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Melissa (Lemon Balm) Ens The Melissa Ens, or lemon balm Ens, is a very potent spagyric remedy and regeuvenative. It has been used by alchemists both ancient and modern to keep themselves healthy and fit in order to complete the Great Work, that of making the Philosopher's Stone. It was first discovered by Paracelsus, and has been written about by many.

The Ens is the Quintessence of a plant or herb which, among other components both energetic and physical, contains its oil. Some plants have more of this quintessence than others, and among those that have more, some are easier to extract than others. The best to use is lemon balm, but any herb from the mint family will also work.

To make the Ens, start by collecting one or two cups (250 - 500ml) of oil of tartar.

Next, you will need a large quantity of fresh lemon balm. I grow my own and will only use that. Take the leaves and either cut them into thin strips, grind them a bit in a mortar and pestle, or use a few pulses in a food processor. Work quickly, as you don't want to lose too much of the Quintessence. Stuff a large glass jar (1

- 2 liters) with the lemon balm to about half full. Cover it with the oil of tartar, seal

it closed, and incubate 16 - 24 hours at 38C. A thin layer of emerald green liquid

will form on the top; this is the Ens. Separate out the solid plant matter using clean panty hose or soft plastic sieve, squeezing through all liquid. Do not use cotton or paper filters, as the Ens may get trapped in these. Also, do not let the

oil of tartar remain with the lemon balm for too long, or it will start turning brown,

a sign that the Sulfur of lemon balm is beginning to extract, which is not what we want.

The next step is to extract off the Quintessence. To do this you will need anhydrous alcohol, that is, alcohol with no trace of water in it. I use spirit of wine that has been macerated and distilled off recently calcined potassium carbonate three times under vacuum.

Most of the Quintessence will come up into the alcohol almost immediately, at least within a few minutes. Do not shake. Siphon off as much as you can. The alcohol will be of a beautiful emerald colour. Pour on more alcohol over the tartar oil, and shake it. Let settle for a few hours, then siphon that off. If at any point the alcohol turns brown, do not use it, as it is poisonous.

Make several batches using fresh balm and tartar oil and get as much Ens you can. Condense the Ens down to an oily consistency using a water bath at 85C and a distillation train, and you can use the distilled alcohol to do more extractions - dry with potassium carbonate if needed.

The dose is a few drops in water per day. Taken every day for a few weeks, a

radical improvement will take place if the person is in poor health. Accounts have been recorded of some elderly losing hair and nails only to have them regrow in a much more healthy condition, even become fertile again.

James Collins

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