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A GRINCHMAS CAROL Dog: You know, that Grinch sure use to be a mad old guy.

Stole the fun out of everything! Narrator 1: Yeah he did! Up until he went crazy and started seeing ghosts. The fool didnt even know what hit him! Narrator 2: (Sees audience and signals for the others to look.) Uhguys? (Quiet) There are humans. Right there. Staring at us. Narrator 1: Wellwhat do you think they want? Dog: I dont knowSomeone should try to communicate with them. (To audience) Excuse me? Humans? WHY are YOU HERE? Narrator 2: Thats no way to talk to somebody! Dog: What am I supposed to do? Sit down and tell them a story? Narrator 1: Why dont we ask? (To audience) Would you like to hear a story about the Grinch that stole Christmas? Narrator 3: What you are about to see is a play about how the Grinch stole Christmas. Introducing: A Grinchmas Carol! Scene 1 Narrator 1: In the land of Hooville, the Hoos were getting ready for Christmas. But the Grinch didnt like Christmas. He didnt like presents, and he did not like to be happy. Grinch: Look at those Hoos decorating their trees and hanging their stockings! They are wrapping their presents for each other and putting them under the treesI never got any presents when I was a kid Dog: (Bark. To self) Thats because you were on the naughty list. Grinch: What did you say? Dog: Oh nothing Grinch: Santa never came to my house with presentsThats it! Why should everyone else celebrate Christmas when I never did? Ill dress up like Santy Claus. Then, on Christmas Eve night, Ill take everyones Christmas spirit! (Leaves stage) Dog: Oh boy (Grinch yells Dog! Come from offstage.) Ugh!

Narrator 1: So the Grinch and Dog went to work. The Grinch sewed himself up a Santa Claus costume and stuffed it up with pillows. He even made Dog wear antlers! When the clock struck 12 it was time to leave. Dog: (To the Grinch) This is ridiculous! I am a dog! A DOG! Not a reindeer! I do not fly. And you know why? BECAUSE I AM A DOG! Grinch: Mmk. Now off to steal the Christmas spirit from all of Hooville! Dog: (Mumbling to himself about being a dog.) Scene 2 Narrator 2: Mr. Grinch and Dog arrived in Hooville and were at their very first house, not a creature was stirringexcept for that mouse Mouse: Why is it always the mice? ALLways expected to be causing a ruckus! Geese! (Exits stage) Grinch: Ok Dog, this is whats gonna happen. You take down the wreaths and the tinsel. Im gonna grab the presents. AndBREAK! Narrator 2: And so Mr. Grinch and Dog went from house to house stealing all of the Hoos Christmas goodies. At the last house, right before leaving Hooville with every last bit of Christmas Spirit, who should appear, but Cindy Lou Hoo. Cindy Lou: Santa? Is that really you? Grinch: Um, yeserchild. It is I, Santy Claus. Cindy Lou: Santa, why are you taking all the presents? Grinch: Oh, um, I got some of your toys mixed up with another childs on the other side of the world. I really must switch them before that little child wakes with the wrong presents. So, if you would just go backCindy Lou: Oh Santa! Why havent you eaten your milk and cookies? Grinch: Milk and..? (Recovering) Oh, yes. The milk and cookies. Um, I am on a, uh, special diet. Too many cookies arent good for you. Now, if you would justCindy Lou: Oh Santa! What green skin you have! Grinch: ITS A SKIN CONDITION! GET- okay kid, I need you to do Santy Claus a little favor. I need you to go back to bed so I can put your presents under the tree. Got it? (Cindy shakes her head yes.) Okay. Good. Now, run along.

Cindy Lou: Santa? Grinch: WHAT DO YOU WANT? Cindy Lou: Santa can do anything right? Can you please make my brother Tiny Tim well again? Thats all I want for Christmas this year. Grinch: Sure kid. Go to bed. Scene 3 Narrator 3: The Grinch got back to his house on top of the hill with Dog to behold all of the stolen Christmas wonders he had collected that night. Grinch: Dog! We did it! Look at all of these presents and decorations! This is truly the best Christmas ever! Narrator 3: As the Grinch and Dog celebrated their success in ruining Christmas, someone awaited their attention. Past: Grinch. You disappoint me. Grinch: (Stops celebrating and looks around) Who is that? Past: I am the ghost of Christmas Past. Grinch: Welpsir PastYoure kinda ancient history now arent you? Soyou should leave. Past: I will leave once I have taught you the lessen I bring to you. Grinch: Listen. I just out-smarted a whole town. I dont need a lessen of the past. Narrator 3: But Christmas Past just touched the Grinchs shoulder. Suddenly, they were looking at the Grinch as a small boy. Grinch: Thats me! Past: It certainly is. Grinch: But, why do I look so ill? I was never this sick as a child. Past: You didnt stop believing in Santa either. Not until you were ten years old. Grinch: You mean, this is me when I was ten years old? I was sick because I stopped believing in Santy Claus?

Past: Make of it what you will. Grinch: But Whatever. Im dreaming. This never happened to me. I was never sick and you are not real! Butif you were realhow would I go back home? Past: Just close your eyes, and count to three. Narrator 2: Mr. Grinch opened his eyes and was back home. But he wasnt alone. Grinch: WHO ARE YOU? Present: I am the ghost of Christmas Present. Grinch: right Present: I want you to look into my mirror. Grinch: Okay, I know Im green. Alright? Its a skin conditionPresent: In this mirror you will see all Hoos in Hooville. Grinch: Socuriousmustresistokay! I will look in your mirror! Narrator 2: Mr. Grinch saw nothing out of the ordinary. All of the Hoos stood in a circle holding hands and sang their carols. Grinch: No one seemssador mador angry. Why not? I took away their Christmas spirit. Present: You can take away all of the presents and decorations in Hooville, but the love for friends and family can never be taken away. Grinch: OKAY! IVE SEEN ENOUGH! Im leaving! One, two, three! Narrator 3: The Grinch didnt escape. He found one final visitor waiting for him. Grinch: GOOD GRIEF! Everywhere I go you guys are following me! What do you want? I already saw my past. I have seen the Hoos in the present. What else is there? Narrator 3: But this ghost was silent. Grinch: You sir- Youre the ghost of Christmas Future arent you?! Well I dont want to see it! Silence

If youre here to tell me to give back the toys, Im not going to! Fine! I will give the toys back! Happy?! But Im keeping the tinsel What if I give everything back except the-no? OkayIll put everything back. But why? Its not fair! Narrator 3: But the ghost of Christmas Future did not say a word. Grinch: BecauseChristmas is about being with the ones you love. It doesnt matter how many presents you get or how you decorate your house. Its about caring for the people that care about you, and letting them know they are special. Narrator 1: And the Grinchs heart, Narrator 2: Grew 10 times, Narrator 3: In size. Narrator 1: But then, Narrators 2 and 3: Mr. Grinch began to fall! Dog: And landed right next to me. Yeah. The Grinch woke up and started talking about ghosts. I thought he was crazy. To this day he still thinks that happened. But I dont. Grinch: Dog! Help me! We need to put everything back! All of it! Now, before its too late! HURRY UP! Narrator 1: And so the Grinch returned everything, including the tinsel. Narrator 2: Mr. Grinch was forgiven by all of the Hoos, and Christmas spirit surrounded the air. Little Cindy Lou Hoo had even received her favorite gift, Tiny Tim felt better than ever! Narrator 3: And as the Hoos all gathered together, singing their carols, and exchanging their thanks, the day drew on and down went the light, Tiny Tim could be heard in the distance Tiny Tim: Merry Christmas to all! Everyone: And to all a good night!