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The story by Jim al-Khalili Professor of Phisic at University of Surrey. He from English and Iraq family.

A documentary examining the scientific knowledge that took place in the Islamic world between the 8th and 14th centuries. For example, Syria, Iran and North Africa. Islamic legacy 12-17 Recognize the word is Arabic and science Libber Abbaci is one of book that story about Algebra at al-muchabale Muhammad Ibnu Musa Al-Khawarizmi This result from two city India and Arabic The similiraty we can look in number 2 and 3 in Arabic language Translate India system to Arabic. This shows their creative think about something. Science become more clumber. Islamic empayor start from medine and seperate to many country after that. In Baghdad have caliphs Al-Mansur. 8th century Islamic medical knowledge can help to save our life. In this century have Abdul Malik Ibnu Marwan. Jim Khalili with Professor George Saliba from Columbia University. Their said about language of God is Arabic. Professor Simon Schaffer from University of Cambridge talk about 70 translaters, the new library at Alexanderia. Gathering together translation Baghdad and Arab by storage of material century lost for ever. From hadith Rasulallah SAW said : ma anzalallahu daan illa waanzalalahu daaan. Dr Peter Pormann from University of Warmick is also give his opinion about this topic. Believe that herbal is a good medicine. For example herb called Sheeh. Its good against worms in the belly and for internal pains. Zarneekh, which fight against skin disease with this herb. Other than that, Taweeka it fight against warts. For epilepsy and madness. You can rub some on cushion and you can avoid getting fits. Jim Khalili ask : Do you use information from the Greeks?The answer : by God, I follow everything that was practised in ancient times in herbal medicine. Many herbal from China and India. In book the title Prophet Medicine from 79-751H have many great information about medic. Hospital were set up with facilities and pharmacy also there. Shows the illustration and their meaning. Mr. Vic Sharma from London Ophthalmology Centre shows one book about surgery. The title is Albucasis On Surgery and Instruments. He also said in eye surgery for example must be focus. Ibnu Sina also have writing about law in medic. Dr Amira Bennison from University of Cambridge said they being something different. Dr Okasha ElDaly from Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation. Talk about arkeology,the symbol and the meanings. Mathematics like geometry, shapes ( triangle) at India. Professor Ian Stewart from University of Warmick said squared and something like that is a quadratic equation.