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I undersigned Vora Kuldeep K. , the student of S.Y.B.B.A., Christ College hereby declare that the project work is my own work and has been carried out under the guidance of Mrs. Swati Doshi lecturer of Christ College. This has not been submitted to any other university for securing any other examination. Date: Place:

Signature of student

To complete this report many persons have helped me. At the time of presenting this report I thank to all who have helped me to complete this report. First of all I thank to Fr. Joseph, the principal of Christ College, for providing me opportunity to prepare the report. I also thank to Mrs. Swati Doshi project guide of S.Y.B.B.A Christ College, for providing guidance to complete this report. My most thanks are to director Sanamkumar MAKADIA (Chairman) for giving me permission and providing me each and every necessary information. I also thank to whole staff members of GRAVITY CAST PVT. LTD. And those who directly or indirectly helped me to complete this project work. Date: Place:



B.B.A. is course in which practical aspect is an important as theoretical aspect. Primary aim of B.B.A. is to develop effective managers and that require industrial training as practical aspect. The growth of economy is depends upon skilled managers and B.B.A. course fulfills this need. The practical studies give an idea to the student about problem they have to face in the future of their managerial life I have taken visit at GRAVITY CAST PVT. LTD. All information which is required for this report are collected by me and submitted to the concern person of the company. I have gone through and study each necessary information, which is collected and presented in this report.


Particular 1. General Information

2. Production Department 3. Personnel Department 4. Marketing Department 5. Finance Department 6. S.W.O.T. Analysis 7. Future Plans 8. Suggestions 9. Conclusion 10. Bibliography

General Information
Content: 1. History 2. Company profile 3. Products 4. Infrastructure & Location 5. No. of employees 6. General organization structure 7. Total Sales turnover 8. Major competitors

Gravity Cast Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2004 with their small investment capital of Rs 45lacs, with 3 Directors and 12 Promoters. The company is engaged in producing various types of investment castings, if required full furnished investment casting are also manufactured through CNC route. Their efforts have resulted just in first year ending; currently they are under process of BvQ and ISO-9000.

Company Profile
Name of company Address : GRAVITY CAST PVT. LTD. : GRAVITY CAST PVT. LTD.

Telephone No.

: +91-2827- 253037

Fax No. E-mail Website Establishment year Promoter

: +91-2837- 253037 : info@gravitycastindia.com : www. gravitycastindia.com : 2004 : Sanamkumar MAKADIA (Chairman)

Amish Nagadha Haresh Koyani

Scale of industry

: Small scale industry

Total employees Daily hours

: 70 : 1st shift 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

2nd shift 4 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Area of unit Off day Turn over Bankers Auditor

: 2100 sq. ft. : Saturday : 1.5 crores : Corporation bank Ltd. : M.M. Associates

Product Of The Company

Pump, Valve, Automobile, Medical & Engg Components

Infrastructure & Location

Location of unit is most is most important factor for company. Because company start all activity from location and growth and development of any company is largely depend upon location. Location must be selected after long thinking because it is lifelong decision. Company has to consider following factors at time of selecting location. Easy availability of raw material Transport facility Cheap power and fuel Cheap and skilled labours Easy and cheap finance State help GRAVITY CAST PVT. LTD. has ideal location. It is located in Shapar G.I.D.C. Which is near to the highway and company can get raw material, transport facility, power and fuel, labours, finance easily. It is in G.I.D.C. area so that company can also get government help.

No. of Employees
GRAVITY CAST PVT. LTD. provides employment to the nation. There are total 70 employees. We can divide the employees as under. Skilled Semi-Skilled Un-Skilled : : : 20 33 17

General Organization Structure

An organization is a group of people work together with formal relationship to achieve some certain common goals. As Gravity is a PVT. Ltd. Company there is a board of directors. The directors manage the all function under them.

Chief Director

Production Director

Financial Director

Marketing Director




Total Sales turnover

Turn over can increase the profits of the company. If the turnover increases the profit increases & per unit cost decreases. So, by increasing the turnover every company can increase its profits.

The turn over of the company GRAVITY CAST PVT. LTD. was as under.


: 150,00,000

Major competitors
Competitors are the threats of the business organization. They are the hurdles in development & survival of business unit. But this competition is only responsible for quality goods to customers. Now customers and get the better quality of goods & they have many alternatives for product. Competitors of Gravity are I.P.C.L., Entry Cast Pvt. Ltd., Inova Cast Pvt. Ltd., Sumangal Cast Pvt. Ltd., Radhe Cast Pvt. Ltd., Intol Cast Pvt. Ltd., Crystal Cast Pvt. Ltd., Micro Melt Pvt. Ltd., Jagdish Techno cast Pvt. Ltd. In todays market customers are considered as king of market. The ultimate object of seller is to satisfy customer. It is that Product what you can sell rather than selling what you have made.

