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FERRIC ALUM report Product and Its uses: Alum is a generic name for double salts of Aluminium Sulphate

with either Potassium Sulphate or Sodium Sulphate or Ammonium Sulphate. In the commercial line Aluminium Sulphate itself is also called Alum. Ferric Alum is used for water purifying to a larger extent. Alum is also used in paper industry. Commercial Alum is manufactured from Bauxite and Sulphuric Acid. Market Potential : Demand for Alum increases with increased awareness of purified water. Mineral water consumption has increased four fold since the new millennium and there is enough demand for Alum at each city as there are many small scale mineral water packaging plants. Besides water purification market it has demand in industrial sector too. Paper industry is yet another sector consuming Alum. There is a little demand in Fertilizer and Ceramic industries too. There will be no difficulty in marketing if the quality is maintained to the industry standards. Manufacturing Process : Alum is made by dissolving Bauxite in Sulphuric Acid. Crude Bauxite is crushed to 1 size in jaw crusher and then pulverized to powder form. Powdered Bauxite is charged into a Reaction Tank and 60% Sulphuric acid is added. This reaction mass is thoroughly agitated with steam. Temperature is controlled around 110C. Uniform agitation continued till the reaction completed, may take around 4 hours. When the specific gravity reaches 60 degree TW, the solution is run into a large settling tank. After settling, Aluminium Sulphate solution is filtered in a wooden plate press. The pressed cake is washed with water which is used again in the next batch. The clear liquor is then sent to the concentrator. 8 to 10 hours required for the concentration process. The concentrated liquor is transferred to the moulds for final solidification where it solidifies on further cooling. Project estimation : The estimates made for techno feasible plant set-up. Unit is viable with 1500tons per annum set up with standard type of manufacturing activity. Quality Control Specifications : Ferric Alum ISS 260/62 Non-Ferric Alum ISS 299/1975 Land & Buildings : 1000 sq.m. area with a built up shed of 300sq.m. Equipment : Jaw Crusher; Pulveriser; Digester-2Nos; Settling Tanks-3Nos; Evaporation tanks3Nos; Boiler; Water softening plant; Sulphuric acid storage tank- 2Nos; Acid Pump; Material handling equipment; Chemical Laboratory Equipment. Raw Materials : Bauxite 42 Tons; Sulphuric acid 57 Tons; Glue; Packing materials. Utilities :

Coal for Boiler 25 tons; Electricity 80KVA. Other expenses : Office establishment; Transportation; Maintenance; Plant rent. Capital Investment : Estimated Capital Investment- Approx. INR85,55,000/Cost of Production : Estimated Cost of production Per anum-INR1,41,31,000/Turnover : By sale of ALUM-INR1,65,00,000/Profit : Profit per annum-INR23,69,000/- & Profit Rate -14.35% Rate of Returns : Rate of returns-27.7% Break Even Point : B.E.P.-43.6%