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TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform

CHALLENGE In todays increasingly competitive and uncertain marketplace, winning organizations and successful individuals will be those who first spot new opportunities, best manage risks, or most swiftly react to unforeseen events in the business. These new insights need to come from peoplefreely asking questions and getting answers at the speed of thought. They sit within critical processes and departments and are under great pressure to solve new problems every day.
Unfortunately, most organizations have a significant gap in their ability to support the fast-paced, dynamic decision-making needs of today. Despite investments in business intelligence (BI) reporting, commercial or custom applications and hard-to-use stats packages, when business and technical professionals need to answer new questions and analyze data, they resort to copying data into spreadsheets or are forced to wait for new reports from IT. Meanwhile, IT professionals are hard-pressed to keep up with end users demands.

TIBCO Spotfires premier analytics platform enables front line business and technical professionals to rapidly discover new insights in information with unprecedented ease and confidence of statistics to take decisive action. Make better, smarter and more informed decisions with TIBCO Spotfires unique combination of powerful analytics and an engaging visual experience.

Allows organizations to mitigate uncertain times and get a competitive/information advantage Empowers individuals to make smarter decisions and add more value to their organization without needing to turn to IT at every turn. Enables IT and BI COE groups to leverage their current information assets and deliver better applications to their clients with less time and effort

TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform

SOLUTION TIBCO Spotfire is the worlds premier analytics platform. The software equips business, technical, and scientific professionals throughout the enterprise to freely analyze data and create analytic applications. Based on research in advanced visualization and human computer interaction, Spotfire analytics delivers a unique combination of powerful analytics and an engaging visual experience that is both powerful and intuitive. Spotfire analytics puts end users in more control, which speeds to the time to answers while reducing typical bottlenecks within IT building new reports or reconfiguring databases. And unlike traditional BI systems, Spotfire is completely adaptable to business processes across the organization, giving IT an extensible analytics platform, and allowing them to reduce the number of custom and packaged applications they must support, in addition to ad-hoc spreadsheetbased analyses. The Spotfire Analytics Platform Spotfire analytics platform meets the needs of all users -- from ad-hoc analysis, to interactive reporting and dashboards, to domain-specific applications, to event-driven real-time analysis, to statistically-relevant analysis -- from a single architecture. Distributed in-memory processing gives instant answers and frees up IT cycles and can scale high-speed analytics to thousands of users and millions of rows of data. It integrates with existing enterprise data sources and security models, and provides IT with a centralized means to administer and deploy analytics across the enterprise. Integrated statistics reduces the uncertainly in decisions, without needing a stats background. This unique combination enables business and technical professionals to make better, smarter and more informed decisions. In-memory processing gives instant answers and frees up IT cycles typically spent building new reports and reconfiguring cubes, while a unique, visual and interactive approach to analysis reveals new insights into data. Integrated statistics reduces the uncertainty in decisions, without needing a stats background.

With other solutions, its difficult to isolate and analyze patterns and relationships across large, active networks - such as a cell phone network. Spotfire gives users the ability to analyze network connections alongside temporal and geospatial data in a single environment, making it easy to filter down to specific regions, time periods, or persons of interest even when looking at enormous datasets -an advantage that will save analysts time.
- Irit Leibovici of Galiley Ltd.

TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform

BETTER THAN BI. SMARTER THAN SPREADSHEETS. Clarity of Visualization Spotfire softwares patented, visual and interactive approach to analysis is light years ahead of traditional reporting and dashboarding systems. The clarity that visualizing your data brings enables business and technical professionals to answer new questions in seconds. Dynamic, linked visualizations immediately reveal hidden trends and outliers across multiple data sources Automatic, dynamic filters allows users to instantly analyze their data A highly responsive, drag-and-drop user interface gets users up and running in minutes Single platform and architecture to support the rapid creation and deployment of countless types of analytic applications and dashboards Instant and secure publishing of any analysis as a dynamic dashboard, with no separate tools or programming A single, adaptable user interface consistent from analysis to reporting to applications

Confidence of Statistics TIBCO Spotfire and the Spotfire Statistics Services layer gives decision makers the ability to easily apply sophisticated statistically-relevant models without having to understand the underlying complexities of statistics, giving business and technical professionals much greater confidence in their decisions. Quantify and minimize the uncertainty associated with making decisions Execute S+ and R-based statistical models Centrally manage and deploy statistical models and predictive analytics to mainstream users

Freedom of Spreadsheets Spotfire gives users speed and control, eliminating the need to export data to spreadsheets for analysis. Free dimensional ad hoc queries replace hundreds of reports with on-thefly aggregations, drill-downs, freeform exploration and more Rapid ability to manipulate, add and slice & dice data without requiring scripting or programming

PRODUCTS TIBCO Spotfire Professional Makes comprehensive analytics fast and easy for a variety of business analysts and users, allowing them to: Perform compelling ad hoc analyses, accessing multiple back end and local data sources Easily publish analytic applications and reports instantly to colleagues, partners or customers using TIBCO Spotfire Web Player or TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Player

Reach of Reports With TIBCO Spotfires web-based capabilities, analytic dashboards and applications can be made broadly available to a wide audience in seconds and without IT support or programming. Analyses, dashboards and applications made available to large numbers of users as interactive, AJAX web applications Zero footprint architecture provides a highly interactive, safe environment Applications can be embedded into corporate portals or used to build new mashups

TIBCO Spotfire Web Player The zero-footprint web interface makes it easy and instantaneous to share content and insights with broadly dispersed colleagues, customers and business partners. View and navigate configured analysis workflows, with no software or plug-ins installed Answer new questions with remarkable interactivity and visual clarity, way beyond todays static reports

Relevance of Applications Enabled by its unprecedented adaptability, Spotfire can be highly tailored to any data, application or business process. The resulting analytic applications and dashboards appear like custom or commercial applications, yet configured in hours or days, not weeks or months.

TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform

Embed analyses in a corporate portal or integrate with other web applications to create business mashups Utilize statistical models within Spotfire without needing to have a stats background Make smarter decisions based on statistically rigorous analyses Conduct predictive analyses of your key business and technical processes

TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Player Easily deploy rich, interactive analysis applications and workflows throughout the enterprise. Follow analytic applications and interactive reports using a simplified user interface Interactively answer new questions using filtering, visualizations, custom-developed tools, and more. Work with applications offline or online

TIBCO Spotfire Application Data Services Seamlessly analyze data from many enterprise data sources and transactional systems, without heavy IT involvement SAP B/W, SAP R/3 Oracle eBusiness Suite Salesforce.com, Siebel CRM Web Services

TIBCO Spotfire Server Provides the enterprise with a centralized platform for integration, deployment, and administration. Control over configuration, deployment, and security, leveraging existing security infrastructure Provide secure, streamlined end user access to existing corporate data sources Secure publishing and distribution of analytic applications

TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Solutions Get a rapid return on investment and increase productivity Using preconfigured analytic workflows, tools and predefined data integration models Leveraging best practices for a variety of business processes and industries, such as portfolio and asset management, high-tech manufacturing, and more TIBCO Spotfire Professional Services Take advantage of over 10 years experience in analytic best practices and custom solution development, plus world-class support. Enable everyone with IT workshops, advanced analytics and end user training Learn with web-based, regional, or onsite training Depend on phone support personnel in Europe, USA and Japan for fast response

TIBCO Spotfire Developer A complete set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that allow developers to: Integrate and automate the platform, as well as extend it with entirely new custom tools and visualizations and more Develop code using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET then deploy to end users in a seamless way

TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services Centrally manage and deploy statistical models created in S+ or R for use within a Spotfire analytic application


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