job. I am anticipating a lot of intrinsic as well as extrinsic rewards from teaching. It is reward in itself to see children grow and succeed. I will get to be a role model and influence kids positively. There will also be rewards like a consistent pay, summers off, job security, ability to advance, insurance, etc., but the most rewarding aspect is making a difference in a childs life. Professional Goals Currently, I am attending CWI and will be graduating in the Spring of 2012. I will then try to get a part-time job at an elementary school with my associates degree. This way I can get to know the staff at the elementary school and evaluate potential teaching opportunities. I plan to transfer to Boise State University and finish my bachelors degree. Once I obtain that, I will be able to teach full-time and take night classes to get my masters degree. I want to be very active in my school and help with assemblies and fundraisers. When I have children, I would like to take some time off and be a stay at home mother until they begin school because I dont want them to be in daycare all the time. I want to teach them my morals, values, and traditions. I am looking forward to a bright future of teaching and doing what I love. I know that I have what it takes to accomplish my goals and I am a driven individual. I feel as if this is the perfect field for me and I can hardly wait to begin my adventure.