Production Department
Content: 1. Introduction & Meaning of Production

2. Organization chart

Production process

4. Production planning & controlling 5. Repairs & maintenance 6. Raw material used in process 7. Purchasing decision 8. Quality control 9. Material Handling 10. Store keeping

Introduction & Meaning of Production

Production is the heart of any industry. All the activities start with production in the company. It is necessary that production department run effectively and efficiently. Because, if company runs

production effectively and efficiently then company can run other activity forward. Production is an organized activity of converting raw material in to final product. Every process of converting raw material in to final goods is known as production process.

Organization chart

Chairman Production Manager Supervisor Workers

Production Process

1. WAX INJECTION: Wax replicas of the desired castings are produced by injection molding. These replicas are called patterns. .

2. ASSEMBLY: The patterns are attached to a central wax stick, called a sprue, to form a casting cluster or assembly.

3. SHELL BUILDING: The shell is built by immersing the assembly in a liquid ceramic slurry and then into a bed of extremely fine sand. Up to eight layers may be applied in this manner.

4. DEWAX: once the ceramic is dry, the wax is melted out, creating a negative impression of the assembly within the shell.

5. CONVENTIONAL CASTING: In the conventional process, the shell is filled with molten metal by gravity

pouring. As the metal cools, the parts and gates, sprue and pouring cup become one solid casting.

6. KNOCKOUT: When the metal has cooled and solidified, the ceramic shell is broken off by vibration.

7. CUT OFF: The parts is cut away from the central sprue using a high speed friction saw or cut of m/c.

8. FINISHED CASTINGS: after minor finishing operations, the metal castings--identical to the original Wax patterns--are ready for shipment to the customer.

Production planning & controlling

In GRAVITY CAST PVT.LTD. production planning is done by production manager. He took very high efforts to do planning about production. After doing planning he starts working on the made plan & afterwards he get controlled on the planning. If any deviation is found he starts efforts to remove those deviations. In this way the planning & controlling is done by the production manager.

Repairs & maintenance

In each & every company repairs & maintenance is necessary. If it is not done regularly the efficiency of the company may be decreased or it may prove dangerous to the employees. In the GRAVITY CAST PVT. LTD. repairs & maintenance is done regularly on the weekly off.

Raw material used in process

Raw material is very important part in business. Without raw material production cant be go further. If we get raw material easily then it will increase our profit. Gravity Cast use alloy steel scrap with grade 15,16,22 and many more, it depends on the demand of the customer and the product he needs is going to be used there. They also use aluminum scrap, mole (raw part of steel), gun metal, steel and iron.

Source of raw material is also very important for the company. Bcoz transportation cost is most effective in the raw material actual cost. 1) Bhavanager Alang Scrap 2) Ahmedabad Scrap from different industries 3) Brokers

Purchasing decision

In the business unit purchasing decision is also a decision which requires long thinking. Because company should purchase goods at that time when they can purchase at lower rate and working capital is not be invested for long time In GRAVITY CAST PVT. LTD. purchasing decisions are taken by Production manager. They purchase raw material at that time that company can not delay in production process and working capital is not being invested for long time. They take purchasing decision considering following details. - Stock of finished goods - Order by customers - Stock of raw material

Quality control

Chemical Analysis Laboratory: In- house well equipped

wet analysis laboratory for analysis of metal composition and melt control.
Physical Testing Laboratory : In-house well equipped

with universal testing machine And Brinell hardness tester machine to measure physical Properties of casting like tensile test, elongation, hardness etc.
Non Destructive Test: Radiography, Ultrasonic,

magnetic crack detection, Dei Penetration etc possible at out side developed facility.
Standard Tolerance: As a general normal linear

tolerance of investment casting starts with +/- 0.15 mm and extending to +/- 0.25 mm up to 25mm and +/- 0.15 mm for each addition of 25 mm thereafter.

Linear Length tolerance

0 to 25mm +/0.15mm

25 to 50mm +/-0.30

50 to 75mm +/0.45mm

75 to 100mm +/0.60mm

Material Handling

Material handling is the necessary process in each & every company. In GRAVITY CAST PVT. LTD. It is done regularly by keeping a register. They record in register while taking the material. They tally the stock every day with register.

Store keeping

In GRAVITY CAST PVT. LTD. they keep stock register to know the stock of the finished goods. They also keep storekeeper to note the stock. It is under direct watch of the production department.